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Mayor Tom Leighton Talks to Tarone

Feb 5, 2014|

For over an hour on WILK!!!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Isaiah six I guess tonight is well it's very mayor Tom -- the mayor's 01804370098. 8830098. Thomas gets out a couple of calls out on the way and and now I've got a bunch of other questions -- shots or nasal and you're on W while K when mayor lighten. I have merrily and I would like -- And exactly and record yeah. If you put forward a proposal to create. An investigative team overall law enforcement task force if you will. -- would include if they can receive free time permanent officers from the -- Serb police department. Two or three deputies maybe it's -- detective. And the most definitely request the president from. I don't think it's terrible Homeland Security. And I would like that the immediate of law enforcement that will investigate complaints about food -- -- president. -- -- and I think it is necessary to do without multi fold. Well in -- thing is that if you hadn't anybody can law enforcement. Cool. Take complaints about the president you're gonna get to run around the yes it in there that's the GA -- the rules for police department the DA's gonna say. If you go directly to magistrate rules for police department's food Serb police departments -- -- Iraqis into the city -- and see if we don't have that. We're getting apps have been a lawful. At a raped it was two didn't go in the past and and this there really isn't any oversight it's going into that prison and investigating their present and. I shot I got eight phone calls already what the main crunches you think there should be I task force to investigate in the prison is that right yeah absolutely something that's what about a partnership -- Well that that would that would come on the account is a county owned prison in the city is having to do with the running. 'cause that would have to meet internal investigation. Launched by the county council. Which I have no involvement with as far as a government -- we do work together. Under the project would ask this county owned it and hide dollar stock to watch Tony from Justin Tony Wragge WI okay. LA transferred taken my car and my question I have actually two things that I'd like Jack asked this politicians. Actually that my first real quick statement is. And I browse all song thank you wanna get him I want well welcome when he -- that. Didn't number one job of big government and to protect the people. That is that the case it is to protect the rights of the people -- That this -- air let's back up First Amendment and that's even understand. The First Amendment because one I can't stay independent journalist in this area we've already seen his boy in black and disrespectful. And the -- each creates. Whether it be regular citizens are independent journalist by calling them the journalistic. And I would like it's the emergency powers that you would get there. Under. -- resolution to 123 and large wonderful idea what city emergency powers were named in his name's William. The mail towards very. What's happened to. Don't emergency powers says he resent that comment and met and repealed or that's he's still have these emergency pops. Denied any responsibility and know what to do we evaluate this city. This city was and I remember when he declared that act and I know they you do it the city police are actually arrested a -- looters yeah so so that was needed the time and you know it's only affect our natural disaster which her -- with. And. Let's throw a lot of scientists find from well it's very frank you're on W I okay. -- -- -- -- -- I'm an early impact I heard you say. I'm doing one of the previous call center it's something your critics solely to talk about -- our overall are acting like. How well too often talked about this issue. I hate and -- point out there that are dead or call for all he -- has rendered. Up from the sixty million when he took -- sister almost a hundred million or over a 109 you still can't get inaccurate accounting. But one other question I'd like to get an answer until I tried getting the -- there so that everything council meeting in couldn't pastors spokesperson NG diverted the questions I'm hopeful that you'll get an honest answer here. It is one of the officers led -- are being hired within the next ten. He is he being reinstated with his. Up tension and her burned from the time he he resigned this city. Three years ago and it now returning are achieving higher fraction of the new law. After starting over like. -- -- No. The -- June we announced on Thursday at 10 AM. And you know lower by the PV agreement you know it's it's a contract in place frank. Can you know whatever the contract states ruled by by around the rules and regulations are back contract. What about what he just mentioned about the city's overall -- Is it up off side of the debt went up but you have beaten the debt is is our guarantee by. We -- the immortal. Transportation secretaries a million dollars in debt is. Paid by the parkers they -- -- death. We have the the different can energy project we just -- should you know. Forward it's a very successful the savings that we get from the energy pasted that. Down costs so any debt that we incurred and you don't. Via it's like if we need to put a new roof of City Hall it's like you put how's the if you ever housing news put new rules for most people -- -- -- -- are we knew by new police cars most people who get along. So as the city looks are no different idea that we don't have money laying around. But you need to keep to police cars running you need to fire keep the fire any attorney he -- when his running. So yeah we do we incur -- you most of the time it's guaranteed by the reverend Tom. What I see any budget it's kind of on the same lines and I saw LC TA was getting beaten up for having defund. Balance. Zinni a well it's very have a fund balance and the dozen dot com. I'd be smile -- we did we don't have one of Adam -- now why not not on the in the bin if you're asked if we -- surplus and right. Now now I'm I'm a little surprised because so most cities until the last few years. Had