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Mar 1, 2014|

Saturday March 1, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until you lie okay. And good morning good morning how are you today I'm good how are you. I'm fine. Please don't let them block final candidate is tilting the words you -- it -- Yes help. Hell yes my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I'm Lori Kaplan the owner Larry -- enterprises. Which is a fund -- PR and special events business. And we are not life even though we teased you couple weeks ago whenever we're not. So. Increase of Colin expecting a severe and okay your. What happened this week anything exciting -- food. And now. No spell irony is just a crazy week you know I every week is crazy -- It's all good but it's. Well one of those pairings trying to get our time and your world in the events of remote corners there's always stuff won't talk to listen. There's always CM I told you the ever present. Bevy of Irish at this at -- -- -- -- happening which of course we'll talk about because I promise people every week -- season. My brother much Ed. Angles -- was on TV the other day they did a little -- WB diary he did in nice spot for him. About this drive that they're doing the first ever and it was his brainchild so they interviewed and the and that was at a great. A great piece on. But you know the lack of food this time of the year -- springtime in these food pantries and why. He thought it would be great idea to get the Irish organizations involved again. To do I say that again meaning you've heard this before -- that you hear it until we can't. I am and collected. Nonperishable items where the food pantries and so often that is forgotten about. So it is a wonderful idea and we will stressing here that if you can bring any nonperishable item. To the parade with you. -- I had a time like the society of Irish women were asking them to bring into one of our last meetings and and we'll go over and picked this stuff up -- Posh for we have our meetings and pick it up and and take it to where they will be distributing all of the goods afterwards so they have three trucks in the parade this year. And they're asking people to bring things with them if every person is mark Killen was saying. There's thousands and thousands of people but a few thousand people brought one. Can of soup for -- box of pasta or tuna fish or something that's nonperishable. Check the expiration dates just quite yet it's not like on the on the -- remained -- -- is thrown in your pocket because if everybody does it will be great. So they have three trucks and a prayer will be picking everything up. Can anyone who does a prior to that. I'm they can pick it up so and I said I can give his phone number. -- -- -- And angles fee if anybody's interested in having a little collection themselves to bring. For the food pantry in honor of Saint Patrick's Day he'll be happy to. Make arrangements haven't picked up so again and angles -- 570877. 4041. -- is the last state highway well hanging. They're gonna need it all the time but the greatest the fifteenth of march OK so any time before and I'm sure slightly after and I don't think they'll ever turn down. Food items but just the thought of and that. Saint Patrick's Day and the fact that all the aggregate or all of the Irish organizations are chipping in to do that south. That's going to be great and of course the parade itself is happening to. Well you see in the parade now I yes I will walk with this with Diaz decided Irish women as I do most years. Go to church first -- love and then hit the road for the parade and we walk and a big group and it's always nice. And then of course that is the fifteenth and immediately following the parade -- starting at 11 AM to 4 PM will be the post parade party. At this -- cultural center. Everybody finishes there goes in so please feel free it is a family. Atmosphere we will be having an Irish group not the local old friends but an Irish group called old friends. We'll be performing as well as the pipe bands who come in and out finish the parade route they go into the cultural center and perform. And so you you can sit and enjoy. You know take a load off your feet up and now -- you know about 4000 people go through the doors that day so yeah. Our purchase drinks or food you can do that there will be you can really just -- relax and listen to the music and these -- are wonder what the -- integrate. But the bands themselves that they that we get to play every year are terrific and just what goes on an effort to -- you see the kids are DNC and it's a lot of fun. So that's a big big time at the cultural center a lot of good things happening in inside those the beautiful wiles of the cultural center and then of course the fifteen. March is the society of Irish women's the dinner which will be held again this year at the Scranton cultural center. Starting at 530 we have a cocktail hour and a half mind you it's 530 to seven. The tickets are 75 dollars. And it's an open bar and your choice of entree. And down the speakers will be -- -- they set whose president chief creative officer of -- strategy group. An advertising marketing and public relations agency between now and then mr. -- But will be it's. Costs go ahead Jeff. This Keane will be speaking she's some senior director of octagon a global athlete and entertainment. Representation. And marketing firm in New York City. The site on the information she's an ancient yet -- -- so we'll hear a lot of money and that's kind of need and I like because it's after. That's athletic and and from an entertainment standpoint and she's the daughter of Linda mr. and mrs. -- I don't know mr. cain's name but Linda keen who is dear friend of mine. She's her daughter and you can call and make reservations at -- Kerrigan's number Alan Murray is the president this year. 5703440768570344. 