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Rick Morelli Interview

Jan 22, 2014|

Rick Morelli, President of Luzerne County Council talks to WILK's own L.A. Tarone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm very happy to say that Britain rally -- -- -- county council president has has joined us this -- record even Palin. Glad to be here anyway I know each other for 200 years that we can call each other by an -- by our first names before anything. -- is the ability. I am I mentioned this to you. It made during the changeover here in the last five minutes is putting together the list of questions. I'm thinking maybe eight years ago seven years ago if I had anyone of our county commissioners. Marianne patrol or Steve -- band or taught bond or Heidi great scrap a -- I leave immediately had. Two or three hot button issues to ask them about and maybe stay on for a couple of minutes. -- put this together and they can. -- really see any one big hot button issue bits stands out with Lucerne county council I'm sure that's good or bad. I I look at visit and it is -- being a good thing right now it's it's kind of boring and that's good we we don't have the controversy we don't have all the scandals that we had in the past and that's what people want it. The last night -- debate was over the bylaws that -- putting together. Now that doesn't mean that we have a lot of issues that we're not tackling and a lot of hurdles that we have to to go through we do we're we're still getting through there at the beginning of this new government but. We don't have any major major problems and scandals that we had in the past knock on wood then one thing you do have is the longest lasting meetings. Fog that up I'm aware of anywhere with the possible exception. I'm a couple of school boards I can think up fed has to be a problem isn't it. Well it is a problem and that's when the reasons why it took on chairmanship -- of the council over the past two years I've been extremely frustrated with our long meetings. They're pretty much all over the place no structure we're doing a little bit of everything from. Discussions voting presentations all at one meeting. What we didn't change last night which had been proposing was going to more of a structured type of process starting with the committee's. The first and second Tuesday where we will start understanding what's going on in the -- me from -- moving forward to a work session everything will be hashed out the week before it's voted on there will be voted on at the end of the month. Again there's no surprises there it'll give the public as walls council Mormon opera trained to to share ideas to get ideas out there. And again it's something I've I've worked with in the past and and it's not nothing's perfect but it's gonna be little better and I hope with the meetings will be shorter more efficient and and did truth and the other part is. Counsel not that familiar with ball's going on right now down everybody got blind side it does cashier when the budget came through and there's an 8% tax proposal. Hike proposal. And dump -- -- level we're going to be on par. And not blame anybody but that was because council just wasn't familiar with everything and shame -- council so and I think part of had to do with the the structure hopefully that'll change. When you're talking about committees is it that similar to a school board -- and it. Well you know people uses Colbert how he's a compares with hazel finishing on from there I was on the school glory years ago. Users coalition has a budget very similar to the counties -- 125 ounces ounces in size. Their -- a 110 million. The counties right now it's 380 million and that's down so I use as an example and again I have experience of working with two different municipalities. It's not that bad you know it comes down to the people it has nothing to do with the committees and everything else and it comes down to do the the people who are elected to understanding information. To a war in our case work with the executive branch as -- a judicial and then when it comes time to the -- to the budget to make sound decisions. And understand what's happening often times were more blind sided because we're not getting the -- that the proper information. -- and then saw no one's fault on the executive Lou we'll talk I'm sure Bob Barr blonde thing but the fact is understand this this is still milk and what what were. What we're like a school -- because we don't hire fire we don't have a lot of responsibility fiscal -- still. So that much legislative. Responsibility either I mean you're not gonna sit there and passed an ordinance that is going to be an effect in Wilkes-Barre and he's running Cain stand in three Lyndon what our job is to just watch over -- executive branch is doing bottle blondes doing and to make sure that. Third they're doing what's right and so we don't really have as much responsibility as some other legislative bodies and I don't and that's a good thing it really is. We got a couple of calls let's -- and amend. See. What's up let's talk to dance for medical Dan your on W while -- -- morale right. Mr. Morelli hi Dan are you put in the court house daily and now I'm not no I didn't think so now. Hope I get this year -- Did you just call my eyes phone number that believe it's on the Karrie web site. Well I don't have a computer and not my place is -- -- to popular personally you know and I can get their meetings in the evening because I don't drive it might. You know you could call the courthouse and that's for has Brittany and the clerk to caddy council and she'll