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Jan 18, 2014|

Saturday January 18, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims -- you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- Until you lie okay. -- Good morning. Good morning how are you today I'm just as they say Jim dandy and I am ducky SI say OK perfect well your perfect for the weather off. Then again but I don't wanna be affiliated in any way with the -- -- -- -- so let -- not no way -- no way sorry. Just I'm feeling doctor I don't know why anybody and anybody. -- watch match up both. Hey why do people like -- -- a handsome and honey boo -- -- I you know it's crazy. You know the more TV I watch with these cable networks trying to fill the time of trying to force seventeen. -- -- -- -- -- It's amazing what people find it to be I cannot understand why people even watch some of these shows that I am embarrassed. Sometimes the behavior that yeah I'm embarrassed by it and I feel really uncomfortable and nervous and anxious because it's so I don't know why people want just one thing to beat like that put -- to have a push trade for all this season -- -- great. It is just this is narrower. Then I know some people do it as like there around let's they're like they're secret. Pleasure kind of thing you know why even know they're doing it so they watch it -- -- Because they think it's so freaky day -- wouldn't be the one watching it but they don't well let me decided Patrick -- in Napoli is completely enamored. Of -- -- -- and Jerry Springer online guy every time he has the mind I have to just walk right by because I can't stand up. He thinks there are riots that's the way he presents. All of these kids -- women with these crazy man he. But that's just what the west side Liam is idea now I don't amendment to our enterprise -- Anke -- this -- and but I cannot see why it's of any. Social redeeming value whatsoever. But say if people want to they love it. I don't -- by comparison don't realize they're great kids and at least people -- say we'd -- listening to keep up. That general point we don't think that's the -- you're guilty pleasure is to hear it straight up. Cold man oh man oh may end what's been going on the news these days. I don't know I'm on mount anything right now IE if -- -- finished -- Inauguration. Yes imagine you did that it. And that went very well. ESPN and very very very nice turnout it was well done by at all and done I was very happy to. Volunteer. My services something. Yes medically known. I'm here -- because it but it truly everybody what we did a wonderful job. To make this happen and -- in to please and to. Be part of it so was some wonderful and I told today Kathy rapper did that. Freshly out of City Hall yes -- son and she had the other cakes to cut it was. It was wonderful and she got great PI the next day thank you to the Scranton times -- -- Conte. And done what she was they're taking all the photos it was very nice of course Julie Jordan was there. -- wonderful photographer. Friend and Kathy Gavin from stern listed the food. Mary necklace from Constantin knows how much did these. Tablecloths and the -- and neat chairs. I'm Doug -- a quartet upstairs. Picture perfect downstairs. -- blinded the flowers -- And cultural center did a wonderful job as always provide a wonderful venue and a great time to bars there's and it was great. Well that's nice it was a cold Monday is -- recall. I very yes it was asked if it was very cold I'm surprised warm inside I'm surprises many people got there who did. On a Monday night and with the with the weather the way it was spent and I can't tell you -- that I always look as good. People who raise. Children well. And I I have to say I'm not really knowing bill that much at all before the last. Couple of weeks. Having gone to school a year before. His sister his sister Barbara his youngest sister graduated with my sister Barbara. And so bill and his sister Charlotte and Bob were older than me so I really I I miss that there was a big space between. The youngest and but Barbara and her offensive third child in the family. And down to -- I really didn't know them all too well non. I knew I actually knew by about a little bit more and done. So no not knowing -- knowing Kim does you know superficially. I just because it's making nice I'm sorry that I spent. -- SoHo. She's yelling at me to stop spinning my pen I feel like -- in school again. But anyway. I do not knowing them. And having worked with them and seeing the parents say three lovely children one of whom is an attorney. The other one who is in his third year at TC MC medical college. And Lindsay who is a teacher I'm has a masters in teaching I guess -- some I'm not quite sure what to send but I know that that's how he introduced her. Could come and tipped to be two parents and to have. You know your children they're very nice -- a young people and to see that accomplishment as a parent is a wonderful thing and I and they you could see this sense of family. That both Kim and bill have for their children and I think that that's. I'm good I know it's a wonderful quality to have when you're doing anything else sell you but raising your children are first and foremost. So with them. The nice thing to say and bill's mom who's a -- she's a 100% Italian an adorable. And so therefore I said great cookies -- unity wanna know so if I and so was it a really nice nice night. And Stanley was very nice and all they -- seem to very have a good time enjoy themselves which is the always -- Main goal off. -- -- I'm so unless could yeah. I'm sorry I missed last week well we. We all know why yes. 