I had one I know again -- two sister cities have drained errors yes hi I had. Are small because and I used to say. EU should keep -- eight to 10% of their operating budget in a fund balance just in case. The sky collapses in you have to take emergency actions -- know him LA people forget we went through seven natural disasters would a lot of the damage not. Covered by FEMA you know we Larson over a million dollars team for the 2006 storm the week before Thanksgiving. Flash flooding devastated that. The F Parsons area minors person miners mills up there doesn't usually get hit that was all I did it got hit. Because it wasn't hit by Agnes are the one and 75 and so we know -- had seven natural disasters where we've had flooding incidents tour had you Bakley. A larger board part of Citi -- and they know people are realizing you don't have that money they are another example of was a storm malvinas day of 2007. We're city was shut down for three days because of that the state was shut down back -- 750000. Dollars. We can't have that money laying around no CB budget 70000 dollars for a one day storm can learn from. Jam O from south Wilkes-Barre here on W I okay it -- -- Lleyton. They are you doing there -- no nice talking the LA mayor bill when you're speaking like you mentioned about stood intermodal law transportation. -- down there and you said he cost thirty some million dollars right before you already paid a percentage of that right. That's correct my -- -- -- just video looks bird and paid all thirty million dollars no revenue from. Like 5% year could you -- was we're city people. Probably was our partly five point five or six million. Yeah okay that's better with the figures you people can understand it is when they start here in thirty million and get and like god one gentleman said -- dead city even after recording left I don't know do you exact figure -- it hadn't got there they had gotten higher since you've taken office. But I know there's always problems. And you know. I'll I'll give you that but what I wanted to ask -- is. How couldn't there have been no something done a little bit harder. To keep up front here from running back got a background plate you know they had a KOC cool why can't do -- -- get something done do to make the leadership. What use are. Trying to do for us to come out better for yourself. Edit a good question our frontier media did take it on TI TV has it that we were very I was very upset when they relocated outside the city and met with their corporate leaders. And they just said the building wasn't -- instructs daily people often just in need that much space initially in the com zone rules and regs. It if you got a ten year exemption or five years and shorter maybe. You had a staying remain there after the cons on expired. -- a matter of time and if you left earlier. He would be pro -- and be forced -- paid app path back I remember that every movement Harrisburg -- are we talked about that Lou our leadership in Harrisburg. How we felt it was not fair to the city's. And that that's should've stayed in there if that was a case -- com. Pretty comfortable -- -- -- -- -- literally downtown yet because I know that that was a concern to a lot of bus so I those very dissatisfied and unhappy with that move them. Let's talk to Joseph from swear Israel -- you're on W while K with -- -- Hello to go to their plan to make endorse -- in the democratic governor primary. This time. Okay short sweet I will break we'll be back and guest tonight as well as very mayor Tom Leighton. I can ask your question about does something I see here that does somebody has -- -- -- we get the original lent a hand basket Wole lot talk about that that was a man we're talking about here a minute now. And -- and you ask them 1804370098883. 009887. -- LA -- lives mayor Tom Leighton on 9891013. 101 a three point one FMW wildcat. I Friday 21 the mayor's chair Tom Leighton is here 1804370098. Data age 300 and I met a stock to rise and that. From well to marry Ryan -- W while -- mayor lighten. Questioned through the mayor are how many million dollars and then I'm not thank you -- some families is so dependent serve -- And fifty plan done the bidding of the police source to release the images. Nobody care system this year. Brian as we indicated an idea at the council meeting were very satisfied with -- -- I believe we received three million dollars in rent money. And Camille Little more than gaming money. Who you're never gonna see that the -- do. And I Yankee Don I don't know what happened ever gonna see the video image truly Cisco is considered evidence. The police chiefs are very happy a majority of police officer extremely happy. Hey you know who we leave we've had. Different law -- range -- from throughout the state of Pennsylvania. I had the governor look at that that the camera system nobody walks -- -- press there's a very impressive system were very sound so as a result we have receive. So far hazel -- -- modeled after the hawk eye system however something has happened with the hawk eye system has more to do with. The organization. That owned it it disbanded itself what's the status as far as the hotly. You're you're buying them from someplace right or hawk -- is still existed it was nonprofit board set up to insulate the city from -- -- -- completely illegal is just another border authority whatever you wanna call it. And young now at times come more to -- take ownership and in running camera system. Again as something that any city will -- decide as a looks very smaller bigger would love to have a we have other C love to have it. That type agreement in it we got to get this the best system up and running -- longer available right sorry we're extremely satisfied. Ask you -- about some of the images because this stuff keeps coming up I mean this is over a year ago although we hit and run car with a little boy who was crossing north street. There worm I guess three or four camera images released her from King's College. Lose garage parent Pennsylvania Avenue and north streets. None from the city why -- that. I'm told they exist I was told by somebody who is invent involved in the investigation. All that case