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Victor Perez, Dominican House president and Corbett

Feb 24, 2014|

Victor Perez, Dominican House in Hazleton president talks to Corbett about his asking Hazleton Mayor Joe Yannuzzi to fly the Dominican Republic flag at City Hall in a celebration of the founding that country on February 27th.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paris actually -- call on the show all. I don't -- I -- and I give our call Leon and I give bar around the media op -- -- our people are being done and how wrong that they -- Said I -- want -- not. Guess so what are you hearing today and what's happening today victory give us a little bit of a rundown. -- just a bad at all. I think you're not supported DR Dodd didn't get a college. I guy and I got -- -- to be president right now Dominic. And hours -- doesn't. Not contradict or get it. -- -- And. And he did and -- Casey doesn't it at 7000 -- boarded up over AG needed to. The divorce about corporation issued by any. What did you report send anybody boards and I -- -- -- and that dead but it doesn't mean they are made in front of anabolic. How's that. Besides. I'm like -- hard drive data may year old Sergio -- died so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and and initiate a -- or solve the question. Score sheet. Sure aren't. There. You just -- it about it they did it did a big debate -- -- -- but critics doubt me. That's generally try to examine. -- have -- -- the biggest soccer dad and many don't rob was not a debate was about to nineteen -- -- form to solve. Joseph question in no wait no that's yeah. I Italian. And and yet to meet this guy George hardy. And part of me. England -- eighth inning -- that's -- debate apparently. So what are agent Angel also talked. That's what permeates this wow. -- -- I'm not today. That we. So we. Got the same right to do you think so why did they've made that. Them. That. What I'd do it Seymour why don't want to bring me. Bad bad -- many can't -- that finally. We're just I just need to you know trying to maybe I'm bad that -- -- you don't. -- JR. Who are more clear more at risk that's Great Britain communities. I agree with you completely and it's it's clear that there is an implication here. That the dominicans are being treated differently. And the Dominican community is is being insulted and disrespected. And that's just not the way to it to treat people in any community. Have you heard any more from the mayor's office have you heard anything from any elected officials and -- ten or around. In elect an office and all you have any power lies in this. The latitude to remain here I don't -- we eat I'd received -- first it may young trying to. -- -- -- That's speaker at a reporter. Badly received -- -- trying to -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- done when they say it's. That they -- estranged. I don't know they get bit stay bridge giving us great in a situation that do not permit that older -- -- right. And front desk. See -- see halts but the same dying wish to copy a -- were glad. -- then. Why don't members of the city councilor. I mean gosh we think it is not that this is ultimately did a good additional debt of course GT -- authority. Saying no way has -- they have two point something. And it goes it just say that -- it -- -- everybody. Saw how to lead the same rights or anybody know where adults I -- a world. The rest of the -- board member of these communities. We -- -- We respect each one of them member of this community we know about -- what they had coming right. We can't -- the minute guys but we're born to go to public blood and my members. On the -- they get committee I USA -- -- the don't get any. We need so I went -- big old we are. You can't -- and don't -- addition to. It makes perfect sense today and that's why I'm standing with you on this -- Completely this this is about fairness it's about dignity it's about respect and it's also about these Dominican community. Making it very clear. They you're not there to be disrespected you're not there to be stereotyped. As flag is not a gang symbol your flag is steeped in honor. And your service to your community and to Europe country year and your country elsewhere. Is it is very similar it's it's -- Bob good citizenship. And that's what Mary knows he doesn't seem to understand that there. That's correct me a great deal dead weight and I imagine our women between the Dominican Republic US and Bob Murray don't know why it. You've assembled barge apparent need that we got the ball much and teach we are. The -- Bob did you remove more -- you're -- but we are urged US citizen we -- dead dad knew what -- part of process. -- -- -- -- -- it costs to go to a hybrid United States. May we already -- apply toward the united and Barbara Mari got to go we are US didn't. All we brought to meet you -- your US it's in the saint dying. That he does that mean that's a big community that they don't and that they know enough about. -- like August. They had to respect. The week how do we so proud to. Don't we had just -- So about what I it. We just we can't stay here pretty FO PR we had about a year we have big -- he had to. To help out. I definitely don't -- and -- is Jim and read. I don't so Mitchell did community where it gets so bad about biggest -- -- EG happy album it's no doubt that. I don't get to bed giving out to Edinburgh maybe would have pegged at bats were appreciate it says. -- -- that's come to an entire generation -- Square that I was announced ridge and a community need. To bring some think any merit because we don't -- blaming everybody -- -- got a house. President George tried to save something like god is around I think I -- -- community we got -- and. I appreciate -- opera house stood -- need to come diluted -- So meanwhile the -- bodies. Are already present in more aid to draw sports -- -- any. The important thing it did a minute -- else. Is no way we are proud and scored gore should in no we are at risk only to our community. We are responsible board member of the United States and Arab republic of the united and nobody can like the issue on the -- did and coordination. Our -- are again. It's very well put -- and on Thursday. If Marion -- does not change his mind. Are you going to be raising the flag of the Dominican Republic at the Dominican house. We aren't. We send another matter right now until then may hear and see embassy in Beijing done we are -- beating. And in that corner of broad street. Tourist trade -- and many college is no -- sixteen -- -- -- street. So we we -- until today -- batting at 8 AM we gotta be you know and. Just. It would have been port on the board -- -- -- committed -- -- -- song hi -- or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We got married got cold blood bath but you know this country -- want to support costs we don't care act. We we've got a -- red dragon of the united -- you know what I don't -- Dominican Republic and I got a good Smart Soledad eighth. So that -- -- don't meet again tomorrow -- -- -- can't -- did. Community. I think that's great now this is going to be on Thursday morning. Abroad and what street -- -- Norris made -- Please dollars. -- UIELOK. I got shipped abroad and laurel and you're gonna do that early Thursday morning. 8 AM in the morning if I had any end. 8 AM well I tell you I hope that million news he changes his mind if he doesn't I think that you're doing the right thing I think that your community spirit. Joy into with the community spirit of others who understand the value of immigrants the value of above new people come and into a community. Almost all of us in this area -- Our descendants of immigrants from other countries and they worked in jobs where they were abused there were disrespected. Many of us are not going to stand by and let that happen again so a lot of people -- with you on this. And hopefully you'll keep us posted because these issues are issues for us all. Not one group not another group all of us rise and fall together. I appreciate and I am proud old age a lot of the member of this community support. Archie did moment we are proud Dudley -- -- just did this. We -- we come to -- major general sea -- -- horrible monster goal. I stopped the fight -- immigration problem. Have problems we have tried to Boller learned just what we -- to -- problem so don't create a -- on. Pat. Had a Big Brother it's big community because I think what we are broke. And -- -- -- broke ground running here promote government euros while we want to how we we told Bob what about actually. -- -- in their core ranch well 82 base or to receive some money burner no third seeded third base hey Brian Joseph Biden. More are an idea out. There any general would respect that you didn't congress but he beat me but. But. I he wouldn't go go -- It's that they'd. There is a bad idea it's important car. What the judge and yeah a lot about what got until right now we want to -- to -- -- audit the organization. Can don't broke. But -- why the ball well to get in the same way. Sure -- data don't draw down all the Joe Horn is okay right now. That makes perfect sense the mayor Victor will talk with you again thanks so much and good luck you doing the right think you know what it. -- I'm -- and I appreciate your aunt Bridget is already a member of this community. Okay Victor Perez thank you very much.