'cause he says so sorry to hear about -- -- Grants -- saying you know your upon each time. He's thrown sand I say answer -- tell them scrimmage was a wonderful lady and her daughters. Hi Graham from very close to me they're like sisters to me and -- his. She was a lot of wonderful lady fell. Well mr. -- So what happens with well. Some interesting things in the course of last week Sunday night I guess is when it was. Took my personal web site Lynn tests Evans dot com went lies and this is then that. -- longer than birthing a child since started sometime in. I think January of last year. And so here we are. And finally is alive and well and the photos we're done by Julie Jordan and you just mentioned. And had a lot of very wonderful positive feedback on the site. So it is there's a kind of a blank space someone of the pages and representing the book -- I'm doing. Spoke with -- this morning. And I think we've arrived at the name of the book and thank -- yes it's going to be called power of the purse. The power of the purse. Oh that's kind of that's good -- power of the -- to. And it's going to be the subtitles and will be fear free finances for baby boomer women. -- you could've made if French and called the power of the force. I -- but then who would really Alan I would even venture a French major but you have to really dig deep -- on -- -- in what -- now and I'm kidding it's just so. I don't it's a good thought you know I force building in east in Philly down yes I do yes. Anyway so that's the best to get. -- and it looks like. I will have the book printed and ready. To be available to the general public. By a -- the end of the second quarter. The busy second this year -- May June somewhere where he died doing a book signing I certainly well south Cancun where I have to I'm not Sharia -- has any amount that yes can't will have to do all. And the press lock and stuff about that -- can't tell because. So. That that's good news so when I say this -- to do little shout out for Jim white factories now. Who's a dear friend who just. Came back into my world. Within the last couple weeks and I'm really happy that he is he's a -- I missed a man I think he and Patrick -- gonna get along very well. Campaign. So. That's good to have -- once renounce these aren't anywhere on your fundamental alternate Burger King how -- -- There were little guys BS takes to hand that this. You -- says. So much -- a story. So I guess I should probably do have time now yeah show we don't literate. -- Christine and so. Or herself very fortunate that her former husband provided for her and their sons. My name is hers the beneficiary. Of his life insurance policy. Their marriage put her in a very tenuous circumstance because of his gambling addiction. Although he was a medical professional and was very well aware of the price of addiction of any sort he also paid little attention to his physical health. Surrounded by those who not only spend money they didn't have. The seductive environment I'm the eternal night of the casino. Gave him easy access to the drinks and cigarettes. His practice suffered their financial picture turned bleak and their savings are gone. She was advised to divorce him to save her house and her ability to keep any income she earned. With three sons under the age of ten she had no choice. His health continued to decline and she soon found herself. Being a single parent to three teenage sons with her nursing salary in any overtime she could get. As the sole support of the family. She was unaware of the life insurance policy he had purchased for her but soon after his death. She was surprised to learn -- it and her good fortune to have the funds. Unfortunately it was not that simple her husband had never changed -- beneficiary -- named her individually. And not as his wife. As an ex wife she could not claim the benefits since insurance companies could see no -- more interest for an ex wife. The boys however were listed as the contingent beneficiaries. That they were under age and not allowed to take the proceeds themselves. It took more than five years to finally release the funds for the benefit of the boys who by this time we're considered adults. Interestingly the boys so appreciated the difficulty of their mother experience with their father. They decide is it give back the money to their mother. As adults they were allowed to make this gift she of course use the money to pay for their education classes. An hour down in the end. Note to all women who are divorced if your access intended to. Or was required by your divorce settlement for used to be the beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement plan. Make sure you are listed by your name and not by your role as wife. At the end. Very interesting time. -- they because that's when those little details that people forget about what may. And of course he