that they existed and they will be used is evidence. But they -- released. Publicly myself and our police department the camera systems so that heavily criticized by my critics. Relatives that. It's still an ongoing and very active investigation. And -- bill come on now but when when the dust settles. The -- song come out looking good someone errors. A verdict in that case. The images that were used and it can be released an -- particularly we don't like to let people know -- cameras are to remove the cameras around him so there again now we have to police chief and the district attorney is is this your attorneys investigating this case allow our police and. Thank you LA good evening and good evening -- -- -- I have one question sir and that my question is why is there and yet no police substation in Sherman else. I mean they're there in the windows on basically a bi weekly basis. I mean we know would say it's a problem in this city we understand there are -- there's a number of difficulties up there. But yet. For these all these years we've never seen any type of movement from the -- -- police department. -- places substation up there well expert township which only has roughly a third of the size police force as it looks perhaps. Had a police substation at Wyoming Valley mall. But yeah we need to know we have a problematic Sherman held -- quite yet we do not go ahead and places substation up there plans to -- players. What thought that first of -- in the allowing the -- is it is quite a big operation there and looks for attention please fill that there's a need there. -- hills they private residential apartment complex consisting are partially three anything triggering. Fifty apartment yeah. We feel we're better served by having the officers patrol the streets of that section is saying. So we we just can't put a substation on private property won the proper don't have to okay. -- we have our own housing projects in this city was fair rumba was -- housing authority to. But again you know it's off that all -- I was troublesome Sherman -- don't you allowing those guys in Germany hills in the news every other week break in -- were addressing that situation we've been addressing the situation. We've we've -- did some. And the progress there and I'm very comfortable say and I said this from day one who weren't -- don't want a war -- but we're gonna win this battle. About Sherman heels because I was contestants on my list of things ask you that I saved until a -- get that at. Question and that task force stand dot congressman car right. Put together. I didn't really think it was necessary and you're the -- and Jerry this -- Are the ones who know all that -- complex. Better than and then anybody else because especially Jerry I mean and that the cops are Barack. Paul all the time. Is there a problem with -- is a problem with ownership couldn't. This city or or car right have gone to hot and say look you've got a major problem here. And you've got to deal with this you got to deal with it now. Well wanna wanna thank. Cars from the far right and senator Casey who've been very involved with helping. -- with the situation in all of the members of the task force pairing you up your free time to come and sit in meetings and discuss it. I can't say enough. Of that cooperation we received over the last twelve to fifteen months. It may mean closing eighteen months from all levels that I emphasized law all levels. The law enforcement putt down there with the regional director in Philadelphia -- -- and and her staff has come in the -- -- from Washington -- has been here and I have dominant fashion right behind them in the city looks very in my administration are police department. Has had numerous meanings. It just takes time. It takes time goes to all the people working guinier do you any large apartment complex and and we're making progress and you know nobody wants to make a mistake by rushing through it. But again how were on top of it hunts on top -- -- Thinks that the congressman the senator working out into Washington. Or do you want to regional office but again I can't say enough for all the support the city workers received from many many different agencies to. Story in the paper I guess it was needy in October early November said they had inspected the place. And not August dad nick they had found problems there and since then there were several shootings. And it just seems to me that hard for some reason has been reluctant. To move. Reluctant I mean he can't force them to sell ID -- you can't say well we're gonna withdraw the subsidy for housing right. I would say that they're not reluctant. They're -- -- investigation into an -- analysis of what can and cannot be done soon and I think when the dust settles. I'm going to be happy and your residency to truly happy. I don't know if you can answer this or not the allegation has been re east. That the owners of Sherman hills. Had -- recruiting people in New York Condo Pennsylvania the welfare benefits are more generous. The cost of living is a little bit lower all he'll love it will spare I -- sounding a little flippant with that. Allegations been raised. I know to reporters actually channel sixteen send somebody to Brooklyn to ask and that was -- on the questions you tried asking get an answer. Is this city concerned about that. We're always concerned when residents serve her tenants are coming in here I look of one of my police officers were shot. Right from a protests visitor who haven't been a son of the -- tenant who wouldn't really know right to be there. And really -- fatally injured not only are officers. And other law enforcement our officers and agencies that were assisting us. Nobody's happy with what's going on up there are they bringing people and -- recruiting people and putting are one way ticket and bustle looks very. I will say this comfortably. No stone will go unturned and that area is being looked at. He's an illegal -- I mean that's a citizen of the United States. You know I mean if it seems on ethical to me. To do that but I don't know that it would be illegal if you live in New York well you're a resident domain and need the United States I. It