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1-19-14 Paranormal Science

Jan 21, 2014|

Can your pets be affected by a haunting? Are animals sensitive to spirits or even psychically connected to their owners? Can animals come back as ghosts? We think so! Features special guest, Animal Intuitive and Communicator Cindy Wenger!

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Paranormal. Science okay. I. Okay. -- Okay. Hey good evening everybody thanks for joining us on this and risk Sunday evening I'm work guys. I'm -- hook and I extends our kids. And it is chilly out there beautiful star lit night don't just say this yes and that's -- cold. Is decent parsed -- that it for this brisk. -- just a wanna start out guys with I wish women sponsor her for the show ensembles pizza and up selling pressure ourselves have been around since 1964. I choose from a mine owns his his parents are started actually back then. And I'll tell you what they have been very thin pizza wings cheese steaks. There are right there national candidates can commons Contra -- -- -- -- from the hearing announced that Tom. Their phone number is closer to 065500. 01. Do you find that dust settles pizza dot com go visit them on FaceBook of course. And a -- mentioned this at. They want are you mention that you heard his passion here on -- signs shall get the don't want him so for free so feel very nice sounds general Nash yeah we'll welcome settles we're glad to have you -- with us and that's just not how sort of -- c'mon Steve Maria Burmese and a little girl today -- -- Think every now on trees and the world today so issues -- -- today this morning so can shop her. -- -- get -- real parents found -- that he's gonna be good parents I'm sure. Well tonight we're going to be talking about animals in the paranormal. We've actually been honored to have been a big part of a show on Animal Planet and now it's -- also feeling on. Destination America called the haunted. And that show highlighted how animals were. Targeted I guess as hum victims or -- -- home for a activity try and how old heightened their senses are. Towards -- kind of activity compared humans and you guys are pet owners as well do you agree that animals are -- you know especially cats and dogs. I'm would have heightened senses towards activities that you know people would say was spiritual or you don't towards a haunting. Yes definitely and I've had personal experiences myself to a kind of stuff if you have -- understood and I had a tactic used to. Trying to jump through while it is certainly college in this like if there was nothing there. Jump at the wall and bounce up and into the wall in two. Aren't holding off never Selena and it would only be the same spot off the same piece of furniture you would jump into the while the rest how small it was normal this cat had a problem with that well. For them to it did erroneous on the backs coach Darren and just kind of like potential if anybody to listen to show -- -- with the time we did talk about that while in my house at one point having so I was just gonna ask you you have mentioned before that you have this one particular wall. But you have seen things come through and yes yes and our guys on the wall this is the same all your -- still have knocking on the wallow in it sounds like you to some -- -- -- banging on the Wallin appear if you are outside -- somebody's inside. That's of particular awhile and instead had to cross hanging Tuesday it still hanging from twenty years up. We won't hang in a while that's awesome that as well -- anybody that fashion knows him the PGA actually knows that of course -- handler Ben. Com so that himself -- Collins you know we are first to have a national animal -- paranormal investigations. I'll tell you what and mark I mean the unfortunate sending your chance to work for Ben he's kind of semi retired now right. Com mark you know I've had great pleasure what the other few times he even on the Animal Planet itself and I'm not content. And I'll tell you what. To say the least that animals are socially sensitive I mean we've spoke with a simply moves last week when you're Virginia on. Com you know he would actually parry and or you don't. Confirm things of Virginia center wherever -- -- has we found out that -- in different MySpace from. And -- come on come accidentally. We also found the fact that I'm you know bend which is of course and then noses and he's my -- from Maryland and not dogs and -- my side. He got to heal up and ran three from floors worth the these diagnostic didn't return their investigation. Possibly marking the one set on spending more urgent call this name and then next thing you know. Boom that was -- yeah we have to be sitting in a room up on the third floor and one of the things I said why is. If your hair band is friendly dog you can call -- hall way you know call now -- -- they're trying to interact with your end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I he ran past the other rescuers warn and I camera also found them bee pollen or whoever was -- with her. But then pass them right to one of the old seclusion rooms. I was there and just kind of stopped -- the door. So was he -- ultimate call them was you know. What I mean we don't know I mean unfortunately I think by the -- as he really can't be up talked -- doesn't say much doubt that his client