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Robert May, Kids for Cash movie producer & director with Corbett

Feb 20, 2014|

Robert May, Kids for Cash movie producer & director talks to Corbett about how the movie is doing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was interstate and amateurs did and how the movie is still and nobody can explain that to us any better than kids for cash producer director. Robert many thanks for tickets -- gonna talk to when those Robert meant. It gave -- what's been happening since I last saw you which was the special screening. And we first -- goal at the theaters up a montage. Ultimately overwhelming earlier I mean -- then no we opened it up also felt -- attacked north eastern country being here now a little bit and so. Why we're able to Bergen Harrisburg Lancaster Redding. Erie Pennsylvania and -- 128. That's learned that I its national theaters around the country starting -- not. Steve on the air in Los Angeles Chicago -- other big markets. I'll get -- screening last week cannot Los Angeles the sort of release screenings. So few a full audience agree that eighty people that worked. In the always does that theatre and what tornado thing about it was just -- big company movie character. And don't look like it's don't get much attention it got considerable attention -- -- -- -- humidity and opens there on March 7. It's if we go to secure today. -- -- groups. And I'm it's been going well I think of a broad look at overwhelm -- how many people locally out of power categories the -- really. This story about -- about these kids. In the Jada hello -- the Southern California why do you believe that this such interest was express. They're not people are getting at these kind of appreciate that we current through there parity. Maybe not -- so much but direct direct. Here's her alive and well everywhere in the country they're really in the raid were treating -- And as and I think we're really. That really kind of not a charm you know -- you know someone here who we are welcome before happy -- I'm -- -- an audience -- air ball and currently is critical about any kind of work and -- Is talking about -- so literally called me to tell me. Chief still thinking about the movie and thinking about you know how unaware she was just how many people are. No way we treat kids I think that's it's it's universal and they're big they're portraying it as the -- Is universal and our treaty that you just can't expect. You know each other perhaps. You you mentioned to me than just last week a group of 250. Dallas high school students that's powered Dallas here in northeastern Pennsylvania screened the film what was what was that like Robert. Today because Dallas was the first large group -- I go to Smart group that's -- and today our schools didn't insult. And that what would maybe not a was weeks now to help one out because we watch audience response body language that sort of thing we've -- to -- Over very creatively done and what would so maybe all the -- watching was. We are on the back of the theater and these two were glued to the screen as a thrower the next big blockbuster all the work they they react to where we expected entry act just like adults state. They were clinched what we expect them to be and and the emotions that came out these kids to be entering a -- and it was quite remarkable should eat. Very strong comment and stand and -- it was probably one of the rescue and -- And I done anywhere I would sell out to support the fabric which features that work there without. What kind of question is were these teenagers asking. -- asking about problem -- eight you know why I tried Jack you know kids are judged. Assumed to be that. And and and and how is it that that happens and they they've helped create enough doubt it either going to be teachers that helped so -- -- were very curious. Course about why the judges spoke with just like those people -- They were curious about how other kids get their work is to try elsewhere in the country. Reacted to the go. And most importantly. -- spirited dialogue with some of these kids that wanted to see. A dialogue with the school but clearly wanted to see you know have some sort of got stronger relationship with the school. Itself which I think was remarkable for our you know for school -- -- or something like that. Was the Dallas invitation a special invitation or have you invited other high school students in northeastern Pennsylvania to see the movie. Well processor doing not alert literally would -- -- like three local school district to the cubs victory insurance state decades didn't fit. You know we can help coordinate back as we did with with ballots. And you know we really large. You do it every other local school districts -- happening now across the country is well named Alice was sort of a test case. Case and that you know if anyone can go -- tell -- is playing -- and it's starting its third week in the area which is which are remarkable for. Felt like that's -- and that's that we delicate feet. I telemarketing musik and are keeping hitters here it looks very NN that general sense. I'm here for -- certainly -- -- next week. And that would be great aren't hurt for our organization straight yet you know get kids tend to -- -- university Star Trek -- If after the Ron is complete that the theaters if at that point school districts in our community want to. Show the film to their high school students how they make contact how they do that. How well. Process that has setup much -- that we stay -- -- and we can bring some back for individual and screenings at any. Point in time during during Iran so we can creep back for a walk -- But it's bad. Virtually any -- any area and I just a little bit more logistically difficult to do it but we certainly can't do work there's also much discussion guys that's been developed. For the -- so people can talk about it. Today at school groups can go back to their classes -- what their teachers -- talk about democracy talk about corruption talk about the importance. Uploading skeletons this saying now kids grow up which -- remarkable to know earlier voting for. I'm fit about it after. He's going to I think there are so there's many ways that people could learn from -- from the story straight what gets. And say this is where I think. The power exists and you know maybe I talk about my area in my community because that's where I live and that's where I work I would love to -- All the school districts invite and I would love to see all the school districts. Made aware of how they can ask for this film to be shown to their high school students. And then follow up with that study guide but that's then one I anticipate trouble Robert -- because. I will not be at all surprised if some school districts. Do not want to open up that kind of conversation with their children do you see what I'm -- Absolutely -- serious -- that's why I applied Dallas for being the first person or any area it's actually peace and had a bit. And be aggressive enough to actually. I'll put it out there -- for their kids to creative dialogue and and I'm sure you're right that there are some schools are born to be. More of that they're going to see all that they're going to sort of -- didn't stay out of barker voice. And they. Got. Yeah I agree with you and I and I think that that's how Wright State that batted exactly what's necessary I think it's still respected -- notre kit. They know they do goofy and stupid statements but I think that accurate also feel a lot of disrespect I sometimes and I think the people they way to respect the kids. And the group's corporate -- -- and we also talked by the way. About bullying and can occur until about how I sometimes get to get into trouble or get better. A bullied by other kids or kids are police during that came out of the discussion as well let me just back kind of -- dialogue with which students per teacher I would certainly want drinkers that sort of dialogue because of pure respect. I completely agree with you so if people want to make contact people for example teachers. How they make that kind of contact. And what they can they can it's been Merrill group. And our -- to catch the movie dot com. -- they carried out thoroughly car opposition air and down in the end we can connect with the people actually handled Latin. DA they want the web site itself. It's actually dot com. They cannot collect our press inquiries -- all those various ways to connect. -- back to the folks they can actually help bakeries are those great lie. Think that's terrific idea and I really really encourage teachers and school board members and administrators and students to apply pressure to. These people they deal with on on the school board level on the school teacher level on the coaching level it's not important. And -- them maybe they'll Wilkes-Barre area school district will do that didn't Amanda -- go to a Myers high school. The she did it and as a matter of fact we've extended an invitation. Up a a personal invitation to -- area school districts to attempt. Well I know that the reason I bring up Amanda is because everybody was waiting to see when she'd have her baby. And everything worked out okay she has a brand new little girl I'm told. I decided baby is born not a couple days ago there and that she's really delighted and it's so interest staying because C. Well to visit California and she came back further career the tattered baby here which is not what that exactly what she expected. She's actually taking that -- is a sign of optimism that in some way as she goes back to California feeling that there are some. Can activity -- and so positive way try you know she's doing well. I am she was very excited that does so many people came out they hear their stories. Well the stories are important to stories are real and the stories need to continue to be told Robert May keep us posted always did the doctor. I think in six it's -- certain proud. Okay very goes Robert May produce a director of kids for cash. Go see the movie is.