0768. To -- -- care gonna make an appointment is our sixteenth annual. Dinner so when a banana. Let me ask -- -- and you said that that is the fifteenth -- sixteenth I was sixteen sorry because I want declare effect that that's life. I thought you said the fifteenth and that's what I am saying that's the same day is a crane I don't know I face -- -- -- the -- -- the seventeenth it's on saint -- OK you are -- day -- that they may switch -- -- last year we didn't we didn't do with the day before on the sixteenth because the seventeenth fell on -- Sunday yeah. And so that kinda did you know that creates a problem with attendance. Sometimes a Monday does not we're hoping that doesn't matter because we've had obviously and sixteen years of doing this we -- them on Monday as. But last year we did move up the -- but it is I 89. Out of ten times we will always do it on the seventeenth of march and I. So that is the sixteenth year will be celebrating compassion and you know when you think about it -- -- ten of us started this organization. Sixteen -- seventeen years and focus the planning took a while before and thinking what we can get a group of ladies to come out and participate in all there and you know a lot of their husbands. Are at the friendly sons dinner which do not allow women and of course we allow man go figure. Because -- at times and so it was a way for us to have our own event and celebrate. -- the Irish when you're Irish or not get out enjoy each other's company and have speakers and just participate in the in the day and it's turned into. A huge huge huge event every year. And I'm just keeps getting. 'cause monitoring ignorant people their last via via my and we had to you know we -- Radisson for a long time we were also I think help the few times. But the cultural center can hold so much more people can. And it just it just makes sense for us if we wanna grow we have to place that can kind of grow with us and we need to use upstairs we well. It just depends on the number. But of course it was packed the year we had Barack Obama signed by intercourse he wasn't the president it was still a senator for running for president. So who knows as the years go one and other people run maybe we'll have used some famous lady who might run the -- never know she has -- and strap yes so. So we'll see what happens but really it is upset if I personally as a one of the founding members. Feel very much. You know filled with pride to see that it it is what it is and I'm not as active and a lot of us aren't every week as these ladies really work hard. On a weekly basis getting out there making sure everything is done. It's a lot of work this but you know did that many years before and so to see where it is today is great so that just goes to show you can get a bunch of ladies together. Put their mind to what they wanna do and make it. Happen it happens. Yeah. Okay you don't have -- -- fifth the fifth yeah this so don't let the good stuff relaxed. But I love -- they make so little left on its. So what -- -- I'm I'm I'm the story so I guess we should probably. Do that. -- So. Here's a story. Although she thought she was doing a good job of saving for retirement doctor Stevens wondered if she was doing good enough job. She was contributing the maximum she could tell her 401K plan and adding an additional monthly amount to our own private investment account. She wondered aloud if that was enough. She felt and allowed -- to spend. Money on the things she won and now since she was indeed saving for retirement. I asked -- what she was planning -- doing in retirement. She says she had no idea. But then she thought about it she said. Well I'd -- work in my garden I agree on my books. But I guess it's still going to be involved in some parts practicing medicine. I asked if she would do so without compensation. She says now why would I wanna do that. I responded. If you think. You can do something in your field that does not require patient visits. Operating room time for being on call then of course she would be paid for your knowledge and experience. And it doesn't have to be as an employee of an organization. Are part of a group. And if you did that few could quote retire and quote early and still enjoy your life does that make sense. Who's visibly excited about the possibility and I suggested she consider how she can make that happen. No one said your retirement has to be a line of