was not well so he was not even aware of the fact says he forgotten about the life insurance policy. So they never did anything to straighten out. Bush finally. It got all taking care. And EA everybody benefited from. Well that's good -- was good. You know I think there always are those little. Little holes in anything that you knew -- overlook forget -- don't consider. Whatever it is and it is so important to know every angle of what you're supposed to get where you're supposed to be in who's posted. Do. That well normally. Most of course attorneys and I think we can mask. Attorney Barbara Harris the next time she's in here but usually part of the divorce process part of what they they do is to service to their clients. Is -- didn't check things like this and make sure that. There are changes made in beneficiary designations on 401K plans IRAs things like that. But I think because of the fact in this case. That her husband. Was so loud event and and sick for such a long period time. She wasn't even aware of the fact he forgot that even had the life insurance policy. So they would never have shown up in the assets or any thing that they did when they went through the divorce. They don't watch. Feed a little hair might be a winner. Can't ever gonna take you really quick break you're listening this morning to admiringly and show we'll be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean land and -- really. Good morning Harry you. Could have -- I'm fine -- -- welcome back you're listening to. -- and -- show my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm and clarks summit and I am Laurie can nine the owner of Laurie can enterprises. Which is say fundraising -- and special event test it. There is a mini dynasty guess now I was -- -- and I think I'm the time looked weird thing. So. When -- for -- -- less time. Less section of the wanted to mention for sure is a very important appointment -- President Obama made this past week. The woman was named as the head of these Small Business Administration. And her name. Is. Maria contreras sweet. As she has -- history of working with small businesses as the founder of a Latino owned community bank. And a former California cabinet secretary. She's also been an advocate for Hispanics. He's casting the SBA's role as part of his broader effort to fight income inequality. So we say congratulations. To Maria and how messy. Is very successful in her role as the head of the SBA -- that's a nice transition. Him. And and I think one other one and married Paris who was a point is as -- I believe this. Who was named as the president of General Motors. -- -- Fabulous corner this corner great and was interviewed by the press. All over the place this past week. And there were some concerns about the fact that C had been an inside person had worked on the lines. Production lines and I'm went to work yourself all the way up through supervisor manager on because stuff to the position she's in and questioned whether or not she had. The skills to be the PR person and be in front of the cameras. And it apparently this week at the -- auto show in Detroit or wherever was. She wowed the people who were there expecting you're being -- and quiet and saying nothing. She was vocal and she was sound very well spoken and a lot of people. It's changed their opinion of Mary because of her presentation now. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know worked on -- Well that or maybe she did just innately is that yeah I'm because that's not you can't train people to -- -- -- well it doesn't matter there's some people who disagree with that because not make a living and doing that but I still think that you can tell us it's sincere or not or if it's just something that there's there's just spin on it. I don't care clearly there was a Spanish Gaza and saying I don't and listening -- -- can maybe help you with the lines you can't fake sincerity in front of the camera -- you can't. -- can see it but all the way throw at least I can I don't think it's a learned to I think it's an eight. But that's me. Thanks so -- for Mary and Maria. Too good place. So I have a little quiz. -- -- campaign. Since this year is the fiftieth anniversary. Fear arrival of the beatles' company and -- -- -- well and in in America when I landed here. And I also have to say happens to be -- fiftieth anniversary. That they graduation Patrick aides in Napoli from the University of Scranton. And they're going to have a huge reunion this summer. They spend a lot of press about this and last night we watched so -- PBS series about 1964. And although it. Very powerful changes that occurred in our society as a result of some of the things that began. In that timeframe. And this quiz. It's only. Eight slow questions. So. Let's say what you know most Beatles. And like I said I was used to tease instead The Beatles were broken up before I was born so I know little about it. I necessarily true -- -- ice slightly exaggerate what -- today and they aren't they're men they have never been one of life I mean I like their music but they're not like. My top ten I don't recall having flip down. And cover them -- I well I see young I think and well enough to get matters because he's so many people love like my eye when I hear Sean loving music that I love I think gore and that's great kid but I just to I don't know why I just didn't. -- -- I guess I didn't go for the whole thing of you know crying and weeping and for you now can't deal with -- now anyway so how come I didn't more than for Elvis Presley on CIA now. I couldn't the only thing I did was sing happy birthday and David -- and that's about as far as -- and meet John Travolta that they pocono play how OR -- and I was in grade school I'm guessing it was great anyway. What did The Beatles receive. For performing three times on the Ed Sullivan Show what did they receive dollars. A 1000500101000. 