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PA state Senator John Yudichak and L.A. Tarone

Jan 20, 2014|

PA state Senator John Yudichak talks to L.A. Tarone.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sandy ground -- is underway and I'm very happy to say that I guess and I just think senator John B Jack good evening senator Mary happy you could be here great to be on the new show best of luck -- -- angry rock. Thank you. -- you were. Her somewhere else tonight before you came here you were NA a former king's college for house -- senate bill 76. Bob what happened how wait how to turn out great turnout. The the auditorium was packed in -- King's College -- Charlie -- when the organizers put it together. We had great representation from the state delegation house and senate members says senator baker. My friend and colleague. On the Republican side I was one of the co sponsors of the bill with me 'cause she can be their tonight but she. Send me every correspondent. Represented more -- represented -- Represent -- back in and multi and appreciate you were also there. And one of the prime. Movers behind this bill one they used statewide association has come on board and really advanced. The legislation further than it's ever been in in my memories of realtors association yeah they stepped up in a big way in and helping fund. An education and information program and that and and that was the featured speaker just nice to talk about the impact on the housing market there's no question the primary purpose. For me supporting the elimination of property taxes is to get to a better system of funding our public school student there isn't any economist any financial expert it's gonna tell you. That using a nineteenth century tax system is the way you fund public schools. So we need to get away from that fraud antiquated system we need to develop a new system. But there's a secondary component here particularly those of us -- -- and yet -- I region we have housing stock that's a 10050 years old. We need to change that housing -- to change our course at least in if folks are paying more in property taxes and they aren't more mortgage -- Happens say hey we we had day in we tighten down carving county. We had a hearing NF we had a gentleman in the yardage came up and told the story so those personal stories where there's real impact on people's lives and you have a limited income you're living on Social Security. Fiscal taxes are grown up 45%. And now we're looking at and at pension bomb in an in Pennsylvania where you can see right local taxes by two by 81520%. We we can't let that happen. To the people of Pennsylvania we certainly can't short changing generation of kids and and and not give them an opportunity. Had a good quality education because we're not willing to step up and funded properly through a modern system and that's what cynical 76 is all about is getting no modern system. A -- a public. Schools now the independent financial office they deserve and several of financial reports done on this I think god. The house legislative budget and finance committee said it was a wash and it won't work. But any independent financial office looked and it said well it's a little short but you're a problem with that -- forwards are finding there. There -- the initial report by AF folk that we were able to -- the numbers on the personal income tax side and make the numbers add up we are talking about. A great deal a money I mean that's. A lot of feedback I years late I thought game and I thought would casinos -- the Pennsylvania. That was going to eliminate property taxes that was no never ever know that was never what who was was articulated. Because we knew that only billion dollars and it's amazing to say that only a billion dollars was going to be generated by the casinos for -- Quality property tax stop -- singled for a billion dollar I -- I was fourteen billion -- and so -- and it it in and goes up unfortunately every year and what DI FO we -- got that. I think is a part of a -- everybody that supports simple 76 it is all about. The trajectory of property tax is that if we go to a new system if we shift to a modern sales tax and PIT. The IFO reported -- it will not be able to keep up. With the rate of increase is -- property taxes will well that's that's -- homeowners that's all day handing your pockets. You're never going to be able to keep up so we got to find a modern system though. The fund our schools so they actually counted in that that -- projected increase in property taxes and threw for almost sets that's wonderful muscle trying to prevent. I even a law about job and the increases in property taxes acts I guess it's act eighty. Where you're limited to the rate of inflation. I mean I we just did several stories today about does school districts valley west was won there are several others are gonna adopt up provisions say born back in the -- more than 21 half mills every. But that's all -- -- -- every year right hit it in adds up particularly on -- on seniors. One of the benefits. Of the gaming act when we when we win we legalized casinos in Pennsylvania. What -- expansion of the property tax rent rebate program on the big fan this program