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2-3-14 Buddy Rumchik- What, Am I Lyin?

Feb 4, 2014|

Buddy looks back on the week's news events including Scranton's New Financial Adviser, State of the Union, and the Grammys

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tragic air big -- actually start with that from that you can't make this stuff up department. The newly hired financial advisor does any of Scranton some modicum of desperate pulled out at random Everett remains to write this the city's biggest money -- up. Is pensions. Yeah I don't know right pensions. Picked Kansas city's name money problem. You get that same information -- my monkey bread banana the president gave his state of the unions. Each last week it was 65 minutes long he -- for forty minutes to work give up for air Joseph Biden was that we kind of like it would have been up. Bottled -- -- not before he showed up he believed that people are doing it day you don't -- finger. They -- look like he was told that a trip to the bathroom and PV viewership. The lowest ratings in fourteen years -- -- supernatural which comes out of the same time the CW was almost that time. -- -- the CW chance and -- grammys happened last week. And nobody would drunk -- if he's just. You know slowly drifted -- is that nice to make fun of -- but even on the other -- -- Black -- -- -- when he tried to squeeze -- a coherent sentence. I think those guys who get their whole LaMont. And anybody that Stevie Wonder going to sing it went after it happens I did enjoy the awards in the rap category. In Egypt to catch up on the problem. You'll go on I was any audience when he first showed her I thought he was kind of patting. And I talked to that 102 delay to keep to give him here than naughty words but they just started out with a clause that would be -- gyrating crotch. -- -- -- -- -- -- with which to remain CEO WYOP. We will be right back after -- worked remarkably sponsors.