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John Holland, PSEA Region Field Director, and Corbett

Jan 24, 2014|

John Holland, PSEA Region Field Director, talks to Corbett about teachers getting in trouble and also the situation with Elise Mosca.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John -- actually called a show what's going on. I think probably doing right when everything is beautiful. The presidency healing thing to mention that I want to thank you for showing up -- -- at this project in the school board meeting and for your support. Are you not want to say that it would greatly appreciated and we do appreciate that you are creek and are these -- this story that you give a balanced record I want you know how great that appreciated by. The public education communion northeastern Pennsylvania. -- I'd pick sides and and I take sides based on what I know and I raise questions and I. I look for people with whom I can speak. Help us understand what's gone on whether it's public education nor mine fires or anything else. -- isn't that your calling noted somebody said I was talking about you the other day. Communication director -- -- he called me that I needed began to what you and of course you're not are we put. Forward for the opportunity of books I think YouTube because it's always the. Pleasure is good but not. Exactly -- Shymanski says the reason was -- -- -- to. -- appalling things that are calling on you going -- community site I don't let that we're going to go right. Is what I said I'm -- -- I was frustrated. Because. We now as we often have. Situations that erupted we have. Two teachers now under arrest with the presumption of innocence. Yeah entitled to due process who are charged with having sex -- stones. We have another public school teacher this time. An elementary school teacher from there are greater Wilkes-Barre area school district two is infamous in many ways now. Because she's a contestant on the bachelor. She's made what's been called a racy video. Before she began teaching she's working from what we understand and what's been described as a racy nightclub in LA. Called the White House. And what does it really solid discussions about her. With these solicitor for the school board. We talked about. Whether or not she's fit to return to her teaching duties if she wants -- joke and that I was Dario and to get some response. From teachers with regard to standards with regard to professional practices. And criminal Lil Jon and I express my frustration my -- and even told you. That we need to hear from teachers during the year not just on the picket line between. I agree and that's why I'm calling it goodbye and I'll let you gonna need you you'll call that's why I'm calling you and coming into mattered for example. You know the average teacher doesn't have any knowledge of nor did they know so be appropriate response to that anyone giving you talking point. You talk about the PGA tour are arrested first let me say. You know issues stated Steve -- the presumption of innocent. Until proven guilt say that number one. -- -- want to face that he FDA. Does not and I want to make it clear PSC does not represent teachers. And public education. Individuals in criminal matter. -- want to feature is charged with a criminal matter. Always do is help them -- we referral list that he wanted to refer you to a criminal attorney. We do not handle criminal charges and in fact he we make it clear to the chief shares are whoever's charged with something. Going to college could be -- know what happened to frequent these were not well resenting them. Is legal counsel. And therefore we don't have a attorney client privilege Whitfield. So for all of protection. We advise them don't want columns of the detail because we actually we will refer to a criminal attorney unless they choose to get what are your own. But again we do not represent any person in a criminal matter. I'm sure I think that's fair and I think that's Smart I also think that the average person did not know that John. And it spent and what happens all too often is. We deal with people who react. Without having the benefit of all accurate information what you gotta do is look at these stories online and look at some of the absurd comments that people make. And and what -- up against and people who wanna get to the truth and the and defend the good quality public education. Up against people. Will you. Who's these kinds of incidents. To attack public education across the board so what I argue it is -- and teachers to come forward and says -- We can't really address the issue isn't this a restaurant got -- -- or -- teacher on the bachelor but we can't talk about. What we do want to talk about what I do as a teacher I talk about the standards I exemplify and the role model I am in this community. And we never hear that John. Writing and that would somebody's mattered where changes are accused them inappropriate conduct that would be. Sure part of the low but you have knowledge and information. Even myself I don't have knowledge of it because I am not. Which can -- -- is -- criminal defense attorney. And therefore. -- we attorney client privilege because we don't represent them in criminal matter. What -- your own -- We can't help the right out the bat before he told ABD tell -- now don't lose hope would be you know because we don't have attorney client privilege. In this type of situation. I don't is -- this does does the union. Take any position. In terms of professional standards of behavior now teachers. No actually we do we have anybody let me play there. You know what -- -- -- did is because of all everyone in the community including teachers in particular because it. You know like. Any type any time that happened in Egypt opened since Ichiro Kris Durham police officer. You're getting text search engine but you know like the lead paint that would that broad brush and -- this year you know this. Trying to paint all teachers or I'll support professionals would. That