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Robert Casey Sr, father of Scranton school board member Robert Casey, and Corbett

Jan 27, 2014|

Robert Casey Sr, father of Scranton school board member Robert Casey, talks to Corbett about the younger Robert Casey's possible DUI accident and going into rehab.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robert Casey senior thanks for your courtesy of calling the show. Thank you it is not a good time for you or your family. No not right now and isn't. What what. What was your son's. Emotional state today when you drove home to the to the rehab facility. Here is remorseful. He wanted to go. And they told you earlier we spoke about it last night. And one of the comments and -- a father. I was and a recovering alcoholic I was a I was I was pleased to hear. Where he said that he wanted to go he said this time it may have been an accident or I'm the only one who got hurt. He's -- the next time he's said that it may have been a person if may have may I may be dead he said. A I have to sit back and look at. How serious this wasn't what caused at all or -- possibly could have caused it ought to happen. -- didn't from the point and -- recovering alcoholic can't think his. His mind is where should be and that is. Getting right with the what's. Hurting them. And as a parent that's that's my main concern. Nothing else matters right about now picked up four. Getting him whatever treatment for help he needs. You're recovering alcoholic. Yeah -- -- Robert has had at least two scrapes with the law in the past. Both alcohol related -- did you ever have a chance to talk with him about alcoholism prior to this. Yes so did Steve I've talked to a mindset you know -- -- the it's in the family. It's prevalent among a lot of families. I -- That. You know you have to be careful you have to watch yourself. I told -- what I consider. My definition of an alcoholic is my definition and an alcoholic is. You may not need to be drinking every day you may not even have to drink every six months. But when -- during bad things happen we had a conversation again this morning. It's sad day you need to forget about the stereo type of the guys sitting in the door where what do bottle line I sent it affects. It affects people from. The young age all the way up to people in their seventies and eighties they said -- man determined there is tremendous from an area -- these. Ahead and its makeup buying your -- a sudden you have to be careful. Pace said and the bottom line is. He I can't tell you you can areas mother. Friends. They can't tell you you have to realize when you need to get help. I think because. Until you decide that you want to help. Nothing is gonna matter because everybody else's drawings. Now he's not he's in the facility as as we speak but he's also all currently under investigation. By the Stroud area regional police I talked to the police chief today who said the investigation is ongoing. She clobbered traces. Possibly charges of -- -- He according to you didn't even have a driver's license and then there's the question of whether he was authorized to drive that vehicle. The belong to the father of a young woman he had met. Has he indicated. As to how he plans to deal with these charges if and when their final. What he plans on -- is cooperating. And every manner. We have spoken to the father of the person. We have volunteered to. To provide them what a rental car. For their inconvenience. And we're going to replace the car. Now you told me yesterday that. When you've got the news from Robert who called you at 7 AM on Saturday and -- I'm so sorry that viewers sort of -- would -- and it's very understandable. You indicated you made a couple calls you call these solicitor for the Scranton school board jump in the wild -- and then you called a colleague. Your -- Also a Scranton school director a friend of yours for forty years warm and Martin LA why did you call farm in March and -- why did you call the solicitor for the school board. Well in the first period so I caught armoire now only will -- -- to them wanted to try to find out what was going on. When I -- covered up a possible there was no citation there is no information the only information we have at that point. Was. Procedures from in the pocono medical center before we had partnership with prescription for days. Anybody attic for his hand. I looked and I -- worried charge what did they talked -- and Robert had no information. What I mean that's getting. I wanted to try to get information. I probably should have called. The police directly. But I didn't. And that was my fault. I have a lot of things that I wanted to do for Robert and I wanted to arrange an intervention. Com but at that time we had no information. Or I had no information. And as a father I was curious I mean was there anyone else hurt what was the condition of the car where did it happen. Steve I still to this moment they still don't know where it happened. I wanted to know like where the charges what do you look gonna have to. Because -- -- jam in the I didn't know what the legal ramifications. Are. Basically I want. The other Australia's Steve I think. Period away probably gonna lose because they just needed a Doctor Who friendly voice that -- -- No one when you all Orman marked an LA and he's recently appointed school director in fact that your son Robert voted for him. When you called him much knowing that he is his son Foreman marginally junior is the mayor are all these -- you -- where this accident happened. Did you ask Gorman marginally to call his son the mayor or did he volunteer to call his son America. I believe I asked him and once again I ask don't get me whatever information I know what's gone on. Some people would say that you were trying to apply influence. Who the mayor of the town where your son. Was involved in that accident how you respond to that Robert. -- By the troops know I was a concerned father I wanted to try to get whatever information I could. If it does seem that way I apologize there wasn't meant that way I was frantic. Hey I got the full crawl all I kept thinking when you -- kept thinking