5005010. Class. Say well was the number one song on billboard's charts on February 1 1964. A week before The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. There already were there hey good -- I want to hold your hand she loves you. Love me do or I get around. I would I go on because it's Valentine's Day I'll say that. One of those sound loved loved one of them with a love -- she loves me now so wanna hold your hand I was as big. They can't CM streak. Yeah. -- was the first sign that The Beatles performed live for an audience in America. I want to hold your hand all my love and held can't buy me love help. All my lovers -- -- -- idea okay the federal the answers either. Who sent a congratulatory telegram to the deals before the first performance. President Lyndon Johnson Queen Elizabeth the Second Bob Dylan or Elvis Presley. Think it could be any of them obviously. -- and before their performance and it celebrants of the queen of England. Now sell list now and we instead tell Graham was also signed by his manager colonel Tom Parker from ten. How much still in front row tickets to their first concert in America cost. Four bucks six bucks. Eight dollars and fifty cents or twelve dollars and fifty cent and I phone a friend who looks and you don't get phone a friend no parent. I would say AE and the second 14 marks the first time -- What item was stolen from Ringo while in New York for their first concert there in August. His passport his saint Christopher -- his drum sticks his autographed photo of Ed Sullivan. Did. Because it's so absurd a city autograph photo and Salomon. No actually sticks his thank Chris for -- -- -- more -- neck. -- and she McGowan a sixteen year old fan after ring no made please forward during radio interviews. McGowan returned it and -- -- in the process. While I was worth and I guess I don't. The Beatles performed at a regular senate songs give or take a few while on the North American tour in the summer 64. Which of the following was not in the sense. A hard day's night roll over Beethoven. Yesterday. If I fell. Now I really have no idea pits yesterday because he didn't write it until later telling him. Now that's what I was thinking hard day's night list. Not written but it probably less than the last one. If you -- one right here in North American tour set a record as they zig -- 22621. Miles. Across the continent and a little over a month roughly how many people saw Beatles on the tour. 25059000. 209000. Or 454000. I don't know if a couple 110 the no see in my 3950. Is that -- were sold toilet so I'm the last 1 o'clock yes. But police say ascent. Yes and so fifty years ago already so I'm not having enough of them we'll really tell you weren't just. One. Piaf but still I don't yeah yeah he would drink so I did not know I know I didn't pay attention I'm really did not well and I. I don't I mean I like them individually better then. Collectively I was thirteen and I generally care. But they I mean I love Paul McCartney I don't know -- thanked that's they said I think they're better alone. How likely Paul McCartney did Paul McCartney wings yes and I fans I now open but anyway I'm sorry and -- That's -- case so I don't like to lose so I don't like my off won't get -- tests for people listening there probably were trying to figure out the answers anyway that came from. Definitely want to send the AARP. Bullets -- -- For this month so if he -- SL let me see how big Venice. It's just a little -- and we get so it that's how big it is census by getting tabloid style yeah. That's the whole thing -- -- Yeah. So. Seven biggest retirement stakes mistakes mistakes okay they are financial planners see. There's an assist from my favorite place learn best -- a lot of good information here. The first ones operating without a goal. That which is pretty interesting because people throw money retirement figure well -- all be there. But if you don't know how much needed or how much you wanna try to save for. How -- every now. That's the first time. And procrastinating the -- the second one. And can most people the interesting thing is. They always figure it's so far away I don't have to I know now I'm now and that's a good. As they say putting away 10% now feel a lot less painful than putting away fifty priests Catholic it's experienced none have meant. And then the third one approaching retirement with outsized home costs. So many people are so afraid. To give up their houses because they have all these you know well I don't need them MySpace anymore but. People what starting her seriously look at these home equity. Reverse