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1-20-14 Buddy Rumchik- What, am I lyin?

Jan 24, 2014|

County Politics, Justin Beiber, The Bachelor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey anybody that kick it why you get up -- county politics Justin Bieber. That's why we can't correct place. Lucky -- -- the -- -- the people act like I'm gonna wake up keyboard right. We have that -- get commissioners committee is that -- is barely there it seemed to commission want to see some county can attract. And it got really quiet -- I've -- one. Why contract when he contract so bulky hired the next G man -- -- -- -- lot and now I'll answer the request for the contract was -- -- I can -- that commissioner. He won. It's -- and that. Next. The county said -- -- -- -- identify -- contract I can -- that -- the working and competent what you don't yet have. -- cabinet it would have been better CNN. Then reconnect contractor equipment not filing cabinet and be given a contract. With a letter saying. I can't. The first break either remote very little bikini video and aunt Phoebe again some static from people about what -- still -- he can. I think if your first grader watching the bachelor probably you'll want -- CNN's mosque and a bathing suit you give biggest problem and I'll say it. If where you work now quick ride out a video on your knee problem remains nineteenth. Would you be my -- probably not but would you be embarrassed average on your face that work again. Personally I didn't many stupid things in my life and not just limited to what avenue -- ninth game. Fortunately IV and radio and consequently my propensity overcame an embarrassment if nothing but a dim memory. And that big news last week eight police guard while detectives are. Knocked out there. -- -- -- that Justin Bieber is not over vandalism at a neighbor's property. Doctor white man will not what you in jail for cocaine man -- on what about you. -- that we eat and what you import Justin Bieber. -- -- -- -- -- Be right back after -- Brevard public finances.