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2-27-14 karel on the street 3 wwe

Feb 27, 2014|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- at a street at the Radisson hotel I'm here with Tom wealthy Tom wealthy is well known in northeastern Pennsylvania as when a fire. Local celebrities here chomping at great cost tonight. Tom cocktails Berkshire beat we had people come to us and volunteer to come in. And end make some appearances one whose teams miscues former deputy did you eat wrestling -- we it adheres. -- -- here you know I'm always won the hope -- the charity and with the great cause in the leukemia society is. You know because obviously and anytime I commend my name or know common shall support for great event like this you know I'm honored to be an odd -- media things route that you do anything -- -- go out there. -- I wouldn't say if famous -- when -- those known for -- countries what is. It's not my -- fault. Who works for everything to -- -- no matter what happens so it. And it works it's totally across the board and yet he picks for any the Oscar movies to see any holy smokes. You know I can't really say I have a picture but I do know my wife and I'll be watching because who knows what's to prevent. With the red carpet at that what are you wearing tonight gene patent well. I have -- and so his shoes on the -- on packet. Well. This is my favorite -- -- I don't know it it's a shrine is the company admitted Foreman. And we run of the blue jeans and Accenture. Looks fabulous. We'll thank you are precision that's about himself. Paint this is Carol I'll see you. On the street.