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1-12-14 Paranormal Science

Jan 14, 2014|

Features a Delaware County Haunting! The PPA reviews one of their most active cases and shares some of their audio recordings from the case.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Society and stuff. Okay. -- Okay. And happy Sunday night everybody welcomed the paranormal science I'm more guys with Joseph Hough -- and -- there we have a special guests sitting in with us tonight it's one of the PPA's senior investigators Paul McCloskey. By you know and welcome Paul I don't -- It and it's like we're gonna talk a little bit about two all haunting in Delaware County. The PPA went out and did an investigation a few years ago. And still to this date it is one of the most active cases physically. And even psyche plea for Virginia central all the PPA's. Medium. I'm just just a very very active case and until today I don't think we've had a case as active. It was a definitely memorable. -- no doubt no doubt most active Lieberman has -- this is a case that we've done. Over course so I believe three investigations may before but we we made several return trips there. And it was very dynamic in had a lot of inner personal entanglements are with the family. With the spirits and we needed to break it down little by little hard to to be able to get some type of resolution -- for the family. And I'll I'll start I guess by giving a little background. On the location this is Upper Darby which is just outside of Philadelphia you can actually see the Philadelphia skyline. From the ground to street that is the homes on. And this was back in March and we're going back now to 2010. And the whole room is on they you call it a city street I guess it's private residence three story. Residence occupied by two adults. They have four children and one infant infant home at the time. And -- the home is actually a I just like a double block home you would call it my. Where they did have a second Finley on the other side. However for this investigation we made sure that the resume nobody in the house at all. And it was completely vacant for us to come in and investigate. And 20 we had a who's sort of saw a unique some earlier we wanted to do the fairly claim that when they left they would come home. To find all kinds of items scattered around my house and things displaced and things in piles so we want to duplicate that we wanna go on and set up all our equipment. And then leave for about an hour just to see if anything happened with nobody in the home see how. The home reacted with all our equipment in there so that's who we did we we set up -- And we went out to dinner in and came back about an hour later. Now this home. In the activity that was being reported error by the clients. Are worse things like. Com insurers actually being stacked on top of the dining room table -- be sleeping coming on the morning and find the chairs on the table. -- the magnets on the refrigerator being you know the different different areas like a little child -- with you right on the actual under the -- little little things out so on so forth. They were hearing footsteps into words that were being blocked by items they did going to Roman. Partial to -- not find something you know in. In front of the Norwegian moron that or be shot with nobody in the room then they go to go back in the room confines of piled -- outside the -- -- into. Have pushed their way through to -- -- non. Territories turning around by themselves they had the an actual the musical keyboard or for -- attic where they had heard of several tones with no power to -- -- -- exactly was not plugged in at the time. Phillies and mark we say an -- is this wasn't your typical Atticus was a finished third story just for a little livable planet right right right right is it's actually very large space so they're divided into different rooms. Drywall ceiling incorporated. And -- -- basically one was like a small library in the second room they had their their musical equipment and systems -- keyboards. Guitar -- leading don't want. I was on the team in this was just and you rational wasn't there at the ship turned and other neighbors even reported missing the light's coming on. When the Finley wasn't home and they thought they had some intruders there and you don't notify the family they came home and -- nobody was in there. So they just had I mean these are only some all of the reports that they had they were so extreme. That honestly. I thought there were some exaggeration going on and done nothing and believe in but I thought maybe some people tend to exaggerate stuff just a little bit. And it wasn't so we went down there really that's. You know who we have proof was on the putting -- really quick and -- -- Out of there is no very little exaggeration going on what are the funniest things are oddest things I guess. -- was there reporting quarters being thrown all over the house and to this day were not really sure what the significance is quite. You know that's one of the things -- really wanna try to get into and debunked because. That was one of the primary things that they reported all over the house just quarters being flown you know these these were recorders to being thrown at them. In other rooms they were not -- it was quarter specifically to wasn't going to change correct it was just yeah so diamonds and other articles that were all. There was there was an antique brass -- huge one that the the father's family had it in the bedroom right Tony come home from work to be a change in his pocket he would just take those pockets and put it in an ashtray the news of procedure but I use the first change my. And he would accuse some of the children. A ticket exchange -- -- -- of everything will turn out it wasn't the children and so was an old quarters it was modern our modern change here and homeowners' pockets in the morning the weirdest part about it was it was quarter's top that was just passed some -- person who was there are. Well. One other interesting fact was this was a night of a full moon which should mean I was it was kind