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Jack Mundie, Hazleton City Council President and L.A. Tarone

Jan 22, 2014|

Jack Mundie, Hazleton City Council President talks with L.A. Tarone about the rental registration ordinance.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hazel the City Council president. God Jack Monday Jack good evening thanks for being here tonight. I don't pray and I thank you for having me. Let's say you're talking I saw the story in the paper this morning and you mentioned this numerous times before that they would like to read do. The out rental ordinance for anybody not really familiar. And with the Rancho registration ordinance to any hit on some of the highlights some what is in it now. Well and it's -- -- certain registration program forward are. Local property certain people that went out their property so. I didn't want that -- big -- -- He. Rental property or someone who lived didn't one I didn't rent them out the other end of those people usually do. You didn't -- 99% of the time to really take care of their properties the problem and we will enable it and be out of town. Landlords are keeping up their property are taken care of it. Could you could this city created an ordinance. Only. About out of town landlords or would that fallen afoul of some kind of discrimination. Clause. No I didn't need the peace formula eight tasks -- all previous spinning it and said. All the people that. And it's not really really. Going to target the other tunnel would double the majority of them probably are probably should let. Properties are from out of town landlords. -- most political landlords are here making it all little. And they'd take care of the problem while warmly when he told about it it's the problem of -- -- that he. The owners or their managers there's no matter if you don't have taught them all pull -- out of town landlords that. Well we've done it before and it got. I got a target got a totally can exempt. Landlord is that we don't need it in there it is next to their building related inability to rent out one tiger one property. To seek an -- me that makes perfect sense because you're not gonna live and I help halt if you're renting. Part of it in you live in part to make you're not gonna Stanford DNA -- all -- do you and it's. Well just what those those people really take care of their properties and there's. Very rarely probable that initiation if you take a look at didn't see them on the the people that live wish. All that went out there there there are other side in order to complement -- really well kept and maintained. I'm no I'm sure. You know those people who believe he got a problem -- Ask you about the sees as a whole bomb. I don't think there's any doubts that whatever. Sort of -- -- John. Explanation was put on these that they were created for safety this ordinance was created to raise revenue. And my understanding is according to state what you can do that that these have to be a wash what it costs. -- -- And I have talked about that error that originally an op idea into the matter of fact I you know I voted against the New York couldn't convert. Think there that I was totally against. I think it was myself enough. Can you won't mean to them to -- it's. Because we had some concerns from some of the landlord that. That's would admit they simply ignored that the majority of council that -- stood at the time ignored. But I mean would the sees you can't charge. -- I don't know one dollars to inspect when it only cost 25 dollars to inspect is that right. If it is the law you cannot make money causes -- neutral. And you know what I wanted to put it and that we revisit this speed like fox. Michael Palin was a friend of mine who's. In New Jersey. What -- officer for thirty years we do you have any ordinance you -- -- defeat every year. To make sure that this hero he's. Charging woods what it costs but you're not making any money. Well let me ask you this so I mean from the city standpoint if -- can't make any money how what's the point of -- and -- all man. Well it's it's a safety they had -- you know he want you we want to take care and good -- All the while the property in your -- to make sure that there. Up to cold and that they're not you know following down. All you know not making money is. The government is -- make money. Right right. I notice comment in this story from one of your fellow councilman Jeff just sat. Who knows that he is a renter and he finds it very objectionable. That the city can an mpeg barges wait Indiana's house to have a look around and I know they're in a lawsuit that was filed against the pit stand. Version of this sort is that as one of the things that was claimed that's a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the constitution. All I knew that that is a touchy issue and -- you know I'm I'm looking at I'd like you know that I don't know how you get around them but you would like. Police -- -- you only inspect them and when you have a complaint. Or even when -- one -- when someone moons that the united. I'm open to a certain suggestions about like except we you know we want to move -- the only we should read this Serb. A lot of these units and then make sure. You know that's what what when they register that there is -- manager and it does not account landlord they named someone. So we can get in contact with that could take care of any problems that we have put these properties. Didn't give -- that's already on the books I mean I was covered City Council back about seven or eight years and -- a standard speaker. When City Council enacted that if you live more than fifteen miles at a town near us from appoint a manager. Yeah yeah that that's been on there about. You know on how whole how much you know he didn't what didn't force that's another story but the other thing I toxic. Yeah just a slow up. Just a few weeks -- on me. The net says the -- some of these ordinances and then as soon. Or other -- so our quality of life that he's having problems -- the way they were written they're not. Very enforceable in the heat issues thrown out fifty citations he told me in the last couple months so. We have to make change is not going to hit them and maybe we have to make some changes to read quality of life ordinance still. What what so what is unenforceable about the. Well I think he's that they that they give it -- put -- there. Or old you know 100 per violation rule is responsible for paying the ticket they're really didn't take -- from the Oregon home. We're the only area there