mortgages. Because they allow you to stay in your house especially if you have a house where you know your kids are coming back and they're not gonna want that house. They've already moved out there somewhere else and they're never coming back. Why that is the equity in that house to provide you with some income and allow you stay there for songs who wanted to. It's not a bad deal these these reverse mortgages of the past where horror show us. But the ones they've got now they've cleaned up alive especially after the housing crisis my. And the fourth is being unaware of whether you have employer matches. A lot of people don't realize when they decide how much they want to put away in a 401K plan. They should put at least up to the amount that there employer matches it's it's free money. You should really do it. Number five choosing their on tax strategy. Can only get to retirement. The -- deal with the tax issues of taking the money out of the planned. But there's a lot of ways you can do things by -- getting Roth IRAs where you're not penalized for taking the money out. You need to have a blend of both and that's where you really need to talk a planner. Number six neglecting to consolidate your counts -- about the wonderful things we see and the air of all the people dragging their. We are forgetting about retirement accounts they handed former employer's home. Grab them all together put the men one and have it. In one place it's so much easier. And number seven this is a big week putting your kids before your retirement. I have always said this say it again. You can finance college educations -- financial finance -- -- -- I think so those are seven very important things mistakes people make. Let's hope it's not you thank you need some help call may be very happy to do it -- Evans retirement planning extraordinarily strange and also Lynn -- coming up. Next we have one in my new and experts -- in my new sponsors this year which would be doctor Barbara plus match. Who is a gynecologist and owner of advanced gynecology associates on Jefferson avenue. In Scranton right across from regional hospital. And the fire is a great lady you'll be hearing lots from her as we go through the year -- and interest in topics. In -- world of gynecology which I know you're our interest today and so. We're getting here from Barbara up next and done we'll be right back you're listening this morning to the Mari I'm in shock you said. Saturday morning with the Korean -- and -- really. Good morning once again yes good morning -- -- early this morning. Could be better could. My name's -- Evans -- president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks -- and Larry -- owner of Larry can't -- prices which is a fundraising appearance special event business. And we have a new guest expert where you can -- her name is doctor Barbara Clark -- and she is the owner of advanced to. Gynecology associates in Scranton. Thank you also. Barbara have some. Involvement in. Philadelphia as well. Yes I do I I specialize in hormone replacement nutritional therapy an anti aging medicine costs for our company in Philadelphia. So it's really wonderful that we can talk to you about this subject because obviously. -- -- I would say Larry Knight and mental -- listener so I'm very interested in this topic. And also in that how do you practice friends and which I think is a little bit different than most around this area. And I I wanna say also that you are. A sub specialists who are a Euro gynecologist. Yes I -- a gynecologist and you're also surgeon yes. So let's let's talk about first of all it -- theory and the philosophy that you have about practicing medicine. So my background. This is traditional GY and gynecology backgrounds. I've done the annual exams and pap smears for years and and does several years ago it became very obvious to me that life in need Peri menopausal years in the mid forties. Was not as we may wish it to be things start changing and the usual -- methods of treating these things weren't. To my liking and and weren't necessarily working as well as they might. Which led me to further study learning that our hormones are tired usual female hormones. Sometimes treat us nicely and sometimes don't treat us as well as we would like. I'm learning to manage and balance these hormones has been a challenge but very rewarding. I went back to school learn some more than I had during my residency and fellowship about management of hormones female hormones. Found that being estrogen and progesterone how to control menopausal symptoms. Peri menopausal symptoms has really just been a -- yeah. Part of their training also was about anti aging and how to age gracefully and she and labels PA that's nice size and -- complete management and nutritional counseling so that we actually agent very healthful way. And not using a lot of different medications that we mean I need. And we like that. Yeah I I'm I am. Come on for that I have to say to we're calling Barbara who not only is our I've spent car wonderful. Cut expert in the field of of women's Madison but -- she's also a friend and full disclosure I'm -- and I am a patient -- virus although she could John because and out of range. Didn't know. And anything but I have to say