of neat here it was well lit outside but. You know we occasionally get cases wistful moans and they're not all active but we kind of wanted to -- being it was a -- of a full moon. Just how active on the place would be or if there is really any difference at all compared to other cases we've been home. So well you know we are quite eager to get down there -- time we really had a lot that we can look into. And I think one of the the very first experiences that we had. Was ruined when we came back from dinner it was immediately so as we walk through the door we heard this big boom crash coming from one of the upper floors right. And you know we thought for sure something had fallen over. And we went up and look through the house under Florida third floor right nothing nothing seemed to be out of place we checked the other DVR system. That we hadn't the only Iran and nothing seemed to move it also. Not really sure that was the that was literally minutes with those walking in the words coming back from dinner that was the first investigation I was not I was not Paul and and mark outright assault on January 3. And we get back. Hand and actually get into the investigation we started doing that and it wasn't until later on when we reviewed the recordings from. The time we were out that we realized we had captured just an enormous amount of hmmm sounds coming throughout the house. And jobs people can actually jump on her website you know the go under our case files page on top EPA dot net website. You scroll down to the Delaware County. The location and and the town's called Upper Darby and we have a whole lot of audio recordings were gonna play a little. Little bit of those whom we come back from the break later. -- -- We have like thirteen on the record -- agenda I mean in these are just some of those -- there's more doesn't necessarily matter warriors as so many incredible yeah we -- mean we just had dozens and dozens and I mean everything from what sounds like -- footsteps going upstairs to things being thrown knocked over -- -- -- scoring is always -- in the -- nevertheless we had we had. Cameras on the door ways we know nobody was in the house. You know the neighbors were still not home they were gone from the night. I saw it you know just -- -- -- The family had described to -- a lot of activity going on in the home while nobody was there. So we'll get to a little bit of that later. So we we circular investigation. And Leo even during the investigation we had heard you know that in another rooms. The sounds of queens. And beat -- tossed in the things. And some of the more significant things that stand out for me was on our DVR camera in -- the second floor from there are young son's room. Is the camera picked up what looks like. He shadow coming into the room and it's just real quick. Taking off to the left and just disappears superfast and we know there's nobody on the floor at the time everybody's accounted for. You know what exactly to cause what was we don't know but it says something really -- that stood out other same door we had a a door amount that we put our cameras on. And to the door actually was wedged open -- we wish the doors open with our record real and mount the camera on top of the door. The door stores to shut a couple feet and what's even more bizarre you know we're we're first thinking well maybe it's just off balance or something we better go check to the core real make sure still wedge. The bizarre thing is it is then reopened by itself. And that third time it opened and closed correct I mean this happened to several times during the investigation it was a pretty plush carpet the door didn't just fooling myself and that's it and -- -- arsenal -- -- no we do that pretty much every. You know every time that we use the dorm -- once we -- these two wheels there are trying to wedge there so that way. It doesn't -- and so solid there are some redness -- There really does not happen this this is kind of -- and jumped up and down exactly you know did an Irish jig and a door will -- move. Yeah I mean it really stood out you know again what -- -- that we don't know that is something we we checked in rejecting wedge degree wedge to it just kept happening. You know we even checked attention on the new cable make sure nothing was who's tugging at it enough to help you had a couple interesting experiences and then with your your camera. Oh yes so I opened the the master bedroom I was there another investigator and -- give us some background and some of the things that she was picking up in the home and so we would take -- links take that information and use it to our investigation so. We knew that a person who once lived in the home for years ago. Like to -- late models ham radios and suffered -- -- bring you kids from the sixties all right or someplace and -- Playing and a sense that this person had like Photronics. Pursuing a pitch black when in friend had no camera. Tennis -- take a look at my camera fatal to my camera itself. It it's pitch black and hear what this camera -- -- in the dark it's pretty incredible would you like look at my camera. You feel free to touch my camera my -- and literally my hand moved it was like it was like. Unseen hand grabbed the top of the camera. And just twisted my arm and if you look at the footage and honestly it's almost like you know try punch card and -- -- moved it abruptly very mechanical very mechanical looking pen and ink it. It's startled me it certainly felt Paul did you feel actually you feel colder present strength in tough situations let's say it was it was. Late fall early winter that we were there. -- march. Mark all right -- spring coming spring Olympic park and it was cold and they had -- you'll -- every radiators the steam heat crap and I was sitting on. On the radiator in the bedroom. And we have some equipment on the bed at K two meter breath the robber who. And right after it happened. And was a significant temperature change change in the room I usually keep coming up from the radiator and -- -- diligent cool the other investigators as I feel too. And we watch the thermometer just