are only the actual person ends when -- liable for another violation. -- James isn't that bad but I've seen again nasal and was among the first to do this insanity imitator. Ordinances for these quality of life for loses. -- gone so far dad they include Wang Wei Jin lifestyle -- yellow dye your lab big. Rubber bumpers up like a ridiculous. I agree that's getting that's getting beyond. What we should do I know. President -- that a government that governs best governs least. Down. Com. Right now inspection fees started to seventy dollars what do you -- if you. I I looked at that we don't know until the web site today to our top yourself. They have -- for three unit. It's 35 dollars and fifty dollar looking for each additional unit after the third. -- -- and look at other people other. Cities and and then you're definitely we're actually gonna make changes to that ordnance and you know we want them. I wanna -- so there's these landlord association -- -- -- all out. They're they're ready to file an injunction which you gonna cost -- money or -- that's I think ultimately would prefer certain we're we're spending enough. On our legal fees. And not you know I don't think you know I think they're they're not going to -- -- need. Make changes every penny -- the they're not gonna go ahead -- Vera injunction all right we're just waiting to file any any day now. Here's what concerns me Jack about ordinances like -- are there are a number of things that concern me about these I made no bones about it I'm not in favor these and all I mean I I admit that the cities have a problem. Without a torrent with at a town landlords and I think he can handle that Mike after fifteen miles -- to appoint a local manager but. What constitutes a violation I know when the big on the bus dale -- council adopted two Summers in golf one of the things in there was for crack. Paint we don't want my house that was built in 1860. And remodeled in 1960. Pot yeah I'm gonna have some crack detained here in aircrack a little crack in it in the paint. Is not the same as a ceiling that's falling out and I feel some of these ordinances treat them the same. I agree with about that mistakes you have -- as a matter of fact there was a woman on won't. All the questions street cheating shouldn't they find her. Push notification form on the magistrate and they are really fighting landlords. That fact that this -- once they're a little past the way. And all I went to look at her property and they said. And that if you can -- pain and I look and I'll look at some of the neighbors and -- our property was. Orders. Once 1000%. Nicer than all surrounding area that I -- -- -- cracked came -- was terrible earned his first fighting and like the discoloration. And that it is but -- was -- -- or peeling paint -- you know. I have -- -- you know -- -- cockpit which they're cheaper about a group. We just agree that the chief should be the head of our code that this is more important things go right and it should be concentrating on. On -- I'm doing is garbage chief. Right did it this is something else that's -- olds and only I mean bill -- ordinances. They go for the entire area to -- -- hazel since it was a model for all the arrests in the -- is something that the police chief in charge in the -- department which is around our odds that -- Well I disagree with that wanted to cool air I -- my guy says you said publicly you should Monta got jobs did you you have your priority should be content. And your job and support each of which I believe he got a good job and education. That's we should concentrate on the -- sort of a distraction. And taking him away from those that this primary job that he was hired for. Mean. You got three votes on City Council to make changes I assume that -- three or four view will come to some agreement if you got four. He got no problem -- and override a veto all. What about a V felony for stock at 32. All I assure you they're going to be looking good to -- you know some of the things that were removed their old you know he wanted a tax increase which I'm totally against -- where. We are gonna pass a tax increase. But all right I'm. I could you know I think it just -- -- you know didn't eat you know he's saying that he had some problems so yes I know. I -- basketball entered through. When he ran for our first campaign that he was going to get rid of the -- ordinance and I had been in our council chambers street people can mop and said that. EE didn't he changed his mind. Whom he -- four -- is veto proof. -- -- -- -- I told you never know I couldn't get it won't go away. Nightmare well when now when you start discussing this. Well -- they want to get about it -- now -- as far as spending again and I want so the second thing I want to art gains for our permits. And UTC's got to inspect. Forbidden -- Is higher than what saint lieutenant people townships. Let the poor they're like what sort of 1% were like 2% or higher we -- we're gonna change that two -- -- won't. We want to make it to make it friendly here for businesses trying to relocate -- table and that's that's that's a priority awful. Play wanna make it friendly for people to relocate in hazel singing gotta take dad. That's 24 page ordinance. 24 pages a regulation for the overlay district and turn it into a big crumbled ball of paper and throw the damn thing in the trash can. Well actually yeah I don't I don't either that. No downtown I got 24 pages of regulations and meet god that's thousand dollars. Some of those are really finding their suggestions of trying down and make something you farm and -- like -- -- some of those things. I disagree -- -- -- you aren't a bad idea they're making suggestions to try and get everybody on the same page I think it -- downtown. Does suggest is one thing but one has a mandate it's it's a fine if you don't and it's thousand dollars to comply you I mean who's who's gonna do back. I know I talked to Don I don't know I had lunch Saddam a couple of weeks you don't you talked about that have been trying to hold. We -- downtown back and trying to do what has been what has some of them in America how interest they're doing a great job there. And I said this. You know maybe you know you might have a hard time convincing -- some of the business is OK there we -- -- all these regulations Lou you're telling them what they could do their business. Well I tried to City Council president Jack Monday thanks very much for being here and now we'll talk again. You're Perry guy dad Jack Monday from the S city pays Albany's city council for.