demarcation. Where one day you're working and the next day you're not. He had a great sendoff party and you're off into the sunset I offered. Imagine if you could retire and still turn a lesser NN com. Working your garden read your books and have a life you -- in a few years rather then -- fifteen or so years. Doctor Stephens left my office with a totally new perspective -- retirement. And was happy to consider another pass to that end. We decided to get back together -- a few weeks and look at the possibility of a new approach. To the next phase of her life the end. Just like -- -- doctor -- -- how can -- work without being compensated and. Exactly but that's the point I mean I do. That well they didn't -- -- they do not look good do it anytime that's what happened yeah. And -- but I think what I'm looking at is. There are they used to be really. Virtually nothing that you could do as a physician as a physician. Because the cost of liability and I swear he's our guy made any difference where do you work part time or full time because he had to do it. But now there are a -- variety of other things force physicians to do in corporations. Again. In teaching -- and things where they're not in practice. But they're still engaged in medicine. And it it -- -- just so much more to do with so much more opportunity that I think most people have to stop thinking of that. As though I'm gonna retire 65 I'm very tired seventy and they retire at some point and just. Forget it if you don't have to do that you can do something that's a transition. And something that you may do for the rest of your life and love it my mom. So I just want people open up their eyes especially when you look at these crazy things on TV -- You know they say how Long Will your money last night on color and and say oh yeah pull the -- -- I don't think they need to worry about. Do you think smoke real quickly do you think most physicians wanna stay involved in Madison when they retire or do something entirely deaf I think they wanna -- -- some kind kind of barely -- -- You know enough about it we'll be right back you're listening this morning to live with her now to the Mario land shall leave Saturday morning little Korean land and -- really. Good morning. Good morning how are you from that area I'm fine. My name is Linda Evans I'm president CEO of northeastern financial consultants. -- fee only financial planning firm Clark -- and I like having the honor of Larry -- enterprises. Which is safe fundraising PR and special event business. She got married yeah. I didn't say lack went back to the hello OK so he's happy to zillow jacked up I'm I'm shocked but right now. Well little and he didn't Chad but it's still an -- and smiling grand am. We're all smiling just -- mile -- he's filing yen and. Even Johnny Lucas. I can't say -- isn't there is given -- BI. So you -- snapped like a chocolate covered Swedish -- Put the I don't know what I no -- Ask them what more can tell you cannot wouldn't irate. -- -- makes them too when they're really does help our growth Joann Kennedy. She -- -- she -- I didn't know that she covers Swedish and then the bigger ones yes like does she covers the mint chocolate cancellations good. I felt I just signed. Come plus one avenue. Oh and I think I have to mention this. Last week I did last Saturday was the tenth annual Susan G. Komen for the Cure -- fashion pink elegant fashion -- Which was. I -- concept and I founded by -- went on to Reno asked me to chair we cherish for nine years to share best happened to Tracy Jordy chaired that there were 450 people. Collapse some money raised -- a good stuff -- company Macy's and gap kids -- didn't close and it was at the Radisson and it was. Fabulous month so I have to say and -- was there. No telling her candy in her jewelry and things and kick back some action news that term came -- gave a donation. -- and scared she -- her she and her around. Well that day. That's it's scary -- you see certain words you -- this is so they. Do you know why now I senate myself like hiring. So yes let's have fun. Well that's good you know I'm on the road going models -- line. Oh really not a not a model but in NASCAR we call them the games NH. We call the male escorts because they escorted the women off and they must -- Yes and there's tons of wonderful man who doing year after year but Matt was and they -- you -- it into an event going and next weekend I hate him this week. And for the children's and Agassi center yes he's he's and last year did with Mary -- -- and they're doing it again this year he's bringing a lot of time. Other area football professional football players to meet with the kids in the afternoon then they're doing an event and then uniting -- yeah. That's -- gets really nice he's been out in force and that's that's good it's great you know nothing like a good west side -- get an attack. Hi this is an article -- I found that I. -- great with sauce. I guess someone could just say you know I don't know that you should take on these things you read. And MS send money actually had this on so they've. -- the F credible presence on the web but I think that I would disagree