dropped. Those attending degree drop in -- -- ten degrees is significant and very -- If you got your opening a door or window I mean how and other in the room just -- drops to an increase especially feel the heat coming up exactly staff regularly coming up and embrace the -- the window and and we actually have the footage were your hand moves correct on the website yes yes on the website as well so other than that his interest in -- the best chance to look at that no one thing I do want to mention real quick job. It yourself to. Cases that are posted on her website under Upper Darby. And the first one has all the audio and video the second when we had some video up. Hum with with some changes -- the company does the the video player those videos are not playing at the moment we're actually doing an off screen on some video players that we have. Just -- a lot of people might know with iPods and pads and all the stuff that are out there now there's different platforms so we're trying to get these were the Covert. All the -- veteran right all the various. Electronics -- there -- so we're doing a lot of thought upgrades on the assault. Oh I think in the second case you're not gonna see the video just get -- back off like if a firm Kirkland to Paul Walker how long memorial rescuers over com. -- IR camera the first one. -- -- -- not shut off. Several times during it was battery drain change the batteries are in the Madrid and it was showing their recording and an ever recorded or something that affect grab animals and their firm believer and I don't have -- -- Mike Mike Cameron to falling Virginia's throughout the house. The same -- the same residence I was recording her and when I would have played I had nothing. Also have a -- I never had a malfunction when that camera plus Covington a degree. -- well we got a lot more to talk about we have to take a quick break when we come back talked you had some personal experiences we're gonna talk about we're gonna play some of these audio clips for you. Just on the listeners have a chance to hear some of the activities that went on herself stick with this will be right back. Mark price here for -- chiropractic can only have many people are haunted by back pain. Degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury the professionals and -- -- practically rehab and -- using the latest techniques. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop they're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that was. Opinion for you -- -- practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out the website at Herman chiropractic news.com refinement FaceBook. -- -- -- This controversy does some listeners. Spontaneous in like mentally and turn. All right we're back thanks for tuning in to. Tonight we're talking about the Delaware Tony haunting on the -- is Upper Darby just outside of Philadelphia and poll in myself for describing some of our personal experiences in the moment and talk and -- you had done some stuff going on with you -- -- wouldn't. I -- and just just a little background to that -- we may have missed. This this is actually on one of the hunting episodes on the haunted correct. It is just and pulled him to get other tightly called the revenge of the poltergeist stuff center Brendan -- -- and that's actually when I went down with spend and -- I think on the on the third time when she went down on the case. Com and part of this of course you know I didn't know exactly of course knowing they are a little bit then pays attention you know the enormous -- -- Virginia -- beyond. As you go to stairs to the right -- reduction go to the the other double block the other half of the home. Then -- actually took off from these things through the first four. Ran up the stairs and immediately turned to the rise if you want to go through a wall. And Virginia italics opposite that was her validation of Virginia because she said hey listen that's for -- spears go from this side of the home. The other side says she's mentioned Annan Annan partner investigations exactly which I was not aware because I wasn't there -- you know and and the knowledge that I mean Ben just -- it you know without even anything. So that's a kind of amaze me is where you know Ben kind of Valdez Virginia and Virginia don't have been on some things held back and forth don't that was actually amazing and to see the -- do that. -- should be in the Cayman -- he's gonna fall wherever -- that wall came it was kind of an abrupt stop commission stopped there it was amazing in itself minerals was there any reports of any activity on nudge the other side. I don't know what to do the other -- ever. You know the if we can get to talk to them directly so I'm not sure -- that was one of the questions that we asked and oddly enough the the they didn't talk much on the two neighbors and I don't think it was something that they were comfortable bringing up to someone back close. You know they again they were worried about just Primeau. -- you know yelling and I think you're crazy and you know we live on the other side of the house from them. Possibly they honestly really didn't get into it. And you know it's that's a shame too because I -- and where we always -- both on the show is how people look into the different statements often consciously but that's -- -- -- farmer another instance has -- her talking when we are on the counters myself -- and Virginia. Sitting on the couch and got. Virginia starts. Talking trying to just find exactly what's going -- the home trying to see you know who's there what's there producers -- spirit transcend. Bash she's talking town just very dim -- and then you can hear. There's extract ourselves from outside such as the normal -- you can -- of course cars going by motorcycles whatever. But I'm. We're sitting there and -- the moonlight treatments are coming in and I can see just on the left to Virginia had this beautiful floor lamp there -- kind of like crystals hanging from a and I can hear like almost like gee I'm -- and wind chime if you will what was happening was -- was -- and how concerns and to create some type of