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Feb 15, 2014|

Saturday February 15, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- -- not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning I'm well then. -- -- snowy snowy snowy days we're not really new and cool is because we had to pick. -- is stated below and -- -- I know well this is like a normal day in northeastern -- yeah what's the difference I -- I was pulling out of my driveway though this morning. And -- com mine operate freely and some guy said he yesterday he was interviewed. You know that kinda throws settled global warming stuff out the window doesn't know come on this tell you what everybody has that misconception. Black and it's not snow is its global warming assists while gasoline as it is it's got nothing to do with the life in the sense that does everything to do there you go off. But who cares who now scientists here I'm just sent some guy said and I looked at I looked -- I said this. But when we didn't it snow that's what they said it was OK now we get snow so they say it isn't so what is it it's the same thing. Now while -- change in the climactic situation. In the globe. We get. More intense storms when we get them we get that more degrees of extreme. In our lives and we never -- We can't count on the usual rainfall and the usual whenever doesn't exist anymore. -- I think the warming part has something to do with that it does his so warming of Wilson that's why I guess. This is why Oregon's -- because it creates all kinds. He's known Neil Bogart or doing anything about this as a Doctor Who it -- fire machine mine now yeah. Well anyway -- hate it hate it and pulling out and -- -- not make -- -- looks. Fed off the snow amounts so well I know it's ridiculous I don't remember seeing many years. Sounds. But anyway happy day were alive and well that's all that manners. And happy belated Valentine's oh yes happy happy being made yesterday with them how wonderful day. Does she do anything exciting I -- I am confident -- I don't know I didn't do well last night. Had two dates Meyer and Doug Smith so we went to see how Labor Day the movie Labor Day at Cinemark and then we went to -- us. And we ordered a heart shaped pizza. But say how nice very nice things and -- whole week as I was telling Barbara. -- it was good and we had a good time enough traders had a nice crowd as usual and the movie I loved loved loved loved. Which was called the pro Labor Day can. An ice. And I said I didn't whenever you read a good book perceive movie when you walk out you feel like you're part of the movie or the books and I think that's done it's. I loved it. Don't tell me how I ended that I could I looked at says he saw the trailers of this hump and -- this isn't really a very. Emotionally complex movie yes and it's it was it was -- to understand. How. The characters worked and I and the role that each of those characters took on. To survive. In the life they had gentlemen it was it was neat we know -- times and I think. And because it was something you kind of so why are they doing man and -- but -- was still it's still you know I'm directing from IC you know I -- -- writing and directs. Less than most of those. So anyway I am but I eighteenth. And I loved it I really doubt about it have you seen any of the other ones that are I don't know who we were going to see. Trying to see. Nebraska but it was either early or late because it was a Friday we thought we can get there for seven it was earlier late. And so -- we missed that and then I wanted to see Osage count me. But didn't do we couldn't see -- because of the time so we chose that and I'm very happy because I forgot about it and I wanted to see new. So it was a good night it was a nice day yesterday south you know spread the love baby. Good. I hope you did what did you do we went so. To tell you said to posh and how was it delicious again it was yes you know what I heard exactly the same thing as good as you're kidding -- It was just so good and it was so it was just to do as it was as good and crowded and Craig and I now yeah and I realized. That we're going to run into some serious issues because -- you know -- that yeah but not just Jersey boys and also the fact that the streets weren't -- right and so. Every it you can drive down the two lane road is because that the cars are all coming out to the center on time because of all those snow. Yes so all of the parking spaces were gone for sure. The garage was completely filled behind. This grand club. I'm so I end up having to park down and that the -- and north Washington haven't. And hike up. So it gets -- with a little bit of a difficult thing to -- Kind of well over crossing home. Mary street which I absolutely hate to do and they did say last night -- -- -- -- had asked anyone to be off the street -- -- 10 o'clock so that they can slap. Because how really how can you can be can't I mean and everybody gets frustrated but it's it's the that the cars are out there it's very difficult. It sounds tough but besides that it was a very lovely evening and all the ladies that were there -- given a long stem red rose 39 -- And bring an end to some friends there which is very nice so we had a good time good. Well because everything is packed and -- Valentine's Day anyway. And then he had the Jersey boys performance at the Scranton cultural center which everybody's feet deep impact. And it's having an Arby's restaurants and places there's a nice article in the paper today about. The cast in how they got out to see in the Scranton times and about the cascading out and seeing the area. And you know the architecture they're quoted as saying -- architecture in our town this wonderful. And I -- numbers that -- not to Leno said. 323000. -- 590. Tickets have been sold for the sixteen shell run. And