was. I'm Robert Berger. Co wrote the article. I'm from US news and world report. He said some expenses that vanished during retirement. Hit these bills will disappear for many retirees who woman's son. We've had a conversation. Probably -- nauseam from -- to -- about whether or not a mortgage is something you wanna -- a retirement. His presumption is that. It's a worthy goal to retire your mortgage by the time you retire. I don't know that it. Now I'm -- I agree with that. Because I believe -- a lot of people presume underneath that. Said there income levels will be significantly reduced and their income tax brackets will be much slower. The way were going right now folks. Brackets tax brackets are gonna stay the same or increase. So. Having a mortgage is not a bad idea and you might think you're refinancing the mortgage to get a higher interest deduction. It's. It's one thing that I don't agree with but that's one of the things he says that that will disappear or should you believe in mortgage insurance -- Now you know I think it's to cause more it's just a life insurance and how life really learning policy but the way it's structured. Coming from land. -- -- insurance policy perspective. -- you pay the same amount of money every year for a benefits that goes down every year so why not just by irregular block a term insurance. And called today and if it's twenty year term insurance that covers the twenty years or -- may thirty years. -- same amount every year or so why not get the same dollar amount -- -- Actually the only reason I brought benefits a lot of people want to has paid because they think and it becomes an asset to to -- if they have children. To pass that. And set the value of -- anyway if you don't live there onto them. So that's why I was looking at but the more to buy mortgage insurance through the banks -- -- the way it's designed as even insurance companies Seles as mortgages I get it that's right not good that he -- makes there's a good reason to have mortgage and there's a good reason to buy an insurance policy for the purpose of protecting the market. -- -- -- Retirement savings that's another thing you wanna have when you retire but. But if it's 401K contributions that you're talking about. Yes they will end but there's no reason why you shouldn't continue to save -- put some money aside when you're in retirement. Because you never know what you then need for a longer term. But it's a long term care floor by any kind of expenses you have relative to house you need a new furnace he needs something if you send me money. First thing is commuting. I will agree with them says you won't have those expenses if indeed it was a significant part of Europe working lifetime if you buy. Monthly passes to trains or buses or things like -- idea that's gonna go away. And if you drove an hour every day to get to work that goes away so. Yeah that's that's one you can expect to go down and then. Life insurance his first line is most retirees to not need life insurance. I beg to differ. I think you do -- these life insurance. Especially. If you design something where you -- withdraw money from. Pension are for a Wednesday going down is gonna go down -- -- exactly you absolutely need that for somebody. And then you also may needed to help. For the purpose of providing for a long term care. Premiums -- coverage. If you're surviving spouse. Is not well. But do you think he means it because if people they haven't gotten it earlier in life she. It becomes very difficult in some cases for older people with -- pre existing conditions to get. Life insurance and very and very expensive. But if you buy it then yes but if you bought it before and you have a there's no reason to get rid of that is when -- -- out you know and the end woman says and maybe he's looking at it. Do you think from -- now while there are exceptions to life insurance is typically to replace the income of the deceased would have earned for the benefit of the dependence. By the time most people reach retirement days are no longer supporting dependence. But your support you could be supporting a spouse. And that and that's important so I disagree that that's something you want your rent -- of the other thing he calls family expenses. And that's legit the takes a lot of money to raise -- family. Clothing feeding and transporting a family of four puts a big dent in the monthly budget. So it -- -- the cost of car insurance for teenagers and college education. But I would think that before you got your retirement that would have. Climate and gun to hunt however we know are having kids later in life so maybe you know that is something they consider but. I don't know that that's gonna make a whole lot of difference when you retire if your children have already been educated and -- under house. Number six payroll taxes. I don't buy that one. Payroll taxes are easy to forget until you take a close look at your pay stub. Well if you don't have to pay -- anymore and you're not paying those yes OK then that will be an expense I will go away. And then this is one I'm not -- about the second car. I know that. My mom and my stepfather. Had two