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1-29-14 Karel on the Super Bowl

Jan 30, 2014|

Karel hit the streets of NEPA to get your thoughts on the Super Bowl!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey it's -- history and we're -- we're Super Bowl 48 -- big -- not. I'm down about talking up folks about the big game on Sunday -- team. You are rooting for a long not a fan of either team is here but I am going to be cheering for the Seahawks. Why just because of all the have eliminated having going on recently especially with one of their players being rowdy and whatnot. But like CNET team win just just because to -- Seahawks -- the Broncos take -- Broncos. Just wants to pay when one another one can you remember your favorite Super Bowl commercial. I always think to GoDaddy ones are quite interesting. I -- a male -- you have a lot of this game female. Objectives in those commercials I think they're pretty intrusive and that's your car. At half time show you know was going to be morning. I think it's Bruno Mars Mars. I've heard like 50000 times over the course the last few months -- I love her now I just don't think he's big enough to even -- times now I don't I'm sorry no offense grown out remarks fantastic. Judy in more songs. Not my name I just know that they're always on the radio. Actually they are very. I have one going on right now you accidentally hit in the cancer every and I do it beats you but we actually have our own tradition and the we watch it Duran -- greatest hits. Music music videos I DVD during halftime. Yeah team. It like Louisiana and Indiana and now they're very thing and hey this -- Carol -- On the street.