the most they could've sold just funny seven about 27200. So that's pretty darn good they said that it because it's the first time ever. In the history of the Broadway theater league that they've done something to this magnitude a big show. And having it run for two weeks because cultural center has some limited space in them on the stage the wingspan and then the am. The ability to bring sometimes bigger shows creates a problem that they were able to do this this time. So now Alison if you want to -- they're gonna bring it and bring an end and outlook in other ways to do this because obviously. If you have to when he. 3000. Plus added and you could have said total money could have missed -- 7000 that's pretty darn good for a first round. So. It -- works but people have to remember -- in these cases the show must go on snow anything else if it happens the show goes on. There were some issues with the show with the snow snowstorm the other night they had sold 151. Ticked -- excuse me 1051. Tickets that evening. 1051. Tickets were sold prior to the shout. 865. People with a trap count so that meant it left 186. People who did not come. So where less than 200 people out of a 1051. Who couldn't get there because of the snow. And there were issues with that and -- people now upfront when you buy a ticket there's no refunds no exchanges. It's just like New York it's anywhere else of the shell the shell that old mine which is true the show must -- once. That is what happens. And there's a lot of backlash that they should be you know what about our money what about this fact that's part of the deal. You know I know people save him the money to go and it's unfortunate but that's that's how it is it's how it is anywhere. So I -- and the show was presented some. I'm I think we need to. Loosen up a little bit fat because people need to understand that's that's how would not go assist cost involved they have to put it on and people with their duet the south. Anyway it was a great great show we went last week I loved it loved it loved it. I -- love last. Timing post Tommy did Tivo my favorite one in their land he was my he was my -- -- -- left he. Favorite. The show itself was fabulous but he was -- you know I can pick one kiss my face he was sort of the bad boy that a woman we know why pick him now. Not real click the back. And just remembered where I know -- today and that this is it memorex we are now I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To -- Shannon to someone that I met this week in New Jersey who. Said that she's going to be at her daughter's. Skating. Practice this morning and she has to sit there for two hours so I wanna say hi to attorney Larry knew mark. With -- Townsend to mail a new market in Morristown New Jersey she told me she's going to be listening to us this morning. How does she spell her name LE EU RI POK thank you for saying -- I'm Irene is another fellow -- he has yet love it. And -- -- people caller Lori she might even college so what -- had to show her name Laurie good because there are people whose views seriously -- spell without waste and up saying Lori because everybody says Iraq. 1230 now. It's hard to you know it's one of those things. Well get into that and off I have a story this morning you don't really nice day in time yes okay. So let's hear her story. -- The leash episode 45 year old physicist. Who spent the better part of her adult life working on a career. She left. She felt somewhat intimidated. By her college buddies who have started their careers with major pharmaceutical companies and rose up through ranks. She decided she liked the challenge of a smaller company and the opportunity for growth although she knew she was giving up an exciting life. In the big cities to settle in a rural community. The problem was the lack of potential Life Partners for a highly educated woman in a small town. Her opportunities were limited because your work schedule -- the labs. -- on rely on to unrelenting schedule well into the night and sometimes on the weekends. She loved what she did and they gave her great sense of contribution to see the results of her work. But she realized. She couldn't snuggle up to a lab coat for -- asked her life. One night she was in the labs it was a few -- but if you maintenance staff around the building when the delivery truck pulled up to the front door. She heard the doorbell ring that he snorted at first fingering the security guys take care of that. When the doorbell rang for the third time she left the lab to investigate. She conceived through the double glass doors of brown suited guy with a bunch of boxes and the rain was pelting down on him. She knew it was not protocols to let him and so she motioned to him. To hold on and got the security guy to let the -- -- ever so grateful for help and he told her he got lost. In the dark roads and went to the wrong I have. He apologize for the late delivery and she told there was no problem. She offered to help dry off but he refused to help. Says something about having to get back of the truck and finishes run. She didn't manage to get his name from the delivery slipped she signed she realized she was and usually curious about this man. First time a long time this evening cared but she dismissed besides racing around their head went back to the lamp. Few weeks later he made another trip to the -- this time during the daylight. She was pays for his security guard who told the deliveryman -- something personal for her. She looked at the note scribbled and a hasty handwriting. And realized it was an invitation from him. To go to his charity event next week she thought this was unusual since she never really said much more than hello. But she was intrigued. He left the cell phone numbers for her to call when she finally got enough nerve to