cars for probably ten years after they're retired. And then they decided they didn't need them to have both cars anymore because they really didn't go to many places. Where one needed a car any other didn't so they get rid of it. But it. I don't know that that's necessarily the case anymore. It may -- it may be an appropriate thing depending on where you live and if you have public transportation to get -- while ago. And maybe it's it's a good idea but I don't I would say that's that's something I would assume we'll -- present when your retire. So anyway that's my story you can stick until it. We don't want to give a shout out to -- to am missing after. You can caddie king Kelly. Who I sought the fashion challenge she -- my -- I listen to you every week -- so I'm going to give a shout out. Can't panic king Kelly so hi penny thanks for listening and you know wanna just do you think you've found that you know what's going on in Arizona. Oh that's heavy duty stuff I got yeah I I was listen to something about that on the way here today. I'm I don't really understand what's behind I didn't. Read the report -- -- good ice I found it to be very defense. In today's world where it appears says. State after state after state. Is granting. Gay rights great why would so why would some. Securities. Just be so adamant about not doing it. I mean I don't. Instead I just can't even stand with their what they were talking about businesses who. And in a boycott sales MP camera people are. Not south that they just have to be absolutely crazy well for anybody. Who did he had any. I I just that's just drives me absolutely crazy lacked. Every one alone and just live you're life and shot up. And let everyone have the right to do what they want to do and be who they want to beach and shot. Up about it it is not you -- business and for someone to say I'm not -- is -- disconnect those people. I have to be all drink and some kind of wacky cool outfit -- free seat. Well that's the same state that has that sheriff who is so wild man out there I think he's yeah Scalia yeah. And -- -- is crazy sorry but crazy and leave people alone. Just being nice and except people that's the bottom line and I think if -- as the world like that that's -- I mean he'd like you said it didn't. Finish because people are granting this all over the place because what is the difference. And for bad even for this woman to have to even be put -- position to veto this and vetoed that it's pretty. What we have more important things to worry about the. That it drives me crazy so be who we are that's what I say it. Okay and we're taking a really quick break we'll be right back you're listening this morning to the Larry -- shout it Saturday morning a little Korean land now. -- Good morning can -- listening to the learn inland shout I'm -- cat and I'm the owner Larry can enterprise which is say PIX. Countries think -- meant business out of order out of order -- Florida says you are how you I'll order the -- subtitles should be. -- -- -- -- -- And I am Linda Evans and I and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We are a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit and we have with us today with our resident expert in real estate. Mr. Jeff -- who is the marketing director of ERA one source realty he resides in his office and in none clarks summit. Along with a few other things. And do we it six ERA he has. Who is in ten different counties we have seven offices. Collapse happening tons of agents tons of inventory and yes the beat goes on here right. Yes yes and everything is really really happened. Yes that time of the year. -- -- He's spring has sprung him when you think about nannies know what I'm not gonna saying -- I mean just please let it is faring well spring has sprung in the world of real estate because what happens is the reason why real estate is so -- spring is a great time to put your house on the market is because number one. The winter is almost over she get a long stretch of time where you have decent weather to show and hopefully sell your property left. Also put their mark house and although this FR markets still. That gives you a limited window because once said I'm holidays come. French and now he's out right and it's relocating to kids exactly what I. How it is -- for their -- your brain so it is a busy time of the year and a realist and -- -- so what are now winning. -- well today moonstruck though a couple things arm -- I wanna talk about trends in real estate talking about housing prices. The Tom what types of houses are growing and -- valued sedar -- But I did I want to start with armed turns -- benefactor real estate and armed. What one of these huge Tom trends that are effective realistic right now our divorce. Tom how divorce. Divorces have grown to 2.5 million and 2012. And at their lowest. They had a forty year low was in 2009. Which is when housing -- market crashed etc. so mom she entered a cheaper. Yeah. Love that love that -- but but didn't have said that that how it affects real estate arm is it's a boon to. I'm just. Not just realistic that the economy. In general. Because you have a view of