wind or or just -- -- will -- I could physically feel it but sure anything -- -- to move the light in the crystal starts like. Chime in each of -- -- Paul frank is that it happened I would have when you guys are there to correct right here to present -- -- hitting each other and that was just that was amazing to me insulting you couldn't feel anywhere in -- and you should issue magician but I mean. There's just -- physical. Manifestation of movie something within the group which judge Thomas was outstanding. Another second time that we went back to the home -- Napoleon and high end really some great experiences that title. No doubt no doubt federally first one and we would never subpar equipment we went upstairs lose -- finished panic and help them we just sat down and we saw a quarter flight three year and also for wall. And you immediately got up and picked it up and you what was Hough and handed to me need to feel that this this quarter was -- -- a little later to it. Yeah really well so yeah I am only getting film warmer than someone coming around the pocket. And -- you know. Even though we experienced so much the first time I am still a little bit skeptical you don't like is somebody trying to pull something over honesty and we're gonna find the cause of this this time and and as soon as a quarter when flight across the room. You know I felt that I didn't immediately just started opening doors and find on the stairs and try to find out -- -- somebody in the house is -- somebody high near there that would differ on this end. I do this place was empty even. Yeah I just aren't something that does still weakened. The -- can and there was one time Virginia was down the basement and then she came up -- she was all upset she -- that it's -- stuff is really got me upset but I'm title on my talking to an anymore. Possible -- you don't mind I'll publish sit down the basement. So I set on the basement as some talking and and recuperate before my eyes and if you go to web site and in the second case Upper Darby you'll see it with a quarter drops both the mayor right front Ambien lands and let's say whatever rehearsal opened the back of my neck in the -- You'll -- -- looking at that -- -- break your -- it is up on this one computer so some people may still be able get diablo. Video footage mourn together some I don't know if is because of differences in -- the different Internet explorers are calmer. Firefox or whatever but yet is showing and so on and on another -- -- that's something that we're trying to get across each platform does too -- on all of them but I do how to -- an explorer and you can see. Election Virginia's the first video and then Paul used to Internet and you'll see just walk -- like just along the between the rafters again -- -- and then you know I call mark down showed them. Now. We've we've looked at the ceiling and -- upstairs I was going into the room. I was playing in a broom into -- you don't give me an idea where where I'm mad and -- opinion of the sun appears immunity so -- sure -- -- usually don't agree I have to. Skepticism that well I just wanna add something that is the first time that happened when Virginia was down there. But she called us down and you can literally mean three of us went through the whole entire room looking at the ceiling it's just a we always -- no insulation nothing there. And we're looking for holes were looking for a quarter -- might be being hit in there anything. I even went up to the the floor right above the weeks on the areas that are felt. I checked on Tyrus carpet inspecting a mobile causing their there's no holes no -- not to run and they kept a very nice home solid you're losing a run those beautiful home movies I -- this will soon there. Had -- not completely true as well yes I -- I'll admit the hand but I mean that's the thing I mean -- always apostle -- -- manifests itself hog and I and and this is the first I don't remember. About a quarter being warmed to the touch -- encephalitis were sold to a that's me just. That's is that that's amazing and of itself unless you know. Well if you think that's amazing story even gets more bizarre. Poll myself from Virginia go up to the master bedroom on the second floor. And it. Again I'm a little bit skeptical -- we went in the betterment we actually shut the door but I kept -- open about maybe an inch just enough for me to sit on the bed and you watched -- -- way. And were in -- talking for a few minutes and downpour and I think we're closest to the door Virginia was actually in the stairway that goes up to the attic -- there. And as Paul and I are talking. The door opens about two feet. And Paul and I just look at each other -- we shrug our shoulders and opened the door to finish fourth quarter George crushed in doorway I should you guys just want to -- just walk through. Yeah absolutely not there before obviously in -- room -- did you touch those reporters were they want to know he had eight they didn't seem to be significantly warmer than room. There was there was some -- gorillas like they were just. Thrown down owner there was like they were put their their analysis the same door that opened earlier with Cameron and that's a different don't know are noted on the hallway -- Together -- master bedroom or the parents sleep on him out the door -- -- was songs are songs you're all right OK I think you know that it is significantly does that to -- because -- had. Who reported many times seeing this dark shadow figure come out of the closet. And that seems to be what we caught in the room it's a dark shadow until we would describe it and it looks like head and shoulders part of everybody just comes in the room and is super quick facts you know and it's just absolutely yeah fast. Haas in the -- agency. Again you were thinking again give ourselves a shadow casting from -- From the hallway and -- people realized. Where the Camry looking at is actually on top of the door itself so hard for it to be shattered -- that the camera what have you had to be like fighting from behind whoever the -- wants. When you -- you can see is actually almost a two dimensional