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Feb 22, 2014|

Saturday February 22, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- don't your weekend. -- -- You -- okay. My. Name. Good morning good morning how are you. Wonderful -- this beautiful day yet this is so we are now live today we we were less weekend Ileana alive today so. We are here on Thursday and the weather at this point is absolutely lovely the sun is out it's warm it's true. Good for the soul to have been daylight it's it's absolutely again and you know there was going to be like but I guess Saturday is supposed to be really nice to so yes. Anyway comes the as my husband would call him the crown prince is coming for visit this weekend -- when his fiancee. Feet with a -- office -- you say honest. Yes and so we're we will be having some fun -- going up to the lake and looking forward to a haven't been up there -- a long time because now. The weather has been so bad -- and it's so be spectacular while you're listening to us on yeah I think yeah it's going to be fabulous yeah. And sunny and we can't use yet the F people who actually kicking your step I think I think so a ten minute rallies have to kick in my step -- this makes you really kick a little higher. Think that's the true answer of this I loved the son who is this since that's good he would love it love it. So I am and you know what's coming up sounds flat. Saint Patrick's -- out of high holy day I hope it gives a whole. Kid here coming up. Yeah you know my old -- my father's old line sorry to anyone who's offended by it and -- only two people in the world the Irish and those who wish they went OK that's how it goes. And since that time it was 100% he got to say it I get to keep it up okay thanks you know I was persona non recorders French yeah exactly we week. Lately it's really good the -- -- phone. No lawyers a bad combination you know and I I I is Irish and a little bit of that that the French Guiana luge run is a deal. -- PM good stuff. So anyway I wanna talk a little bit again about the ancient order of hibernian. Who are doing their Saint Patrick's Day parade food -- at all of these local food banks can't seem to always be depleted at spring time because of the wind -- Here in and they need the food so. They're going to distribute our own to all of the local food banks. You're going to have three trucks in the parade which is on March 15. And they will be having. People asking for -- -- for you to bring if you would. Nonperishable food items such as cost up pasta sauce rice soup macaroni and cheese crackers pancake mix canned vegetables. The almighty beans tuna -- -- canned meat cereal hot or cool. Please check the expiration dates because as I said before one time people got stuff that was to 2007. Hi -- pulled out a cream of -- -- out of my house the other day I was gonna makes. -- was 2007. Honest to god but I guess I should just blow this thing it could be seven years. I don't doesn't tartar -- so there was a way in the back of my refrigerator yes so yeah way back there. 20050. I -- Well I am I right -- you -- refrigerator you know it pretty pat I know that's it and that's -- as a proudly running that you use with the stuff in the back wow well again that was Gary. So anyway volunteers are gonna want. The parade -- to collect the food and then if you can and then anything that. -- to be. -- donations that they get the cash they will give that to be. Saint Francis kitchen because so that they can have that available but it's going to be a very nice and it's all. People who all of the Irish organizations who will be doing this. Collectively and my good. My dear my favorite brother and my favorite vendor lock he's the only 1 I -- yeah mr. and angles be asked me to. -- would talk about this again and it's very important summit talk about it every week until it happens because people need to do that and if you can't. Drop it off when I got it right and I don't have a phone number anything but you can contact. Mean if you want to a 35783993578399. And down my column I am make arrangements with -- -- or whomever to go and pick this stuff up. I was just talking to Eleanor Kerrigan who is the president this year of the society of Irish women. And -- they're going to do enjoy a little drive for them two -- I had at times to be picked up that one of the meetings. And that's dinner again and human disinterested is Saint Patrick's Day night Monday and I'm the seventeenth of march. That's the Scranton cultural center and a 75 Dallas has taken its open buying dinner and and a speech. Two lovely ladies will be speaking this year Lindy -- daughter union is is Jennifer again I don't have the information fundamentally sound. And Helen now are speaking so it's going to be a nice. A nice time. And I'll talk more about that as we get. Go ahead tell but just selling out that's coming up and of course we'll have to your little background music from Thomas Joseph Foley does forests. All will lead as we get closer with a little Danny boy -- -- -- how do we still have vast wealth we don't I can be sure that Baylor. And which EO we can do Ricci performing well you know at least -- he's got a wonderful voice obviously how many years to do it okay. And that's my Irish information now what about isn't there something going on. Relatively soon about says. And that is not