at one investigator put it was bizarre because I remember you saying when are we sat down and and talked about using human cases. That he was -- protection dog as well and he was going to stick by your -- stress is way out of characteristic -- -- and even you know cases prior to that I mean yes you know he pretty -- only my side -- -- ahead of -- but anytime a feasible to have him he'll stop wait for me all you -- catch up -- -- All of this to sermon was in the Casey was gone communion before he realized he was gone we have until -- Austin can we do have a web site. But on the arazi was Gunter -- are you feeling in the dark with a black dog that's you know kind of silent -- self -- your breathing he's really not make emotional as. My favorite part is using him because being that he is just a pure black. In some of these dark spots you can hear him running back you can you can't see him so your. Kind of just standing there waiting for the hit absolutely consider a beautiful scary as far as that goes on the paranormal they're just -- -- for the week for the dog bite them. But he's been just an absolutely amazing resource and while he's actually taught us a lot about on how dogs act and react and what happens during a paranormal event and another stories that I can tell. I wish him that I think we mentioned on the show before we were -- enough. A hallway on a case on any. This is over actually these diagnostic. You Scott township. We were up on I think was -- second floor and I was telling the story of how the clients would be underneath where we were. Hearing footsteps of walking down the whole way and this was a perfect set up for us on this particular night because. But one thing we like to do is put bend down -- neutral position. And he gets relaxed you'll start pants if it's hot it was a hot night in laws so. Spot on he starts to -- and he's very relaxed and we'll watch for the first certain indicators offer that changes in respiratory rate. Going to alertness -- not relax position on stopping -- of course. And at one point just as we're talking these bands snaps to attention and start staring down the hallway. And maybe three seconds later we start hearing footsteps coming down the same hallway that worry and and there's nobody there. Right which you which he obviously heard before is a -- felt a presence before -- I -- -- I was I mean just to hear that and and I don't think we recognized initially at that time but we went back into the footage. And how you can hear me site. They -- total panting and also it's like how. He just stops. It comes to attention and as we hear the footsteps but that's only go back you know we we are we look at DM are surging the evidence at that point time it was like. You can hear the recorder picked up after the footsteps heel -- perfect. Prior to -- This precious up -- soon has been actually alerted you -- you're referring let's start so ban was actually aware of some thing if you will being there. Right on way before we even normal her ourselves absolutely so there was another case using -- this is perhaps my. Favor case. With him. And others there's a lot of other experiences that we've had with him what. We rent a home it was. Rolls on spring new row homes so that was built on old -- -- -- and if you myself more and we're up in the master bedroom and the clients reported that their -- would not going to this room if they took the cat in the room is terror profile it would just go flying out of the room did not want to -- in that room. So we thought what better place just to take us see if he has any kind of reactions. And as we're in the air you know just sitting in observing for a while and just talking amongst ourselves. To -- kept on going over to the doorway in looking back at you then you were sitting across the amount of time number and then he walked over and he can. Not your hand and then he walked back over the Dorgan just sit and stare you walk back over -- again and got to the point right finally said. Talk with what's he doing -- goes I think he wants me doesn't default column yeah exactly so of course we said all right let's let's go fallen. And we followed then he shot right down the stairs. Then went to a door that ended up being about bathroom on the lower level current and that was his indicator through police work that there would have been someone. Absolutely out of in my career on the fact that there -- -- -- that -- the -- -- and he alerted state of the door you know -- from an open it typical I mean if we were searching a home I would say this is -- suspect was absolutely -- among my guests and also we want to search through don't go to war and you had gone to open a very slowly. And went to turn you know just I believe as -- touching yeah and a door -- by itself actually the door unlocks and you can probably hear the click the -- kill was pushed on mark's right that audible click on those who come rocket's solid. Which is weird because this isn't one of the doors when you go inside you just press bought in -- locks aren't going to leave the room returning panel pops open. And it's unlocked so the door we shot but we know one of our people when they're not too long before shut the door. The door should have an unlocked at the time right anyway if you locked in shut it you never heard that. You don't value pop because I was in silent