depends what the purpose is a member to receive government subsidy. There securing government funding to put tennis in those buildings. They need to fill them up right so again there's rules and regs are very happy to say mayor Tom white is here tonight screening can. -- data -- LA our rights our right. I am I -- -- fewer week in the rooms -- you may or may not have heard there were questions about. The police department. Mom where it was what it is now what's what happened what's what the police department where the size of it. When I took office than not 2004. There prior to seven years semi one. I got up to 91 police officers. Get through retirements of people -- are workmen's comp. The police department you know and deeply in a little bit and went down to about semifinal or right now I plan iron ten on -- serves are restoring the man. And the goes back up to 85. Hey you know -- Republicans specially if you are calling in and they just don't understand how government were actually think he's -- would have no idea what you're talking about. You know and a police officer retires he's not -- -- -- right away there's vacation time sick time personal time health care. They have to pay for the -- takes time to accumulate the get get through the end of the year. -- we I mean community to residences and it looks very you know my ultimate goals a key to city safe. And I'll continue to keep them into my number one goal or -- ten officers and hopefully. If the economy picks up will hire more. Islam cannot precision so bring the forced up to about 85 that's a significant investment to kind of pay for. Plus a big investor I've cried and other areas and I've been criticized from our cuts senators now resonant or visitor businessman -- business lady. Tennessee illustrated does not wanna see more police officers on the street and I made my commitment that is the 1 department I am not content MIA. Ten plus years now the cities in America. Can I mean if if it was September would you say 9091 for -- 20052006. How to get down to 7172. What was in the budget a couple of years ago. That was the prime ministry should go down that well. And actually was in the sixties. And they hired some. An hour before the end of the term. And I that I put up about seventy wanna believe -- -- -- 6767. So I want to do I started we was 71 that I got to the 91. Man. Again anything you know you pay pretty options like cutting other departments. -- you didn't get it up to 91 I got up to 91 and then you were down a little bit -- -- gonna go back up to 85 yeah that's correct what happened to get from 91 to. Whatever the -- all under your administration was. And then the back up to 85 -- again. We got down a semi 57 I don't recognize it but you have to remember Warren in the war and recession weren't. Very difficult economy. Last year we were -- Marie Warren I'm getting are -- -- tax that was collected by the tax collector. We're out about one point five million dollars the money that was collected that we cannot function puts the bond Wilkens and agency at stocking up everybody I know wilkes-barre took a big -- but it wasn't the only one around and counting we're the biggest city now -- community that they're collecting four from some actually were to -- there were hurt the most. And you know it was very difficult there was. Very stressful time knowing that there was money that was collected on behalf of the city was very that we did not receive time we had to make some. Do some -- house which was very difficult for me to do but you know I I've I've proven to the public -- proven to. The people care who people -- to me back in the office that I'm not afraid to make difficult decisions that I made fiscal decisions. And that -- when you make difficult decisions people get upset. It's it's a few years ago now but no one thing that does -- That pops up every once in awhile I know be a woman involved did today and even filed a lawsuit one of the actions was to consolidation of summon up fire houses particularly got closing and fights. The -- heights fire house. On nine North Hampton street is that first -- gestured first thing's first is that case now fully over. If that I believe so once once in this city is sued. I argue is every Tennessee as soon I guess who gonna Marron CEO assigned. Once it when you soon its turn over insurance company insurance company retained attorneys and we guilty in terms of pre US attorneys handle everything. So why are sharing it is this all completely. That's why are you concerned about making that decision because when you look at the lay out in this city the heights isn't. I mean it can be a difficult one to get to win the event. -- -- -- on non grand -- something we'll if you look at the the way to see is laid out is like a long strip. Here you go from the border rationing in a row of the border of the plains township me you know -- Oxford township. The high sections so we have a fire station. South. Parrish and I when it's when we have people. The working. We have. Headquarters staff do we have the home taxation staff do we have a minimum many of twelve firefighters -- all time we have more people are scheduled show up. Would do to vacation time sick time personal time not always today's show up so I mean your your paying people. But it in the middle Manny is twelfth whom they are -- -- engines running again we're doing the best we can't. Men armed back to the police department what is the status. The city's police. Pensions. And their pensions overall I mean what you need to do you read. MM all. Mom. Are are you fully fund dead because it is it easier to sister cities credit hazelnut and had their problems and -- I don't believe any serious fully fund in fact there's an Harrisburg and Euro early part of week and none discussing -- And pensioners to huge problem statewide statewide pensions and and all the individual municipal pensions -- and it's two separate problems -- is a big problem. And that was you know we we get stuck with to a remote payments money in the -- -- and current honor him more payments that's an animal municipal obligation battling for anybody does and what that means and that's our contribution to the pension plan and we made them. Under my leadership under my administration we may -- cheers -- -- -- -- -- Anything regarding I mean Ari have busy is there any problem with a collection of back to a five taxes and and the reason I'm bringing this -- as again. Hazel and and Scranton cab had. Problems in those regards no -- have not heard any no we mean we've been doing pretty good we're we're okay. So Alison when I look at again year to sister cities Scranton had paid. Interest rates. 