about what this. How are going to be getting a -- on to what's your -- go up and identify -- -- Yeah. They didn't think anything -- I was looking for information. You told me yesterday's five or six different times in different ways that you were not trying to make it go away no we're not trying to fix it. -- Absolutely not -- think in this day and age especially Lebanese Strasburg dead person by your afford -- -- second law. Is yeah. Did strong. And I'm a different person today than there was thirty some years ago. Thirty some years ago I was an alcoholic I didn't think straight. I made a lot of mistakes a lot of mistakes I regret. You know -- -- yesterday had said. Maybe of I was actually written -- for public drunkenness or do you liar or something of that nature may be sort of went into rehab ten years earlier and I -- would add ten years more of sobriety. More it would mr. Nardelli had no information I wanted to try to find out what was going on. I'm looking for information. Our knowledge it's too early to to speculate yeah I know that the first concern you have right now is that. As the saying goes your son takes it one day at a time. And I know that his health then and well being is is of the utmost importance to you -- your family. Is there is there any things that. Robert told you worse during the Roberts said to you has to. His duties as a as a new school director of the new generation. The new young fresh faced a whole lot of people put faith and I'm sure he he feels that I'm sure knows that but did he did he make any reference to. This embarrassment door to that Joba. And yes they did stated the other morning wave went in. I think it was yesterday time there's just combining all together right now but he was -- Very upset. And he mentioned the main I -- 9000 people down. I hit driver they had listened. -- The -- been wrong I mean you can eat I mean did it did it is what it is. I'm terrible that is something I said. The bellows and wrong. I just said you have to decide it. I'm not telling him to decide today get your head together. We hear. From you wanna go up and get evaluated and go for treatment I think Gator head together start thinking straight. And decide what you want and -- I said. If you want them. Precede precede if you don't want a crusade don't perceive -- the knowledge and the time to make any rash decisions. I sit too well right now is that time for you to concentrate on Robert. And they -- if you do proceed I think you're gonna have to realize. Even though there was a greater expectation of view prior to this. And becoming a public official. Because you've already. Let so many people down. The expectations. Of -- deal to be better is going to be higher. And it's good he could do everything you could walk away from an -- I'll take my punishment. Resign. Or he could possibly. Real estate you match up. And he's very remorseful. I mean all families -- remarkable days. I'd say they're. What you may want to try to do is. You. Possibly try to work without a young -- tour in the school district. Only about to make the same mistake. That you made that I've made in the past. They say damn. That's something he'll -- if I said I'm not telling you to decide anything today. They could go through here rehabilitation. You're treatment. If you come all and I intended to gonna be pretty face it you're going -- people or probably don't call for your resignation. They're going to be. Making Fabio. -- going to be doing anything can get a deal. I said you have to realize. First of all foremost. And you. Precede by doing what you need to do at a higher level. And more important. You need to think about what is best for Robert. Served three -- go through this. After you've got its treatment. And so it. You have server you have to work and not falling down. And not having this happen again I've -- more pressure is going to be nine year old. Then then the normal. 23 year old. Person who came out of rehab her treatment. I said but rousing good time. Gold -- treatment plan. Basically. Them. Rabbit is very sorry for him to the people who -- supportable. One of the reasons that we contacted -- yesterday was because. You supported Robert -- you put your name to Robert. And by doing that you -- you've coached for Robertson then we'd -- Robert lay you down to be illegal let the people Scranton down he realizes that. And in his first pro ball in priority. Is to get better. And if they get better and he killed that he can handle it. Tried to make up to the people that he let down its. You gave them you gave them good advice as a father. It seems as if she made. A good strong decision. To go into rehab he's got a long road ahead of them. -- you're right the rocks are gonna get drunk and the best thing for him to do is what's best for him right now. And once. He moves out of that rehab facility. And I guess that's why the bumper sticker says one day at a time. Nice that's it yeah yeah. I mean I'm kind of cliche is -- my doctor Robert I gave -- one yesterday what Bobby Kennedy. A mistake and I'm mistaken table filled a cracked it. While -- made a mistake it's now his time. They're corrected by getting better and coming back. And basically the people who. Saying you need to resign this and that. They're -- most of our -- some of them are -- recent -- some are gonna have political motives. But what you need to do Robert is you need to prove these people run for more important improving people on her right. Is it. For him to get better. Well it's it's so long long hard struggle and he's he's at the beginning of this struggle. And it will pay close attention to his progress and I thank you Robert Casey senior former. Taken the time to talk with us during a very very difficult time in your life. And I wish you well with everything. Stayed. I think Gil and the other thing that's on a -- is that. It. Or remorseful. We wanted to stand up we want the people whose city is Scranton and know what's going and end. And Taylor said the only way to correct it very once you make a mistake the only way to correct it. -- it affected -- by correcting it. Robert Casey singer thank you very much thank you.