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Joe Yanuzzi Interview

Feb 24, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Hazleton mayor Joe Yanuzzi regarding the state of the city.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi I -- six and and -- they're gonna newsmaker lion -- it. Is hazel and mayor urged million new Z. And I can column -- as we've known each other for over 25 years Joseph good evening thank you very much for being with us tonight's thought. How many ELA and thank you for having me. What are explain what happened when did he request for the Dominican flag -- come to City Hall. Gets a bath of blood but we could go home maybe. I dated for seven days ago. And I checked them out pin from Baghdad. You know this year a lot of grief he where critics and try and try excerpt. Yes some horror little states go in -- I'd say he's going to create in the -- back. Was it mailed three or did someone bring an end. I'll do it now yes -- -- -- -- type secretary gave an order. The results from. Is a little audit in that if this city is asked to be in something doesn't usually comment asked her. A formal meeting we see who. And you know personal contact rather than just the letter in the mail. -- -- -- yes or no barbaric temporary. RA is cool very political action committees. Right girl it's. That is. Things symbol group's overall and probably does. But its main thing is sure who. -- -- -- -- Tune in foreign. I have I have their band since this story broke his IE we saw the newspaper I guess last Tuesday or Wednesday. My initial reaction was when he's gonna turn this down because I don't remember the city ever doing this for any other ethnic group before. This story broke has there been a great. Ground swell of support or is -- compares this group the only one who is asked for this. And earlier on anyone that I am expressed concern me. Well to have people I. I see -- I agree with me. That that's not the place where that is not believe the now -- nation and govern the long run CIA you know we have religious thought. Like five cars we believe we will not allow -- really don't really just -- We had Christmas trees -- are but. Molly ever do on city property. Is he weren't -- be amended their requests let's say to be able to go fly a flag temporarily. For a day. That say. Memorial park Columbus park. Something like that. Where you're not governed by an 1895 law it doesn't give that symbolism. Of a foreign flag. Over the United States would you consider that. And so there are -- and he. She knows what any property. I mean I just think you know I don't see the purpose of I don't see glorious celebration. Of their nations. Are all aware that a revolution general and -- -- -- found in the ball and you can rebound think. I don't know better as -- do if the United States are. Continued angles from you know we do have me I have. Concentration on -- -- here. All but dead doesn't mean there are very slight -- slide in front of our ability. Have you ever been asked to fly -- talk about this this Irish situation he's Italian hair gel when I saw that story in the paper. On Saturday I sat there and I went. We're always behind I don't remember that happening can you say only that happen. We're live -- good day he announced it now. There was -- lady brought up so I mean if Barack and -- first saint actually made turned it down there lies and commerce and that we did that. We shut them down and although. Saint Patrick is a chaotic scene -- and then -- It's sort of a religious you know -- and that's also. Celebrated war libraries. All mention now. Ali right and that's a different story but felt it should look. So -- I admit it was a mistake and it won't be very and it wasn't there -- here song. I did that's that's rare job for politician do it -- made a mistake here it's. But you just get -- let let me ask you the obvious questions if this request had come from. The Knights of Columbus. Or summit would be answer have been any different. We had sort of -- this saying yes so we're and then involved. I would. Seen this situation. They want you are denied the Columbus. No they -- flag. That would be different but this is a national flag over one nation -- and that's what makes a big difference. -- and out on my own. Our property that's what I get out of it now. See I I opened the they showed tonight talking about -- and Italians celebrations and hazel head because of course ram our lady of grace and AMP -- Through this city. Is written this city is not actively involved in either -- is that I mean outside of granting permission to close three separate -- -- always right. Net expenses and -- glove on quality on January. Fabius scallions were the majority you know -- and now you can come Mandy messed up slightly slow so we are we salute the flag or. Actually acts that have painted on the street we on the mend some of our house and we better not to watch Korean Italian film. The people are really wanted to celebrate as they did it. But we then them and it'd be allowed -- -- respect like putting them up are here they'll -- more men as senator Gordon. And and it is worth noting that all those things you mentioned including obtaining. They hit the flag on the street by MTV that stunned by the Harris that's not done by the city. All -- normal mode they ask you some good. Well when we allowed them to do listen -- they clean up an -- not. Exactly so bad you recession. So it's important. -- Gabriel's asked you for permission to paint the Dominican flag on Wyoming street and the Paris would do it in men and washing away like MTV does would you have any product out you know I would never problem -- -- I can't because I need this this is being turned into a racial issue when I just don't think I had that that is fair time bomb blew. I agree with them and it is and then. No I'm man tied to many can sometimes sentiment that is really not true or me and builds and an unstable and I was really. Men Malkin mad and since we tried the quarter was one -- mentioned play hard we need. Rather -- publicity and the government in this city ever really. Crowd and -- sure. He. More Hispanic. And supported them and everything they regard. I am also in Nvidia card game. We are the administrators of the -- For them from their problems and -- -- -- -- perhaps sorry. We're trying to do as much as we can so red -- at all who we. Sort -- -- -- men and so called at all but it seems like there's this school. And the men and kept a history -- All. The other group they have -- -- trying to overwhelmingly. Paul except in. And very accepting -- into your children. Hit for a busy haseltine integration project it is really -- project that is received nationwide attention to the involvement Joseph Maddon who's a manager of the Tampa Bay Rays who is days -- -- -- -- You've got to get what the city's role and that is because you don't have all rolled to some degree in that project right. -- three overall. It was given out grants to purchase CEO -- BC's school. We actually we're in ministry as we applied the grass. We've got for granted -- army and I'm Kim bar and they purchased the property in another call from Democrat. And we are sponsoring that occur until. -- they are really promoting that project. And I Malkin -- temporarily -- the air current law and break rob. I'll go off. Bringing the community here -- mr. -- children. Now it's it's been awhile since I then there's rob last fall when I was still a W while one was my last time I was there -- I talked to one C a volunteers there. And she said my god we have like 400 kids here every single day we need volunteers in Arizona there is a big success. It's it's it's -- All times and it's amazing. And -- offers some of the things that the Dominican house says it offers -- ESL classes there -- computer courses and I was I've been there I have ice recently kids on the basketball court and I mean you've got like ten taken on tended to shift kind of tough the fine from the play I think. Lauren and where they're doomed. And I think I I think Benny Goodman and get out. Started to ask period to -- now. And then you try and duplicate. It and I'm tomorrow away. Are they off her you know. English -- second I -- and you know girlfriend as voters on this and aren't but duplication of services -- where -- -- -- -- -- I -- sultan air Jillian -- Joseph thanks very much for being with -- on get in studio semi and we can fight and argue about all the areas where we disagree but. About the battered by. I just -- guys -- I -- targeted at the ideal. Jarrett.