the additional housing if they split Tom. And that generally I mean terrible and it's a terrible situation but you know if you split the need to -- slips. Are you one household becomes too. And that mark it we've seen Tom. Households. Since two from 2012. In the in 2012 -- time Tom. That they can come monitored. I'm just five point three million households. Tom in 2009. We added 400000 households. So it's it's just a massive de -- but also adjust -- how that -- and -- the trend of divorce itself. Tom. And again so far as adding -- economy when you're from. When you're buying new homes etc. you're also adding furniture appliances electronics -- so. You don't and some respects economist. Scotia big but I like when he sits so when you split so I was gonna say no you mean split topic that is then I'm splitting like I'm minding your let's split -- -- that you know. So I have made on whether or how good is Leon -- we -- here. And and I love it. And then there -- go through a divorce again I'm and not to be good enforcement. With a home prices rising mountains were seeing a substantial rise in the price of housing problem. Across the country. Tom and those were opposed postponing divorce are now basically looking into equity in their homes growth and you don't take him -- delayed. Mindset and actually going through mr. I -- can't tell you how many people. That I have recently. Met or not met I knew them and didn't realize they are stay or death. I'm not married but living together because they can't afford not to. Really -- Yeah that they're not out of the house so there in the process of the divorce and they still live there but it's over and it's. Yeah it's amazing to me. My you just wonder how you can do that. Well it's probably tied to the unemployment. And situation. And a lot of people can't afford -- -- you know I know the reason it's just hard cash I'm sure it's hard to do with -- might wanna Wagner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at all if everybody just by double like this side by side those house is those many -- doubles and out here. Do quite simply one uneven duplicitous side by side they -- considering that in contract. I am. So is just you live on one -- and she was on the others could save a lot of very -- from the are getting from any company -- you don't start happening yes you do well and good thing. Well and you think about. And sometimes its forces are much for more picks aren't. You think about going through real estate deal with two people who don't through a divorce and now there -- some -- my office yesterday and I heard her go from. One to the other and then from that one to another it's it's just incredible. It's an incredible experience -- -- to watch certain. -- -- experiences because it isn't such a wonderful thing. Yes it's so sad tone sounds. Wrong. Sometimes it's better and it happens than the center around and does -- -- -- -- then find out that more people by eight. If they're divorcing Jefferson any statistic in if you said that I apologize on how many people who actually do sell because of the divorce today then. Bite each of them by their own or do we do and how does that work. I -- and it's it's I don't -- I didn't see anything where they measure an account for the fact that that we increased from 400000 to five plus million. From 2009 to the present. And economist all say that there's a -- impact from the Gaza that I suing on an exam OK and that even goes into the sale of a house because if you. It -- if you get a divorce then you ranch fire whatever there's also that opponents are living and then and well and it's three then. Now in many case it's 33 to transaction Siena my own up to adapt itself. Com. So what else were we like to talk about we have on housing prices yes I -- excited about that comes. We are seeing housing prices armed nationally. Tom Brady's fast the fastest rate since 2008 when was the boom and we're what we're about to crash. Tom and word double digits above where rumor last year nationally were and we're still doing well Tom. We're not up that high were in the single digits but the upper single digits. -- and this year just looks like it's going to be gangbusters compared to years in the past the phone is ringing ringing like crazy. Com our listings are up -- probably around seven or 8%. And again it's that time of the year like -- saying where com we're gonna start to see all that activity -- can really don't know where. There are seeing activity is that in the city -- and outside in the suburbs. Where is it. -- well you know why it's across the board the 10%. On generally a lot of that is in the areas like areas in California Florida. Com Arizona which Saddam. -- -- throwing her eyes. Com where they hit hardest by. By the collapse yeah I'm -- up -- bubble. But by and large I mean they're saying and almost every segment of the country we're seeing a decent increase the value of the house and tell your thought housing. Tom. Interest thing on that is to be -- -- map point is that most of it and not most of the putting good percent of it percentage of it is a luxury homes entirely be up. Yeah and that was really surprising