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Joe Sestak talks to Corbett

Jan 13, 2014|

Admiral Joe Sestak talks to Corbett about funding higher education and Penn State University.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- that good to talk to you again. Like Portugal and good we're continuing to raise awareness and as you heard no one. Tell us why you felt it necessary. To step up publicly and address these terrible cuts to the Pennsylvania State University. We absolutely. Eight Eric and I was in the military and an -- I look at education as our homeland defense. And I turned up in Vietnam War era I had five sheets got a lot of them demagogue I. Call. -- school. Committee chaired the group off Afghanistan and Iraq. It will be noted that senior chief -- often that you earned at least and so -- college -- and technology. Between me and Freddie. Well educated. I think it would could make sure that we can be all we can be and how I feel about it right here in Pennsylvania what the impact. -- High percentage. Of the population between twenty and 36 with a college degree. Well -- Committee understate. Not only that immediately and comment gone up 1% as compared to blow it and then. We're -- -- -- up -- percent and the economy is why I believe that he sold or. The Pennsylvania State University Penn State as good as most people know the school. Has always had a reputation for scholarship for research has always been an affordable. Place particularly. For Pennsylvania students to attend I got a bachelor's degree community development out of main campus my wife president Ph.D. in political science out of main campus. And many many other people. Depended on and utilize these quality education we received. I see younger people particularly. And even Penn State seems out of reach as a state university. The only culprit who didn't know leave here is the governor no relationship to maim. And I had. No absolutely spot on in Atlanta could go 818%. Com. And they did Obama Whitney actually bringing agricultural research. University. In America -- don't want to make rock -- has become much more productive it absolutely. Actually harmful. -- they're -- to teach I didn't inject it into the current state law school Cheyney University often their consent. College -- -- at Carnegie Mellon university and he army war college. All across this changing our national tractor -- you that America. Well good he looked all we can be -- actually agreed today. It's hard to what school or what what. Years ago. Compare that we can really. Happy to be able to go to public university India will force them to get 10%. Of the earned a degree group and what. Colleges and universities. Our premiere producer. Degree we -- This support and everything on the Penn state university. Actually. What the next -- -- all all you're public universities across America in terms -- me. Didn't need that we -- in -- wrong here in Pennsylvania. I'm 62 years of age I graduated from Penn State in the in 1974. And as I say when I look back on one I was able to borrow the cost of living in the dormitory of -- attending college full time not. Having to work as most of my my peers at Penn state university we didn't have to work most of us. Now I meet young people I meet people I met two young people. A young men and young woman recently he knows about a 150000. Dollars she owes more than 200000 dollars in college loans. What we pickle -- leadership -- you'll understand leadership you've you've proven yourself as good as a leader in the military and elsewhere. What can the people of Pennsylvania. Ask for what can the people of Pennsylvania require. All of the governor how do we. Find the leadership we need to bring sanity back -- the Pennsylvania state university in terms of restoring cuts and not make it anymore. Must restore. I'll be almost 500 million dollars a year away from a public university here in Pennsylvania. Isn't available. To do that because -- what you just spoke about. Right now little one trillion dollars of student. It actually is war -- credit card debt it's actually more than our -- -- and all we have so many are due to a certain. Do what you suggest that any of the other issues. You know families where it used to be what you went to college. That -- talk about going to college for a public university was one picks of the family can compensate. It. Walker. Hurt out there waiting to understand and ecology and. Being governor are actually. That. And why we drink and convenient this year will slip into poverty from somewhere until this -- You know I'll bet it did not making sure that they're pretty. It got very competitive good -- precious resource we have an argument at all from what you believe -- education and went -- the only could be. Joseph before I let you know I I think you gotta run to classify I'm not mistaken. Let me let me ask this would meet. Not only how. Pointed the finger at the governor and the governor's office and and primarily. Republicans in the state legislature. We in northeastern Pennsylvania often put the finger Democrats as well. I'm a Democrat I'm someone who expects more from the Democratic Party -- I have yet to really hear. I'll focus to. Discussion and coming from the Democratic Party particularly the elected Democrats in the house and in the senate in Pennsylvania to try to assure. This changed and we hope. That the Democratic Party and the will be a little more vociferous. In holding accountable those who have taken something precious. The ripple word you get used. -- him accountable for their responsibility. And there is nothing more precious and our national treasure our -- Think today which is why I. I -- this. Earlier -- conference call up this week. I can't speak much about -- I went back to our school or institutional Smart people who speak from Pittsburgh that. Well here in order to get to know. Why the huge what are these faculty and. -- think this campaign third call. And -- quality. And I do our university to make sure that they need to become a much work. Cut it in terms of their cost structure. Publishing more than critical -- in -- -- as they do -- making people go to graduation rates are. Because we did pretty well Tony again. If we cannot afford it and argued I supported -- -- -- And -- are hurting so much we are going controlling. And we get to the future looked that -- one thing that. We have the cost of education and patient at 8% a year. -- they are slow that down over the last few years go -- I percent almost 10%. -- no other job but the governor and legislator Democrat. As well Google has spent enough. Why aren't they up -- BJ and and regulation happy job -- remained -- Colin sent into education. And because right now we're 62. Were all -- number one. In the percent another -- 1830. Left a college education and we don't know why you went well. The ink well and who will act in order has the economy you possibly can in the batting com -- families. Joseph Pennsylvania has a proud heritage of public education I think that we agree that public education transfers and support for public education. Transfers in Detroit public service. We'll look forward to talk with you more about this and it's good to talk to you again good luck when everything. You hear Joseph thank you Joseph -- back.