at this trend cultural center this year is the -- posh. Yes but that's sort of was on TV after the Irish speed OK because also remember to this post parade party immediately following the parade after Scranton -- -- cultural center it is free open to the public they can get drinks and food they amphibians command we have an Irish band playing plus on the pipe -- command. And it's really really nice time for you your family stuff I have to Indian reservation don't you just step in there's no -- and I other than if you buy food or drink you can listen to music. And take a little -- break and have a good time until about 4000 people come through everywhere so that's big. And yes dinner by design was in the -- today to Scranton times to the beautiful article for the last one historical society it is -- -- by design it will be up posh this year. It is February 25 to 28 Friday night will be to preview party. And that is 65 dollars a person and then you can command the whole weekend with that ticket. And then the weekend will be at posh where people will come in and do. Dinner I'm tables that you could decorate for dinner and have. People Kamal so that you can see some of the local florist decorators designers who do this type of week where wedding planners. And they are going to set up tables and show how you can prepare which you've spent too many tiny SL -- -- -- right and it's a much more scaled down version which I think is kinda neat because. Not all people have big big parties that there's. Doing all these elaborate things force on the smaller. In my view in a more intimate this year and be throughout posh and on the first floor in one of the dining rooms of the Scranton content. That's sounds -- ask yes -- remembered as the cultural center it was through four Florida are. So. How many floors three they had to upstairs both fall drums yeah some of the -- landings with the windows Cesar Gonzalez and then -- I'm dining area of the Scranton club downstairs is so he'll be really -- -- as well. And then you know they'll be open for our business posh to have dinner. -- -- lunch and then the preview party will be held the night before which is always a lot of fund the jazz assassins on the playing and mingling and seeing everything a little firsthand at all of the proceeds. -- go right back to the -- one historical society want a better place since it's our history. And since her on the board to -- Only second full disclosure mr. Michael del Martin's the president and Marianne. France have a penis is the executive director -- do very nice job with us so I -- you're quoted wasn't -- this morning today yes I was so that's good. And that was Central Park design on the front for more will be part of it this year but they did a much larger. Scale. Table last year this time -- SA said this year to be scaled down a little more intimate. So looking forward to that that's coming up so let's just a -- happen now because the weather's ranking yeah once again on state comes it's like. Yeah you're sailing into the spring and -- attendance. Two events yes they were here last. We went -- no -- -- now we talked about China about Kanye sorry I forget I'm getting ahead times. Messed up here but yes he did on Wednesday clean -- and DM more. This in greater Scranton chamber of commerce women's network that luncheon on me -- I know I -- on the sank in the right order. And we listened to doctor Linda Thomas T Mac you speak about. Leadership skills and heart health for women. And never realized the passion that she has. For what she does and it was really is nice to see somebody no matter what she had to say she was deeply passionate about it again. And it was a nice group of people there how many where their massive. Didn't know there was there were probably. But 85 really it was so nice group PS that was that was good -- Hank and I am and what I love that she said when she was a push said she was about private armed crackdown. Genoa GPH. And she said that people would you show up she lives across from her office and and she you know do it is so involved her position at the right center with with what she does there. And that she's able to do all of the work she does and still raise a family -- mom and be a woman and do an off. But my favorite line was when she said people couldn't get a hold of her answers their doctors so they called her mother yeah. Co and another good. Your daughter put -- On -- -- so true when you had to battle where you grow up it's like her doctor Quinn medicine woman you know that's right. Scary and really. Do you call your mother hello -- -- people did any of my sister friend does business so called my mother said. -- -- we -- to Barbara did you tell him to call us. And that would be and who can and can't -- RA we got an extra yeah and she in that -- so it is it's true opening the -- piano and you're in business right. Around hometown that's sort of what happens home. But she was wonderful and what I love I told him later. What I love about it is she she has such wonderful bedside manner Hersh you could see that she does Wear her heart on her sleeve you know unintended yeah. But she's just so thrilled for the work she's able to donate one of what a Smart woman yeah. And that she isn't it -- and as a sister to our twin sister Ellen no no Lisa is her sister sister Lisa and I'm college yes