be here my phone number of and he could come any time. Outlook question I have I read in the paper today mr. -- to ease congestion on cutting the budget are cutting until. Reducing the budget. And the one that really stood out to be I would furious over it is -- one word they're already about well why -- for a county employees. I'm a former county employee I never got nobody out when I retired. And it's not scared to use Connie that you people -- property is subsidizing their -- up pension fund now you and you're gonna take more and give more money -- he retired -- -- retire that's not fair I retired in 2000. When I retired in 2000 Triad. And the county commissioners. Is gonna be a buyout I was told three times no -- I retired in June and it's September they had a buyout and I got shot. Sit on the -- commissioners actually did several buyout stand that was the first and all of the first what are you know what I want you might imagine 300 dollars in my pension. -- You're out loans they had been does 300 dollars a month in my pension because I went toe blister a cut gate and he gave me some kind of a -- and -- -- all trying to cross city getting it either. He told -- that god I'm like I was too late I retire in June and the capacity in September. Plus it's got activity and now you wanna you know I don't -- money and not pension front so I could get more on my attention appeared every month. And now what -- doing -- -- another -- the third -- -- that there -- gonna happen. And if like if I can address your your question and how this came about it. All right now given what the new charter we have the ability to open up the budget for thirty days into reviewing an entire -- make any changes. So. -- some new council members who came on and then I'd miss this is in this -- his -- one of his ideas to light no light and I didn't look at the day went well let me answer it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to take place and if I'm not correct delay it comes up every five years you can have that I -- and so. All it is right now is something that was suggested it has even been discussed by counsel who is as fired up as proposal has -- something specific really. -- really change the budget. It while it's open you have to give something specific as to the reason why. That was instruments he's idea I and please can be addressed tomorrow and in tomorrow's news played paper the times leader from -- -- -- -- I understand. That's why ready in time to leader. And I said. You know old that's not certain people who retired -- about 25 and thirty years in there and never got anything extraordinary pensions and yet you don't use a goal we usually get caught so -- you rate is we haven't received a caught they've registered. Eighty years your senior mean yes now. We used to get up and when mr. -- was trying to not fun not -- was released solvent. We'll -- back. Yeah now well. But a lot of things have changed statewide in all got a lot of tensions find themselves in nine. I know that but they've got to keep fighting since pension money that's not right. And then you know what -- -- lot of that's less money going into the pension fund. I don't I appreciate the call Dan thank you thank you the rationale behind a buyout -- buyout -- give a guy Stipe and you pay a little bit up front should get that the hire people who bring their -- and make a lot more who. Lot of money out and they gonna get hired new people -- lower rate in the that is usually an accounting must save some money. That's reasons let me ask giddy because I hear this complaint from a number of county employees. Com and from people who know Moore county employees and I really is I don't know that many anymore. But it's like we're at the bone we really can't stay there is no place else. Accept cuts in here I had this question of standardizing the workweek which is also added to this you hear that from employees Diana we hear all the time in and it's very challenging hasn't said before. Where we have employees coming to us is saying we can't cut anymore. And then we're faced at times -- what Obama budget time as to worship the money go let me who's wasting the money who's not policing the money and that's that's what's frustrating to me when I look at people as I really can't understood I don't understand your office because we haven't had the proper settings to be informed and so hopefully we're going to be more formed in 2014. But again go back to how many people should be -- we are low -- there's. There -- 22 more new years -- right just this year I mean the courts in the last couple years have I met with mr. George Burke. A while sometime back just talked to move out everything. And the courts down over a hundred employees in the last couple years and they only have like 306 down together so. You know people are making cuts in and said the public has to know that we have made cuts but we also have to provide service is still there. Are all so a couple months I think in the DA's office who could probably use a couple of assistant district attorney's. Offer many years of public defender's office has said hey our caseload is way up and we in the same personnel we had five years ago were kind of a balancing act is back. It's tough and -- -- that's an image and go back to the budget what we're trying to do and -- magic eight. Mandated by the -- to have a true budget where where would you bring in is what you stand down in the past they didn't do that so. In order to have this a true budget you have to have. You have to cut sometimes but again we don't know where else would you cut it's kind of tough and that's why don't opening up the budget for the lower taxes somebody has to come up what real revenue. It's not a proposed revenue up. For a -- cut people you better. Be very specific and that and explain how we're off to the services to I don't know how often -- -- Sacramento lack of revenue sources and -- a couple of minutes will breakaway come back Sean from haseltine nano or John's gonna ask and it's a rather complicated questions so we'll save him for Iraq after this. I will break -- will be back -- guest tonight is Lucerne county council president -- morality. -- around shall NW while -- 1804370098883. 