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John Hanger, Democrat candidate for governor, with Corbett

Jan 31, 2014|

John Hanger, Democrat candidate for governor, talks to Corbett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Who's the former head of the department of environmental protection to show up John -- You've heard what's happening in Scranton what do you make of this when John. Why are served as that comes out public utility commission with that governor Casey. It's. I am very familiar with that this kind of circumstantial. But unfortunately. It's a terrible situation then that and of course people and there's actually must have good information in real time about what's been done to fix the problem in you and -- People the truth about when the service can be resumed. This problem however is an example of our under investment and won't water and sewer roads and bridges. And all of the things that that we call infrastructure Steve. If you -- governor John hanger and this situation came to your attention what would you advise Cindy and colony and even state officials. To do. Well the first the first thing that you you do as a part get a quick assessment. What happened to end how much time at the tank had to restore service. It is there a way six thing they're rerouting power water or it could. And then the new data or resource is into fixing the problem as soon as possible. That's and that's losers -- about 10 o'clock here. So you've got to get a quick accurate assessment communicate that to the public and then pour resources. And to resolving the problem as quickly as possible. -- yeah let's hope I've been good -- and endless series who've learned the lessons from this kind of problem -- -- I had these problems opted out of prevent them. By having enough about preventive maintenance done enough capital investment and -- plan and an -- part stops planned Steve back and they kept territorial candidate whether. Jobs plan that would create 382000. Jobs. And their part of that does plan has one billion dollar investment and mortar and sort. Because of the age of mood and the pipes because of the age of the pictures. We're talking about short punch one of large gas lines in the senate Scranton has a lot of old merchandise underground. This might very well be the first. I hope I'm wrong of many breakdowns just the column one about the. That's that is absolutely possible and that basically. Cold weather. And came up so they can make things that we would have hoped to have to distressed. Only these systems to get all breaks sometimes during these called stamps went. -- land not temperatures that -- then how are you prepared to tell me -- -- -- do related to to tell whether this could for the could have done that. They're probably camel's back. -- the point is we've been under investing in water and sewer and our other infrastructure. We need a governor who makes this a priority we need -- -- there isn't anyway compelled foolish. And check out there understand that not only do you wanna keep water flowing but I kept telling them proper maintenance of our people. Work you know is this the other issue is one water service you resumes. There was no mention made earlier today when when the new rookie mayor bill court Wright spoke to my colleagues who Henrik. You mentioned that maybe there would be a boil advisory. What what what can this state do what should our our elected officials do to make sure that the water once your resumes. Is not -- Pull up the sheep walks has to be tested. And it has protested that. Every single day to keep this safe drinking water so standards so that's a federal law. -- and the state and local charities they should be. Thank had quite do -- issue. I Warner from borrowing advisory if that's necessary. I I got to think -- domicile or that. Responsibility. So I had to be necessary especially right now when you got this major problem weather service. To be careful how you use that water. You're -- here the former head of the department of environmental protection do you believe the DEP. Scientists. And technicians should be on the scene now should be in communication with city government now. My -- certainly should think communication. Okay. -- are required by law are being down ten and has that could have former commissioner -- the public utility commission which has responsibility. 400 source servicing and a lot of -- I there's this kind of problem is that something that. Just drives home the need to get ahead of the brakes. -- trying to head off as many of these problems as possible occasion because you can see what they're terrible problem this is especially when it's freezing cold outside. Now we're talking about right now approximately 6500. People all with no water and another thousand or so with reduced pressure or cloudy water. And there's really no guarantee as to when this will be fixed. As far as a contingency plan. Did DEP hubs such a planner did the. In Libya Palestinian energy management authority emergency management sorry team that. Contingency plans for available to bring in order to communicate fact that don't have water supplied. One of that. Consequences of slides are a lot of disasters often is that disruption of water service. So this state does have the ability. Two. Move border into affected areas. As does the federal emergency management authority FEMA. That that's protect water. It is essential to life. And then -- sister and into the disaster -- -- says -- fed approximately 6500 people without water right now. Very very well may move need to get. Every supplies the water in there and that is especially if is that disruption of service is gonna continue anyway proposed. You believe that the National Guard should be involved in this to any extent. Flout our Susan you know cornerback Chris from a distance I know that that we think happened I would got America talking to the -- person -- guitar and there. They have been penetrated immigration same as military air guitar and -- -- DP secretary and that they talk and very very. Chairman of the public utility commission. To make sure that we have the state assets are working with the local government carrying local government -- have a coordinated effective response. And that coordinated effective response system gives our citizens pay the real. That estimated time -- I have also always in the water comes back and earn PGA toward toward coming back some people complain though I. I'm most of the many people can help themselves not exactly considered concerned about those who just cannot help themselves. And that most folks the particularly need. State and -- -- to work for the local government. And I believe if in fact the lines of communication. Were drawn from the governor through all the agencies and all the people you've just outlined in said that you would have put into action in the if you -- governor. Hiring people would be reassured. But doesn't right now we have absolutely no information. That that kind of communication from the bottom up for the top down is an existence John. That's -- -- -- have to say went governor Corbett he's always missing in action sounds great guitarist -- is back home problems. So I'm not too surprised that the governor is missing in action here but -- right -- it's very important to have. Are very continuous stream of communication to people. So that that rumors don't start so that people don't. -- and misinformation does so with a vacuum. Well I believe that this is -- this is an interesting opportunity for us to hear from you as a gubernatorial candidate. With the experience you bring to a situation just like this and I think the people are very interested in hearing not to -- quarterbacking this from a distance but -- you know what. Is necessary. One of disaster like this occurs and you acknowledge this is a disaster. So we have to spend 29 years walking and that's state government I don't know I don't think about the federal government thank goodness. Never really know our state and local military government's work -- I've had more experience running state agencies. And any other candidate in this ferry can go back -- governor Casey. Not hesitate to governor Casey -- -- the commissioner and twenty years ago the public utility commission. I have a real deep -- understanding our infrastructure. And how vital it is -- public's health and safety. And we got here right now is a disaster when you lose water service for any length of time it's a problem if you lose that part. Hours and but it does start to put public health and safety at risk. Well I noticed is sort of took you by surprise as far as me wanting your input into this but I think it was a good opportunity for us to hear how you would handle something like this if in fact. Do you view. Become the democratic nominee and run for governor. The governor of course is -- Republican. All the other elected officials that we named and talked about a pair they're all Democrats so I'll hopefully will be able to work together. John hanger it's always good to talk to you thanks for -- education. That's a topic you and I appreciate you being on top of -- and really had a group. You know banging that thing in the pot and -- to get some attention for people who need it. Well look you're buying an -- now hopefully we won't have to fill more water hopefully that's service -- resume thank you John -- K okay there is John Tanner.