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Wilkes-Barre School District Solicitor Ray Wendolowski and Corbett

Jan 16, 2014|

Wilkes-Barre School District Solicitor Ray Wendolowski talks to Corbett about the situation regarding first-grade teacher Elise Mosca.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- thanks so much for call on the show. Brigadier -- -- -- I imagine you know I've been busy he'd talking with school board members talking with the superintendent talking about any number of people with regard to this issue. What -- what have you been hearing right. It looks to even -- -- basically what you have been talking about and then. -- the transition largely because the dvd has been reporting it this -- and I discussed so clearly the tank. The district that has allowed these individuals -- Lead in the past. That's but if without firing -- to -- the -- -- -- so I understand it and the cluster known from the district that he was taking leave to appear on the bachelor. According like that's. So all she had to do like any other teacher who requested leave was just request that and it was almost no questions asked. Actually committed the -- -- doesn't happen often but it happened in the past and don't. That has practiced. It's likely that does -- -- for whatever reason that the district what can understand that no we're not going off -- an unpaid leave for someone. You -- -- that. And and -- and he should forward. Right and the unspecified. Personal reason is is up to individual who's making the request so that so that. The policy. There's no written policy you told me and it's not included in the union contract all the sabbaticals. Are included in the in the contract you help us understand that. That correctly yet at a certain period of time. The district and firepower sabbatical -- young people eat could be used by someone nominate either a new course in Damascus. -- accumulated in the district of believe it comes to misquoted sabbatical would not have a sabbatical leave the total number it. It personally believe whatever reason. Now some people have also talked about the release or the uncovering the of this. Video that people have seen. The Yule -- -- some people have asked whether. That kind of behavior would be reason for termination. -- is that something that you as an attorney for the district also us a look at. Actually -- a minute that the superintendent and -- me to do he put into these issues that has come in the white hat and I remember going to do so. And its significance. Of the day municipal code. Let's just specified reason why teacher can be disciplined tells us. Its position it is in morality and a you've got to well researched that issue to see -- the cases and cases have sent the pastor of that issue. And yeah we discuss this group and thank you it is now. Gore circa 1949. And it it's moved and then it happened in the Supreme Court jurisprudence understand what are you shouldn't let this soak up a little bit of overlay other than just researching this -- Could she be given let's say a thirty day notice and ordered. -- start teaching again. Haven't had that seat because of the fact that the weakest credit for the entire persons -- this is I think what relief that the district would be looking at is whether or not. She is not any thing which would be. -- -- little discipline code and not -- this. -- because you can because that. And there's a procedure that you crawl under the scope -- efficient act that took place. I'm content to just. Talk about a hypothetical. Employees would only -- -- state committed felony that would disqualify them from being a teacher. The district the take steps to. Implement that helps employee without having them come back to teach. Sure but this word immorality that appears in the school -- is a loaded word as you point out. It's part of a code that dates back to the forties. And community standards that changed what might be deemed immoral in 1949 might be considered full speed and 24 day. Absolutely hated and don't at least -- evolution of that now in the Supreme Court jurisprudence and -- the some doesn't have to look at. Just huge sort of take. Maybe the school board members off the hook a little bit you told me in the all fair conversation that you constructed. The superintendent and the board members. Tune not publicly comment until you get a chance they're looking into these matters that we've just discussed his is that pretty much your advice right. He's -- I've advised the board members and the administration not to come on this issue on this issue until I complete. And then -- my advice and then we can come to a and so I -- wanna proceed. One last question I know you're and you're you're in a rush here how have you been contacted by anybody. And has children in the district have you received any complaints personally yourself. I'm not you know I've not heard from -- And two children attending the district either pro con would regard any issues pertaining to that Moscow. It's good to talk with your -- when the last. We don't get an opportunity to ask questions of a solicitor and and a situation where public scrutiny is taking place I appreciate you taking the time to talk about. You couldn't even -- appreciate the opportunity at any time -- to determine how. Thank you we'll talk again -- coach -- when allows police solicitor for the greater Wilkes-Barre area school. District.