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1-27-14 Buddy Rumchik- What, Am I Lyin?

Jan 27, 2014|

Unmarked Pullover, Cold "Code Blue" in Lackawanna County, Freeland Facebook Fake-out

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And that's that note last week gives -- -- object which apparently fresher guards. Some shipping clerks on that in some ways that there -- at 2:30 in the morning last weekend and a couple that beat -- flash of the lights flashing holdover. Players red flag. Then I got it got to the current job as he was driving erratically any just actually been -- -- so she needs to get out of a car and get hits second red flags. If the guy in -- -- you know -- now red flag number three. If -- light and a police are now he's trying to and I -- key. Correct thing parades now she gets in his car and then you realize that he's not cops looking back. The wind up front I don't make any allegations here but if she felt for any of that because her judgment wasn't let's say clouded. Did you. Though it is about the work orange it sounds just like the energy right now spelling aren't. In aquatic got they -- an emergency thing for when the weather's really call like sub zero cold. But he gets really cold the commissioners declared alcohol blow freezing weather like. -- for those people eleven dollars that it's called our evidence either that the -- on target on the radio are better. I'll blow and -- and -- means it Paul. Impact on economy now that might seem to the untrained I could be useful as -- in the -- woodpecker but that's not out there at the club -- Don't know when it's cold flu but county both the lives of homeless shelter that opened up for the freezing weather. Haven't check out the latest technology commonly found amongst the homeless population but they now have Internet access to the mulberry street bridge. And that constant -- independent look at regarded even look -- -- of last summer and they were narrow and too much luck -- they brought. But to wrap on FaceBook and what is -- Lugar thinks that would ideally see that. He makes life in that he shares that -- his -- Then they got that up with a big FaceBook woman who message to the guys that week let's get together and he. He gets arrested. -- not -- thing about that that I can make any funny. One of my life in the I'm ready I'm. -- went to remain CEO WY. Be right back every -- Brevard public pronouncements.