that I eight. That the age of almost 53. Have always found it much more comforting. To beat it with the food female gynecologist. And a male gynecologist and I'm actually sought. Female gynecologist how when I lived in Philadelphia. And when I'm moved back to Scranton. And when vibrant came to the Scranton area and I actually met Barbara when we did 81 of our EC TV this I chose for advanced imaging. And I said IE -- I have you have got to be my doctor because there's a kind gentle spirit. That Barbara has. That mean and mean and believe me -- any male gynecologists -- was wonderful but the difference between them is they don't you know. They don't know don't have you don't have the same stuff we yes and so -- and I just the issue and not even -- but the fact that EE in Dayton the emotional level is different. And eat -- the kindness and not. Just that -- female way of being so different and I can say with complete -- confidence and full disclosure that. You are just kind loving caring doctor as well as someone who's completely now -- and and head and continues to learn by being educated and to bring all of this information to your cure patients but in the -- emotional. -- aspect cannot go without saying that that is so crucial to the care of the patient. I so appreciate that and truly you know I feel as though I'm one of everybody and there's some great to. Mailed college out in the -- absolutely. Who you know do a very nice job taking care of their patients. But I will tell you there's been some some changes that have occurred to me personally. That encouraged me to learn more and I didn't have the background -- I needed further education to be able to treat myself. And everybody else and and you know I have a a wonderful staff found -- all females at love to take care of our women. In our patients in our office so we truly enjoy what we do and I hope that we do a good job I'm doing so. But does this is this is what we enjoy come home. What makes a big difference I think because when you going to doctor's office. The last thing you want to feel -- is that nervous I mean you're nervous enough. So when you get someone -- compassion and caring and can understand when I tell you what it feels like to be experiencing. The symptoms of menopause and you say. I understand what that is even if you didn't experiencing -- yourself you understand from knowing and learning and having met. Higher education it's totally different don't know it's it's I gotta say this is this really startling to me says. I have many friends who say just say out so I know that I was man ever wanted a woman gynecologists. I said why can't I just don't think it's right. And I understand has -- it is well I don't get it I don't get it -- mean to me if if they get past that whole issue of the did discomfort of what most people say is see. I'm examination. And ten and that that part of it. It's it goes against everything culturally we're taught not to do do you protect your private parts -- yes I think it's part of our culture. So what you're doing that -- fewer heart -- really. It's not just that it that experience it's not just -- five minutes it takes for you to do the exam to meet. It is a relationship that goes way beyond that five minutes it's about your understanding and knowing what I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing. And had a distinguished. When is something that is specifically related to my hormones or something -- may be part of my life. And if it is let's still look that's true because it you're one packets. But I think that most women don't understand. That a male gynecologists. I guess I'm not bashing them at all because I've had male gynecologists. In my life and I think they've been great. But the differences. There's a reluctance I think on the part of women to share. What's really going on the fullness of what's going on because they're somewhat intimidated. By the fact its -- anyone understand I'm talking about. And I -- people tell me that every day that they feel more comfortable. Being able to chat about things that they feel maybe I've seen -- right experience and and it's an easier conversation for those pets and I'm I'm hoping that that's the case I think it's easier. Knowing you can say you felt at an all I know exactly what you feel like cassettes of my wife experience or what have hit it and I and again it has nothing what both men and women are wonderful doctors has nothing to do. Without at this end of something this this -- punt and touchdown a terrible. Well I meant that I'd been through this horrid he would ever important is not down here there everywhere paid so much better. For me to be I think. NF I -- it should be with a female gynecologist I feel. And the understanding but more importantly you Barbara is just. That when that when you -- discussing. Other things I know from even my -- and general practitioner. Duck and when you can under Steve sit you listen to the -- your whole life not just. That dean did that part you're examining your talking about women and how they are as a whole as Clinton as a package as a whole thing and I think that's what I learned over the last many years not to I didn't know before but I learned it more now that it's really the body