7%. 8% on municipal loans. Hazel and has just taken two out there close to 5%. You've done that. Well in that's what my critics don't want ever talked about is zero when I took over. Here are ten point eight million dollars of unpaid bills on my desk at 35000 dollars and checking account and a payroll half million dollars due in ten days. -- my third week in office on my Wall Street meeting with the the financial people trainer restructure. And get our persons our financials in order to mail -- to ten years ago in 2004 it was very very difficult. We turned around we were able -- team bond insurance claim they made a commitment to financial people on Wall Street. That's what they believe my critics understand us in these decisions are made your looks very. The mayor and Wall Street and I York city. And you know we we may solid financial presentations they researched and they discussed and when asked that question thus we -- financial presentations both here. It looks very in the New York City. And you know who you mentioned that interest rates are I just we got to AAA bond rating and Welch and hazel -- doesn't have that trend doesn't have that and we just borrow our guard can't keep their one point 68 you know you just mentioned the numbers really wanted to point 68 interest re yes for our card -- so. You know that's something I'm very proud of but you know it's not newsworthy -- you don't see them on the front page but that's that's probably are my administration's biggest accomplishment. His that we got the financial. Ordered the city back in shape. You know and that could change tomorrow then this is truly very very difficult economy that's at the people are realized. -- who looks very doing much better from a financial site has been difficult so can we are it's been extremely difficult. -- we've made it difficult decisions and we've upset people. We're headed in the right direction aren't -- hold it there will be back after ABC news report data mayor on a little bit early February get -- end. You can now 1804370098883009. And it's ABC news that are back to speak but mayor Tom Leighton. So why a -- on W wildcat that they must abide by. I'm sure one of being. Well break and a will be back I guess tonight is wilkes-barre mayor Tom -- and we got one open line 180437. 00988830098. -- -- 98910. And thirteen 101 a three part one have MW -- okay. To the phones in the second your troubled -- I -- -- their previous -- got my mind go on about this sub stations does they would -- and concern about fad for awhile and hazel in a previous police chief had like three or four of them -- and the next police chief came in and said. These things doorways for pain and random there's nobody in them you have to come up on the way to sparked a debt to men and the make them worth anything. And man them fund them because basically you we Indonesian taken police officers off to -- streets the put them. In a prior residential complex -- one. This complex -- Thomas is and we do they once they do hired details which means they are two police officers to patrol the area. Authorship. They don't do Hillary were basement occasion ill do that. This idea is probably crazy that I know floated anyway precinct ounces. Could you do bad today I mean -- -- and and what I mean by a precinct house is sort of a mini police station did take. Save the heights precinct the officers assigned them heights and let them. And instead of bone the police station it would go to the precinct house on grand street or wherever and hides. I totally feasible is that I believe that's for bigger cities like Philadelphia New York. That -- do you it would not be few policy was pursues her -- square miles -- -- We have our officers out there and you get the places it timely manner college like to -- even from miners mills -- you're on W wild game and Merrill Lleyton. Yeah any thanks firmly under around LA and and effect question and that's a comment where mayor. I am actually and I have to say yeah. I like say YouTube. Quite a bit after those council meetings. I keep up let us political football no more minorities -- -- it comes to council meetings. What I see on YouTube there's. -- -- and the way they act. Quite honestly when they're being disrespectful to the council members and -- that's a City Council -- americorps to be there. I'm the filled -- previous mayors never Tenet cow's mile ring myself on some my staff to tell you what's on the agenda. Typically when those critics come up in the if -- I don't watch YouTube. So I don't really watch the videos of the council means they are experienced -- first chancellor Indonesia Korea. To relive the secularism television coverage of -- -- but typically I I will I'm working I'm sending emails. And you know working whether he only has City Council yell at myself -- I really I tune -- -- ever listen them. I'd Stephen tigers in the golf bag -- talked a mark from Parsons mark you're on W -- -- OK I particularly like car. Unfortunately the matter is background check and I'll be such an 8000 people I mean. They don't ever I don't ever see them going out looking for -- job -- receive them walker and their pajamas. Actually I have a house right next thing you receive them battling dove formula called the -- Previously armed -- They just simply ignored army I don't know. Both the hole and he would just being corrupt do all the drug industry and researchers then people and what -- we do about this LeMieux used to -- our our charts are solved the. -- won the section AEU it is up to the individual in order properly reviewed and the background check. To appear if you feel others are being dealt next to you your house burn your Hayward didn't affect your response