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Feb 1, 2014|

Saturday February 1, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for -- and -- -- don't you only do. -- -- -- You -- okay. -- Good morning good morning how are you I'm good how -- just fine thank you what's going on your world so. Well it's just a nice time of the year you know these just little things and it's beautiful but it's also a -- -- -- say I never. Thinks -- January. Is in February are like I never did not look forward to them. Because I know they're right after Christmas they're crazy I have two kids birthdays in January as we know from last week. My birthday and my sisters my brother in -- my Brothers everybody in their brother then in February. And it goes by very quickly and next thing you know it's the most important time of the year saint Patrick's the peso and Eagles. Today. Or and you know speaking of saint Patrick's status. Segue right into -- my dear brother and my guess mr. Edward. Paul angles they. Or an -- PS my sister will say I am married to my sister Barbara is a sweetheart of a man as Irish is Irish -- and this year. All he's with DJ OH division six okay. Ancient order of hi Bernie ends but all of the local Irish organizations. Through their all the different hibernian since such. Are doing. Age I am. Truck a food drive in the Saint Patrick's Day parade this year -- -- have three trucks that are going to be decorated you know to the nines with. There and green and I and an all their Irish stuff. And it'll be in the parade which is march 15 this year two days before Saint Patrick's Day Saturday march 15. And they will be collecting. Nonperishable. Items. For the food pantries. All of the local food pantries are in desperate need to come spring time. Of for items in their pantry to help people survive and eat and deal with hunger issues. Because the winter takes such a drain on them and they and their kid at Christmas time everybody thinks about -- they give. And then by springtime. It's sort of dwindles because there's didn't there's just nothing laughed so this year they as Ed said who knows better about hunger than the Irish. They are going to make sure. Then they feel the pantries is just with this many things as they possibly can't. So if you can have been nonperishable food items available at the Saint Patrick's Day parade they're going to collect them in three tracks. And then make deliveries to all of the food pantries throughout our region to help put that. If by some chance someone donates cash. That cash will go to saint Francis of the Sissy kitchen. But -- donated items that are nonperishable even paper goods any of those kind of things but obviously food is what they're looking for. They need these things they need to help the community and the Irish organizations are getting together and what better way to do it. Then at the Saint Patrick's Day parade when everybody's out everybody's there and you can bring in Canada tour boxes of pasta anything that you have. That's nonperishable but once he said and I always find this because I'm a freak about expiration dates he said 20% of the food that's donated they cannot use. Because sometimes they get stuff in although the meet people are well. In the intention. There if they if they get things that are dated 20052008. I mean you really obviously you're not gonna -- awake as the day before it expired but you really have to be very very careful. About the food that you're donating so please if you have something to donate. Please look at the expiration date. And make sure it's not long expired because that they just can't use them and they get hopeful because all this stuff is coming their way in and they can't. They can't distributed to the some people in need so if you would please. Buy stuff can't there's always candidacy specially in this month of January which when you're hearing this will be February 1 but. So many things you can buy that these people can use and need and like I said. You know hats off to the Irish for thinking like that because this is a great cause and it really is a good way of looking at. Things that need to be done for people who can't and struggle throw trying to feed themselves and their family. Selling -- H division six slipping can't come of the courage that you like to donate the -- he's going to cause I asked him for a website or away but he actually I got him while he was on -- mountains skiing so now that I don't have it memorized so we'll talk about it I'm gonna talk about it every single week going forward because I think it's important. And I know -- you are you still on the board of San Francisco I can't yes so it's it's very important that we recognize the need. For food in the spring after the winter has been the its depleted people aren't thinking about it January and February 'cause they feel they did it in December. Think about this and we will get that information so you can make food donations if -- can't go to the crater wherever but it's so wonderful things so hats off. To all of our fine Irish organizations who are going to be helping out at the Saint Patrick's Day parade -- And also I have a little scoop on my other another thing that's near and dear to me. BI and the girls happy hour for the junior league of Scranton and now I'm a past president of the junior league. We know it's loud proud of it Saturday picked through. February 22. From six to nine. At the back Garrett yard ale house will be. I'm sorry excuse me. We'll be this wonderful event fifteen Dallas per person includes one drink ticket and light appetizers. Featuring raffle baskets 5050 chance his. And entertainment by DJ Cadillac so it's called the junior league of Scranton and they present. Beyond the -- happy hour