run bathroom -- I'm just I mean you can -- honor -- and again that is also our web site. So of course Bengals rushing in and there's there's nobody in their secret millionaires a small about a mile a gallon crushes and stops like Apple Store on your reaction looks back -- me like what happened and has -- certain somebody we -- you very much other as a response -- not you know so one of the things we did I don't. After that -- into the night. We went back and check with the clients and we were not made aware of this prior to the investigation. But he's. We asked is there anything significant with the bathroom door like you say it's such a small room I think they might have thought it was insignificant but for -- I'll invasive yet while we're watching TV in the living room which show their backs would be towards the door. They were sure that the jiggling of that door handle and the door would open all by itself. Which riding -- the -- -- the mental part of that at all and then things they did not often don't spend that much attention -- He does but I'm glad they never told a -- to -- that audible click as what common the most is if you -- -- -- -- -- on college juniors here that 'cause I was amazed at myself and fresh polls even on the case was Paula has and Helms like. Yeah I heard that you know I'm. Seriously it was so loud that you could not you know you cannot know what happened here so -- bizarre things that we run across during investigating again Ben didn't wanna tell us what was there -- He's I'll clearly and I had to give kudos to to my -- yeah I mean he is not just as his mind voting again he's just. I swear she was human feeling and thinking he's a class human -- call now and characteristics and qualities would you want to let's talk for just about actually -- she comes on. Because I -- -- -- so he was not Jimmie welcome back to me it's almost like if you're like -- kimono and check this out you know like it was one of those things you just like eighth. Now come -- we are due to some wrong here but of course. Not being able to verbalize that he comes over can I yeah. Nudges me c'mon c'mon -- totally lost all the still south. But you know not only dogs seem to be sense in this most sensitive to this -- before I got married to come away floor and I was at her home used to spend a considerable amount of time there and -- with her sister. And her sisters veteran was on the second four to Cape Cod and they had done their rooms and stuff. You either side of the diseases such a report -- and Lauren had gone to work 1 morning and her sister was a bartender at the time so -- -- gracious and should be home in the morning. So when I get up in the morning I could hear it in her sister's bedroom. A whole lot of noise you know and I thought her sister was over there working on the computer to your paper shuffling you know I heard something that some like it dropped on the ground. And I thought before I leave they're just go so device or didn't you don't sneak out without offending or you know. So I go over to the room and there's nobody there. And this wasn't something that was just like one or two seconds long of this this went on -- course of at least three minutes swear I heard all this not always going around the room. Looked out the window and there's no cars in the driveway so I'm the only one in the house at the time you know little bit -- are not sure what was going on. And this was long before I got into investigating an all. So later in the day I happen to talked to Lauren and told her about my experience in and she said yeah we think that's our cap on that used to be her sister's cat would spend. All the time in her room and they believe they still -- the cat and -- making its movements jumping off tables like I would've heard him. Then just doing its thing while I'm saying it's it's is amazing I do believe I'm not pull out. A lot of people say no animals don't have souls they believed that an animal dies does -- and one -- -- they have energy we have energy isn't that what the whole thing is about winner energy leads us. What I want an animal be able to travel and no I -- afterlife it's just a domestic you don't want that no one woman slumped -- a part of family central absolutely. Well we have to take a break but when we come back we're gonna ask that question to Sunday with -- -- Wenger and she's an animal communicators that -- for Hershey PA. And how she does a lot a lot of work with animals and on Friday different ways and we're gonna get her take on how whether. Animal spirits can go on do they come back to visit and -- animals actually. See spirit see ghosts and -- so. Stick around with this we're gonna be back with Cindy right after this break. Welcome -- there's -- amount of science I. Talk thrown their -- a pretty you know -- We have a lot of guests coming up and -- -- -- and stop them we drove FaceBook page after Germany -- like us on FaceBook check -- who we have coming up next week in the following weeks. And also on my blue -- of the podcast or two. For you can actually was not our shows on our preview -- -- -- -- a guy usually it's two or three days later we get them up pretty quick though sometimes it's a little bit -- stuff but that's -- -- already with you know they get up this eventually. Yeah so we have atop a try if and also colony's offer its lessons early 