0098. It's 88 CNET 9891013. Hundred a 103 by one FMW -- -- LA doron and on WYOK. All right -- funny wanna I wanna talk to Lucerne county council president Rick morality can do some 1804370098883. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've heard from -- -- I wanna thank both you and senator you do check for having the courage to produce about -- so far this year you are the only two elected officials who have done that thank you thank you. Com. Now what I want to talk about it a -- even general ledger as of October. For the month of October 2013. For our county. And the sometime in mid September of 2013. Our county. Again to a crew pretty sizable negative apathetic count on the accrual balance sheets. And also. We developed liabilities as well we have both positive and negative. And that's -- both positive and negative receivable. So are clearly something is wrong. And the white -- that jumped out what that. Thank you for payroll account was but I didn't get their dad is sometime mid September I guess is probably the second week of September. And it was all the negative balance over into. October. And all the way through October we continue to make payroll and we accrued next caddie for payroll. Through the end of October and then we rolled over into November and I'm just going to infer that we must have done that throughout the entire a year and a. And normal is it normal running negative balance in the payroll and I count yeah I believe yes it is anywhere meant that the keys from the most important thing RR and from council is that we have of a balanced budget that's not inflated or were borrowing money at the end of the year. And again I think there's some questions as to will do we have a balanced budget. When council approved the deal with the 8% tax hike in this may be updated data budget hole right had a budget hole but we still had a one point three million dollar hole but that was. Clean up after the unfortunate 2223 layoffs -- my place at the in the December. But it cleared the parliamentary ones that we need a hole I. Well what if I can count the cat actually came from when I want to -- which didn't stop there. And then if Italian leadership they did -- to -- to cast Ted over differ Metallica reserve front. Yeah orchestrated the ball well that's -- -- -- leadership but it didn't recognize that. And it didn't do that. About that Eli I think what -- was talking about would be like a budget transfer EE if you have. Thanks -- the you know is some extra money and one line item like a school district budget that you take it from there and transfer it into. Payroll or something with a negative day is is it council's purview. To approve transfers the way it is a city council's purview -- Trends we don't approve transfers come we're notified of the transfers that that's on the executive side so we we do not have to approve any of those transfers. I'm not sure if you're asked if we should have to prove true answers I don't think it's it's mandated them in the charter and it goes back to a same before shot about it. This lion tells us overstepping our boundaries with the executive branch and what does being the legislative side. But the problem here is that. They execute -- government cannot accurately and transparently. Did explode where I was getting money from now. When you look at -- -- payroll but it's just one example there's some -- samples are negative receivable Ryder Cup stability to receivable are you believe you're gonna get tested negative receivable abandoning its. Whether all of somebody money real somebody -- -- well. You have direct on the equity division. And that particular lecture greatly overstate what's been accounted equity condition and that's why it's. And we borrowed money then eighteen million dollars and I have no doubt that the bankers are Smart but it's. You know I'm not everybody can -- did -- we have to move over greater equity position with one who borrowed eighteen million dollars. Well it can you do everything about the US council can you do anything about the kind of transparency shuns talking about four or eight I mean can you request what can do it to India -- pass some time -- -- The legislation. That mandates he do other people yes I mean what we can do and it goes back to when -- start out and fighting for with. Our meetings I mean are right now there's no flow of information from the executive says the -- So to our side and that's a big problem is. Well yes it has and again it's that's the problem I've had with some council members words like will -- we hired -- -- do -- -- wants and that's true but we are the overseers to Washington this is I think what -- Sean is saying and I agree with -- 100% I'm not saying Bob or his team's doing something wrong but it does raise questions does raise -- -- that questions like -- -- Republican when people like myself. Don't have the answers that's saying there's a mr. there's there's a block here and that's or trying to to prevent so that's why