rather than. A three dimensional thing being because we have shadows across rather than -- -- you know another thing is we keep the extremely. Good logs of where everybody is such an all time as we know where everybody is on the case and we know there's nobody in the second floor that content exactly. So if you don't. And -- with a -- -- gonna play now if this is this is Upper Darby incidences. You know there's a big population there's radar this is berg of Philadelphia. You're gonna hear cars you can hear your traffic -- -- ninth Wii's controller recorder at my house sisal and we get a noise we can we -- listen that -- listen recorder inside. Listen to the cameras and everything and it's -- rule out. Say maybe it was something else and it was a car door slam and maybe was this or that so we would get pretty -- -- Yeah we're we're a little super Psycho when it comes to sound and you know typically we've got done right we have to -- -- controlled devices won the front of a building one in the back. And I think the last case we did mused about twelve quarters and that's CO recorder scattered throughout the house plus outside. That's why our -- -- everywhere and I know we have a great our -- to make sure sounds soft doesn't come from us so we're we're being super super. Cautious when it comes to audio and we do the best we can. Every time we can we get a sound -- noise. We refer back to all these other recorders just to see if it's louder in one room or doesn't you know appear on one reporter another and try to narrow it down to where we think he came from. And the other number one thing wanna do is roll hall outside contamination so -- you know that's why were so we -- ourselves to -- you know what about 90% of our initial EVPs you know the voices that we catch. On the recorders. That you know we think our quality. Nine -- ten times we go back we find out it was us even though may not sound like us it's time. We can find and another recorder that matches identically where we were right revenue beyond our hand -- -- 100 coroner -- or maybe Daschle. Well when I get to some of these audio recordings that we have. And I also did the first one up its until 8:11 PM so this is -- time where we were out of the house we we set up or equipment and we left the house. Other recorder was on. Com. The first floor. And the best way to describe this I guess is always somebody saw -- boots up from above the stairwell. Right so let's play that. OK so you get a general idea was some -- there's the background you can here's a thumping. From that I mean any else until I think we stand now. And counsels -- like a -- here -- now sounds on the radio there but I mean you can distinctly hear that boom boom I don't know how much stomping across the Florida designer. We had a lot of different recorders that were made us through various years too so they're calling some former little better than other -- got a little bit just a bit but we can distinctly hear investors. There's no -- there there's nobody in the house at the time. The next -- wasn't too far off that was the first was -- 8:11 PM the next -- at 816 just a few minutes. Later this comes from the master bedroom and I think we're able to go back and -- reproduce the song with the -- handles on the Dresser is that they had their point. 8:16 PM let's play -- Tradition here that's -- there. Right and I want you -- -- you know we reproduced it just mind that when that happened there was no one in that room. -- more physically anyway knowing and that and that's one of many many times that happened there was nobody else right that's upsetting Iran but not even an investigator was in the room and -- -- -- are becoming so redundant that we -- even you know make recordings -- most of them you know we just took -- sample -- -- and and say this as evidence but I mean I happened several times so we heard that nor'easter up an hour that we were gone. And actually jumped to 825 again this is the master bedroom and you're gonna you're just noted several. I'm a similar -- just some noise in the room. Also -- a second sample. -- -- firm that you can hear it's almost like class there for Sacramento so I was like a growing when your coins and thrown into glass that look at Clinton could have been -- speaking of coincident we're gonna jump to run 921. And this -- shortly after Rio -- so we are -- into the investigation. And and you don't need you guys tell me what you -- to me. You know we -- everybody was again this resolve them. Upstairs and we were all downstairs I think we've made an upstairs yet you hear thome we'll kinda sounds like the floorboards squeaking. You hear this noise and then here's the four were squeaky and almost disliked or some waiter somebody walking in the area this is 921 let's play that. And again I mean multiple multiple times we heard that. On the could realistically I think -- just like a forewarned and the little -- there weren't something from diligently don't -- more time 921. Yeah you don't -- I have to say it like necessary listen to a castle like with a -- as a hospital bed squeak. And here that called him the best we can't the end -- like if you play at this media and the beginnings of his starts and then Gonzalez is reserved and sort of a cellphone. Does in the second -- to master bedroom or something and maybe that's what this bizarrely something on the back to calling the right coin thrown hit something in the bounce back right now that's what I don't think -- -- -- in the beginning kind of squeak a little yeah like a public you know it's -- it's -- like Intel says I mean one thing that's I do like about come. DVR systems and setting those up we DVR is monitoring the better and the hallways right you know we're stationary handheld camcorders. And nothing appears. On video they know as far as I mean really cynical he's flying around or anything on that particular Islam -- there but. We can say that the reason nobody. In that area at the timing -- we we -- -- that you were cameras and nobody was there when I had. So we don't know a couple of hours into the investigation -- 1134. PM and this one we did