8300984104370. -- And I as a text taco. The tech stuff is not up to the -- if people would like to us. I'll throw us a message on our FaceBook page as well we can done that will lead -- a little smaller than not going to be out there. Yeah well no we're gonna continue or talked we've been talking about animals and the paranormal. And the question that a lot of people have for us our. You know can and we'll see spirits do they have the sensitivity maybe that humans don't are there psychic connections between pets and their owners. And but you know can you know -- come back as ghosts as well and you know after having my experiences I'd have to say yes same here I have to -- so that brings us to tonight's guest it's Cindy. Wenger and she's from Hershey PA. And I just to tell you a little bit about this Cindy she's been in known as. Is featured in magazines she's been on radio television and radio shows in the past. Can judge she's an -- minister reiki master. Certified teacher in magnified healing. She's trained in human touch for animals. And just so much more so we wanna bring her on our show tonight we got a right hearsay and he listened to -- Sorry about that welcome to the show. Thank you very glad to be here. They welcomes and elephants and Cindy and can you explain before listeners what hit an animal communicated would be. -- -- animal communication. Is telepathic. Communication its mind to mind communication. Can still communicate her and I'm speaking for myself. I can connect to wait to see -- actions the personality. On the mind -- -- -- about them being in the -- -- may. I don't even need pictures. Did I get very basic information from clients. Before I connect with -- animal to help me and I seen this information. Those -- CB word could be pictures it can be offensive knowing. Feelings emotions. So what I do -- I get this information I and I relay that to clients. Can answer their question to war. We can't tell them how their pets feeling or what they're headed thinking about a certain situation. -- So you can get it I mean. We all have the ability to. You telepathic communication we just get socialized out of it and it's kind of Clinton how to reconnect the rescue wired. You know it's like with any language you -- -- doubt he is that you lose -- and that's what happens to people. We get you know first flight data we learn how to read write and do other things to communicate. Yeah I think that's it's just sounds like it's very much like connecting with you know I human. Conspiracy energy and receiving information. Shorts. Bad as sometimes happened -- consultation I do sometimes as. Cubans come through. And if I actually had a chance to experience. Our medium that we work with our team Virginia connect with the dog and how soon and obviously I didn't even know this was possible. And we've never talked about it and we happen to do an investigation at home and a Virginia had -- sat down with the the clients dog. And to basically started telling me while the stall he is really frightened of what's here it seems to be. Com targeting the dog thing on this gentleman that's -- does not like dogs and you know the dog barking of course is upsetting the guy you know it's too noisy form doesn't like to commotion. And Duff it was really interesting. To see him. From Virginia's point of view it wasn't something where she can sit down and have no direct conversation with the dog much. It was something where she could pick up on the feelings and she could calm sort of visualize in your head with a dog was going through the dog would sort of communicate. Information that way we're Virginia was kinda seeing life dogs are is how would you describe sort of how you receive information it's kind of like that. Yeah I would say sounding like ace said sometimes they can I can actually get words. Or pictures. Basically. What I do consultation my mind is like a filing cabinet. So if there is to aid behavior racial or. Other issues going on. Sometimes things will come to the forefront just I have my mind that I guess the awards picking that -- -- my brain and I need to relay that information to. The person. So. Like I said my -- which in my head is an open book Freddie. As -- minded open book for makes. So like Intel. -- it's about maybe they have adult that they rescued her cap that they rescued I can tell them the animal is warranted close. What their life was before. That they just amazes me that that's that's simply awesome gift. So -- yes that even gotten into. A slice. Well if the most and there are people now but they shared a lifetime before I'll get vivid pictures. What the life was before I can guess by the ticket I'm getting about you know maybe with the location is and the timeframe. Given the eighteen hundreds or something like that. Well I love to have you connect with -- -- I -- about it. Had no idea that that action we who was part of the question that I was going to bring up. A lot of people in the metaphysical community. Would say is that people travel in families or groups you know spirit groups where. And if they had -- lives that you know -- Skinner connected before they've shared past lives together and they come through. In this life together to keep learning and in having new experiences and that was one of my questions. You know would you or cat or dog parrot or whatever come back with you