of the police to -- you call me I know we get. A lottery. Lot of calls about suspected drug houses. That's why we who we -- over the -- strike ordinance and you know we shot one down just Unita and stay -- street. I think it was Saturday night he was into Friday night in the Saturday or Saturday in the Sunday. And I believe on Thursday we shut one down Hollis street economy to shut down totally so far I wanna -- me seminary. And I could be wrong. Off one or two but -- it's far in seminary and you know first we as a resistance -- I will tell you this. 90% of people not 95% of our residents are very happy when it. They're ecstatic special when one happens in their neighborhood -- -- the neighbors see drug -- going down. -- -- please I'll draw it off it really makes them feel good when they come out with the with the the drug dealer in handcuffs and and the neighbors and arisen as an error and are plotting them. Here on our police officers I can't say enough. For a job that they do they do a fantastic job. There's a real difficult times and you know people need to start appreciating them more but again I -- majority of people do appreciate the job that they do and they're doing a great job. And he had one of them before the vote on that bill last summer and I was a W while landing and and he told us he decided to vote for after hearing the public response that was overwhelmingly. Forest and that's why he voted for it. But please CLU is not crazy about it you -- a court case right now they had in the house they haven't filed now. Now failure we had conversations with some -- uniform but again. You know we're here this is our city. And as the city's leader I need to make decisions and bring this city back and make this neighbors as safe as possible and we feel is a great legal coal. To let the landlords know that don't pay attention to who's coming off from their home who staying in their home. And if they don't go -- raises a new experience they couldn't -- six months of -- what are the basic tenants of the -- strike coordinate. I don't want strike ordinance what are. A light did the basic rules are -- what is the reason that the city would shot shut somebody down is it repeated now no one time -- selling drugs at a house a gun possession. It is illegal it would drug trafficking. The -- as they so most of time we. -- the police -- -- drugs being guns and in the guns if there is frightful couldn't but you know again them the once Strayhorn is so far is working and the word is spreading. The word is spreading we hear from other communities -- surround -- and we have other communities calling us right for a copy organs and how were. Implementing it Howard forcing you so. Yeah Il may see multiple carrier next year two years three years and maybe a whole county Candice wash -- course where there's a problem. Now you but what is and I guess this is that your problems since you're not the mayor of the city's of the towns and cities around Wilkes-Barre but I know -- they -- this I happen elsewhere. Not they move out of world's very doesn't wanna strike ordinance and mounting on Edwards mill neglect kinks and they gonna -- extending on up toward Jenkins or something. Well again award the city and what do largest city and you know we get all the publicity and we're very concerned to win the Wyoming Valley -- what do you complains or Kingston. Or 44 where you're still part of looks very you know when the when those residents go away any singer from Oxford you know -- her complaints are pranks and -- we we feel as if their grit our neighbors and we don't want our neighbors suffer anymore and worse are from but. I believe you're gonna see regional police in the smaller communities I think you see -- sorry start up as some. And I again were were increase -- please -- back up to 85 this Thursday. It depends on how many regional lines if you did two or three towns that are near each other you can get away with it but if you try to do. 1012. Towns and one day he met that's problem in and of itself rob from edwards' failure on WI OK with mayor -- I think how do you call for Corbett are not a -- it's interesting topic and I got two questions one. -- -- -- and go on the court should do an interview I would look at a lot of good question being answered here. And -- -- quote un Facebook's very justified having a spokesperson when it seemed like you are articulate enough to answer questions programs. As a press will know and so the press knows. My job starts every morning -- -- a record six. Have sent emails by 615 in my staff knows that because they wake up to Salomon email come and -- -- phone with. You know it is it's a a very busy job is very difficult job. Danielle now is -- spokesperson. Hail of press for myself. Can all city departments but she's also special events -- -- they -- she's gone she goes seven days a week and you know -- she does a great job she's you know. She's -- the -- very well in the press is very respectful Birmingham -- we deal with two newspapers three TV stations. Hey you know it's. There are always carnage is -- one reporter Carney could a multi report reporters calling on different issues what -- They garbage issue whether to -- issue like today. What is a personnel issue I mean there could be any issues we even had the owners Dave Louis calls into were three different portions same. -- newspaper -- at times -- in the Susan voice in any other than TV -- immediate cause so. Yeah it's very difficult -- you know they wanna get the news down and we need -- happy knows the beat these these animation news gets them to have that was a controversial flyer I mean why can't they just called you -- and they have to call some. Into the AL LA it's it's who wasn't a controversial. My critics. The mayor has always has a Press Secretary. Her press person to handle the press OK again there -- we know we immediately -- city employees Kenya we have many different apartments. And I can't answer for every department we got to make sure that the real question gets -- rate individual them. Worried governor about Steve from clarks summit Steve here on WI -- with -- -- -- They're coming to put the bears beat you look at what