I just. We just last night we voted on a budget and finance committee we will have one at at the beginning of the month will have another. Entire Budget Committee yeah on the third Tuesday of the month so we're hopefully put more things in place to get these answers shot. Look I took a timeout to go to gap between the double tax credits and government accounting standards sports. And I stand before any this statement that they have on the negative cash balances of and good turnout for example red immediately came up with an example of county government's right -- And I deep and I didn't read it wasn't that if you if you have. And expertise to balance or any other negative ad that's all and hey Tony. So that if sustainment of what's going to succeed is likely -- and an overture that it wore it taking cash out of some other funds. And it's not clearly disclosing where the money came from -- Might seem more likely to be the latter I would shrink right right there if your. I'm not saying you're right I must say you're wrong it's a legitimate point and I don't I can't give you an exact answer wars coming I don't have the budge in front and enforcing either. But it's when these things where. You know what I was just a year and have been doing since do this is have been taken cherish if he has specific questions like this I -- probably in my email emailing all time. -- ask a question would you get it resolved and then back to bring that to Bob that I had this is a question I certainly have to go to to measure Lon and his team to to a track. This also could be -- if you're putting together a budget and finance committee is -- add some -- might wanna see more details about what did accounting financial -- if there is any budget transfers anything -- question about it I mean you know that -- end -- that don't give Iran and these are questions that do come up with -- and they didn't talked about it I know I -- look at the -- I'm sure I'm asking right now if this -- City Council. You could say hey way to make councils opposed to approve these and I know the division of powers a little bit different and a third class city -- he's got a great point yeah. That council how. Asked to approve them so when should know exactly and a common front -- -- and we just last night we we actually voted on or something similar to this war again there were some questions is are we overstepping our boundaries with with measure lined up and down. And it was voted on it actually bubble on did not have a problem with is doing that side I don't think that he's afraid to share this information but this and -- in the past is no one's asking you. He's not gonna. Why should I have to tell you so that's what we're trying to put in place right now. I and one more that's very important point I want to -- any webpage and I've been doing it regularly so it's. Published financial statement that broke the public is from all that done back and he doesn't want you know you can't take it. But any type of transaction statement whether it's pretty. They're the top speed that they published every month this transaction that the product lines for a few actually just hit -- right now are credited the general ledger or something -- -- He cannot take those documents from the same time period and then broke compared to its. The balance sheet from that and -- no way you're our political position on its requiring the -- do. I'll publish anything formal. Financial things that you have a -- -- via Castro's statement the income statement. Every and I think the -- every let's say the quarter fifth street wanted to much of a burden for the workers in the county where you can only do it like every quarter. Not my sense is we should do it no question I mean I'll I'll go on record and say that our website is. For the most horrible. And that needs to be updated in little more simpler but on top of that you your -- -- reserve -- and this is public information and you know the food if we're not hiding thing let's put it out there and and so. That's legitimate requests and in something that I think if if the executive branch to start putting in order and saying this is something we want maybe on a quarterly basis I don't think that that's unreasonable. I I have. I was his ads about how we're gonna do for tonight and and I I got a run for break. I I appreciate the golf Ankiel it's 830 our guest tonight is -- where he does a couple of other questions almost I'll get after we pay the property taxes. Hi it's 831804370098883. 009. And any questions for -- and county council president -- -- rally. Why cannot bomb a turnaround shall. And 9891013. Hundred a -- three point one FMW wildcat. LA euros. On WYOK. I think 33 our guest tonight is Lucerne county council president. Rick morale one. Quick thing that -- -- and I just briefly alluded to that the audit -- you should be missing -- and -- -- yeah you won't have thirteen yet but twelve should be out of thirteen shooting and it should be done. Already but twelve should be out any of these little things where. I said he off there. It's time -- we put this new government. Where we -- saying well we're learning we need to now start moving for a show in the public that. This is different than the old government -- things like that that people say what the heck is going on so I took to our management they may not think it's a big thing for to us who represented in and see the people it is and so these are some things and hope and change what has chairman well. And -- that it is important is that a good place they had because for two years we've heard -- growing pains. And stuff