win enough. A future life. To experience things and be with you I guess in in the new life. Yeah I think if they can happen in the past that could certainly happen in the future. I know I had that experience wedge. Myself where. Dog and I have to. That we had didn't flight time was also -- in a previous lifetime. All I know I'm John Edwards also we've -- I mean renowned psychic he he actually. Had the same issue one of his what is ourselves on -- pass on and get entry -- the dog and you know in the -- in the dark column. Look for me I'm going to be you know this this Donna -- and make -- the -- when you have a clear on this dog breed of dog I'll do all the black spot on things like. Good -- all white the black spots and here. When he said the pitcher whose wife on the cell phone. Somehow on her screen and the the black dot on the stock so Susan's son he went down and and -- the lottery. Yeah and others amazing story. That is similar -- talked a lot about dikes here but does -- make a difference whether it's of a horse a cat that died or even kids pet frog video communicate -- same. I would for me. Personally am gonna -- my experience. Yeah I would say pretty much so that you know animals that's the way I get a information you know for them I remember. A case I had with the gentleman and older gentleman his. Heat up in Brooklyn. And once I connected with this dog. This. That he had as a child. The dog Condit spoke a little bit like Rocky Balboa you know kind of had a wise guy total. Solid and I was telling him that I can wipe your dog talking like this which. I need the -- -- the way we talk we heard on the street course it's -- actually just heard iPod okay. Cracking me -- So you know that was kind of interest index. Period so animals do really mimic the owners yeah. Yet they give they get a Adobe confirmed they will not you know it's that. They all tell me something that I have no idea you know maybe what it mean or. I would be association is what -- person but I had no. -- need a clue or like with his -- talking like that. Back with something I had no idea why he was -- but he understood immediately what it might show it another way of them validating to their person -- yes it's we're talking jail. And it helped put C. Skepticism. That people laying -- -- vacation. That's his eyebrows and say I'm sure that are there -- of a lot of the you on the -- uncertainty in the skepticism he may have with the so one question that we often get all the time. I don't know if you had an opportunity to listen to that the first segment of the show we actually have a police trained canines that. How we use on a lot of cases he's gone into semi retirement right now -- We've we've also done a lot of fond. Already fundraisers I guess -- or four a variety of shelters animal rescue places and what -- to us because they're so animals really do mean a lot to the PP -- and we tried to -- because we work with him and you know we try to us take care -- they don't have choices for themselves so no we try to help where we can. But no one question that always comes up because we do this and we do work with animals is. Do our pets go to heaven with us and I believe that open too who wherever heaven is for everybody but. Do pets go to a higher level as well when they die and I'm assuming they must if you're communicating with them. For him that well I connect with an animal in spirit. The environments that they are hidden is. Beyond my -- mental comprehension. As as far as the capacity. Andy. Volume of love acceptance. And he said I feel like that with an -- and spirits. There -- Doorway led the way they are without as far as how. These unconditional love that they show -- is -- fragment why. Tom Hannon is a war you know didn't didn't text YE for whatever people want to call it. It -- at times like sometimes amid security because that just -- me how much. So what what I didn't -- let's -- and I won't scared I would say absolutely. That's and they do. Go to heaven or will join us in the afterlife. -- if it is all bliss then. It's what I ever would make us happy and peaceful intent and I don't know why -- -- wouldn't be there. And you know it's it's. -- well known in any ideas different. The faiths and and societies. That animals. The -- to them in the form of total is everybody sort of a totem pole. And done a lot of societies believe that there are even natural spirits are -- more column not. Animals that no animals in the wild card you know tigers in bearers. Two holes that do come back. In those forms to guide people are -- I tornado Americans believe that there's you know it's your suits your -- got your spirit -- and -- you know it's your totem animal pen that's faster than animal actually. -- who watches out for you looks a few you know I had our backs -- speaking -- you can have up to three to four different -- animals actually do that. So Cindy you do this it was on a similar professional if not professional level you do consultations for people. How did you get into that did you have personal experiences. Of your own that led you into further development where you wanted to. Helping animals and people or -- got started in this. Well I I wouldn't have very close vicinity without orphans have been a kid and was always connecting with them immediately I do. Really had no fear. -- then even her as a small child. My