he took it would become an extra. I don't understand a word you're saying you're. Phone's breaking up like crazy move a little bet. BA still break it up like crazy. I write sorry to allow what Steve call back we'll talk to Bob from -- -- Bob here on W I okay. Yes sir thank you should turn and ordinarily didn't. Yeah. I just showed that -- in December the challenges that. I actually looks very good luck this. Parties at but they risk breakfast. See you know as some of those challengers in. I I have to applaud them I mean. You know I think it's a battle and you know that the company is to look for. Aren't you unfair trade -- -- after my co workers -- I hope they come back. And I'm -- you know there have been challenges tonight sheet -- There's Lucy looks very or any -- if he would simply scratch and it has been business and I work -- and well let me just say -- stupid -- meet its obligations through and make money and -- I'm. You know they -- companies that don't know why sedition and. -- -- and thank you -- I appreciate that. Tied Bob I appreciate the -- thank you let a couple of other things dads are sort of floating around here this startling law. Does Senegal where the hotel sterling was I mean eight is first abolish the city's per view not the county's right. Right now as both are urged because there's both and both parties have -- is a property there are some issues with the title we're trying to work through but. That that will be in legal issue. -- when the legal issues are all resolves hopefully soon we'll move forward trying to very good developer to put on a corner authorities say a very good developer I know we've seen a couple of proposals for our -- are feared a couple of proposals of like convenience stores a 7-Eleven or something there I mean by -- -- enough. Landmarks in this city was torn down I hate to see it replaced with that 7-Eleven or pantry partners out like that I think whatever the -- you see here. The residence. The business community and visited me very happy. What about that -- bank building on the stroke last time you on the program we talked about that very briefly because that's been taken for a long time the one guy won an important. Why he called -- an anthracite museum it in there. And he would try to get contact whether it was a little bit of problems I don't know what kind of backing he had -- status that forms and it is that the city is that the county is at a private is that a private owner. See you Walter Jones of England which is Lou two doors -- on the -- -- right yeah we purchase that I wanna say maybe 2000 fine thank you beyond my years so. Diet you know right now it's this being in my fallen whole -- when he began when the economy turns around. We couldn't have a nice at the moment there. We did have some great proposals. Back in 20062007. That's an economy really took a hard hit in banks weren't lending aspect and a project which an event from. So we feel once economy turns around that because they're very marvel property. You've got a number of really spectacular. Downtown buildings a little by little are becoming vacant he got the -- national bank. Tom I guess that sterling and and -- elks building is still owned by the chamber of commerce I believe now that's on my individual on a New York okay. Senators -- possible development there may be and then that old allow water company building on Franklin streets. That is. Really when you look at that I really noticed until the summer when I was -- around taken pictures in the Stirling Halas being turned -- -- look at the architecture on that go on. -- pretty spectacular. And I -- sitting or make it. That's -- accounting and leave the carrier to carrier AT and -- now we marvel property begin earlier you -- -- again -- some tough times. Especially when I was banking rules and raise lending aspect and -- project. I think once economy turns around the banks loosen up there. Lending restrictions you'll still out of the moment -- -- not only looks pretty rarely now -- can't. But wilkes-barre like downtown you're landlocked so there's not like there's a what you can do -- like. Those old buildings sort of become important that the world landlocked. If you look what has transpired over the last ten years in the downtown I mean there's tumbleweed. Gone -- trees in 2003 I mean right now you have a vibrant downtown. -- kings who will have become part of our downtown they bring in 6000 students a year. You look at the downtown house in this picked up those are national bank and the -- -- is converted the top -- north -- I understand they're gonna keep coming down because. They're coming down towards first -- -- they ran and there's a waiting list now there's another large main building in downtown missiles and convert their units. In the residential units and you have mentioned towers and they rip the marshes where Marlboro harvest the walks -- -- students who live on campus. The economy is above the theater complex you know sold for me were 485 to 400000 dollars I -- who would ever thought they would souls so quickly. And the prominent people. You know the again the retail space will fill up once that the economy turned around the -- -- tears -- closest 600000 people. If you combine that what about a 180 shows that occur -- yearly basis. It's a vibrant downtown and received 43000 people. What about the Romano was kings taking all that when you're a little concern I mean you gave him the blessing right from the beginning I guess a negative is that you're down the one hotel. Downtown. But. Well we're down one hotel for now. Right now and you know he never know what the future holds. But were pretty optimistic Demi you'll find some another hotel operator discussion -- has done a great job and cleaning and making sure his properties. His -- -- -- he's he's he's doing very good there he's doing much better in there today that he wasn't 20032004. But you know kings came on that in the square mile -- kings who walks and on the campuses. -- let's face it people want a minute or college town -- you have king of the world got everybody's crazy about that either about. You kings who walks with two good neighbors and one blocked from public