some going to help them out to be a lot of fun at six tonight and of course to junior league gives back. To the community in great ways by service -- making sure that women are properly trained volunteers to serve on boards in any other capacity. And -- they're very very very well trained in parliamentary procedure. And bring a lot to the table and again and give money back to through donations to the -- today an area for different nonprofits. And it's a way that they're gonna help raise funds so again it is. February 22 69 at the backyard ale house fifteen bucks can't beat it. Pretty good. So what else about EO. Oh enough to really nice to say except that I Super Bowls coming yes I know he's he's he's I'm well aware that there. And that and that means says the annual visit the yes we sweet talk just -- the annual visit will be this weekend. Florian -- to the lake house. Because of course they have to say Patrick -- in Napoli has men. Just hounding them consistently when you come up -- like so this is the event. So. Weather should be good. So it should be a little bit rocky on Saturday but Sunday. Should be a really good day for a football game yes I'm looking forward to it because I love your chairs. One cherished that in the and the fires are blazing and at the end. Good good good to -- I don't care about either one of these teams unfortunately this year I do I am rooting for air. I'm Denver. Okay because I am paying Manning I prefer him over eleven yes Eric. This -- sea hawks fan so yeah keys -- and the ceilings and I'm no interest and I am well. And I don't like that one guy who made such a big fuss at the last well mine knows tyrants. But anyway I'm so I'll be rooting against Patrick and yeah and you know -- I went to -- -- the other night friend and CM with two. How about that would do we have a lot of fun retest there was good Doug Smithson and Jimmy. Tied and I -- last Jimmy Buckley and frank to -- know -- -- current squad this is to acquire enough. I'm played jazz and it was wonderful. There was it was a fun night. And the food of course was Exxon -- and colleagues that was packed match. Yes pretty interesting and a friend and I yeah. So I was good. Again the Ice-T issue what do we have to say about that we have to say something about that mr. Bob shakers who is the proprietor of the restaurants. We're gonna say -- live on the air -- theories once again it. Yes players get through an SE yeah yeah -- as -- Deborah -- I say yes tea stinks and it's the parents. It -- what is high to have here's what I just don't get tea bags and hot water make Ice-T V but let me that you can do that when he has come. And get everything else about that place is high call back about bragging at the -- -- everything. But you gotta have a good glass and I guess you don't I'm sorry I -- do so please get that -- nonsense. All of you restaurants out there who don't do fresh approach -- a little cute little hole in the wall type restaurants and they have for -- brewed iced tea yeah. So make sure yeah. She's okay we -- also the Doolittle. Showed up because they do this every once in awhile I forget. I was reminded of today there is a a guy in our neighborhood and the NR developments. Cool so officially. Goes around. Every Thursday morning after the garbage truck and then after -- recycled truck. Come through the neighborhood and he brings everyone's garbage cans and recycle bins. Up the driveway to the garage so that they don't get blown away and or you run out the -- whenever. He does it every single week that regardless of the whether he does this every week with his little dog. So I have to do to shout out to -- X five toast and his little. -- her dog -- interior ice is as Stevie so the two of them do a wonderful job and we just he always is an unrequited. Gift to everybody but keep I just want him to be acknowledged for doing that especially in this kind of weather time. But -- -- through every but he -- -- their garbage cans caused us back guess I just put him out. Exactly all the luggage back in ourselves -- aren't we -- -- you know spoiled and and I also have to tell you that I. I started a new show I'm EC TV app called I'm spending time with large cannon. And I am interviewing some one person a weekly. So let them get to know the person and a personal level as far as you know. I tell you say you know you see people it's just like celebrities. I'm that we watch on TV you think when you -- they're really like these people what they do where they came from where they grew up from. And so I take some local celebs and are people who may think they know people and in interviewed them and my you know what they're really like and and this and so my first show was this past Tuesday. We're doing it in the studio petition this time we went to tip the cameras over to visit to city hearts in the new mayor's office I don't know and death. I sat with bill and interviewed. Mayor -- right -- -- was a fun interview and it's on EC TV if you have Comcast. Channel nineteen. You will see. CNET -- so it's it's him to be good because I think I think people there are interested in knowing about it. What people really like you know that they may see years think how what's what's he like what's she like. I'm sorry we're doing that and menace on the board NB CTV as well so she knows how important things. Things are brings good programming -- and I say so myself it's good program of course is the -- -- -- you have here -- the list of her potential -- all I have major last okay all right so who's coming up next a chance I can't tell you yes this happened. Confirmed now wolf because I have so many people but yes I people Kathy reference going to come much Jeff -- is coming and I'm sure Sinead -- wants to come month. Different