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2-27-14 karel on the street 1 potholes

Feb 27, 2014|


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-- Hey it's -- on the street -- we're talking about the paint of the potholes. Coming your woes. Oh my god this is apart from sprinkles -- ice cream -- holes are terrible -- everything and that's of the best job they -- what they're given I mean yeah as of yesterday there as of two days ago the pop culture humongous. And as of yesterday -- fill in parliament so it's better would get that we live in northeast Pennsylvania. Would you volunteer time to go patch them up that's (%expletive) crazy what's your favorite one yet. Right down airplanes. And it's probably gonna have. Let me get a wheel alignments off its president -- ram market. And but the weather's been so extreme -- I think maybe we need to move south side that's about my best remedy for how about you know. Listen I think when all the money that we give the government I really believe that they should be doing a better job out there came off the Scranton expressway three nights ago. And there were six cars on the side of the -- flat tires. Luckily pen that was their patching but you know it costs a lot of people like briefs are really do think that we pay a lot of tax dollars and I think that this needs to be addressed out. -- now. We know. Hello. And thank yeah. Paint this Carroll calls you mistreat.