like that after what our like our right announcement this stuff this is you know any more can we get to the point. That's what I say -- -- shipments of the honeymoon is over and we now have to start showing the public that this new governments better it's better than the old government's going to be better for the people to be more transparent and that's. Again I took on chairmanship does have a lot of things on in my life but -- two more years I've been through this from day one with the study commission. And I wanna maximize my last two years and again I've just been very very frustrated with the lack of information. That's going out there so get like when Sean mention is it too much first asked for for him to asked to put on our web site. A quarterly update as to our budget absolutely not certain how does it say may -- so I mean this is the information really get our meetings hopefully we have a new system which called new world system. -- should it. That was spent a lot of money on by the way it should easily. Put out these reports and so there's no question as to just putting something like down the website it's a little thing but it goes a long way for individuals like shot and you just sad to. This form of government is better and is -- really -- if someone what tangible way because you know. That what is it five years. You can review which. -- her they can no you can start they a public drive to repeal -- to go back in the three form -- to the commission reform make major changes. I I -- City Council in office in three years having to defend this form of government and that's fine but I think it's when we start out we said how how boring it is. I think that's a tribute to mean you know it's five years ago we're talking with major scandals again looking at our debt. And the one thing that's really a major difference and anybody whose fault -- with with this government vs them -- in the structure. The role offices that was the biggest problem -- The government I mean you know what people don't want is they understand they're gonna pay taxes and they expect good service is that you had these in the federal officers who were elected. They were flooded with political hires. And the in the end of Iraq I don't give your political under a lot of very good workers in the town but the fact is that's how a lot of people got their jobs. But they they had a disconnect between the commissioners are commissioners controller budget but the commissioners could tell them how to I was gonna say they found that out in a couple of scandals. Act like -- -- stand up for example they. They -- -- didn't commissioners could take no punitive action against him because he was an independent alike to an officer so now these -- offices are technically our divisions which roll up to the county manager who now has oversight and so these people -- from the scandals. The cement his job to. -- got rid of them mortars into every he has to and if he's not doing it and we find out that it's counsel's job to. Then get rid of the matter so it's accountability which I think is there again. It is still gonna have some growing pains but is I think it's been without question this way better. Com let me take you back to your time in the government study commission only because lack wanna county is also looking out -- I'll wind you guys are and I know you war. Study commission and the one before that Tom Valentino was -- ten years before that gets a card that was very closely. They did not. And neither did yours command which is I think the ball probably thought well yeah we're gonna do away with the commissioners but what was actually gonna make up the form of government. -- -- It was investigated. Before he threw something together are not sure the lack wanna county commission he's doing that I think they had a predetermined idea and we're gonna we're gonna do it. What so well. It's hard from there what did you look at and and did you look at just making a couple of tweaks to the commissioners. Did you investigate a whole. Bunch of things before you put this -- together. Well we utilized the Pennsylvania economy league there are consultants who came in and help to guide us at first we did bring in some of the the previous. Study commission members in 2000 he said Tom -- Dino is -- mothers and asked I personally would have liked it's just. Take what they had. And changed a little bit of it we really didn't go that route which is fine. Do but we did look at other counties we we looked at other counties we need. Basically took the advice of pentagon did -- EL. And that we get a little of everything and you know we throw it out there. As I said as citizens they want and I'm a big supporter of the government as you can tell. It's not perfect no government's perfect it it it it's it's better than what we bums -- -- we would have before and dumb I'm a -- believe there. What guy you mentioned several times what he's -- relationship -- Bob -- County manager ran away for everybody doesn't know. We will have a good relationship as a professional relationship and I put my role and I believe everybody is wrong council is to to be fair to him. Again it's not to say Bob do what you want you're the manager. Our job is oversight so Bob -- -- he has to understand we have the right to ask questions in this president that's hard but he's very professional he does a good job as I said earlier. I think he's had the ability before not to get. Not to have to answer questions my frustration with some council members war. Oh bullets his job in dome just. Go usual lot and I'm like one no that's our job I