catch on our DVR system this is another coin toss. In the master bedroom again and we actually see a queen. Literally flying across the floor really really fast almost so fast we can you believe we found this -- It's the chair in -- -- just drops on the floor and under the chair so let's play 1134. Also when I watched that several times in hard from mussina and are looking for so if people wash our our case has been some on the first one actually the effort -- yes -- On the just. Just pay attention because it's very harsh receive them a -- -- 1001 times but it almost looks like a little black doctors. Pops operate underneath that -- matches in my -- I never see coming in some people -- I don't -- slows us down to continue that I was able to slow down still talk to see Tom. You know we're looking at a weight off for the DVR on the big screen TV you can see that. Corner of the no fly and ran across a -- -- -- income from. -- opera ball you know if you see it right on floor level when flying across the floor. It's the chairman drops from reaganesque aunt and -- ever -- it if if you're looking -- the master bedroom into the hallway this coming from left and right. And a computer station would have been on the under the can. Right there on the right unsolicited. Right. All right well there's you -- few examples of just some -- many many many audio recordings we got out this house that night. And we're gonna take a short break when we come back we -- Virginia central lower our psychic medium with us. And she's gonna tell us what she felt was there and what was causing some of this activity so stay tuned we'll be right back. Mark Kaiser permanent chiropractic in rehab. Many people are haunted by back pain. When his degenerative or related to an accident for sports injury. The professionals and -- -- practically rehab now been trained using the latest techniques and technology. The best diagnose your pain. With locations in Kingston and mountaintop. They're friendly and courteous staff can assist you with scheduling an appointment at a time and location that is. Opinion for you -- -- practically even accepts all insurance is for more information check out their website at Herman chiropractic dot com. -- FaceBook. Welcome back you're listening to paranormal science on WYOK. And tonight we're talking about a haunting in Delaware County that's just outside of Philadelphia for all you people. Who do not know enough. In the lab with us tonight we have PP eight senior investigator Paul with us tell you how you do when I feel like to say hi to my wife Denise was listened enough. I don't return home Pittsburgh and especially Lauren they turn and Loren thanks throughout listening tonight -- -- thanks thank you. -- what we want to get to a psychic medium Virginia central oh she is the psychic medium for the PPA she comes with a song. Every case and what I like about Virginia is even though she's a psychic medium she's super skeptic about a lot of things that go on and cases. And really likes to give in to find out why things are happening because. Not everything is caused by a ghost or spirit there's a lot of things I think people can miss perceive that homes -- may have made athletically be haunted blood. You know not everything made because by the supernatural so Virginia likes to separate those two -- -- -- look we know what's. -- really going on. In the supernatural world and what's just regular physical stuff that people might be misinterpreting. Virginia thanks for joining us tonight. I die and have everyone and I love you guys in the world numbers. Go do a great job and I thank you thank you for mentioning he's already talk -- -- -- -- very what are much. I wouldn't be tired in the -- pools always with the project and think oh we don't -- -- saying I'm free until I don't recorders from this consumer health club. I know someone's here. Let me tell you know you guys that was an amazing case all the cases we've ever done this is like the charity of up and above problem cases this is like the perfect case -- -- like the perfect storm I couldn't believe what went on in the south. I actually went back to the videotape and I -- the -- -- job and scared myself again -- I doubt in my basement I -- -- -- all I'm a very big Gary. Scared person with certain things that they do a job which you guys -- pretty strong very powerfully going to have to do. Then I drive home the car lot and I just blast the music and I am very scared at an actual. You know that's funny you say that because when we first started working together. You're really creeped out about going into a lot of places like either alone or any interest in the basements first he wanted somebody go ahead here. And you know in my head I'm going to why she's scared she does this you know enjoy it over thirty years professionally she's she spirit every single day. Why she's scared -- -- It hit me well you know you're not used to working in -- -- just because of some of the equipment we use we turned the lights off and -- exactly and that's just a huge juicy stuff and when you see something dart across dark basement is gonna startle you. Compared us who are releasing anything so made perfect sense after we put enough perspective. Oh yeah -- but it's getting used to working with you guys this is the second job I've I've done with the press it was the -- -- is this really are coming out party did it. And it would -- coming out party -- But I have this radio if we go back. The audiotape on. The time with 816 that you were playing and the sound of the Taurus they handled on the draft. Actually I don't know if you guys remember -- that's weird guy but you know this Stanley -- -- -- cap they're going -- And. Whatever ways they app was pulling the -- down the -- Yeah you always round that's why you re hearing those drawers I really opening the mop. That's one -- stand just Ernesto so I'll fare is whether we had noticed if the recorders missing from anywhere right out and you don't thing was they just had so many there's no way to tell. Yeah it was state they didn't know but that's where they kept he had to create -- -- -- something