it's an enormous benefit. The folks that live in the fourteen senatorial district. And he gets to the folks that need it most. We increased that program the 650 dollars. In loser county that eliminate property taxes for about 40% of the seniors to qualify I'm fortunate that says they don't have a lot of income. And and and and so. We have to look at expanding that program we have to look at continuing this fight we have more co sponsors and we've ever had. And it and it's and it's Democrat Republican. It we are one point -- -- 46 co sponsors can utilize one or 21 as senator just resigned. And went on to take another job that let Mike walk correctness and and so. That the battle continues but we certainly have their attention when you have the majority leader of the senate. Talking about property tax relief. That's an important step and I have to give credit to the citizen lobbyists that read those teams tonight. You know he had a 10025. People that come up there really drive and they're the ones going Harrisburg in the -- in their drive in the issuing and I'm proud to support the legislation they put together. Now you get a full frontal assault against it I'd I don't know if you are but I know I'm I'm in my. PS EA of one Indiana all this is terrible for schools is terrible for schools they wield a lot of power. Sick and I appreciate their concern their concern is well it -- it any time they had -- change it's going to be this dramatic at their concern is are we can adequately fund public education. And I appreciate that concern I've met with them and I've communicated with -- other groups that are that are that that -- broke very pro public education -- -- less time in this fight. To find a better way more radical way to fund public education. What I see coming on the horizon if the pension bomb hits and you're looking at an eighth -- agent in school district. Greater anchor and we'll bring you look at 1520%. Right is going to collapse the system. We cannot allow that to happen you shouldn't and a way I look at it. Why should your zip code determine what client education and yet if you have a good commercial base and industrial base. And and and nice fancy homes you get a good quality education gives him a nice tax based. The idea that the 21 century. Local governments can raise sufficient revenue to fund what I believe is a statement issued through public educations and that -- -- stage to state commission. We need to be commonwealth we need as the commonwealth to fund public education. Don't put it on the backs just a local homeowners we need to spread that -- Across from personal income tax and sales tax and I think we can we we can get the numbers add up and make -- work so that PSE every day cares about public education. Is is satisfied that that we're gonna provide that polished -- I'm later tonight regardless on this because some of the things we spend on things that are called education don't make any sense to me like plan climbs every kid's gotta have three and asked -- that was square feet of space and stuff like that I think is a waste of money. But we do an all time. But maybe we'll get into that later you just mentioned gaming in their twice I don't know if you heard. If you saw the figures today from a commonwealth. Three weeks ago and came out bad these slot machines revenue had dropped and now today they released their revenue from the table games. Even though it's up 6% overall gaming revenue fell last year one point 4% that's why Obama talking about tonight this is going to be a smaller pool to do all these things as good. There's no question I think you have to be very -- five and I've been out front on this we can't look to gaming to solve our budget problems right now at a base a -- and -- vice. Hey it it's bad bad public policy when I when I go to for gaming. Back in the two thousands we were we were bleeding to an excuse me three and a half billion dollars. Two states like New Jersey Atlantic City what the market has changed dramatically. Yeah so that's that's what you're seeing our numbers start to come down. But you know right now you got a got a governor trying to fill. A billion dollar budget deficit food -- it doesn't support. A raising taxes would rather local school boards raise those taxes. Or local counties raise those taxes and now is looking to gaming revenue potentially -- potentially all the you you don't solve. The issues of the budget and and I really think the problems we have in the budget. Deal most with our poor job numbers we have some of the worst jobs numbers. In the nation our neighboring states -- 234%. Even coming out of this this tough economy in recession. They're three percentage points better job growth well if you don't have Pennsylvania's work. You're gonna have a budget deficit and we need to have a hope when the governor gets up and gives a speech on that in February and the budget he's gonna talk about a jobs strategy. Thought about gaming strategy out how we can get more money out of our pockets of hardworking people. Through gaming we need to get people back toward we need to get -- made by. -- we got -- question is very got a couple of callers which is a matter of fact we have to riches won Amber's gonna ask you about something I was gonna ask you about it anyway but. Double break and we'll be back is 817. Our guest United States senator John eighty Jackie can light him up if you want to got a -- -- -- We'll be back this is Tehran in 19891013. 