age. Mom and dad -- old movies. How we as a kid you know approaching animal -- -- -- Cameron over may and down. -- -- Oh wait for that I guess says what I did I got older it was in my teens and things like that and we had down for dogs see education or that I shelty and Cuba are key -- died. Within five weeks apart. And -- a really felt that it was something that I wanted to get back and killed. And I know my husband was doing some research online and came across. And all these best and so what I decided to do was. Case study under her and get back. In touch again to reconnect those rescue wired and moved. It's a little higher level so I didn't do that serve. Over fifteen years professionally and it. Profession that is. An exciting it's rewarding. And I'm doing something I'd love I feel very blessed. To be able to do something that I really am passionate about. You know it is a really need aspects to the metaphysical world most people are familiar with -- you know. -- regular psychic -- -- connect with people. And I don't know what this just sort of intrigues me a little bit and I heard -- you know I just I find it fascinating just to see how. Nature can communicate with each other end up. You know just just from the few experiences I had just just find it amazing. Especially bringing you know animal that supposedly is you know malformed brain thinker on our level so I mean. -- she's taken now that now people say I don't know. -- are stupid well there really not obviously I think so there communiques or someone you know. Accusing her nose -- vessel to come true -- talk to their owners is just awesome. Dawson -- and ask -- to hang on we gotta take a short break here when we come back we're gonna bend your brain a little bit about our animals in the hell are they fit in with -- situations. But I wanna let everybody know. How to get in touch with you what's the best way to get in touch with you if someone wanted to call for reading. For one of their pets or are you could be even a farm animal I suppose. And they can go to my web site Cindy -- dot com. I have my email address is there my phone numbers there. They can. Don't call me that's 717566. They're 92 to set up an appointment or they can email late and that can go to my web site -- this is something you can do Reynolds. I don't have to be in person I 95% of my -- -- consultations are done evidence found. Unless I -- the next battle or a share or something like that then I will give them in person. Okay great well we're gonna ask you to hang on for just a moment we're gonna take a break and we'll be right back. -- -- -- There's some listeners -- spontaneous. In like mentally and turn. All right welcome back journal science. And tonight we're talking about pets in the paranormal. Can pets seeing ghosts can they beat ghosts hand. That's what we're trying to answer and we have a special guests with us tonight her name is Cindy Wenger and she's an animal communicators. Cindy welcome back. And we had over the break here we had the FaceBook message come in from our good friend Jim murder over into other adult paranormal society. And he said that he's got a -- of his own stories of our offense that he's witnessed and involving house -- and -- I think that's pretty common in. One of the questions we even have on our -- initial question year for people who request investigations. Is our you're animals being affected by the activity and an overwhelmingly. Positive response for that is yes. Yes they do so Cindy let's ask you want com do you feel that. Animals would have BE heightened sensitivity to. -- -- if someone has a haunting in our house can they pick up on that energy better than people. I would say just hurry and send the dogs smell is so much Keener than humans said. Would be able to detect even the faintest odor that may appear joined the presence of -- -- I mean we are using dogs to detect drugs bombs missing people. Very -- them to protect seizures can. Use health issues and things like I can't. Yeah I mean I would say they are definitely more sensitive. Even when you look at the end we'll put this tsunami they were. Very aware choosy subtle changes in air pressure. Com so even with the hard gains would. -- reacting to that change where people may get goose sponsored channels are uneasy feeling. School girl also reacting to the subtle changes in air pressure. -- yeah attacks today have the ability to hear high pitch is at a much higher rain and humans. And -- the waited years controller around makes fair ability to detect the location of affirmed. With great accuracy. So I hate to think that they are also hearing things that may be be human ear can hear -- I think they're very very aware I know link connecting with animals. Today we're all. Show me this spirit. That they're seeing it could be a client. And all that has passed on it could be a lot of Porter family members of the task on. They won't give me information of what they're saying. That's a good point it doesn't necessarily have to be. A ghost that's in the house but it could be a visitation from a relative -- and they're gonna pick up on that. Yes we stand politically. I don't I don't tell clients that. If they either at like staring at the ball. And they're not seeing anything there they're friend thinks something there's so there is an energy there it doesn't always have to be