hard shot inside that inside a trash that you are. And he had tons -- court if that's pretty -- a moral. He also had a press. Actually I talk that he would load up change in that too. Who was there is actually in its for the quarters like it was their dimes Nickels pennies in the tray. For quarters. That this this spirit kept most the quarters. We left the other seems to speed up the -- a -- Number changes are significant that I -- -- asked us earlier just kind of general question but I mean I wonder what -- -- is reciting. And I don't you know I was gone -- numerology situation I don't you know which is -- -- and which means spirituality and I thought. I'm not quite sure I also felt maybe because they were large they were easy to handle. And something small -- -- significant. You know to be noted and they weren't even you know I mean. He wanted the largest cinema penny are Darvish could be very well quite a good president a -- the minute I'm think about it good idea. I mean Paul are talking like you know could be the fact that maybe atmosphere was 25 years of age gone for 25 years I mean. NASA can let you know this particular situation I have to be honest it's basically the -- shadow person. I mean -- other spirits in the home that we help release I -- not the nominee -- lethal than that nothing even think I released. And that died not count you know what I mean little -- -- I -- -- -- everything there was nothing left to repeat. And you know this is a really dynamic -- as far as it goes with spirit because. There were some extremely heartbreaking stories with some of the spirit so you told us about I mean there's one that was sort of not nice rate your face I mean almost immediately. At the start which you can talk about and I just not pleasant and you know just some some other neutral -- fairly. Yes actually come to a press what can you know mom. Something like hiding on me you know again this is my second time out about -- guy you know I'm -- I'm with a real investigation I mean. The candle shop where the real one also but it was -- you know. You guys have been here before -- you've been ahead of me this one more walking in -- you know. So calm when I first walked and I think I did see something -- towards the kitchen. And I didn't know at that time that the British stance as to the basement. I think I let it out and -- start to do the walk -- picking up who names herein may have been one of the things that came -- there was this young man. Powell has a mental problem. And she liked what you -- And I believe can they was also I was appalled I don't remember whether it also hitting the poll also I think. I'm not sure Virginian. I'm not sure if his name is with pool a match I've -- I forgot his name I'm sorry. Mom but I know he was very interest in electronic -- cap going up all. And looking up electronics and actually turning pool and and remember apple. -- absolutely. Until it. Sometimes I'll never forget it. Oh yeah I mean he is like hanging over you and everything and I felt he was someone that he'd see again the problem lies. -- these homes are all attached to so I don't know where it came from and when you have a catch conflict that spirit can move through all the home. So I don't actually came from -- particulates and units or somewhere in the middle or down the block somewhere. And it was in my back and it's time. And a father god the father had died the mother had a stroke. And -- felt that some within his late thirties. That was acting like twelve. Yes so we as a husband to war. Something with the war yeah except picking a template for another interest and things I kept up picking up American Indian battleground which I kept pointing toward the back out. And it was confirmed by the owners that they want the American American Indian burial ground I also picked up slaves. Very strong slaves in the area are very intense we found out like down the road like if you look at their house he'd go to the white simply it was a mansion. A disseminated used to help display. We picked up on that we also picked up on some soldiers that were trapped there -- -- this civil war. I think we picked up one gentleman. Down in the basement -- I'd you know I'd -- start to go warm -- investigation. That's weighing I was hitting -- one of our investigators. I was sitting in the dining room and all of a sudden something came at me through my head back puts something already had like like a -- and started choking me. And he came even named Jack Haynie set I didn't do it I didn't take the money went back. Another the other investigator and I both tired something that Colin. When we began to look and investigate honesty -- -- quarters of its. And I had no idea the family would have a problem that missing money at that point and we boarded up salmon I think Yasser. The fact that audio clip we actually captured that -- being thrown as well we have -- upon our site so -- And that's why I went on and off south yeah I really -- what was going on in this place -- it was shot a person and when you describe. The black shout out with a skinny arms and -- like the Freddy -- got into shadow person has some mediums -- thing and at some -- theories are. Interplanetary. Is coming from another dimension watching not -- -- I believe that yeah but in this case it doesn't -- -- this is a -- person that was actually manifested. From certain heavy sports. You know let's face -- anything negative. You know things that a negative we can actually help them to quell what having a very tough time in the Stanley was having -- very difficult time money wise. OK very good family very good feeling that a lot of things for hitting them at the same time. And everything just starts manifesting grow more and more says it kind of like developed on its own shut up person that comes from negative sport patent. And that's -- I mentioned before it was some you know there are some entanglement there and I and I mentioned that a lot on some of the -- lectures we do budget. The other thing is it's tough on some cases to be able to. Clear up all the activity when you have. Like emotional entanglement