rush because unfortunately it happened and I pray that all public educators. Are appalled and offended by it when in fact it does happen. So when you have a situation -- non criminal and that's where this situation in Wilkes are with the contestant on the bachelor guy is is so fascinating she charged with any crime -- -- Intercourse it's quite willing to talk about that it is well. You know we came in in great each are actually spoke to her about a week ago. Because you know actually -- you know she was concerned what people were single solitary and how what is. Sector position and -- -- I think it was the paper the ball. I -- to be a very nice person I kind of nice conversation with her. And you know become the -- very nice and -- conductor so very well. Not how -- because of all the controversy. I didn't really viewed the video that you're talking about -- video. And there's no doubt about it that is somewhat recently you know I believed in -- Density and has been -- a -- of the entire video -- of course you know -- be prepared. Show we'd have to be banned her. Or -- -- answered questions. And -- -- you don't feel it is somewhat -- I didn't bwic but these -- -- better. And there's nothing immoral. I'm looking at. The legal definition -- a bit more on the court cases this year has done anything illegal how nice the way she would direct than the other -- young women -- -- -- In fact there's nothing pornographic about it. And anything you wouldn't see any feature in the country. Even when you open as -- papers and you're talking Trudy. Advertisements for May feel very -- -- any Ford -- -- Kmart are any of them when you're looking at swimsuit. And the longer radio advertisement. In the jungle town. And these are all like this point no. The group was eighteen years old when she made that video. And I don't think this thing here to judge someone by what they did when they were teenager. I don't think too many other important like hell. Could be charged out to conduct that might help may be 88 when I was a -- See no she's much more reassured now and of course -- not the bachelor associate nationwide. Attention on that but again you know the only woman has not engaged in any immoral. Or illegal conduct. Has she indicated to you whether she intends to come back and resume our teaching career. It's my belief that she intends to return and resume her teaching -- I I don't know exactly where I am because the court. The issue well may or may not know under contract they can take an unpaid leave of absence or the two year. And she is not an unpaid -- that's -- That receiving any pay your benefit that this time we will carry area so that's. We need to be made clear as well you don't have the right to take up the two years unpaid leave. These solicitor indicated that that was not a provision ever contract that that was not. That was considered a -- practiced what he said to me that don't even have a written policy. That god burns. These -- leaves of absence. Right and you know practices illegally buying the principal. You know the -- -- it because it. You know think about practices that they what do you think about United States constitution. You know he's the pinnacle document that is really not lump. Affordable -- constitutional law. You know took a crucial role in general general -- because you can't. You can't be built a contract for every. Possible contingency that would calm down the pike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't have a lot of time I'll have to go to Bravo 11 last question -- and I -- appreciate you're addressing this or is there. They're real legitimate issues with regard to public policy and public schools of public funding. We need. The termination clause that lists the word immorality. My understanding has been a factions like the forties. And I pushed community standards and change. And what was what was deemed by community immoral one particular community even in the sixties might be standard operating procedure today. If this school would take action against her would it would there be a public sharing would be proud of how would that -- If you would go to arbitration fees that that would be a private hearing because of the -- arbitration their cry but unless they -- individual wants an open. Let me say this. First of all she hasn't done anything improper. Get more party illegal so glad you mean -- up quite a vote differently in school coach because of Pennsylvania school called what's written in 1949. -- -- -- call. I think change is good children might act because. In 1949. And came with a weighted may be happy and I -- -- -- -- -- -- segments. All it could terminate heard that only to a single. That it could also terminate. Unmarried woman and she became pregnant. They always say it but they have the right to terminate a woman for becoming pregnant. Sometimes as a good thing that we -- you change. Well that's what that's why it's good to have this discussion and it says it is a fascinating. Situation no doubt about it the community's interest could. And that will look forward to talk with you about these and other shoes and the reason might. The teachers to utilize this public forum because they've got a lot to say and there are Smart people where interstate near what they have to -- To -- you know sometimes I like equality in the near future we'll talk about governor Corbett and that they are doing few words community. And I believed that they passed the senate and I won't. Thank you well for the time -- are getting up and they're airing the. Little -- military ever I ask is why did you just call on the governor you know you don't have to use the name Corbett okay yeah I don't. I on the -- not calling got a bad -- all the time my -- Paula thank you however it can't be allowed the governor. Sitting governor I listen John Rollins good to talk to we'll talk with you again soon. The thank you very much thank you very much John Allen regional field director for the Pennsylvania State education association.