lake. You know. A bad energy again it could be a pet that pass over it could be a loved one that's just coming to check in and visit. And see how they are. Are. I get tight I needed help Clyde is -- look like another dimension that is able to cross into our dimension. Then you walk trailed. And we are not always aware of the changes. I think what if people if say a word she is get quiet. And really. And indeed a meditative states. And quiet there Marines. They would be more apt to be receptive to. What's going on here are now being more present our guest. I agree I agree absolutely I -- the whole -- thing -- -- being in touch with you know. With with yourself and spears and things around you the best of power people were just so wrapped up in every day you know things are going now we don't pay attention to. The true things are going on around us. Still we're not try to we're thinking about the chancellor future. I think. Delegates I read somewhere there's like 200000 fought that goes to our sorry that day. Com so trying to get that. Quiet can be a real challenge. I need to get ready to -- -- federal communication you've got to be in the right space a loving. Quiet space to do federal communications. The -- of -- enterprise -- Bob Turner breaks and we talked about a question as far as. Down below one of the current police is that does someone passed to love somebody is living and they were let's just say a miserable person alive and they passed away. They would continue the -- cranky miserable. If an animal was beaten his whole life and never -- love. After passed away would it be. Problems come back and you know bother people being miserable. Contemplate them. -- had that happen I think that. Federal worker giving. And I think when they connect -- C. So I feel when I connected the man Lawrence spirit. Being. Rap and that love peace and contentment. I think that can melt away a lot of hard feelings for some reason as. Very good so you think an animal and at least. Come to peace at some point you won't have to bless us good here -- yeah. Any I I am done reading what I've heard people not didn't get along in the flight Condit they -- that consultation and give it normally -- doing her pet. The brother in law came true and they didn't get along at all. And there was some issues with her and her husband and the information her mother in law gave to her. Validated a decision that she would. Struggling west and Cindy and mother in law who you know didn't like the daughter in law here when she cost. She gave the impression. That it hadn't happened more than once where. Like when you -- nobody get a -- understand. Why. I'll wind and everything everything comes together. Where we are right now is a small microcosm of what's going -- we don't sheep the big picture. And when you cross Q you become all knowing you have. That knowledge and you understand. Why things are or how things work completely. Show would be mother always she can't her. The viewpoint. How things work here has changed. And her viewpoint talk her daughter in law had changed. You really think her son in a different light seeing her daughter in law in a totally different light don't want it to come true I never would lift. Shocked that her mother in law would even come. Because they didn't talk here. I have done the same landed another question I have my -- right live side of the road counts so ask you -- And there's a story of their -- eat dog that runs around every so often ended bites people. It's in a secluded area there's no homes. Is it's because of possible the media a wolf what coyote had passed away and as people drive by dissing runs out not only -- some truck -- -- Did you wild animals sometimes come back. I think I think all -- And people can. Recycle. Even something like that would actually. But like attacked people. I think -- you singing like a spiritual sense and it's personally I noted wild animal you know I -- coming out and trying to. -- -- to -- earthbound -- -- and it's a spiritual state they act the same guy -- like an animal yes. I guess that could be a nice note while what -- happen sometimes when it's bad complications I've done I am. Well be the most let's say that has ever -- had a cat that passed over and wanted to connect with he -- Lifetime and you have another cat or dog. Another Pat Day will step into that body and use that body to connect with US physical level. Kind of like the movie -- help tactics -- used to Whoopi Goldberg. Body to connect with Demi Moore. That is the temporary step and sometimes. It can happen where it can be a permit -- when an animal comes back it doesn't necessarily have to come back to the puppy or kitten. I think you're right that they can I think in the body of another. Beating and they exchanged places. So what is this -- -- -- fighting -- very well be that. You know it has. Could be at all wild animal. Disaster in the body and it could be. Eighty something else that's possessing a body. Now we get a lot of investigations where the clients will tell us. You know I was sitting on my couch and as I saw this dog run through my living room or -- of other clients and this is a big one. They will say no I'm laying in bed and it felt like my dead cat jumped up on the bed. And you know weighed down by my feet it's a distinct feeling that that I can tell it was my cat. And we did a couple