call she was delighted by his warm friendly voice and eagerly look forward to seeing him again. He suggests they meet for drinks after work and Friday night's acceptance. The relationship progressed to the point -- on her birthday a few months later fiesta -- She had an uncomfortable I'm comfortable feeling that this was all happening too fast. She decided to run a credit report Adam and criminal check. It was -- claim. Still there was something that right she could feel America. She made a decision to accept his marriage proposal and then the craziness began. He started calling her every day and then asking her where she was going who she was going left. At first she found this enchanting than anyone and no matter every move and then she didn't. He started asking her about her personal finances -- suggesting she might he might be able to help with those matters. She really knew nothing about their 401K plan thought might be good idea for someone else like -- fiance to take a look at it. He told her she was truly invested he wanted to make some changes. That's when she came to see me. She won the advice is someone who was not impacted by the investment decisions to let her know about her choices vs. Clearly from my perspective he was recommending -- take on more risk. -- she was comfortable with I started asking questions about this man the more I ask for more should be Hennessy. The evasiveness -- his actions. By the end of creative financial picture for her that made her feel more in line with their own needs she shared that with them. He became furious. That she questioned his advice and finally -- led to a break in their relationship and their engagement. She actually came back to me asking help her plan their future without them. I willingly accepted her request. And consider myself fortunate that she never gave them my -- the end. And I never gonna take a quick break you're listening to Larry -- show. We'll be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean land now. -- -- Hello. Hello. -- every time she does it every yeah that guy it's not more areas would you please. Whoever it won't do every guy is that a guy that disembodied voice everything's great -- ordinary guy tell us open doors and a it's save money now it's really a column man. That's it so we know -- -- -- learning yet and quit the match this puts us to WY okay. It's crazy you're gonna -- -- the man was sorry about the little black at the end of the microphone. Didn't wake you up good paying them to. We are lies here at the lottery the lottery and -- -- I'm -- cabinet and I am the owner Larry. Can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business. And I am sure mrs. -- went into a bill will be laughed in between yes and I. Lyn Evans and I am the president of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And -- life and we're live today Tony Snow yes. That was something you wanted to tell Pakistan we can't aren't won a virus I -- Not -- nonstop meetings today I am today Wednesday Kathy Westmoreland club and I as I said first time I was ever there. McCain is the reason I know I've been invited and I just didn't go I don't know it was it's beautiful and NAFTA business. I love it I like the idea that there's valet parking my own thing I noticed the best of our hands down town works -- area. Comedy is just a nice club and I believe that joining Scranton club also gives you privilege -- it does so it does so I was very happy about that. Which I know but I still it's just. It's just so it's so beautiful. And didn't -- the event was lovely very nicely attended and mr. Jim -- spoke. On developing relationships and he is wonderful he was a wonderful speaker and he did a great job south. The event was great and if you want to join -- though if you are -- woman woman business owner or. Someone in a higher level position within an organization. It is really something you should think about doing. Because I'm getting together with women. Leno like minded and and it's -- great time to be -- great place to because people understand what you're doing in going through and it's just great sound. Let's go to the web site now both and it WB ON EP a. Dot com I believe it is sand at the time and that's what I was saying if but anyway it's one of their and you can sign up and see what the upcoming events are -- and you can register online for the events. So it's good thing it was a good day good good good day. I'm never questioned corn. -- cheating on your partner put up with money. My main what did that mean because this is -- look this is important conversation from mountain saying I'm. And it's funny then and that in the book. That is soon to be printers. And actually. Second and it was done this weekend I have conversations scheduled this afternoon with the editor and I think. We can put this one the -- thank god and he's right but there's this is section in the book I talk about communication with your spouse. Or significant other primary want to look at it. And say that you think might want to pick -- days that -- particularly feeling good about each other like Valentine's Day. For your anniversary. Or something Mann has some meaning to you. And actually have. Not a very heavy conversation about money but raise the issue -- me because so many couples. Just don't talk about it and it's fair and it experiments. And it pops up at some of the worst times. But this. Article that was here was talking about cheating on your partner with money. And in the past seems to be given the newlyweds went unconditionally applied the what's mine is yours and yours is mine mentality everything. Including their finances. I have clients that -- said to me from the day we got married we know when the joint account. And we put everything in there and we worked it out and that's been great since then that's great if you can do that and then there are others that say well there's -- Ours yours and mine -- and there's reasons for that I just like to say it's all mind -- well okay that's us here. Find -- you. But anyway that that this isn't she sings statistics is said having a separate checking account is in itself neither -- their bad. But it is giving some of us an excuse to act badly. Last year herself that comment today dot com. Conducted a survey of almost 24000. Men and women and found that 50% of married adults. Admitted to keeping money secrets from their spouses. 