100 am one of three point one FMW wildcat. Well LA now 83009. -- back to LA to a row on WIL game. I did say it's funny one 1800 finally -- given the phone on the -- let off -- -- US state senator John beauty check is with us tonight. Today got headphones on -- there RI let's say grips from black Flynn richer on W -- okay. Yes Ali thanks for taken a column in a lot halo two said he. I appreciate you being in there because here you -- entry into the taxpayers -- not too many people do that anymore. Well I just in -- happens -- there's an -- on television is senator you need Jack was a rather frequent -- so he never had any problems standing in front of reporters and answering questions rich rich you pay the -- science review that's -- says -- -- I'll always take -- Take a look at. But let me say this -- first substantial all due respect senator I think what you gave -- the gas tax. Here's the states suffering the worst unemployment can't speak it's staggering and it's been stock. We've lots tons of corporate jobs. Our deductibles and medicine are going up exponentially. I work for awareness that large utilities in the country. And I haven't had a raise in four years because this -- being eaten up by 2000 dollar Sammy deductibles. And -- 600 dollar individual deductibles and that's fine I'm not crying about that but gambling was going to be the answer. Nobody. That I know of no representatives tallest that they can take. Fifty or 60% and do whatever they want wouldn't I thought it was all going for tax relief. So that went bust I think I got fifteen -- back. And maybe I -- -- -- -- homestead press -- five grand Detroit actually years. Not -- passed this. Still -- fiction roads and Nash. I think -- I think you went too far even data plan of what -- Take a five dollar five dollars on field. That's that somebody because I'm glad you brought to separate does that was gonna get into this transportation bill and I too had been against it for a number of reasons including the reasons Richard mentioned. That they -- giving counties the the opportunity to. -- a five dollar surcharge to every. To every license plate inside the counting the fact that the fees are call -- what about it. Well first of all reach thank you very much for the call. The increase in the view are speaking to. An issue that's very passionate and in terms of the government come in and take a more and more and your paycheck and that's why I was out of form tonight to talk about eliminating. Well I think is is is most onerous tax on the board and that's property tax it and so I'm supporters cynical 76. But eliminate property taxes in Pennsylvania. And and and the largest tax bill that most folks have gone on on their kitchen table some property tax -- we're trying to take that off the table. Now to the issue of transportation. I thought very. How long and hard it was a difficult vote there was a good chance. In and when the bill came back from the house that that I may not. Has supported the legislation but I continued to look because initially. There was some talk the wasn't gonna be comprehensive measure that we weren't gonna raise enough revenue week we have a three and a half to four billion dollar. Deficit terms of the investment we make an instruction has -- Pennsylvania. Has the worst bridges in the nation the worst 6500. Structurally deficient bridges to meet. That's the public safety issue my four children and go to school every day school buses guys stranded truck going to work every day families going. We have a serious. Public safety issue in Pennsylvania so that was that was that was into consideration the second partnered with which was talking about. Which -- northeastern Pennsylvania the highest unemployment rate -- three straight years. Three projects that I can speak to they can jumpstart the economy in northeastern Pennsylvania all have to do with infrastructure. -- attend. Route nine to four -- for two out or -- -- industrial park. Those projects have to get done route 115 in wilkes-barre down south valley parkway an ankle Cameron Newport township. We need to get the economy going to Pennsylvania. If you have the worst roads and bridges in the nation you -- not gonna have a vibrant economy ultimately I came down this this bill will create. And retain 62000 just 62000 families in Pennsylvania are going to be off the unemployment line and working in providing for their families. It is difficult at all time to vote for revenue enhancement but we haven't done it in three decade okay. I I have a number prob jerked his elbow and lots of them one of them is the fact that net revenue enhancement goes every single year and cost them a license plate he's gonna increase every single here I've never seen a fee before. That is -- -- in fact can I assume that either. This session or next year the general assembly is gonna put a cap doormat right I. Thank you will see that we visited there's no question though keep in mind how the CBI goes