people cool and I can just go 1 and I am but I -- but yes I don't be announcing -- so people can watch for okay. Well I have a story this morning so I thought I would just. Maybe get an end before we take our first break okay all right here we go. -- is a 45 year old neurologist. Who has been struggling with a deep secrets she's never told anyone. -- scared about money. She knows she's making a lot of events and she has no idea how to managers say -- She's paid off all her student loans years ago and now has the freedom to spend it or save it but is afraid to talk to anybody about it. Her parents never had -- money and she's an only child. She had no Brothers or sisters to share her worries -- And felt that as a physician she was considered so intelligent she must know how to figure at a personal finances. The opportunity presented itself to her to join another practice and sell herself she loved the idea of not having to carry the burden on herself. With staffing issues compliance billing and all the usual parts of running a professional practice. She felt free to pursue her interests in caring for patients. But she was embarrassed to admit that she was not feeling that comfortable in negotiating the sale of the practice. Or determining if the compensation she would be getting from her new partners was fair. Her colleagues suggested an attorney and the CPA. Who would help her get through this sale but she really -- rely on someone to be heard go to person. For any questions she had a better personal finances. Like retirement savings life insurance investments and other topics. A colleague suggested she consider fee only financial planner. After she realized what he was talking about she did some -- only on the topic she found -- We had a great initial conversations she says she finally was able to take a deep breath. And felt that she had come to the right place we started the financial planning process and she has become one of our best fans. She asked me why it was that women are so afraid of money I said I thought it was because once you understood it. And the power you would have. Over the outcome of your life. It could be either terrifying for enlightening. She chose the latter the end. And on that note we will take. A short break you're listening to our -- show will be right back. It's Saturday morning a little hurriedly and now. -- Hello everybody welcome back to listening to -- and -- show. I'm large cat and I'm the owner -- can enterprises such as fundraising appearance special event business. And I am Lyn Evans and I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. Today I'm -- other women entrepreneurs are very happy. Eyewitnesses who they are. A while -- I don't know many Hawaiian according to that well then there are moments you know all we all have moments but so does everybody but my general I think cash -- -- -- -- for -- are among -- ESP there you go out and why would -- that would be because. An interesting story. I'm -- women make more money. When they are entrepreneurs as opposed to employees -- the nice thing about being in business for oneself is that there is no corporate glass ceiling to break. The average female entrepreneur salary is 63000. Dollars according to the 2013. Small business. Monitor from American Express. A nice sum considering the average worker in the US makes about 42700. That said the average salary for female entrepreneurs and unfortunately. Is still lasts only have 171400. To send mail business owners make. Women are more likely to work second jobs so. Still with them with more resources out there to help women business owners grow bigger companies it's no wonder came onto the nurse are feeling pretty good. Second reason women entrepreneurs have more work life balance. The richest corporate model doesn't accommodate the needs of women who remain by far. The biggest caretakers of children and the elderly they ability -- -- -- hours or just one schedule attracts many women's entrepreneurship. The third line is when an option start businesses to make a difference. So it stands to reason that rewarding entrepreneurial work might equate to a higher degree of well being. There are 1000 stories project we've been analyzing the reasons why women start their own companies and they early data suggest. That to make a difference trumps profit making and wealth generation. For example. A woman named holly -- Holman. Started to raise the roof to provide tin -- thing for people living in a dump site in Kenya. Danielle glad towel launched one simple wish to grant wishes to Foster children. The rate of women in creating social enterprises. Is surpassing men of men and many countries including Russia Malaysia and Argentina. When you're doing good in the world it's easier to be happy. Did you know that I really I hear you well my trailer and if I didn't but yes true but even if I didn't have my own job. -- -- Business I would my -- my own business -- I am job I am member mrs. doubtfire when he called me pretend he was some announce anything he said. She said do you have good job I am at a little what do you looking -- I am jobs -- in other words he was trying to say he wants a job he was pretending he was. I couldn't understand -- an exciting anyway. I can't read it if I. Completing its. If I didn't even before I started my business I -- felt very happy. Because. I greens did -- do when you're doing some things. For other people and you're doing things to make a difference it makes you happy -- some take both the dose and how much aren't happy can you make. But I mean it is true it's not I hastening a right -- very happy there you know let's let's bring sunny day and -- -- because I I think it's classic care she is a very successful. Entrepreneur