37% of men and fifty -- 6% of women admitted lying to their partners about money. Nearly four in ten women won't confessed to buying a new dress -- pair of shoes. Only 9% of men feel so guilty about their clothes shopping that they lie about it. On the other hand point 9% men did not come clean how much suspending on their toys. Which brings us to a critical question if you aren't telling your spouse what you're spending money on are you considered a financial cheater. The survey found 63% of men. And 70% of women agreed that being honest about money was as important as being monogamous. So how does this happen and why does this honesty stop when it comes to bank accounts. And they give lend a therapist told us an organization that financial cheating happens. When trust is broken over a major money issues issue. This happens when someone in their relationship -- out of fear. Both about money itself and their partner's reaction to it. It is important to remember that there's a reason behind this year money can bring up a lot of emotionally charged issues for most people. There's also a reason this feels like cheating it's equally triggers the fears surrounding money for the other person involved and then leads to trust issues. So how do you avoid this first you avoid using language -- blames the other person for example quote you always or never end quote. That'll make your partner feel worse. But sometimes this is critical. And I think sometimes it's -- but I think she'll always or never. Second doping confrontational. Because you know I flunked them into. Illnesses that can help you to talk about the first memories of money in order to gain a better understanding of the fear behind it. Or any similarities and differences in -- bringing it also helps you see how many unresolved issues from the past. May be reflected in your current situation. Number three. This is part right command come up with a financial plan. Give Glen suggests setting a budget plan of putting a positive statement on it instead of saying something like. We can't afford that it's better to say. It's not a no just a not right now flag that's a good one parts -- pieces that you're just being conscious of money right now. Look at what you want to say foreign investment. And focus on that and a way to makes you feel more excited about it. Have a conversation about what it is you actually both want. Because making sure you -- on the same page -- taking the steps to get there is essential. And then the reform bring in some outside help if you're finding you in your partner having recurring problems especially those involving high amounts of money and risk. Take the necessary financial steps to protect yourself and contact a therapist who can help. Money needs to be open and honest issue -- topic make going to the radar for a while but it will eventually surface as a problem. Money has a value what your relationship could be priceless and is worth resolving this issue no matter what it takes. I don't know that those issues -- Ever really fully. Resolved even when you Tina -- say you do the best thing but I think that the biggest thing would help people psychologically. If what you said earlier if somebody says and let's face it we as women usually want to do more. With just say for our and our house we think we need no couch we need this -- pollster we need new drapes -- need new desk we need knew that. We think like that more more -- and men don't but more than the average guy. So it's always an issue when it brought up so I think if you're married and that's a situation if you if the spouse who says. Hey I think we need to do this what do you think and seventy saying now. I think if the response is well why don't we talk about a let's see what we can do let's see if it's possible that's a whole lot better than hearing that's flat out no present. -- I know how I react I want I'll do it anyway them because now you're telling me now so we're gonna find a way to do it. So I think it's so much more psychologically safe. To say let's talk about a let's see if we can do it why you feel you. And who can make -- -- of the conversation and a flat out refusal. Oh absolutely but that's -- people yet but that's what people don't I just they think they can't do it may you -- But don't say Dennis -- you know that didn't. Jonas fumbled with the negative and then go throw it I just think she is so much. Better if you talk about it and I can't answer a question 'cause I'm not -- I don't have those issues. Well for those -- I was so when I'm mad now so I can't go -- no but I think that that I think most women today. Do that kind of thing that I'm talking about especially if they are. So for myself complained that they employed outside the home and have their own career in some cases their primary breadwinners. And if they look at this it's my money your money and our money. Then it's -- our money stuff that you need to have those conversations -- -- but the -- money in his money. Stations in there should be no tells us -- I agree with Chad so. If if that's for the -- comes from. Then go by the crowds that have rights. I agree because I think people who dude that do have to have a sense and I think it makes it easier if