over the winter when it went in two years when it goes into effect. And and that's certainly something I'm gonna pay very close attention took eight because it wasn't colon in the seventies and eighties. And when when you look I know of any feed -- at all and an and we you. When you look at -- what we did in terms of the of the gas and we eliminated the -- -- failed to twelve cents. At the pump. And it's complicated in this is this is it really not gotten through in terms of the media. He you know when you talk about oil a coming franchise and paid at the wholesale level where now we have a complicated formula determined by the department of revenue. But the fact of the matter was that was artificially cat. At a dollar 25 right so that means over the last three decades. The oil companies have got a dollar 75 to get a break in the dollar 75 and every gallon of gas. They did send that back to the consumers. What we've done over five years we didn't do it one year if he came back from the house think it would I would not -- supportive if it was one year and one big hit. Because I knew the economy couldn't take it. We gradually phase it in. And and the way that it's structured if gas prices go down the tax actually -- -- down. The flat tax is not that way then that's why I was happy to take that flat tax off. In and you know I've heard folks say one you know the company should just gonna pass and onto the consumer. Well I'm a big fan of putting a severance tax on natural gas companies that are making enormous profits in Pennsylvania because we have an impact -- On -- well drilled not on a production. The 69% increase in production in Pennsylvania any impact fee revenue wind down. Well. That same argument about well it only trickle down the consumer. I haven't found anybody in my district that doesn't want a seven sacks and a natural gas companies. They're not worried about it and they understand the policy of -- they understand the economics of it. It's never easy to go for those kind of revenue enhancement in terms of public safety and job creation. There's not a bill in the last three decades they can do more for pennsylvanians more from northeastern Pennsylvania turning our economy around and investing our roads bridges. Highways railways and trails. I I have lots of tennis and I don't wanna spend all my talking about a but I'm gonna spent a portion of it here anyway. Mom it's 600 million dollars went to mass transit I guess that's how you get a deal done. But show and the governor and leaders from both sides and house and senate sold this is a role in bridge built it does a hell of a lot more than roads and bridges there's money in the air for trails. From biking there's five dollar registration for each -- you're trying got to help nobody from who's earned county council is listening and years. Real stuff -- didn't have to be yeah. What it's still primarily road bridge dollars not one point eight billion dollars. It's still primary role and and bylaws it has to go to transportation. Now a big chunk of that there's 500 million dollars going. Two the fine men and women and in the state police. That service our highways also kind of -- when you think about it why is that paid for with transportation. Money and not as part of the general -- I don't mind in Oregon and it's it's it's put into it comes out of -- fees and that that was establishing long before I came to attack Harrisburg. There has been some talk of taking that off line taken I want support back and and but -- you know the primary investment. I -- a big fan of of rail. You know freight rail can be very important in northeastern Pennsylvania -- in northern -- coming out of us who do accounting through hazel to newsroom round top at an end in up. In into the natural gas fields that can be a big part of the economic development. There responds -- mortal mortal fund -- -- price art art art are. Our airport it's very important. That we invest in our airport really make sure but that's an Internet -- can help -- the commerce I understand about transit tranche is very important to lose are counting. Trent is very important carbon county it is a way that people. Men and women get -- why can't they raise their fares instead of constantly mood changed from driver there is that is the constant debate I I -- my friends from my a Philadelphia Allegheny all the time. That you know it's people outside of our our urban centers have to get confidence that you guys are run and the place it efficiently. You know four and essentially just not his famously karate guy. And and you know once and and unfortunately. You know I what I -- in Harrisburg you know. If you can't let perfect be the enemy of the good. And 62000 people won't work many of the thousands and here in northeastern Pennsylvania I need. To make those investments we need to make sure that we're investing. In the safety of our -- highway system of our bridge system. When you think about that being worst in the nation in terms of public -- outrageous. And and fortunately we push it off for three decades and that way that's way get a bill this -- this this magnitude. And and there's a lot of things in -- didn't like a lot of things I'm gonna make sure there's