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2-17-14 Buddy Rumchik

Feb 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jake here thank averaged 62 look back at what passed for those last week. This outdoor rock the thing that affected everybody. Probably all over the panic mode to get a lot of us now. -- -- I read that and trying to be revoked because. Everybody needs right now and my favorite but you feel guilty when your regular Japanese rookie where he would be normally burning redness at the favorite -- Sorry that's now. I don't feel guilty I feel. -- got the bulk of feel like they're making some light saving preparation at least now and step. Many what was -- anarchy you ain't never think we let my mornings what you wait for the state -- pick up donuts here's why aren't I don't. What does knocking somebody it's about -- powered -- again so. There's just whether he he went there but I get some people don't like that Snedeker schtick okay. My opinion you people like it was not content with the issue. That the nicest possible way. Didn't -- predictable with daylight out -- why it. Because what it's treated that way promised not army -- not too much now Dennis -- three hours away any update tomorrow either or mode that occurred back pedaling. Because that makes it for the media around just as you know whether or camping being imprecise science but whether I should it be that they. Three days now and then and only that they -- yet Egypt coming on Monday predict the weather for the week -- on kind of money. I -- one woman Facebook's -- Snedeker blow it cradle but distort a week blown. -- -- It actually attorney general Eric Holder Keaton pretty busy he came out last week that -- hard at work trying to get the right to vote that ballot. What are your tax dollars at where I think our government that -- vote we don't discriminate against politicians. Scotland's Sam Adam let down vote and I'm not that -- maniac bent down. News clips to remain CE OW line. Right back after -- -- public finances.