your brain and I think that there is -- beyond just the fact that as this says you can make a lot of money there's no there's no ceiling here. I think it's more of you get something out of what you do and if you really have a passion and a love for what you do. If you don't you wanna be self. Because you want to be able to go really -- effect and it becomes yours. So it's not a job anymore now -- and -- you lead. Mike good Matthew Kelly -- the you know you know he has spent spiritual guy UC's throughout -- a lot of books he spoke at. At the cathedral on time I was at mass and he happened to be there when Joseph Quinn was so emphatic quench my senior Quentin and he said that they have these people. In life are people who know what their purpose. In this life kiss him and I think that's true I think we all really know. Why we're supposed to be and what was supposed to be doing and so when you're doing it how could -- not be happy and that's we said. And it detracts -- happiness attracts other people. Think does -- do until executed the ability and gratitude to give back -- and if you can make a difference in someone's life. It comes back -- yes it doesn't always they always put out what I tell you just we were talking earlier that. Here but one person -- the power of suggestion and that. We were talking about the and and I said she should do this and I said oh yes this can happen when it and then it does just things just do happen that way very easy because you put it out there -- and it's gonna come down to the university and it comes back camera. I'm really I don't care. You can and it's I think from every book I've read that book the secret to me as one of the best books because it's so is true. That's -- power of suggestion that positive thought process. I don't care what anybody thinks. I have paid attention to it it in what ever if we Jim did you ever notice when you say. I I shouldn't. Called them I just won the trend -- I -- you don't -- are those things really happened if it really really does happen and when you are living in the moment when you weren't. Present in the moment. Pay attention because he'll know that that's exactly what this I just said something about you in here you are or what ever. It really does work you know I need to. A couple of pages of the book every single night of secret that I -- dying because it's just unbelievable. That not one of my other all time favorite books and it's so everything get a says about it did I still think in every time it comes up I think that's it. It's Phil McGraw he broke that life strategies years and years ago when he was what ran off -- -- meal with O'Brien I don't even begin to show with the times. And it's a book in its older but it's called life stretching to seven life strategies but it's likes the name his life strategies. And the things in there are so trail like you don't do anything unless you're getting something out of -- and my favorite thing in the world people say I can't believe. That this person. Did this and then I come up with that line that says we teach people how to treat us. There's a -- there's solid Eminem but they are so trail because that's what happens and you really look at it you've allowed it to happen. And that's the whole point I think that's that's in the secret and has -- some other books I've been -- called. How much Abraham -- which isn't an offshoot of all that. But. You do create your own reality time so. If you had the power to be able to do that you also attract to you both for good and the bad ass if he caught that. But that's what you police are that's what you're thinking isn't so you get more -- it. You know the universe gives you what you want absolutely. It's -- a -- it it is and I think that more people if they understood the power that they have with fast. The more they would stop blaming the world for the way their life. But they don't they keep saying well where you happen to me last week guru yeah well. Well see me come up with a different world yet. And I know it's easy to say thanks you know I felt -- physically you have to start just like anything as you can start with the leaving. Bad year words whenever it is and then make it happen and keep going with can be positive because it's so easy. To get that negative -- martyr. And I am craft -- Jokes that you and it's difficult to train your mind. Yes that's so it didn't see you know fast way meditation comes and yes it does is prove that helps to battle line and I say no this time is. You know you can't you can't look I'm. You you you cannot think you're -- again right here so let's say it. Can't behave yourself and T and she can't think yourself into behaving differently you have to behave yourself. Into thinking differently so true yes because like you said it's solid -- start because thought files action so if you do that battle -- You have to think -- -- to the action follows somehow thought files action. Plus I was exercising things about that he just said Dana. Tape up sorry you're thinking yourself. I thinking I don't think anybody that's from. -- Yes but anyway so I am. Also it's if it's just ten and general thing and even with the reading man and that that I said New Year's resolution reading reading meaning march. Movies more still a little bit of fun and everything -- without so I'm happy that I Tuscan island. And that's and and the GM and yes things her things are good. What else do you have in your bag of tricks well I'm I'm looking at this. Article that was in the Wall Street Journal a couple of -- a year ago actually. But it was one of those that I saved because it was just so rich and it was it's called the twelve dent myths that trip both consumers. And I was in the first -- as a boy Dennis you can. If you