particularly the call that we keep and I and that it doesn't get out of hand. I -- and I had. Question the way some of this work is done now I mean -- our climate really that different from new York and New Jersey that our -- seemed to be obsolete in five or seven years in -- seems the last war. I don't see 25 mile. One lane highways. In New York for reducing in Pennsylvania I've got a 150000. Cars a day drive and on the burning in four sections right outside the door here I mean. Well my question we cannot properly it before. We passed the transportation bill -- it in if you must we pass. Maintenance of highways. In construction of highways so you're gonna see some of those projects happen in an and hopefully we're gonna be innovative one of those charges in the bill. Is and that's got to find a billion dollars in it in inefficiencies. And weed out the way some weed out. The problems that we had in the past in terms of the investments we make in a row so that we have. Greater sustainability in terms of the investment we made we want the best return for the taxpayers offense. And I got all eight lines lit up and I'm also two minutes late for break retro wilkes-barre and I even called -- on a long time and I got paid a reindeer and then will be back here next. As does everybody else Obama call until we hear somebody get off and then there's a lineup on 180437. 00988830098830. To our guest tonight is senator Johnny -- Jack. This is LA Tehran in 1989 and thirteen hundred and what a three point one FMW wildcats. LA. It's always a I was busy night hearsay senator John you need check as well those we got a full farm bank -- try to get some on right now rich from wilkes-barre is that hang on for a long time richer on W while Taylor senator -- Jack. -- LA cut you mere suggestion -- You know the unemployment problem we call on hand and they say here at the -- waste time will be thirty I have -- and I'll at least you just. -- -- about yeah we're pretty good forgive me that the mayor wait time when I'm sitting here you know but the reason I call live -- -- -- -- the fact of the winter is coming very county council thinking about. This why -- -- bigger and they -- by eliminating the home care and exemption. I think that the bright idea. Can't take it easy actually got a good point I saw that in the paper where -- they doing can't they do that that's. Picked it was a county -- ordinance I believe they they can I've only read about Abraham and any discussion with any -- leaders. It's unfortunate the financial condition park county is it is currently and end you know I've reached out to calorie counts and I just recently reached out. Two new chair Rick morality and wish him well and said anything that we can do. I as a state delegation side I'd be happy iteration. To reach out and and have that conversation. -- our elected leaders the county level. All right I think quick. More and I think he -- -- -- -- Hamburg township when you're the -- down here on carrier independent streak is never gonna get politics I don't think it's. Because they mentioned -- commissioners. Look at the paper like the only other bridges in the back mountain down I think she any and all but nobody seemed like Portugal cannot appear we were gonna get nothing but pick. Well you know that's one of the good things about the transportation Palin LA doesn't like -- these 220 million dollars is coming back in liquid fuels money to local communities. You know when you say some of those bridges in the back -- a lot of those -- state bridges and and they're being done. By Penn dot as soon and the bridging your reference in May be just a local bridge in Hanover township for walks -- a lot of minutes -- are so financially strapped. They don't have the dollars because we haven't changed the formula. In so long on the liquid fuels. That's one more positive the transportation bill more money to local and his values to tackle that bridge you're talking about -- -- doctor Jack in -- very Jeff you're on W while Taylor senator UD track. Hey senator how are you I had a question regarding the bigger waters flood insurance reform act of 2012. And what the state plan is to do regarding this issue I understand the senate hearing coming up almost 28 -- -- Jenny whereas wondering if you're planning to attend. Get yet you're here on the ball I'm the democratic chair and environment on the energy committee -- your -- see -- The majority chair is of the committee from my -- support. And we're joining with the banking and industry committee. And haven't joint hearing -- it is a tremendous. Concern of course where folks can and are going to be hit when they -- and insurance bill I can just knock them out of the box were open our federal counterparts. Pay attention and we can at least delay that. -- in the interim if not completely. Do away with with those changes I've represented a very flood prone area Livent. And attach it to one your house got hit I don't know I actually I I was trapped 'cause I was I -- township I live in an in the mountains of Plymouth township but I couldn't go left or right on route eleven I was. An island but my family was like -- 72 it. But you know all the constituents that I met him in 2011. From