yeah okay. Because that's an interesting dynamic because when she said originally that she was. The first physician and her family. I am I wondered if that's usually when you have more than one child. It follows that it's because they're -- -- parent is that Clinton that so I just think it's fascinating that she was able to do she and her sister. Where first time physicians I think it's a great thing. It's really angry and she had a lot of support a lot of people from the right center where there and two. Support her she said which is how important when you do anything has to have that. Female support and I didn't know that the rice and there was a separate nonprofit Hannity yes I was part of the medical college now so it was good Sonoma and that's in distinction that's important and they work really hard and of course dig deep and Charlie death due to DP and Chile -- with just send me. Mean she introduced. Police Linda and last year -- Of course she is well spoken anyway but she spoke about things that capture attention guess is that's the most important thing he. And then Linda either -- spoke to her before she presented so she gets a lot of good information you know remember to protect your hard and done. Do you suppose to do so anyway we're gonna take a really quick break here listening this morning so violin shop we'll be right back. It's Saturday morning I would Gloria -- and now. -- -- Good morning everybody I'm Larry can -- on -- -- -- enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And I'm -- and the presidency over these -- financial consultant so we're the only fans Fannie firmer clarks summit. How did I say that's faster gently and economy -- you can't let that isn't it rolls off my told me on yes thank you couldn't find his phone. But yes. OK. I wanted to today to talk about. That's something that was a follow up to what we discussed a couple months back when we talked about it. The probability. Of the women that we saw in television. And their ability. To. -- has that their ability to. Actually live the lives that they apparently reliving. And it was in some cases somewhat. Insane to imagine that they could have so. These are seven female characters from romantic comedies he's a movie stars. And -- but this is that this is pretty funny so the first one is Katherine -- don't pollute. Played -- Jane. I'm in the movie called 27 dresses and I think it's because if I would call movies she. Actually was in -- the bride's -- in 27 weddings. And it was just ridiculous on so bridesmaid never -- -- and her job was and -- just always knows that she was an assistant we don't really know announcing Dan. But let's -- is supposed to be the assistant to George who runs some sort of nonprofit agency. This would not be huge salary certainly not one that would get her giant. One bedroom apartment in downtown New York completely the closet big enough to fit all those hideous dresses and plus think of all the money she's been on the weddings so the likely miss of this being a a real. Character. On a scale of one to five. Low and high is too pretty unlikely. That she's that she could never done that. That we have character college and a rain came in a movie called thirteen going on thirty. And her job was editor and something called employees magazine. And in this -- movies and his teenage wish comes true when she finds out her dream of working employees magazine. Came true. Magazine editors can do pretty well but can they really up for what looks like a multi room apartment on Fifth Avenue. That wardrobe and her furniture were also crazy out of hand yes it's supposed to be a dream had come on. And so likely -- and one of five in this case just. Flat out no I think they could -- eight. And the third letter was Millie wilder which is the name of the character in -- movie because I said so. And her job there she play was Diane Keaton and this one. Her job was a pastry -- And as a pastry chef -- would probably be opponent around 57000. Dollars. Yes she does own her own business and I'd imagine she's also invested quite a bit her own money into it. Cleaning less liquid cash still her apartment is huge. Likely miss and a score of one of five is a four it's possible. She is a living in New York so she may be able to pollen off. And then this is a character I think many of us from frank remembered and these -- in the devil wears Prada. She was the editorial assistance CNN capitol Eric -- yeah. And ES in the beginning -- was wearing clothes that she probably had since college. And didn't look like she was shopping all that much but all that quickly changed when she had her magic vogue Klein says. Closet may golfer when she started wearing wearing Chanel Prada and Gucci like it was forever 21. We had a car out and editorial assistant usually makes between 2735000. That they know just give -- -- close. And I can't imagine that apartment she was sharing when their boyfriend and challenging very cheap so will likely miss of that being real. It's due out so gave her true. The fashion fairy tale. And then there's a character called Celeste in the movie called Celeste and Jesse forever. And her job was as a trend forecaster. That nobody knows what I really means but she usually gets paid around if it's if it's like a real job. That's yeah. That is something that has been named to it and the pay is