as a whole. -- we are one person our mind control so much. I'm weak and try to think that our. Our in our hormones are out of our control but but our mind control so much. About who we are and what we bring to the table so that it is an entire package when you come the end it's not just about coming into your pap smear it's about talking to the person making eye contact. Hearing their story. And then providing those little details other than. Please come back next year for your -- right it's about. What are you eating how are you sleeping. What vitamins might you be taking culture and lifestyle who's involved with your lifestyle. Hit it's about you as a person and I and I hope that by the end of the visit we can feel like we've made eye contact and we've provided you with some insight about. How to make it a little bit better and and go on with your live your life as you so wish to do so. Well I can -- to. -- Barbara and I think this is an important thing to know what you just. Talked about looking at the person as a whole human being. If you use. I come -- -- pharmacists. To create some things that may not be on the shelf or may not be in the typical. Of pharmacy then you go to -- Philip prescription. And I think the best and you can also an important distinction in your practice. Because it again speaks to the fact that every person that comes in you treat them as a unique individual. And so maybe. There's something that they need -- that you find some testing. Results prove that they need something else. That is not on the shelf. So this again -- credit I think you get more explains. The is -- that the -- of the type of practice that you have it and it I don't know how many other. Gynecologists. Do that's so I -- and that's saying against bad it's just that I think that's what separates and makes your practice different. And we have branched out into the compound in pharmacy world. Where we can create those formulas that work best for the individual patient based on the labs. Every person needs a little bit something different and sometimes it's not something that a prescription medication can cover. We have some great compound in pharmacists in the area that we can and we enjoy using and -- the -- seemed to do well them as long as we can monitor that. And that has been a great help to our practice. But being able to help people move forward wish they are symptoms update it and again the menopausal issues or. Sometimes it's the skin issues or things of that sort. Companies that that is really a great movement forward and as we know. Menopause -- is not a once and done things now so I don't win this year's 53. And get some things that you need for being 53 and find a 54 it's still the same. And that's so true always you know that the definition amend causes one year without a period but that doesn't mean that the symptoms miraculously stop you're at times. And some people start to symptoms will be for a fan and I have no idea that that is a menopausal symptoms. People might come in with an anxiety attack. And -- physician has treated them for anxiety when all reality. It isn't an anxiety disorder on its own but really hormone imbalance and so it's it's our job to investigate those things and understand that. Many different things happen when you go cement -- And they're evaluating the patient for not only got symptom but everything else is very important. In critical to helping them feel better right because that's the bottom line when you understand. What's going on. All over collectively. Then you can better I'd think you'd better adapter and understand. The the stuff that he is working against them right and what's your life like what church. Your schedule what what what's happening literally personal life -- -- at a dead maybe she is is symptomatic of something else I mean it -- never it's not always. That day actual physical part it's a lot of times it's it's the -- and thanks absolutely and you pay attention to that was so so important. Why are we you'll -- is gonna be here many times for the next month once a month believe it or not we are finished with diet for your first what are. -- your maiden voyage here and she -- what you can you tell us everybody how they can get in touch with you and but if they wanna make an appointment -- switch doctors come over to see you what how would they do that. Well we can -- -- located in Scranton across the street from the regional hospital our office phone number is 5703449997. And the girls at the front as would be the absolutely fabulous to answer your phone call and healthy -- until unemployment. We also have a web site that you can get your information that way beyond that he's DRE. -- next. And gmail.com. Planetary email address soaring to a doctor and he talked and Dunn dot com. He seemed to -- -- -- website that way to make an appointment but just so you spell your last name. PL UCK. And ET TOK okay let's talk that. And it is advanced gynecology associates. Time. Afghanistan Afghanistan's and so finally be here. For lots more times to come so we're looking forward to that thank you again vibrant. Thank you for having me and we will see you real soon see you next week everybody be happy and eat what they say these -- safe and amp.