west Pittston -- Shani. I now after they finally gotten their legs under and they're getting our house back together and now they're gonna get hit with this change in the insurance slot the federal level we got to where it is to change. Church -- senator have you heard -- the dumb policy renewals in the prices that would that we are getting us this is just my house went from 788 and it lead to 7000. Do you mind. Again yeah that. All of feedback that we're getting -- is. Outrageous numbers. And that's why hopefully we can work put a federal counterparts and make that change I know. That senator. Bob Casey had reached out to our office today. He's going to be having a press conference and leave tomorrow. Maria. The next leader. -- -- that got hit pretty Jarno flood him saying we get we gotta put -- we got to put a stop to this we got to get right. It's one of those things that you know it might have been best intentions changing. The insurance system when you go from 700 dollars and 7000 fans outraged -- to help her. They -- and he's -- businesses -- The businesses -- gonna get -- even worse. Gap and then -- -- passed on everybody I Jeff I appreciate the call thank you let's talk to Joseph from sores real joy you're on W I can't. -- the Republican Party. Crisis since Pennsylvania. Realizes that the national party. They're not so extreme weather this State's popular revolt. What the Republicans and Harrisburg ever succeed in -- State's Electoral College. Is that gonna happen is that even on the burner I mean I am a Republican and I don't know any Republican who's serious about making that change -- it -- wasn't bill introduced by the majority leader it was discussed in the last election cycle on the presidential election side. I I did not supported. I'm very concerned about the push by this administration. To limit access. In elections we should be any value -- on television you're not against a photo ID bill with certain qualifier -- -- long did you not -- limiting access as long as it doesn't impede access I have no problem with people proven. Who they are whether they sign up for an access card other department of public welfare whether they're voting. But unfortunate that there was not. About identification that was about voter suppression if it's about voter suppression we need to encourage I'm on a bill to encourage independent third party. To be able to make it easy for them to get on the ballot. Lot of plays -- state -- -- -- stay in the union that that was -- -- -- both parties about nine years ago and it changed a rolls out some of the and a lot of my college still like that but did you know that we should encourage people to get out and -- we continue to see. The number of people who come out to vote declined we need to encourage and get them engaged in the government. It's their government and and and they should be send the direction. -- Washington and Harrisburg through elections -- -- tell -- -- -- you're -- to trying to limit everybody just one question when you're on -- from Albert Chao Jim you're on when senator UD Jack. All right so there I read in the -- this collection that's consolidated dispatch but don't say they have functioned all button that they have mode that. But yes there are going to hold all four million dollar grant -- You -- prevent -- sidewalk from the liquid fuels tax. And in. And create. There -- quite scenario that always distressed cities that they should be. I want to give grants for this month. Well that there is no creature in a -- they do get preference I represent several acts 47 distressed communities. Nanny -- Plymouth township west -- tend. Thankfully many of them will be coming out of -- 47. Is opens almost out west is a right pretty good shape pretty good shape and so was -- Obama touched -- they've turned it around. This money would they would get preference. But every committee would have would have access to that. I do have to give credit to a lot of leaves down a piston. The town is coming back around they made some Smart investments have -- new jobs in new new life some retail on some restaurant business in the downtown. And so you know we're gonna continue to work. Who represented Mike Carroll -- represented to see -- continue to work with the city's. To fight eight you don't try to try to make sure all of these minutes values even if they have. A budget that's in balance are struggling they're they're so limited in terms of the dollars they had to invest in public safety. In terms in that department of a public works police fire. So you know I continue to be navigate for the minister -- and continue to be an advocate. For -- utilization and trying to get communities to work together actor can often be very tough to get a very clashing personalities it's a challenge but we recognized certainly on the public safety side. That was limited resources we need to work together we need to make Smart investments what I tried it you know. Projects of regional impact projects that are gonna have sustainability. So we're investing in it in and many Coker -- what's correct call to make sure if we're bringing grant money back. But that's about creating jobs creating sustainability. Creating a better quality life