around 72000. Dollars. So Celeste is supposed to be the breadwinner in her marriage which is ending. But it's so quite impressive that's such a young age early thirties she's a nice house a car and a fabulously cool wardrobe. He'll likely yes before. The divorce would probably cost her some money but as possible. Then there's another one called when in Rome Pope and it's the character's famous fashion and she's a museum curator. Her wardrobe. Stunning I'm an argument stunning home salary now so much. When you are an art curator especially young ones you might just be making 50000 dollars and really. Which she would be able to keep her job when she's running off I'm crazy days solid time I don't -- it's triple. So they'll likely as a that is a 20. And then there's a movie called the holiday. Amanda woods that's the character's -- she's what's called a trailer. Editor. So we all remember how fat Amanda's Wade's house was in that film but could she really afford all that plus all those amazing winter coats. -- wardrobe was absolutely stunning but actually a trailer editor can do very well on the low end. I trailer editor -- Colin 150000. Dollars. Someone at the top of their game where she's supposed to be could be making about half million dollars. So just slightly -- ages of four. That movie was a fantasy movie career -- could be -- just afford that's close enough so there's nothing in terms of for Meredith before. Carlos or you wherever but I just thought that was a funny follow up. What I was saying to you before is we work together twice we were and now on Monday night let's turn for the do you think shout out to them for. Fireball -- one of the hour I'm experts here -- our local attorney. The divorce lawyer to the stars'. Fifth. She he'd like Syria. She and a little get together for India what was it -- women female lawyers so celestial 101 and I -- -- bar but nonetheless -- -- -- -- Plus why can't they women's lawyers association and I have -- plans anyway and they had a nice little get together and she invited us can't. And now which is owned by Erica garage fellow. My hand and nice. I'm shall we say everybody Yankee team coupled lunch different services that they are true you were able to against them as sad as they treat to lessen hand. It was lovely people were great. How are your -- has a very you know I saw the Barbara -- here again I saw as I I was I'm leaving she's getting it done and -- -- why did their fault she is they care -- is just you know gorgeous I don't area going -- -- She's at home where she should know yet because -- had a whole bunch of other things to do that -- she wasn't gonna say am -- so what a shame because well below when ray as I told him. Before is hosting the -- honest demands which happens tonight -- you'll hear NN Saturday she and done so he's kind of busy yeah definitely less fun. Anyway she looked wonderful. It was nice to see something to some women that I've known him then my contemporaries. That I hadn't seen in twenty some years and it's just nice to be able to sit there with a man she had a way end. And I did not know with the Barbara -- was such a great baker. Now they just in as soon as I. -- -- you know Saleh deny it I NC. Her critique this cheesecake and three brownie I do my god yeah. If you didn't within her brownies just -- my -- proud that they learn Macs -- decades but I just thought it was great I I had. Had never known that that was an interest of hers and I told event. Last weekend I was going stir crazy in the house and you break your heart -- I -- -- I made some. Chocolate espresso flower list cakes little tiny cupcakes. And they are absolutely wonderful and so I promised her I was under the recipe. But it's just so funny because he does these are things you learn about people that you don't know when you're not NN. Professional situation with them it's crazy now saying that's -- my show any CTV will highlight things like okay. Because. I think that is so -- to get to know people. In May from a personal standpoint when they do instead of what you see Damascus. I think that that's neat people is it with the skills sets they have and you don't realize that. It's called a million other we do a lot of serious. Damage to our our self -- because we think that we are out of control when it comes to things we do with money. And we beat ourselves up about it but guess why it. There's actually Jeanne. They've isolated a gene. That has to do with self control. And that self control on which way in everything and I can't even even spending money and how -- going off on binges and doing crazy things like that. Creatures researchers have identified a gene that could determine whether you're good or bad with money. Specifically the discovery has to do with self control or how some people are better able to resist temptation. To make sound financial decisions. There's a specific section of the human brain that lights up. When we face a choice such as say spending on some things that we know we shouldn't. Only 25% of us are born with a good to -- variant of that team. And some people are simply better and then others of self control and neuroscientist who studies have shed light on why this is the case. Note to these annoying people are also more immune to office birthday cake in mid afternoon candy benches. Mid afternoon candy danger here. But -- tornado before you try not to get to gray matter tests and he should know that research also shows in this arena. Nurture trumps nature every time. In other words they're proven ways he can trick your brain into being smarter about money oh. And this is the here's a few little test. Adopt a new contract. How it works through this exercise. You already have money and -- that they used the term purest X which is essentially a rule of thumb that you invite. Like I only -- used cars always take your tax return. Two. Thank you and I deserve shop online after hard they weren't whatever that's a visitor running around your hand. Those are what they called for a new name now is sure stinks and the point was. That is why it works if you're conscious about adopting helpful purest X they can be powerful enough beliefs override that money behavior. So if you have bad money habits that you like to improve. From getting zing to -- bank -- to overspending and yes. Come up with a specific cure stick to help you combat each one. Psychologists have found that we tend to feel poorly about ourselves -- breaking the rule even if we created it. Weird for helpful. Makes saving a no brainer number two. There's a wonderful web site called save more tomorrow that was X that is has become very very successful. And I know that now in the a lot of 401K plans there's a provision in the plan -- every year that you're there. I -- anniversary of Europe. -- You automatically get your contribution bumped up 1%. -- and I don't know that I like that but that is tiny bit of because maybe you don't want that's now -- this automatic -- yet he had to definitely stop that. But it's it's good in the sense that if you learn to live. On the paycheck you get after the contribution -- 401K. You tend to stay at that level so especially the whole idea is you know if you get a raise is supposed to banks -- raised. Well why people don't -- This idea automatically changing every year and increasing your contribution. To a 401K plan you're really works. And number three -- plan and stick to it. That's what we really need Adobe. And did you. Accept the plan and also create something where you've got to support system around you where you have to record in the people like friends or family. 51% of people who adopted a debt repayment plan were on track after a year for doing -- It's just the accountability makes a difference. And and and the last one to spend on your best self. So it's an odd isn't it can be hard to just save blindly or not spend too much when you don't have a larger goal of driving you. But if you're someone who believes that providing for your children is important you'll be a lot more likely to make financial decisions of alignment with your principles. And Annapolis and that they sound somewhat weak to me but that's the article. So we're gonna take -- -- books died broke anyway we are usually. Yeah triggering which critic and we're live here listening to -- human shall be right back -- Saturday morning would Gloria -- and now. -- -- Good morning good morning. How are you. -- wonderful USA it'll slower this time what will you are I -- sky and that. I am lying cannot and the owners large -- and enterprises which is safe fundraising PR and special event business. And I am Lyn Evans I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And -- guest experts this morning representing fidelity. Deposit and discount bank. Is Nadine Miller anchor and they dean is. They vice president. It was a senior banking operations officer at the bank. And she oversees the deposit operations electronic banking information technology and retail operations. The salon com com a graduate of King's College anthem with a degree in computers and information systems. And you have been at the bank -- from 2005. I'm actually -- the banks and son 1989. Miles so been there for 25 years. Until my family I love you don't think I've grown up there. Com I started as an intern when I started my uncle my mind -- -- the president. And he said -- current in the bank yelling need some help in data processing. So I worked there just every summer and I a lot of dead. And I graduated from kings in 19100 go off into the big crowds and -- Lanier exceeding any job that I BM. Then I got engaged. I don't you go ahead come find me and come back to fidelity bank. And I mean there ever since it's such a great thanks to our -- that's what we're saying 2005 I'm shaking my head now. I was in 2003. And Nadine was there so -- could not have been well that's I didn't ask him if he has then you're paying any anxieties and setting them. Guest says so what what -- being talked about this morning when you talk about ID fast. And how customers need to be extremely -- diligent. And almost taking a vigilant approach to protecting their account. Can't see coming up the heels of the big target compromise over the holidays. There is four million card holder records. Confiscated in that preach I wasn't there something else happened the next yet they're two days -- -- May have been an exact number it was actually larger -- -- estimated at the time -- was actually larger than it actually why yes and it turned out that. It was actually hacked through their HVAC contractor. Shoot -- well. Yes I -- they had these fat contents of her target had their credentials because they would monitor. The