that's your money part. Is you're able to do what you can do and it doesn't affect the hours saying then and then go for it. And people I think it makes you feel better when you had that reserve of your money because then you don't have to worry about why can never understand anyway. Why people don't tell their husbands they body Dresser they bought dissident hide stuff in the cart I I've never done that I will never. What nor do I want to. I just if I wanna buy something I'm gonna Biden and you know then -- line it's better to beg for forgiveness and ask for permission so the thing you just. Did just I think big. Debt in the don't deal with -- later but that's easy there's no reason for that. I -- -- there is no reason but there are a lot of people whose lives functionally that's. Because that's probably the -- their mother and father did things about it so but that's what they bring in the marriage. Yeah and now but I mean -- -- what I and it does. -- because it's it does remind me and I've said this on the show before -- I was teased my mother that I eat. My my dad has always given we had always going up given credit to my mom. Who worked as a and -- RN as an RN and worked in private duty. Many many many many years this and weird Dino Lou and whether it was the second shift during evening at the all night shift because. Do you know she was raising us as well and my dad would always give credit in front of all of us to -- swimming pool is in the backyard because. You know you you did built in pulled because your mom who worked in brought these things to us and your grandmother's living with us and she's able to watch you kids. I think that the key to watch you and then eat you know this and then this slip for the money a charge every week Barbara you inherit this from my father would get money Fulton half. And you would think no inside they'd pass it to my mother who sat next Germany put it down below it. Under the wide of cash to do work. And she would sets and -- and we ends with like we did notice and so ice and that's what we -- as kids you know that's what he would -- But there was always an even know which alleys like that he always gave my -- credit. For her and did the deal with the financial which is a very nice way to look at Texas. And it's so if it works when you see that that's sort of -- your right it bring it into your own relationship. I did a presentation this week for -- greater pocono chamber of commerce -- women's network come alive again. And the -- the whole story was just about that stuff like how our parents learn to do with the deal with money on how how which -- was like that's. The dead and as the deal was. Dad was the primary and some cases only breadwinner remained. -- -- every week cashed the check it took some money. Put in his pocket -- Nobody ever question what -- did without my right it was kind of great great sacrosanct that his. And then he would come home give non cash which she would use -- by the food right give us our household things CS and some money was left the checking account from which she paid. The globe story builds a better job she. And that was it and that's just the way it was done and nobody questioned -- he. She never had anything to say about the bigger issues. Like on mortgages and -- like that but despite that that's the way it worked and it was just all of her friends and same thing. That's just how was home so it now we have a choice that we can do yours mine and ours didn't really just like that before besides. Heresy to do something like that now well and it's also listen and I know. There's so many issues with food with money now that causes so many problems -- human cells the end to put. Talk freely and yes can accomplish and ended -- this is you get a pay attention to -- so anyway. -- we're gonna take a really quick break -- listening this morning to Delorean in China won't be right back. It's Saturday morning a little Korean -- and now. -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you. I'm fine thank you -- you go okay. My name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants prayer fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. And I am Laurie can and the owner of -- Lori can't enterprises which is safe fundraising PR and special event business. And I guess expert this morning is doctor Barbara -- men who is the owner of advance gynecology. Associates. In Scranton and all over the world and actually benefit that she's everywhere yeah. And a welcome Barbara good morning thank you. And what are we gonna talk about to say something exciting about hormones and for many on senate time and are those good things. Especially concerned let's jump right in what can we talk about. So I thought we should talk about -- a -- it is something that women talk up every day in my life anyway. I'm very many people are affected by men of -- That creates a terror a lot of symptoms that are disruptive to their lives. Women discuss hot flashes obviously but the big I think the bigger issues that women. I'm sure of what's happening is the loss of their memory floor. Their difficulty with sleep being panic attacks anxiety. -- dean. It's not just hot flashes in and at night sweats that really brings women in my door and they're very uncertain about what they should be doing with these things. You saw talk about and I know you've mentioned this to me but the Fuzzy green. Yes rain fog is a rich people like that in mind when he says he noticed I've noticed that that my ability. To go into overwhelm. Is tremendously heightened by this time in my life and it's just seems that I can't handle things that I used to be able to handle before with. No problem. Laughing we were talking about how well we all multitask. Yes I'm one of these things that we lose the ability to do is multi -- our brain