square. Welcome them. Hey you know my of my biggest fear was that we we have operator come -- and run that is the run a hotel Miramar hotel. -- not a good way that would be a detrimental to the downtown. Kings is coming in pumping millions of dollars and they're bringing students downtown. Increasing their academics. Putting students on the square -- living there. You know work side we're excited do we lose my some tax ours yes but they make a very generous. Pay little taxes veteran on the pilot like they do they do when Wilkes does right yes very generous and you know then what's very generous approximate figure -- -- just 175. Cities are thousands okay. In the you know into the well there -- they don't have to do that by law they they do not have to do that. But they wanna be part of the city they wanted to contribute to the city and again. Just a worker seen going on there a daily basis is going to be tremendous asset to the downtown now we gonna break. Quickly and I was raised in a few last questions age fifty -- our guest tonight mayor Tom -- -- well it's very honest Tyrone shall. Pat 9891013. 1010341. FMW -- ID 54 few minutes left without Wilkes-Barre mayor dot com late to ask you about the F towing contract push the ball. On the firm that has it now Falcone I hear no Contra racer -- -- no controversies are as follows everything's working fine for this house on the -- should -- -- great job very professional job we're very happy with their service. How about any lingering. Affects from the previous contract with flag now only. That's still on their investigation should there be a trial with. You know it that that's the -- islets in the future and you know we'll see what happens at this trial and again and I you know we were -- place right now isn't a great job. -- -- -- Is it necessary to have eight towing contract by I didn't went all that controversy was going on here I said why don't they just come up -- like. Our rotation basis -- take. -- to each. About six or seven towers in town give this city out there aren't funny by 30000 dollars or like a paid -- life. And then take one and then take to an end rotate them every month. Read about other cities and do an -- to read about is following orders and other cities heavily trading screens and then work they try and shall love your work toward getting fight each other. It's a rodeo and you know it's it two weeks we look at that and it just didn't work and we were gonna take that chance and have that happen as a new experience. We're very confident and comfortable with the current tar. And no -- a -- Your holes. -- back up to west some old buildings that are still in town this station the former station markets streets wherever you gonna call I know the city is in involved in that. That the county redevelopment authority is looking for proposals are concerned about what goes there. Were very concerned fact you know when the dust settles and the new council gets situated area a lot of things that are playing right now. I'd like to sit down with the county manager in accounting this American -- council. Because we're going to be marketing some properties and you know we we can help them -- can help us and we have the partial and the corner Northampton in south main that's another attractive make impartial. Powered parking immediately behind it enemies they crash history in the garage. And the hotel sterling aren't any -- station last so here we have three viable. And we -- one -- the -- -- past shackles. -- lane and -- more going to be Williams again tomorrow and Friday so we have four track this partial and that we develop hopefully very very near future and I like to sit down the candidacy was that what they think they know what your vision and goal is true that Parcells. Preserve any controversy about decommissioning that all based off him because he's a practical way it went IE lived in town in the eighties. We and I was on a softball team missed a practice and I do bad that field to use it the single racism in the here right Erica. We believe we -- research we have -- -- the move for the dollar stock to patty from DuPont. Patty got a question from air -- and all right I'm fine thank you -- I don't I don't can't compliment until I'm I've worked in the downtown right now what they won't. I do want action -- have to work out for the last eight years. And I -- I -- you -- here that I have been working downtown on the Grand Canyon there. I want to thank you it its most. Teixeira actually come through downtown it's really proud share actually to go out at lunch time and actually have a I launched -- the since the -- for lunch instead of having to push your car and drive across the bridge true. He Eddie Edward Teller at the Kingston and the world amateur I think it'll stay downtown and spend our money back. Well thank you I appreciate your comments. But I do it with a fourth largest downtown workforce just say we or 151000 people -- -- came in Monday through Friday. The worker sitting in the downtown. We we touched on -- and we only have about a minute left and I fell wish crime. He missed thirteen murders last year. Most of them were deemed. Isolated incidents. Am I here isolated incidents. I applaud because it means the perpetrate here. And the victim. Knew we chatter failed drug deal I never get my money. Something like that you don't have a random problems still thirteen murders is quite a -- It's thirteen murders are fortunate they picked the in here bound here's a city workers admit their their crime but you know he's a high street go our city residents -- -- a lot of deserve high speed in the business community. You know. The Smart people realize it's these people are proud to shoot each other. You know since this drug deals done that in turn -- Minnesota one area there. You know it's very sad ones in the -- can't the national shooting even the majority murders in the past here the -- thank you indicated the. At a time -- got fifteen seconds left thank you for coming in tonight LA anytime I was always a pleasure to ours where. -- -- we'll see you tomorrow night at 7 o'clock as we don't we all tied up. You can do what it -- Bragg and well sick tomorrow.