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1-06-14 Buddy Rumchik- What, am I lyin?

Jan 10, 2014|

Buddy's take on the week in the news.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah happy doing it as anybody around kick in his right to -- at -- and thirteen. Bryant -- intense they go to Q&A trucking company have now is the money back. They've got security now actually works. At Penn State fans picked up again. Much Vatican I expect it from the folks to believe a magical and -- and making -- happy valley pretty solidly blue line but. You went there at stake it got that. For -- inning and I believe there's something special about that and you wanna believe that people like me get -- yeah. And we. And and that's why but in the real. -- -- car they don't mean we're really the only commitment to make it viable white club. Haven't heard that I don't that you're going to be -- down and you know let me know. I'll be glad that you can't understand that the we just -- -- -- that -- hotline. The flip it around again. New Year's team because the last thing I'm gonna be under your feet is 700 dollar personal the other week it didn't sit well with eat there. People think it and it apparently -- a hundred bucks and click the remote and again according out. And charge what gives that power agent that equipment -- that tragic comedy they got to start and it make up the week before Christmas didn't McCartney get sad. Getting the -- chairman of the drug kick the party with a bar. -- -- -- -- -- But now the personal power. The point one million anywhere just think involvement near -- That MSNBC. A weekend that a penalty on the show in the army -- -- -- around them you know they figured they wanted to grant is -- about the black being beaten. But it was on MSNBC. But up. The first thing you hear about it. News went to remain CEO WY. We will be right back after -- work -- -- always bounces.