air conditioning in the heat in the store need to gain energy efficiencies. But true and HVAC company some installed H backed credentials for a target. And hacked in that way mom and nominee and while I'm sure there is an area company -- feels really happy about us. Yeah Max not to manage his financial impact then on target. And I wonder staring in -- make it out of this -- you've got to figure that. When it starts getting to be fodder for the late night comedians yeah I think it's I've heard -- and it's it's reached that point. And I shopping at target but -- you know and that's ideal story you see everybody I think they interviewed them outside of the local target stores. But what you gonna do about says so and when to make a difference now in this enormous opens shop and I -- they are well cash love target. They do it's well love tennis and I can't don't. I mean it's just it's an unnecessary. -- expense on their part to. You know and in -- kind of -- Ford nor did they think it but but I don't know that's that's a good question and answering. Thinking as I'm talking. Do people budget in do you know either review before. Something that may happen like this and he's there in a shark just say that we look at is they don't blizzard about half a million dollars in insurance housing. Tiger insurance teleconference as -- so yeah there is a such a banana I answer now swirling and still we didn't have a probably just tired right now this is the first I have been talking about it yet. While fans so how do we protect ourselves well the best advice I can give. Is to constantly monitor your accounts. One of the best ways to secure online maintained. And multiple channels come and the last year or two we released fidelity banks mobile money after. All you have to do is go to our web site. Come to get information on and also I'm more quick solution -- that is to go right to the App Store get a Smartphone. And download -- touch banking and and from there you have your bank information at your fingertips. So you can see your recent transaction activity. So you wanna just he constantly checking on your account another great way. We don't have a Smartphone the you had the ability to taxed. It's a sign up for alerts. To deal on to you online banking your talents fidelity. And sign up for a transactional -- -- and you are taxed at any time transaction is presented here account. And as soon as you see something and maybe did not authorize. Call the bank immediately and let them now and we will hot cards your card. And then what happened and again no one. Yes we have a process for that and gamble immediately put a hot car on your card if there is I'm not -- transaction on your county. And we would send you -- your card with a new number matter how can in my case that's saint -- -- at Texas would be Ding into everything everything. I had a -- I get the unlike every hour. -- -- -- I owe me but it is good that's a -- can have a great surface and then realize it's tackling learns very convenient to people using a name and how do they stop. Stuff head -- -- -- did you do you know of any case where actually was that it was diverted because of that. You know I don't know of any that is inserted but I know that customers that are calling in and had -- on their account we're recommending that they sign -- -- -- our tax -- -- -- Yes or Mac recommending that's all our customers now that you call and -- trying to -- happens more often with debit cards there with credit cards. I think it's across the board and every and it depends on who was -- So it's not the -- that's being compromised so it's not fidelity bank who attacked in -- Is there retailer. Big box retailers that was hacked into and depending on who shop at the start to -- combination. A debit and credit cards -- So why does. More pretend that I am there no no as far as I'm fighting and proud I don't believe it as. And what it out Canadian I just heard this yesterday that. They're going they're coming out with today's apple where you do not need your actual credit card now to. To make of trans purchases on as you know your own pin number. I'm and someone so someone get -- into your card your phone they can't use it because you have to know the pin unless you're stupid enough to. But you're sure there's going to be -- decision me a lot of maps coming out on in that direction where. Come you would key into the application your debit card number and a -- And then when you go to your point of sale and purchase if you would either swipe your phone because there's going to be chip in the phone. That would recognize your card number but then also you had a multi factor authentication and being your opinion also senior. -- another thing that's happening in the US payment industries and by October 2015. It will be mandatory. Then all merchant support EMB. Standards. Which means that now instead -- just a magnetic stripe. That -- your information on the back of the card saw that has to be upgraded to I chips and there's actually chip embedded in your card. And so retailers have to support that by October 2015. So that makes it hard to duplicate that -- it. So if your car doesn't expire until 2017. Or something. Can you still use that cards you get so used the card but you want to call your banking getting new cars. I -- protect yourself when they tell you about