and those commit. Are you -- urban affairs committee and the reason I ask that question is it was fooling around with. Act 47 to try to give us some teeth and I think they're drastically needed. Just -- -- -- amendment got 21 years on -- 47. And you know the spending continues and there is a pension deal and all that what about -- forties -- would you be in favor strengthening do you have any ideas on how to do that. I am on the local government commit up and we and we have discussed that 47 and changes that 47 work groups have been put together. With. The the league of cities in the -- association. And accountants association how to make make those changes. The communities that I represent particularly -- Coke and Plymouth township. They want to home rule charter day it they recognize. That they couldn't rely on property taxes they needed to go -- and earned income tax write and -- she wanted to communities. Go act 47 because that's an extra 1%. -- and we have arcade wise we need -- I've been a big proponent of changing how we do local government. We have nearly 2800. Municipalities. In in Pennsylvania the second highest Illinois it's it's it's antiquated it's a terrible way to deliver the services of local government. But traditions over the years to build up it's very difficult. Two merger consolidate communities let alone to get them to -- region lies. So we understand it's an uphill battle but you know act 47 is on the docket -- in Pennsylvania sent. Right -- jump shot from hazel to China on W I'll catch him. I think so I'd better you be -- why didn't bring you have these single office that enforces its. Pennsylvania statute on veterans preference entitled -- you -- chapter seven he wants and if you read the letter of Pennsylvania statute and -- as a very strong. Others perfect matchup -- Pennsylvania and particularly wouldn't count off on the very high unemployment rate among -- -- -- would not have. Pay higher unemployment area for that matter didn't that you have been forced. But to letting you probably wouldn't even have unemployment. Amongst veterans so why not take it that you can throw it right back into debate. And if it's derived debate that's reinforced tip right now it's really doesn't have much efficacy at all. How much data sector -- you know an independent long life Arabs are separate law like -- -- -- and that's an -- very interesting point and something that we're gonna take very seriously veterans. Then there's unemployment rate. Among veterans is staggering. And with the drive down in Afghanistan. Iraq and beyond Oregon now we did this the human service system that serves our veterans in any unemployment offices that serve our veterans we have. I I have to give a lot of credit cent limit is senator Lisa baker she's the chair. Other veterans affairs committee they're doing a great deal work I served the first two years in the senate on the committee there's a package of bills to help. With that transition as our warriors go back to work. And we need better system and that's -- that's a great idea they can have a one stop shop a lot of our colleges do right have a look -- -- got the idea because there is to learn things are getting college and that's a great idea. And there's this there's nothing more. The Pennsylvania National Guard -- any other National Guard in the country. Has stepped up and served in these battles overseas it is amazing what we've asked these are volunteers. In motion specs on that had real. Full time jobs and they've -- on 34 -- It's hard for that job to be there when they come back we have to do everything we can't make sure that we honor the commitment that they may do our country income -- palace jump back -- -- -- start them. Off from wilkes-barre Bobby are on W while Taylor -- really -- okay I just got her own career sort of solution actually meeting. That's great to hear Bob I'm glad you came out sorry to leave but I'm glad you're able to come back and -- and Colin in the Shell Oil. -- for years and years. Why does everybody assume if school will continue to growing need more and more more more money when you look at each field in -- Rural county. Go around maybe five teachers to buildings. They're losing students. But still below current account -- -- -- traffic is moving students -- very area is losing students. -- we always assume that they need more and more money. He's got a good point because when PD to Pennsylvania Department of Education does student projections it very often dies. Shell a reduction. It didn't Monroe County -- imagine I'm a little familiar -- I -- I used to work up there. Bob pocono mountain went hog wild they built a bunch of buildings they split open on while these pocono mountain west and a life. Oh my god what are we doing all these buildings are closing schools they got a big problem on their hands. And there's only so much you can do alike regarding. Teachers if you go crazy and hire twelve teachers to fill me. -- you find a boy we only need six it and you're stuck is there anything that can be done about that she sort of. Trying to change tenure at all. -- great what's gonna happen it's great appointed by American League and I don't know if I was listening early when we