can't seem to keep it all in line is we used you and then we do become. Overwhelmed as you say -- So that is part of your hormone also shift to where you're female hormones your estrogen in your progesterone start to to fall out of balances and so it's really. My job to try to help you balance those things again to regain your control and feel more like the person you wanna be. How does it take -- to -- to go throw an heiress and the individual. But you know that's -- that you know these to be -- the magic button when you stopped having your period that was menopause in life that should be yet. But it truly these changes can start in your late thirties. When one of our major hormones for just drum starts to decline. That's when women really start to see these symptoms that they wouldn't expect the anxiety the difficulty sleeping because they are nowhere near what they consider to be men upon us. The average age at menopause is actually 51 years of age. But these changes can go on for years and even when you hit that. The magical one year without a period window you still may have symptoms after that time. It does pay where just the anxiety where discussed I noticed that that has I have I'm much more anxiety. And become somewhat claustrophobic. Stick to it as the older he had with this and I mean that it's very like when I sit somewhere I have to see an exit. When I don't like to be in the middle of something I have to be. And my system -- and it's like the center of attention but I hope I just -- you are but it. I want each time one side because I -- have I always feel this need to like escape so. What is that what daddy why does that happen now that is nice progesterone is one of them will be called the feel good hormones and progesterone goes to the brain. And has an affect on your screen and when that hormone starts to decline. People do get anxiety and one of the modes of anxiety is claustrophobia. There -- -- leaving their house. They really start to become you know stick it to more introverted into themselves and and they don't wanna go around in it it truly is up a manifesto menopause. I I read them a friend of mine -- -- Dudley sent me this book called that anxiety disease because we talked about this. And the first paragraph in there. Was about this woman gone to church and I thought oh my god she I think it's exactly but I feel like being their I have to have a certain spot because. You've -- happens it's -- it in it was like put this in you Felix something's wrong with you oh. And it doesn't happen all the time it's just hit a cut I kind of -- when I walked in I kind of strategically plant where I more I wanna six. But it happens to a fair amount of people on -- unfortunately what happens is they seek. The help from their physician in -- given -- an anxiety medics and John or any anti depressant medication to help for those things. When really -- -- -- IBM the issue is balancing your hormones again and hunt and that's what happened so when people -- Smart enough to understand or because they get the information like shows like this that would help people understand to go. And see your gynecologist. Because that may be what you're dealing with when people do -- what do you do to help them with -- and Barbara one of the first things I like to do is get some lab results to say where where are your hormone levels in the -- the best thing you can do is go for a blood test. And come back for those levels and we like to check those levels at a certain time of your menstrual cycle. So that we can judge it against a standard. And then truly if that level is is low. We like to give that. Medicine fact that hormone back in a natural way. There's there's several ways you contrite to naturally increase your progesterone. Or some supplements over the counter that you can trial but realistically if your level is truly low. Giving back what you're missing is the answer. Yeah and then and then when you do things like that that's a decision that you make with your gynecologist to see whether because I know. It's -- hormone replacement verses then not doing the replacement and that -- -- and I'm really decision because a lot of it's based on. That though what's the your health and what can happen with either one isn't that true or semi off a -- Well it -- all of us believe that replacing or supplement any or balancing the hormones with natural hormones similar to what your body has had all of your life. Is the way to ago. Some people fear hormones because of all of the bad studies all the studies that indicated that the hormones were bad back in nearly 20022003. Time. What people need to understand is those studies were actually done on synthetic hormones. As opposed to more natural hormones and what's the difference well the difference is the synthetic hormones. Fire at a chemical that does not look like what your body would make it on its own. That's as opposed to what's called a bio identical hormone which does have a chemical structure identical to what your body always made. And so for giving back those natural hormones that the body recognizes. You we really shouldn't have a great deal of difficulty with them. That the hormones are actually very bad bio identical progesterone is very well studied there was a large study of 80000 women. That found no increase risks with the use of natural progesterone gel breast cancer no other risks so I feel very comfortable using natural progesterone if you need it. -- and what you -- is a testosterone. That new thing. For women did isn't new -- so wonderfully new things so testosterone one of the other female hormones that is not as much talked about. Is. And it really helps just a standalone. In a doorway feeling confident before we walk in that room full of a conference room of people. Found testosterone