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1-29-14 Karel on the Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2014|

Karel hit the streets of NEPA to get your thoughts on the Super Bowl!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- it's -- on the street have everybody doing today we're getting ready for Super Bowl 48 push your teens there this year. Denver. Can you tell me why you're favoring Denver I like to see. Pain. Think -- I was way out -- evening -- -- -- -- nor his primary and retired national. I'd like to see him take the reward them before -- race. I don't patriots and they got in -- rounds out. This topic for a good game and probably the Seahawks well. Kick some bronco but I'm not really good grip ready for either MIT and also is -- out on a steeler fan but I probably would like to see the Seahawks when I know a lot of Seahawks fans alike probably yell at Denver. -- -- -- I like Peyton Manning. And his brother plays for the giants and launch in the game as well Paula commercial vehicle on do you have any favorite commercials that stick out. Usually -- commercials are pretty good and you're drinking iced tea she heavy metal. While the event like commercials are better than the actual cases there are they finally terror. Hey this is Carol Thompson. Street.