reiterated. You know the fly on the criticism of cynical 76 as well it it's not gonna keep pace. With property tax well that's the problem right you know we we just can't assume that it's gonna be more more and more money. Monroe carries a great example I represent two townships in Monroe County hubby losing them in reapportionment but you know they had a boom and bust cycle when they had to build out. But that's the issue -- that that -- that I believe is so important. The commonwealth department of public education needs to play a greater role. They need to be intercept and say you know what you don't need to build the Taj -- sports stadiums in classrooms. Because here's a fifteen year Trent. You may have school board members looking at a three year -- They need to play a greater role so that we don't have this burden on local taxpayers and now now you get now now you have a bust cycle happening in my -- Teachers being laid off schools. It's they can't afford the debt service and again their pension bond that's taken that I think he -- is really gonna cripple. Tax I mean as an event that have made -- Pocono Mountains sounds like a district we're gonna have to bail out east Strasburg went to the same thing they went through the big split and all that and the student population just isn't there anymore. I double break we got about 1010 minutes left actually Bennett's armored I would just break we're now about five minutes left it's 850. My guest tonight is state senator -- eighty -- on WIL OK. Why okay. Finally got about four minutes left our guests United States senator Johnny B Jack Hank from the back mountain you're on WYOK with senator UD Jack. I heard loud thank you. A much larger speech tonight at king's college and -- insupportable. Senate -- 76 I was very impressed with here. The way you articulated all live -- main points. Very under -- end IE I situation that doubt what. But at least they're very Dave where I should speed up. -- Pennsylvania board does support the bill and I told -- we needed support badly. And now I think you should be cautious. Because there are there's a -- reflect I don't see a lot of people at my House of Representatives and that he's not gonna support the people from northeastern Pennsylvania. And things like that gonna happen. Well -- thank -- zero last week he was here Friday night. And I did ask him about how -- 76 he has reservations. But is willing to take a look at it may at some point come aboard but at this point he has again. Tough guy I just thank you for coming out Hank day he is as I mentioned at the meeting tonight to citizen lobbyists that are drive and as. You really deserve the credit thanks for coming -- -- in the time we're gonna continue to fight day in Harrisburg for cynical 76. And legitimate property tax reform. That improves how we fund public education that's -- I got a list of about thirty questions I got a minute. I have to ask you what is -- craze what's that Chris explained that that day a pilot program was instituted down and I'll tell all the growth that's happening in downtown with a new. A hockey stadium new business coming downtown it changes out to look different from a KOZ in all the state local taxes are. Are used for a financial vehicle bonds that would go and construction infrastructure and other things that very similar to what the heck where's the other one called. You might be thing in the -- there and that's ours that get a chance now this is a little different part of the problem was it's very successful everybody wanted to -- To it but unfortunately -- the administration moved to bill. That only allowed four in northeastern Pennsylvania wheelchair to be eligible haseltine wasn't any Coke wasn't. It's not the other third class city Scranton as a -- -- was not included we just introduced a bill this week to include author class -- give them the option if -- fish for their city. To be able to use is too -- to change. The downtowns revitalized downtown to bring jobs back to -- -- been -- there's 533 kill us cities in Pennsylvania -- Butterfield has quite a bet we have four men forced gallery no yes we -- From. About I mean I got -- a couple of quick air traffic traffic I'm questions here he did vote for red light cameras I wish you didn't. Because searched the -- motorists traps they can be treat yeah yeah. Shortened the yellow white say right up as many cars is possible and and it didn't move into it ended up not move into the legislature by death. The only regret I have tonight he's he's drinking your Kathy because I have. -- -- about 2 o'clock in the morning so folks can just call all my questions because I'm going to be up all night. I Saturday excited -- thank you very much for being with -- that I -- back again. That will do it flora tonight's world see you tomorrow and I don't propose tomorrow night for arrived two hours. Savage is next followed by gravity. Roll one to let down tonight had done midnight powered by George RL might launch an Arizona already -- American morning between five and six -- Nancy 69 CO -- nine to -- Rush Limbaugh noon to three Steve corpsman 377. And I and we'll see -- and as -- tell you all -- time yeah. You can go at it and brag and say tomorrow night.