do watch I'm uncomfortable with that and and that's exactly mean they're good people is alive and happy with getting -- my information from the newspaper. Well I'm not so Bob we you need to get more information that's -- What I'm asking here is what might took on chairmanship importing the structure together is to get this more and more information and you know -- Bob knows this and the ease not get pushed back at all in the he's the type of guys this is what you want I'll give -- -- arms sometimes we we don't counsel so. Push a little too fast you know he's he's he's limit to what workers and sometimes you get too many requests as people jump on and -- be fair to me as well and there are times to work counseled. Does sometimes. Slightly overstepped their boundaries which they have to be careful -- You cannot tell the manager who'd hire. Two world -- day has that Hamas but all I -- this questionable times alert has and Bob has told -- -- Not not told me to war in May but -- -- to warn others. To be careful so that's a fine line we watch where we have the right to go to the executive branch and ask them questions. But we can't go and tell them this is how you need to manage that's Bob's job that's why we hired him and again if he doesn't do good job and you hire somebody else is it fair to say that council right now is -- 65 split on most things. This you know it's Canada has turned a little bit into that. But I'll I'll say it's a 65 because of philosophy I think that you have. A number of individuals who hard now asking Bob to give more information in the press more. -- And depressed because we haven't on the information the past some have been bull you know as Bob's job. But we'll see him -- again my job as chairman Laura -- everybody everybody here on council has different backgrounds and experiences and it's my job to take. Take advantage of everything -- there's no question that there were some council members who ran this time we did get elected who were openly antagonistic to Lawton and ran on I wanna get -- this guy. Here you know he's got to be fair. You know when when it actually sit on this side of the table and you war with him you see what happens you don't what they had found out his first -- there's a lot of rumors I don't want blood -- people just throw ups. Things up on the wall just to try to show that the right -- and to to try to undermined somebody. 90% of the time when someone says I caught you on something when you get the answer. The answers -- jets and if that if it if that the answer is that someone did make a mistake it's a mistake it's usually an honest mistake -- most people understand that. So we have to be fair I mean in order even those of separation of powers. We have to work together and even goes -- -- courts you know the courts is is separated Wii controller budget but we can't tell them what to do -- but we have to all work together for the betterment of the community and again you know. I was just I mention the -- talk to a judge -- One day and he -- it plays a great guy and then honorable guy you know what role the same page where you have. This is our community and we have to start stop putting it down yes we had a huge black guy five years ago. And we're still getting out of that that hole. But in order to get businesses into our area and two to make our community better. We do we have to start looking at the positive side is always focus on the negatives and hopefully that is something with new government we could change that is something I wanna ask you about about businesses and on I got one text message here in this kind of comes. Along what you were just saying what is new -- gonna do about numerous times accounting manager has violated the charter can you point any thing and say he. Absolutely violated the charter would help against you wanted to get technical when you read what the charter says and if we can pull it -- and that Turkey here and in and look at that the legal language. Yes that had there been violations absolutely had to have their bid and when I'm in violation of wanton and willful patent that's difference you know you have you you've hit it. Did you miss the deadline. Yes there were deadlines are -- that are supposed to. If you sat down Bob and asked them why you know he probably giving me examples that's is that a reason to terminate somebody. I don't know. So yeah but don't get me wrong -- the fact is is that they need to be addressed. So the third there is an Ethics Commission out there who needs to have -- in terms tougher and stronger teeth to take a by announcing that that could have a job so there's things like that that need to to be. That gives people some people need to do better job ads but they need to be addressed a question now one other sing and then I'll get off the. Charter itself. Is there -- CNN. Is a test case. I because I guess are what seven or -- to our home rule counties in Pennsylvania. In every charters a little bit different. You make you use that term specifically separation of powers -- we knowing exactly where are the separation of powers between counsel. And done the executive or is that still open to conjecture for example is county council the ruling body of the county. The way wilkes-barre City Council is the ruling body of this city. Well we we we are the ruling Barney where the legislative. Body of accounting. You know at the end today that there are a number of things that come before us that there's that the budget in and -- You know and and he orders and resolutions that we pass but. The manager's job is to run the day to day operations of the -- and I mean there's so many different examples and he does not have to come to -- as I said before with. Transfers of both of accounts. He should tell us is so we now and we're informed on -- but these are things that he can do Arizona. We don't that the only people we are are the manager is -- the clerk of courts. Now we have division has where we have to give thumbs up or thumbs down kind of like the way the Supreme Court does it mean but that's it so. It's really like I said our job it's kind of like phases and the example of a company. -- board of directors for a board of directors the measures the CEO and under eat meet him are his hit it's it is. His divisions could. That's a good analogy. In the -- board of directors and CE always and of course and the CEO does a good job he gets a bonus meat isn't a good job gets fired. And tell you he's a football now Jimmy do you want the that. Video you want to managerial running the football team you know OK -- and call the place. That's not our job or part timers are jobs to overseas trip to the accountability factor. Again it's it's great to ask questions to and sometimes who. Com sometimes you get there are some questions that. Get away from Bob. Doing his job and we don't want that either you know we want Bob to focus on any intentional do you think on the part of some council -- -- question that some some people. Felt like Bob I think that's a fair statement. Has our CNN in cities where you bought the mayor down what thousands and thousands of questions is to keep them busy enough fishing expedition there huh. We got something you know I got an idea we've had that with the right to know request and you know and so that's works council and the public has to be very need to keep when those rights no requests and some of the marches you take away from from the people you're paying and that's up to worry that there's still needs to be a middle of the route and that that's problem was one government itself com let me ask you would just mentioned business and development and the county problem I mean that there are a number of things. That you might still have a hand in is there any county in moment for example. In a lot at the hotel sterling there was that you know given to the city to city is responsible for that yes the -- has nothing new anymore it's okay. There will be a request and I don't remember the name of the firm and I talked about it the other night. There's a firm was talking about toning warehouse. In the Hanover industrial park to what is it Trammell crow that's it that's it got to -- as I mentioned the other night. And it will be looking for KO -- extension -- it'll be have to be approved it by the township supervisors had -- area school board made an already as they did you already did not can be forced to present to us last night. Com and again I ask them to present last thanks to -- a week to sit on it and then this could be voted on on on Tuesday. From aren't aren't and then if so then it's -- I'm a big fan cares he's you know you I've talked about it for years we were on the school board by up -- And I personally I am I mean again I'm not I'm -- live in this area and I'm a big believer that we we have a great area and we have a lot of growth and I do know that that -- land. That area -- of getting companies is very competitive these companies are looking all over the country. And the number one thing that they look for is -- tax. The tax break. And although it doesn't help -- see immediately but it does hopefully bring in jobs and I know you have a counter to that is the study -- -- we -- -- -- -- -- a legislative budget finance -- let you don't have -- we -- we're not getting any revenue and at this point time and again myself personally if we can bring it -- a huge company that -- has over -- thousand -- which is. What I think -- Mentioning about and and I don't have any information has been my gut. Is they have a company on the line and in order for this to happen so they need this carrot in front of them to get them -- So because of that I I again I there's pros and cons and I'm not saying and so a slam dunk but I'm I would lean more to voting in supporting it. All right we've got 849 more breaks and welcome back an -- wrap up of Lucerne county council president -- morality. Gonna get any -- 1804370098883. 009 -- LA Tehran at 9891013. 10103 point one FMW. I'll -- LA now 83009. Needs. Back to LA to -- on WI LK. ID 853. Are closing moments where Lucerne county council president reg rally Bob from Wilkes-Barre here on W I'll get there. Good evening -- I could help. And some closure I took also for us to see the trees. Had a full team could go on and done I broke open -- -- orchard street in the dark. And the street light right over here crossing area there with a flashy no lights don't work. So you can't see anybody trying to get across the street. And if so where. The trees have grown around the lamp so it can't -- so -- working. You wouldn't see the person trying to get across the street. I wonder if that's -- this city owns that -- or think county owns that land whose responsibility it would be an unhappy fans are very actually Bob the -- legitimate points so that's a legitimate points up there is against these little things that that the people expect so. I I -- I hear you -- -- -- -- Past sources Bob tomorrow and find out. And look at their school work ability yeah. I think yeah I'd Bob I appreciate the call thank you -- of other things that I have Bob popped up as you know the new transportation bill. Gives all 67 counties. The rights to add a five dollar fee per license