can't -- carefully and conservatively. We can do probably three hours on that state alone but. Features some of the things that that this author I'm Rachel and some I guess is her name. Says that people fall prey to a one is that once you marry. You're responsible for your spouse's death. Well you're not if your spouse process dead into the marriage. Because instilled in our case would be his but it. If you do Mary and you co sign on any loans. Even if I was to try to eliminate some credit card -- you are now responsible. And you are also responsible for any death that your spouse takes on after you marry even if your neighbors and on. They count. People don't know that -- yeah. You're responsible. If if if you end up. Divorcing or whatever or even not divorcing but if your spouse signs up for some deaths. And even if you didn't cosigned for it they can still come to you even if your name is now on the account because you -- York. Collective assets were considered to. In order to determine. Whether or not the person was credit where they before they gave the debt. So you can't shelter and unless it's in a separate corporation or something like that. Which is why people do that. We're talk about ordinary credit card debt and things like that car loans second thing credit cards. From your favorite retailers are good deal most people think that they're not. Because when you get the credit cards directly from let's say Macy's or any of this the stores where they carry credit cards. If you look at them the interest rates are more than triple what you would normally pay if you had a bank credit cards. So you have to watch what that is if you don't chaos -- death every month on your. Macy's credit card or whatever it's a really high interest rates ridiculously high. Number three year too rich for federal student loans most people think that and they never bother to -- But the reality is there are a lot of grants and other things that your children can get -- you can get. That have nothing to do list your income levels. And financially it is well yeah exactly. And for dutifully paying off your mortgage each month will do wonders for your credit score. Well it does as long as you make the payments every month. Nothing wrong with that. But if you don't get any extra points added to your credit score if you pay more than what you mortgages. And people think they're getting. They're flying point oh yeah he you're not you're just paying enough money and that's it's beneficial for you in some cases but. Number of five money from a family member makes an easy down payment on home. I want as both -- view about this because I didn't know on this but this author says. That even if people don't buy a home entirely with cash they're being more careful to put down. Big down payments and often that means turning to family members for money. But those kinds of gifts may set off red flags for lenders with much tighter lending standards and before they condemned them before the crash. Thanks so looking closely at where the money for your down payments came from. Some miners wanna see any gift for down payment has been in your bank account. For a significant period of time and most wanna see this origin is documented. Is that true and it's just -- and they wanted to season for about six -- thirty to sixty days. And then whoever keeps see the money they go back in track and see how that person times that's my gift to you how definite that's been going match. Not just with this I if I let my license is 28 years old how long sneer were on the same. I had that's been gone on forever sort of a pain realized Somalia I know he had to have documentation yes yes yes. Okay summer of yeah well Maria take a break I guess we'll come back you're listening -- -- -- in one show and we'll be right back. Your wedding day the most important and exciting day of your life you want to beat her thanks. The flowers the limo the -- is the bridesmaids dresses you forget -- Become an overwhelming. Need to panic and just relax and head to the northeast PA bridal show Sunday February 16 from Nucor and today even looks very there'll be over forty vendors. That's your service with everything you need for your wedding. Plus the trunk show featuring the latest 2014 and 2015 designs had to leave Saturday morning -- little Korean land now. -- -- -- -- Back everybody you're listening to -- in when Chela Murray cabinet and the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business. I'm Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. So we have our resident expert missing need to Arora who is the owner of the RA once our owner broker. -- ERA one source realty with eight offices in five counties. Tanzania. Hasn't been here we may still although we do love by Jeff -- land we love our data we love them. I did a lot of traveling and I know and I did the time now so we're back and we're happy to have use of and again. Happy new year and -- and thank you once again for -- the supporting us and being one of our sponsors again this year we truly appreciate it. You very much am I love the show off most of thank you -- so but listen -- what's up in the world of real estate. What a lot of changes. And you know but the positive. Still I just thought we start off the show and talk about how the real estate market is improved. Because like yeah she was talking about Matt Flynn the -- has allowed that there was still in a depressed. Market need it in the recession eccentrics and just. But we've come out of shape gradually. So we did some computing on numbers. And the bullet office the in my list. The Scranton and molest showed a 15% increase over -- Kind of -- swept the numbers jive with what we did our office and we had. A fourteen and a half