to me and misses -- I'm real -- magazines which is a member which is I'm magazine that rolled to about her around. And they are -- -- not a National Association of Realtors so there are economists. Com have have gone through and looked -- -- national numbers again it's not our local markets were doing well -- with luxury homes. Across the country today are the top growing calls and again we're looking at some of the same areas that were affected more by. -- the bus. The bubble. Tom. But still they're still come out to be home -- interest and and in that vein the luxury homes -- the other thing is and -- I think we talked about this once. And it's how the size of houses are growing and content new construction. Tom yeah you can't -- they know growing their growing. I'm 44. The justice statistics 48% of homes built in 2013. Happy fourth Tom bedrooms. And 200934%. Had four veterans. So Tom square footage is up about 300 square feet per house and again bats going back to sending 35% had. Had three bass and -- and 2013. Where their arm. 2009 there was dressed. 22 and a half Kim. Okay so I just find that you know some some of that you're talking about trends in what's up what's down and actually the house itself. And here's someone's opinion and -- to -- probably I don't know if this is something that you're seeing in Europe. -- business but. Com. One of the statistics says home equity is starting to grow so people are starting to take money out of their homes. I have seen them. And in doing it a lot of it is far improvements. You're safe kids feel that they are not yell like you know replacing stuff and yeah worn out and people just didn't do it because they were afraid to do it. Millionaire now now now they're in now they're saying hang in against some more I got to get new -- right it's spend you know five years is placed needed five years ago but I didn't do it. As. And painting and not all like Kenseth so they're taking money out of the house for those purposes. Everything interest rates is still so -- -- no ordinary sense. Death and actually you know again days the -- statistic is 75%. Are have gone in. Have have done I'm done a home equity loan until 2012 over 2013. So so that's amazing Tom. So I'm just asking you a question. Again. Do you do you see that it's easier for these people to get the home equities -- I mean is that something that you think you. Can monitor that you see. Well I don't know that -- monitor but I certainly say -- them if they will bring it to me and say I'm thinking about. You know doing this or that with the house our need to do this and need to add this new bathroom there's something. And the first thing most people think and as well I need to take the money and the investments one -- in less -- the way to -- just think about us. If you do that you're gonna end up paying capital gains number one that's not a good thing because you don't have to do. Number two you're making. At this point and better than the cost of the home equity loan and then grab your turn now so why would you take the money out that's doing better than that. Right the third thing is. If you take it out of the house you're actually paying it back in the house so the equity is going back in your house when you make that payment. Makes us sense all the way around. Then the people start looking and saying well yeah maybe I should do that's just they go to their bank and they're saying no one home equity loan. There's I have seen it now one person denies the automatically lumped right and that's I think there's fear because of other changes yeah we're going on and it out of there are probably thinking they could get this so take the easy route by taking on the money they know they have. I -- and you know it's still that's still not found it's not as easy as it was in the past I mean there's so much so many more requirements and it. -- thanks wanna see you have actually have savings com they want I'll make sure your credit score of course has to be. Great. Com. And some arm and again that you know they're gonna look at what they put the equity of the house -- the banks can determine not two point. Com but -- you know I sellers. Concept -- part of -- -- when they think the -- the house's is often at odds with someone at a bank who's going to look at giving you money. But hurricane assistance back to make your -- can -- condemn -- is right it's almost. All right and -- we have time Morelli and half a minute OK is enough. I gotta say thank you very much. We -- technically you could -- you could -- -- Do you expect us to rest but I don't know if you prevent it should be no. -- -- -- again we thank you know they are saving money so it's neither last month your money back anyway. We like their blended in Seattle is doing yeah. But I always like feel that although we love it's. Very supportive of us and so. We thank you mr. Jeff I -- marketing director of ERA one source realty he resides in. Clarks summit but they are in ten counties and have seven offices so look for the men give them -- interest in selling your house so. Have a great weekend everybody you we will see you back next week so be safe.