plate doesn't seem like Susquehanna county some of the smaller and I -- we're know we're not gonna nickel and dime everybody. -- you know again my my stance on. Issues like debt is. We we have to put everything on the table one much time comes you have to look at every option you can. And what are the pros and cons here this year was either raise taxes or cut people. And I was little bit uncomfortable there should be more options. I you know raising taxes increasing fees is a popular. But as time moves on you may have to look at that so you have to someone who owns a car it's going to be like no big deal to sell you always spot my seven cars like me at 35 I think yeah that's a little bit. You know I I -- through. IE 01 point and I got to a lot of grief about this I say we gotta look at all fees and one of them was the gun permit fees and again and go after people gonzo Obama supporter but. I just delicious look at it in and see as well as I look at other fees and I had always people mad at me as if I was going after all I know it's our job is to look at all options on the table. And address the frozen 'cause it wasn't as something that we're going to vote on but my thing is you guys discuss everything that's out there. And and look at it and then make a decision but it if you don't get the facts that you just you're not going to be able to do anything. Counties. Don't really have a great deal of revenue now sources. And that's something that I'm hoping we put together an economic development committee. Where we're gonna look at some other ideas and every week people from the community comes to us is say well why don't you do this you know -- and talk about advertising and accounting. May generate some revenue. You made benches and -- advertising on benches and trash -- this level right now. Definitely. Buses whatever so that those -- some things we talked about lumbering. Cutting down trees and and -- spend. They -- didn't see the authority has done that with some degree of success and that's something that we can do announced a budget but we are looking into it so it's things like that we have to do where we have to start thinking now the box because it's tough to generate new revenue no different than any of the municipalities and I years ago I had -- Doug hill who is the chairman who -- -- -- of the county commissioners association Pennsylvania -- on a television. And he had a number of ideas for potential revenue sources. None of them were ever enacted what I think it's kind of self defeating now if you've got to add a 1%. Sales tax why you'll make it on the small things boy if I'm by an icon bonus Google counting just say no money no question about it and hey thank you know it that's on on our levels on the same level I know but. Again everything has to see some. Getting people are gonna pay for somewhere the other and so we just have to be careful as to when. Where -- we're getting our revenue from and hope we come what's toppled some smaller place come running out of time here let me ask you a couple of other -- -- things in -- -- around for awhile. Column. The Lucerne county detectives. From he had DNC usual fade away last year year before last they were pretty controversial whether they we needed. Whether they should be funded so it's a double -- question number one do you think you -- that number two is that your decision are adapting a lot is well it is is it's mostly lines. Under a controversial because they make a lot of money and maybe -- like anything else are they doing the war but I'll say this ice a friend of mine as chief Andrew -- the injured from -- -- Has approached me on a number of occasions and says Rick. These people are very knew if we did not have the detectives who are helping us down and in downtown -- and you know the trouble that. That we see down there again loser and canning. We could do our war so you know coming from someone who's who I think has a great reputation like he does. It's sticks with me so I I think that though that's a typical situation where people say get rid of them couldn't see really figure out what they do. -- there's another side so I think there's two sides of the story -- C a I was actually in favor of the of the county detectives and took some heat for it. We have two cities in Lucerne county that have its own detectives to -- was well Experian hazel and nobody else does so they Q you know Edwards go Pinkston can't call on their detectives to investigate somebody B is an -- our -- I got about a minute. Half laughter. Is there any saying. That was turned county council can do. Regarding the situation NL CTA the possibility of shadow riders all that kind of stoppers and in the hands of the attorney general hasn't attorney general and our job is to we we put the individuals on these authorities boards commissions other than that. We do have what's called investigative powers and -- fifth -- it came to a situation we can't do that we haven't utilized say yet. But we don't get into their day -- affairs either. Right -- I'm at a time I got about 45 seconds left I really appreciate it coming in tonight thank you very much we'll -- him back again any time. That will do it coming up next it's Michael savidge followed by Clyde Lewis and ground zero -- and George RA all night long America in the morning between five and six. Man is -- N and -- six NI -- -- nine and noon Rush Limbaugh noon to three Steve -- 37. And were only here for half an hour tomorrow night -- will be back our rights and -- at full two hours does it Siobhan what we tell you outside the you can do what it and -- and good night.