percent increase in sales from 2012. To 2013. -- average sales price went up from 142160. I'm commercial went up a little bit too commercial was at a standstill so you see that moving again. And we've lost some agents but the agency that did work the business. More than half but the agents and our company sold over a million dollars and realistic now. Still computing -- numbers he Irene from. Katrina on married offices we did about a 127. Million in sales. And we had about a thousand sites. A thousand transactions. So when his -- is open which is a good number. Which is a great number so we -- still leading. You know the market which makes me very happy that's where -- 15%. Higher than not shows -- competitor. So that's always good to Tucci aren't very good Clinton could have been done without the great staff and the great. You know workforce I have working for me. Comes the consumer confidence is up again in the market. Come. People ask why do you think people are ready to -- we had the busiest December and -- Mean every now busiest I still it's Christmas Eve I was out getting contracts signed up for how does this -- -- while. And not just my contract include the the 500 it's still we've been busy and so we feel that the consumer confidence is that we think a lot of the biased. And rebuild the credit scores of their outstanding. They still wanted to jump in by the interest rates alone may have gone up so we see that frenzy -- home shopping. So which kind of made it. A surprising -- Yeah that's great. -- -- I was reading something new this morning about and it was an article encouraging people to consider buying in December and January. Because it seems to always be a lull that they while usually ES usually begins but people are looking at this and saying mortgage rates are starting to creep up. If I'm gonna do it I should probably do it now and the thing that really struck me in the article was the fact that. At this point in time you really get them the truth as they called the litmus tests on the house. Because that he insists that it will. You know if it's if it's really in bad shape when you walk in that house you know it and so -- -- there's just a lot that's happening in the house in the wintertime. That makes it's something that shows you this is a good how survey -- house. So this is I I thought was fascinating and you just said the same thing I had an amber January have been phenomenal and if you've seen -- went on national TV great. I think it's gone -- this -- the average American has been saving gas dropped. You know still I think -- -- computes to because people have to cash in the down payment size sent out -- you know I had saved up money that they're ready to jump back into the market. And I I think I really agree with it Indian -- really even though they have gone up a little bit they are still so so -- historically no real. I mean so it is a good time. But you know four point five -- -- when you can just got on my you know point I don't I can't. -- -- forgot what they actually given -- away. An inventory do we have how many months inventory doing half. And us market probably even a cabbage about the six month I kind. That's plenty of people I have to be somewhat patient I mean can I know -- you know and the reason I'm asking -- -- I remember we asked Jeffs -- question maybe six months ago. We -- something -- and -- BA BS and there was something like two months or three months at that point and I was at. So I'm I'm just curious to know how it tomatoes are very important number to see how many months and inventory -- around. I think footage is healthy balance in formats and. You had a pretty healthy balance right now camp. Come nine you'll see more and more coming up with sprain and a place in the Senna Senna coming into the market. I'm more realistic -- priced in now and ample blood before good. Because I think they know they don't want to sit on their homes Fuller you know six months to a year. So incredibly -- thinks stuff so I'm pretty. And back to even more of the investment properties which for a while I was at a standstill right tonight you'll see people buying the -- units for entry how it. -- about the commercial side of things. -- still dead. But I still still -- priced right it's going manhunt still can definitely see -- but it any house plan says the summertime. -- house that's pretty strike it will sell. Unless there's some. Funky environmentally -- you know you know seriously that you may not know or don't there's no reason when house is priced appropriately it sells. Choke choke choke. And it's back to condition location I'm. Give back to the three basics and more in Los Angeles are paying attention to its one legal and it's a lot easier now because thanks to television thanks to Anthony's fate of the media we have more educated status. Coming full and in the end it did before seeing do you agree it 'cause I die financed. Don't you agree that a lot of the stuff that happens with. In real estate is the emotional. Baggage that people. Bring to the table because it's the house -- the home that they've done so many things and and Eric and then the emotion attached to wood based person I mean and the value level. That people always think their house is worth more than hadn't been someone may wanna pay and it gets even in an emotional stuff gets in the way. Absolutely constantly so it's up to the -- to to educate them. Can you tell people that indeed we -- -- doing this because I do all the time I -- as as it now even. I tell people. Please understand that emotion is the stuff that gets in the way and I know can't be helped in many cases but if you're letting emotion drive your bus. Really doesn't even know when does their job -- nobody does a champion here -- -- night so it's up to -- -- it to be educated and for you to explain it to them. And a lot of times I don't even want to send -- home Monday showing the varieties because they take things on a personal letter that's going. Combat if you sit down and Diaw comes right in -- in -- price about the stats the price of the square foot. Can use your knowing your market you can educate them and it happened really. Listen TO coming and I just sold the house last night. And myself the last 40000 dollars spent. He pointed at the peak of the market right she wasn't happy but with the office that he meant he -- -- -- he could -- us you know what has taken advice. And it wasn't an easy. In a conversation to tell someone and it was even bush because I sold in the house yeah. Oh -- listen a little bit embarrassing car. Hide it it's the mark my turn I mean I had an analyst mark anytime that O'Neill well could predict center just a girl Libby would be -- Alex. Right exactly. Yeah I I was telling somebody yesterday actually client I told him that might have tired and it wasn't it was yeah. And it was so nice my I'm brother and who doesn't live in Scranton anymore but I. Listed his his house and he was in Florida and his wife still lives here. And the what I'm when I was with another agency and I walked away from. That property because I -- he would be emotion that they were. Writing I even though was my own family. I just wasn't going to be part of it so I said I'm pumped I walk away I had someone else taken over Elena listing this up they went to another agency -- to look I don't want any part of this. And then when they realized it was happening my sister -- mother called me back and she said. And I said your emotions waiting to follow over this you know and she comics us the night with their tail between your legs in -- -- way she's like -- you please sell our house and you can't end -- hot and and I said if you and she knows I took I I don't think you're absolutely right when it was let's do and not only did I sell it. But I do -- I was a dual agent on it and then a year after I I sold it to a buyer. There'd be buyer had to relocate and I sold it again and was the dual agent I met with an eight years' time not because. But daddy is the stuff that happens and you didn't get -- no emotion just and you have to know like for me I just had a say. Here this personal handled this so listings up and I'm walking away from that because I knew I'd rather high for that I'd rather have saved by the relationship and working out thanks. Thanks so interesting because it's emotion just takes over sometimes. -- -- -- it's especially minutemen this money involved and using my committee understand it it's just that he'd just got to look at it like a business transaction and and a lot of times if you put yourself in the -- issues. And you can keep that and it becomes a little bit easy to understand how again there's there's a reason for all over the place but so do you. So Nina how do you find you what's your take -- The think mortgages and need an actual cook -- getting through the people how what about the approval -- -- still see is as tight as it was. Are people being approved a little bit is it's loosening up but -- it's still very tight. It's losing. A little bit it's definitely the banks are very cautious right I mean obviously -- credit scores is the number one thing to look into -- debt to income ratio. Found -- I would say. It's a little bit easier but absolutely -- -- these distant pretty stringent about their clients. And -- and easing up. -- when announcing that many appraisal issues as we did the of the four -- So that's a healthy start adding that the from property values aren't going up that slightly yes I'm getting currently average about four and a half to 5% from her son in a less certain -- his relationship with your farm and carted us. We -- a co principal broker with -- it is parties as a relocation company. That is one of the largest relocation company that involves enough people around. Since they have large contracts with like. The largest. Employers employees so the relationship is if they have a salary in the market. We get an opportunity to -- -- comments they have incoming fire ants are -- executives of eleven Kimmel think sometimes they do a group -- We get involved in helping them find housing close and housing. Mom flood there science to scrape. How long have you had that relationship. Leaving an associate broke -- and for ages and then last year. We got promoted to a co principal which is a huge thank you turn -- they have very high standards it's a tough one to get into it. But the high standards of good so the agents have to be trained on how to deal with it. How we do a lot of US aid to what the military and the government and everything's. So it is a special training and not every agent in our office. Qualifies to be what he called the TV. That's services -- yes. -- help on that note for -- after wrapping up here yesterday I mean how can anybody who needs to get in touch with you how can they do best. How come they could -- on a corporate offices -- some glitches I said you know 979999. And it's this in the hammer again broker owner of the ERA one source realty -- aid offices in five counties. And you know none of you might wanna say happy birthday to LC since my birthday is on Tuesday might want to -- Tuesday on every all right happy birthday -- birthday and I tell everybody because. I consider the alternative asset backed up and it's. But any myself and what -- alien -- -- this weekend we wish you a nice one and -- look forward to hearing. Talking and we'll see on the radio we'll talk to my next week so thanks for listening have a great weekend he's safe and being nice. -- --