of investigations where we actually picked up some animal sounds on these investigations. And -- we have the recordings with a -- play in my we have -- on the phone Cindy and give our listeners a little chance to. Here are some of the stuff we get in a setup the first one now. This is who we believe maybe the sound of a cat and it doesn't sound like how the -- by any extent. This was recorded in a home that used to hold cats. That would later be used for wiccan ceremonies. And in in this a -- and it was. Absolutely you do got department -- come you know that was sacrilegious to these people what they did use them in their sacrifices. And we did an investigation at this home where there were absolutely no cats. And -- we had a record replace the living room we were just a few feet away or command center I think -- less than ten feet away from where this record was. Absolutely did not hear the sound when we went back later we picked it up on the recorder. But we're gonna play that does sound now and just give our listeners are a little. Idea of what we had picked up on this case -- let's play that does the recording of the -- Can you get here there there some are popping stuff in the background that was. Swimmers on the hardwood floor -- we were hearing just that the crackling noise we get on a lot of cases. This was one of our older recorder so it's got a lot of -- America. But don't we're gonna play a second recording. This one was done in the -- manufacturing building in inner room there were no windows to the outside it was upon a third floor. Danny was one -- V quite used to rooms in this building in this we actually had the the manners -- -- manager of the building with us. During this time and this was the most impressive piece of all the evidence we got to this place there was a lot this once stood out for him because he said. I was in that room I was there I know I didn't hear that. But we picked up which sounded like a dog barking and you can even hear the echo in the room. And dubbed him by far we would've thought at least tagged this as weird sound if we heard it -- The weird thing is. It was recorded on -- hand held audio recorder but it didn't come up on the cam -- we had -- hand. And one of the big theories out there right now is that these and these voices I just get picked up on the you've recorders are magnetic waves and he is durden do not like sound waves that will occupy a whole -- -- very isolated spot you know it might only be three feet crossed your outside that field. You're not gonna yet americorps have to be within that three feast of -- yell at lucky enough to be in it I guess the cam corder was an you know several feet away didn't pick up on the recorder but. Let's put the dog gone sound in him -- -- he thinks. -- more time if we could -- Now Joseph you are an owner owns a large dogs. So like a dog you are absolutely definitely Cindy what do you think. Yeah it sound like a dog that was in the -- Yeah and hit right exactly and this was got a large room it has a concrete floor. And -- machinery in their blood done for the most part just kind of open it was a big open room. And why on -- the dog would be on the third floor of the manufacturing building I have no idea. But we can say didn't come from outside we have a lot of controls complacent again. We had a cam -- just a few feet away from that recorder. And it didn't pick up on that -- and I think that's loud enough that it would have picked up anywhere Enron -- so -- don't need it sounds like the dogs barking basically in the corn through McAllister said through a tunnel yeah right. So we also getting just from some of our experiences I think that a lot of us on the phone come to. Agreed that -- animals as well as humans can you either stick around or or come back to know visit families or. In this case businesses I guess. Beat LA thing about the manufacturing. Played with a third floor used for storage. Hub -- -- yes yeah and you know I think it was a pretty large place this was a confidential locations like entered into too much you're. But you know the -- -- -- back to business so we don't want any publicity for a great. We don't know all too much about it -- whether there were animals are not put you you really sharp declines to hear that. There's no dogs there now know we know there's no price or non food credit. But off. You know I wanna I wanna get out again just before we run out of time here which the best way for people to get in touch with you and what kind of services you offer people. They came in contact me via Aaron and my phone number is 717566. -- -- -- They can go on my web site. Which is indeed when they're dot com CI ND YE Betty the NG ER dot com. And a lot more information on and I've worked with a variety of issues -- clients bad behavior issues some health issues I'm not a bad I'm not diagnosing that I can at least tell you. Where your pet is hurting or what I feel. Is telling I can lick your pad. I have worked with clients went to -- death and dying -- says. -- and hold ready to crawl after actual fact. Right now are we and Freddie got to cut you off there were a time when Todd thank you thank you so much for -- and -- Clinton rebounds and you know I -- thank you very much thank -- straight talking folks this is paranormal science -- science fantastic -- next have a great night thanks also.