them. Well as any mandatory for fidelity bank to take issue cards without okay -- So the retailer I have to have the equipment to support the EMB PS fidelity bank when we issue our cards we have the issue them with a chip and them. By October 2015. And they're talking about moving and date up. Can you lay all this front that's going on industry now. If you think it's it's it is the technology that sophisticated they could push enough that you think I think they'll they -- because all the front that is going on out it's already adopted in Europe. I'll have yet attorney doctor senior means being used wisely and act it's a standard term. It's -- So if you have been hacked and you have had problems than Wendy Wendy do. A -- the first thing you want India if you see any signs of unauthorized activity and your account you wanna call the bank. Or the the card holder you know whether it's Visa Mastercard -- call us immediately. We'll put a hot status on your cards and no one else can use it. And you can use of the event and I can you can use either. But what happens if you have automatic payments and it was -- it will still except credit's. -- -- except withdraw from the -- sorry. OK so how long it was the turnaround time before you can start to use your account again. You think seeing continued -- your account if you believe it's just an issue with your card itself we'll just issued new card. But if you know that you -- policy your Social Security number your account number -- has been -- -- breached. And you need to get that reported -- to call us we also need to let Dion you're at or fax your Experian you change union now. Because they need to put a finals are on your account and in that case. We have to close your account so -- step farther than just popularity your card in getting new one we actually had to close your account. So if you have. Time I'm saying this from personal experience because I've had three incidents in the course of mine life where I had my down the hacked. First -- he's only leniency and I huge figure IBM I didn't try it but you can hack my identity. I am just -- for whatever anyway. What I didn't know I didn't realize is that in a lot of cases. There were. Utility bills and things like says it hasn't -- had been set up in that account. That they automatically would debit set amount and a certain date. And when you count was close to the there was all kinds of craziness because they would send me. Information in the mail your account is no longer available in a 35 dollar surcharge and as a man and MS. And it went on I'm not what I didn't realize was that. I was supposed to have filed a police report. The local -- when that happened. So if my. Credit cards or stolen so to speak. And that used by someone unauthorized. I had to go to the local police department in the town that I live and it actually file a police report my house. -- because of all of these credit card companies wanted to see a copy. Of the police report so little issuing out you were validated but I didn't notice until ten months after and I tried to get this resolved. Nadine do you recommend now. Apple slowly and if you have issues will talk you through this process. Especially several steps she need to go through self the first one is to place a fraud alert. -- your credit report. Country very review your credit report and there's many. Web sites out there that have free credit reports. So we -- we do is call Trans Union thank you to be the number if you wanted to hear Equifax and Experian those that -- credit records. To get the fraud alert on your account that's the first thing you need to DO and Jelena and would walks you through that if you're reporting a fried. On the second would be and we close your accounts that you know that have been tampered -- Different venues tried generally fragile and -- Com and they're like your saying we would advise you to file report with the local police. -- you know the police and the can be anywhere the identity theft took place itself. And then your fourth step is that you need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It's a cover all bases and protection -- future okay. Can I say I say -- we shouldn't. Abolish credit reporting companies. -- Drive me nuts they know they do but they're always the wrong -- just like that -- -- there really aren't that are shown her racing name dean has been so nice to have you with us -- -- unless you're sitting here and -- lovely I don't count down any talk more about tests I was glad we always ask is everybody we get something done they are always. On the nicest nicest. Knowledgeable and that's what's important and done he's just such a great supporter of women and welcome Dylan -- thank you for that so please come back and join us. And I wanna tell you to that I was at this. He's scared to -- last night with my cousin sharing it -- -- TA -- -- -- friend Jimmy here my cousins and my mother's maiden name. And my cousin and I -- -- -- and did aches and -- in Georgia -- and Hamid which was wonderful captains -- -- they and we had a great time. Just love I am hooked up. -- -- -- I don't know fashion mall I want hits us in the mind we'll call you this next they're only doing one go red for women I was angry yeah. You want to do and we'll see real soon see you next week have a great week everybody be safe and be nice guy I.