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LA Tarone Interviews Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski

Jan 15, 2014|

LA Tarone Interviews Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski on House Bill 200, News Topics, and Your Phone Calls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My -- in the second hour is 121. Legislative districts state representative -- day patients he any great daddy here thank you for coming and a good deal with LA congratulations on your new show thank you good luck to you thank you it's it's it's been fun so far even I got -- last night for one opinion enact a and answer the call from the last amid the top of the hour I believe it was house bill 200 that had been mentioned. Yeah that that dealt with the effective giving. Extra. Abilities city attorney general to be able fight crime that this was all based upon. The fact that the attorney general requests and our support on this. And this can't be altered and changed after. A year or two to see whether or not the system is actually gonna help them eliminate crime in and catch the perpetrators what does this -- currents. Attorney Joseph is just have a container lending Kelly knows Kathy was -- can't stand what. Criterion would you use to decide. Whether or not it had worked. Well they're gonna build determined that there by the number of press that they may get in the the amount of prevention of a crime. The the drug industry has taken off things that drug industry is cost in Pennsylvania and every community. You know huge sums of money. And -- this is a way for them to be able to. -- care system more efficient and be able to tried to. Apprehend the the perpetrators in the very efficient manner. Com. I -- I a ton of things to start with and it's probably a little bit like water under the bridge. But I lauded your vote against the big transportation. Bill. I had doubt wondering usually don't agree with him but did Jerry Knowles was kind of a leader the Republican leader of the opposition you were about the leader of the Democrat opposition to this don't you both came up a little bit short hi Gerri on when now when it happened. -- -- Why did you vote against this bill that does a thousand bad things that raises the cost of car registrations. For ever and 28 cents a gallon gas over a three year period and all arrests of these things. Well there's no doubt that we have to fix our roads and bridges that's. To question the question was how we re going to pay forward. And this bill. Makes the little guy who makes everybody out there pay the full brunt of the costs. The proposal that I had done I definitely supported along with many of my Democrat colleagues was that. We were to use some. What they Marcellus Shale tax on we still don't have that. And it's not something that. Is unique. To the United States it's unique to Pennsylvania we're the only state that doesn't have a severance tax on it and I'm talking about a fair severance tax. And you we you can take part of that money from the seven stacks which is worth several hundred million dollars per year. And then we wanted to -- transportation bonds. Each bond that you float for a billion dollars would create about 25000 jobs. So it 2.5 billion dollars in borrowing. -- created over 70000 jobs. It's been estimated those 70000 jobs would then generate. Over 350. Million dollars in taxes all kinds of taxes that he's working people would pay back. -- the state and some forward. That's how you would pay your -- and smooth and then you did not have to put the full brunt. Of any kind of increase on the people. You got thirty years to pay back those bonds are obvious you're 25 or thirty year bonds to do that and the reason why you wanted to do that was because the interest -- -- solo all right and if I could also say that. You know we're we're about two years. It's too late on this edition of the transportation bill should have been voted on. And pass our roads should be are ready being repaired. From that two years ago after the study was done the demonstrated. That we needed a million 2.5 billion you know to fix our roads and. -- -- -- -- there was so many things wrong with this bill in addition to what we talked about the increases. In Nam and all of transportation -- -- got about 30% of this money 600 million dollars went to mass transit. Got you wanna find mass transit don't sell as a road and bridge bill. Bob the -- whole bunch of pork bills that we're lady in here and there were we're supposed to do. Biking trails and policy kind of stuff I mean if you fund it. Come probable way to -- but unique. -- scare everybody and say well this is a road and bridge Delaware gonna raise we're gonna lower the -- weight limit on this bill unless everybody gets behind Ivan that was terribly disingenuous. Well there's no doubt we do have bridges and their structures that are deficient and they have to be they have to be repaired. You know as you pointed out there were a lot of things in this film that's the only way you get enough votes to make -- pass. Solid steel making. I know Germany -- Democrat leader reserve was quoted in NASA and the insider opposition here as an inside papers I sizing he wouldn't to a bill without mass transit. Because Jerry Knowles are trying to flaw when let's just do death 100 worst bridges now on the welcome back and a couple of years and do the next 100 years. And frank birdie is reported to have said -- now we need mass transit and well and -- And you know if you misunderstandings. And and your listeners. I'm sure will understand. You know each cigarette I'm representative who represents their district -- and their district is unique to them and themselves. So if you have mass transit in there. And you know that the mass transit system needs help. You've got to stand up for the people you represent so -- Germany did just exactly that. You raised your fares start. I mean we have been and we drivers have been subsidizing mass transit for a long time they have to raise your shares once and awhile to one side. I I believe a lot of it's based upon the figures. -- -- The average salary of the the people that are using the mass transit in sept and that's a lot I guess so well exactly right. And there are incredible advantages the mass transit because it moves a lot of people. We're -- very inexpensively actually compared to having to put in you have to put -- -- lane highways you know in order to deal with all the traffic. So look and I don't wanna put one group of people against another so if you live in an urban area you have. Different kinds of concerns and if you live in a rural area. We're all pennsylvanians I've always said we should look at everything from the standpoint of where we are Americans before anything else. Frankly if we just sit down and get the ideologies out of out of the mix you can you can definitely. Create solutions than problems. He shouldn't be it is difficult but it is so why we're so divided now -- was a country that that's become and -- our country let alone a state that that is become my grandparents of very concerned about that because. That division is caused by misinformation. And I I applaud you for having these shows and anybody that has a talk show. As a tremendous responsibility. To try to get out the right information the facts. And because you know the folks are the ones that are going to be done. They either recipients of that information and that information couldn't. Determine who they're gonna vote for whom think about it let's 18. 104370098883009. AM of course -- for state representative Eddie de mission Steve Phillips from Hanover township does and not hang on for awhile. Phillip you're on W -- okay where daddy did for shinseki. Duo I. Can do -- Mayo. -- GLA electric and natural gas customers. And aside but there's always remembered round trip then I moved from old forge. Trying. Like crazy. Get an alternative energy supplier. Ball straight all natural -- And I can strike you know him. The we use our company's. Providers -- well this statement. Of more than one have told me that. -- Is that negotiations. Was unsure of who provided. -- utterly -- Summer. You can say. Constantly -- is our hands and I just -- them and delay tactic. Am did you watch it Ari are you when you say you're looking for an alternate fuel you look like solar wind power some like -- -- -- -- -- not. Public utility commission I believe I'm pretty sure nobody is is that. He's accomplished people you know under rescue them. Look it gives customers the option of picking up well targeted -- them energy supply here. Is that true debt that is true and I I understand the gentleman's frustration. I myself have tend to do do that on several occasions. Trying to get the lowest. Price here for the officer just -- this is what is an important thing. And indeed -- -- come and live there that's a good thing and this is that. The companies say now if you had a small business she. In your home. And you aren't just strictly residential. OK if you had like a barbershop down a little little bit and some kind of open but businesses in -- polish. We could probably do us all. -- alternatives. Great okay. Is that true now that I'm not sure -- so I don't believe that's correct because he's. Stop what you're GI. And -- -- -- I -- it for a moderate creation to distribution charge. Well yeah yeah but don't let him answer and say that. The bottom line is it becomes very complicated because you have one company producing the energy. One company distributing the energy and there are several companies that. That that are able to I just changed mine again as a matter of fact -- I got a better range from another -- so -- -- it. Yes and then and you got to drive and that's right in LA because in six months your rate might go up down you know so. I myself and stayed with you GI in PP -- -- Out of frustration because of the same thing the -- talking about. Well what I have been old forge -- what you call Smart meter. You can't use a Smart -- in Hanover township. What's a Smart let's start leader. Definitely relay is the. -- -- -- -- More electricity consumption minute by minute. That's correct -- -- that it that actually he's I believe part of law. Maybe you don't have it there yet but throughout all of Pennsylvania. Just under huge this is purposely dragging their brain. The other properties probably that. Well what I would do so -- -- -- and that's enough. What I'll be happy to do is I'll be just if we can get this gentleman's name and number of times I hung up on -- here's what we can just getting a little belligerent I'll be -- have you checked with the PC. And check with Yu GI -- PP now I can get that information back to you okay. And you can transmit it to your listeners all right well lob break and we'll be back it's 88 seen our guest this hour state representative AJ Pierzynski stay right parents.