replacement is very safe. Actually probably one of the safest hormones to use. They have been doing a great many studies on its -- with breast cancer patients finding that there may actually be some benefit to reducing the breast cancer. I'm so not only is it thought to be York. Sexual libido your sex drive hormone but there's a great deal of marriage to it other than that is that why we're seeing all of this in the last year. And -- this is for man but this whole thing about low ET. That is that's -- -- the same thing absolutely the downside of that is the FDA has no approved form of testosterone for women. Not so that they can't advertise to women that women see equally as much benefit as men do half. I -- I think that it is it because everyone looks at that is the male hormone and then don't realize. We have is that we have until we get how do we need that hormone that's our that's our energy -- you know and that's what people understand we give them back their testosterone. They renewed their energy that they've lost going through the change so is that something and then maybe this is too complicated to even talk about a get into it may -- it's demanding am way off. If feat when you just said that in replacement of -- giving them that may help with breast cancers that -- is that because. Men have more and and the cases of breast cancer and a male or sold. Far different than a woman -- it's strictly the estrogen and jester and stuff that creates that the women. -- breast cancer is thought to be more related to the estrogen -- -- as opposed to the progesterone and testosterone soaked onion that is the issue men aren't supposed to have a large amount of estrogen. Men have a small amount investors and they need a small amount but they do not have a large amount and same -- women women have a large amount bastion but not much testosterone. Cut so maybe that's where that yes while. So Lombardo or so coming in the first thing if someone has already gone through -- the year. With no period and you go win and you see them the first thing to do would be to get the blood work the Carmona blood work done to know where your levels are. Yes you know not just to document the the definition a -- -- is the absence of a period that is not a lab based definition so if you've gone one whole year without a period you are by definition in menopause. The labs only serves the purpose to help us to -- where you are we -- hormone levels and then if we wish to consider giving it back and allows us to follow you. Because no longer do we just simply hand -- a pill for. Hormone replacement and say we'll see you next year time now all we actually wanna know. Did we accomplish our goal of getting your levels back into a therapeutic range. We look at blood levels we wanna know how are you feeling and what are your labs look like as opposed to just saying see you next year. Kind and how far. When you. When you look at what it let's say you make that decision that you want to go back to supplement inning. Whatever it is you're now missing -- only -- there are big -- you talked about before the bio identical kind and then there's synthetic. I know that there are gynecologists. Who still believe that the synthetic. Version is fine. And there are those that believe the bio identical is superior. What is the difference in the end results of one vs the other so. Symptomatic clean people probably feel similar and initially and that the hot flashes don't go away the night -- we'll stop. But in the long run they really did look at the big downsides to send a synthetic hormones. And what they found was there was a much higher risk for heart disease. Breast cancer hip fractures. I'm colorectal cancer stroke blood clots and you know. Those types of things were documented on the synthetic versions. You know they have not repeated the exact study on bio identical but we do know that that the several studies that are out are not showing those risks. And there was. Gentlemen who reviewed all of their literature back in 2009. And he found that violate tentacles were not associated with those same risks and that if we weren't going to use hormones by going chemicals were the way to go. And play Barbara do they help decrease these symptoms and once you start to read. Yet they absolutely. Even with the weight gain issue when everything tint to it for women does that do a lot of that putting it back in fields. Does that all helped all of that you know the issue with -- weight -- is really complicated to it what it shows with the hormone replacement and weight -- is that. The weight gain there is winking associated with aging night. I'm so. Hormones themselves do not make you gain weight they may help you maintain your weight but we also have to contend that the weight gain of aging which we. You know we can certainly talk about and and you know future to conversations but. The issue of of too much estrogen is your weight Gainer. So if -- estrogen dominant in your estrogen level is too high as compared to your progesterone if -- gonna continue to gain weight. And unfortunately in menopause Leon's right in the middle the middle tire. I'm and so the idea behind balancing Europe your hormones will help you prevent that middle tire from accumulating. He's a -- could be -- To be known as -- there as you get older these things that just happen automatically. This -- ever after myth that the tape what do you tell you in the music around for the next two hours -- much -- Anyway we'll talk more with our next month as we always don't sell him and maybe you -- thank you Barbara by how can they reach you fast your phone number my phone numbers 5703449997. Theory that so -- -- she is wonderful trust me. I can tell you she's the best. So we'll see you next week everybody stay safe out there. Nice but and I I. My.