with that -- person there and integrity requires a lot of counseling and a lot of time and it's not just going clearing a haunted house because. There's an attachment with the person. Exactly and you know I think people have to be willing. To listen to our recommendations and we have a lot of people that backed that up and help. We have a lot of people we can contact. Pitcher how to follow through what we're discussing and what we're talking about we have to have a plan in action in if you don't solve try to match. It's not going to be easy to move it forward and I cannot move this -- -- person college because it wasn't entanglement and it was very intense. But that was what it was dealing with the it was giving -- many different names -- -- person he would not settle down. I mean he I went on my own with my group my small little medium group that I what went from last year. And he actually pulled the plug out of every quarter. Came over the -- along we would have went pulling me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cart -- -- -- -- something we haven't even talked about yet to -- you know meanwhile the primary because he didn't want channel people cannot he -- reflection. Great that was something we were actually youngsters a master better my -- that's when the door open in shock and when we walked back down the hall afterwards we -- to smear was literally taken off the walls and on the floor right yeah no it. Yeah I mean you no doubt number one we were heard him coming up the stairs because you know -- old stairs number two. As I mentioned before we had the door cracked open like to see dome hallway. They got but this whole thing with the money because there was money issues going on and I believe this shot at a press was taunting them with that issue. Shout that's why money was this thing that's when money was being thrown around I mean no matter what we did I reported a good team myself because I work with the -- down -- -- right. You decide -- my team which I love dealing my GPA. It's been a pretty good -- you know you've met my group and they're very they're right in the. Are you coming in you know he felt the so many times -- actually I'm. You know -- that they're very willing to help at any moment any time and we tried everything and it just wasn't budging I mean they wanted to stay with this alien taunt them. And you know I still keep in touch particularly -- lovely family they're doing so much better now that they left the home but let me tell you quick little story about that. She you know. So the owner of the female on evade the wife Sharon called me up one day incision not simply this I cut the power in my home. And I kept my next and then that tells me the lights on. I go they were -- someone -- -- sonic can't turn a switch on nothing everything is dead gone. I believed to have been able -- -- I'm not only a mile away when collect about karma now. You know and that's something they had reported -- prior to the power being cut as well -- us even going there. But it -- is a bit strange I guess after you cut the power to the place he saw who is coming back on. Exactly it was wild but I gotta tell you this -- this experience. I know I wasn't afraid of what was going on there I was very strong in my conviction with this one -- eight I really stayed steadfast support feeling you were very few facts we have very very well like thank you won't. -- tell you that Ben was amazing the joke was amazing. Thing I pointed out. And then get -- I don't we you know me. Now -- it does a good job he gets to keep the -- what do I get plan well for instance do you think you got to really be bags it's important for mixed bag of Alberto was amazing I mean. I kept telling mocked as you -- -- the attic stairs to the white just in the middle of the steps. This stock shot it would want to doubt won't you didn't have any idea and neither did the -- -- an idea what he did a dog Ryan and I -- chasing now this this and AG. And open up towards towards total -- mind that this is a lightweight that it was prior. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you're -- -- playing anyplace where everybody's emotion that played with people's fears now. I actually witness shouting get scratch to. Yes scratched I mean you're in the house of regional market and so it at all. And you know whereas I think I think megabyte tension actually sought to well the public on one side of -- Elba. Stay with very attached to Sharon Taylor and actually I just felt it was -- Am. Yeah is definitely one of the most dynamic is that I have been on it and he -- this is the number one case I -- I came into this very skeptical when I started. And and question after question after question and you know have some little experience -- long way but this by far had opened my mind that. You know physical manipulation and there's the possibility of -- things good and bad. Can happen in a place and Paul can do great phone -- you know. 90% I mean you know and I -- you guys I mean again it's subject matter of the boxing really altogether and I. Can affect it. Oh my god what a way to be initiated. The -- home now. But this thing had I'm very found now also was saying things to me because there was a -- down I was working with because that night I was in there with -- men. I was the only female that. I think one of the best there's a camera this is we actually ended up helping everyone in the house you know I don't their lives that was done to perfect tell us. Everything was wonderful they are they doing so much -- and I keep in touch with and we became friends. -- there are loving family and there was a lot of them. The -- work. -- -- junior were out of time but thanks so much for calling in and ensuring your perspective on this haunting. Our no problem guys and until they just -- my round. -- looking forward to the next case right. Well that's coming soon so we'll see you soon and Paul thank you for coming in the last thing you all thank -- all welcome. I think every -- you -- would you hurry up and I -- that's it for us tonight that paranormal science until next week. Have a good night.