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Vic Walczak, legal director ACLU of PA, talks to Corbett

Mar 4, 2014|

Vic Walczak, legal director ACLU of PA, talks to Corbett about the U.S Supreme Court not hearing an appeal of a case involving an anti-immigrant local ordinance in Hazleton, PA letting stand lower court rulings finding the ordinance unconstitutional.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kicked the -- Jack thanks so much for calling the show victory would you call this -- Yeah I do bad things that match at this point. What is it that the average person who might have some difficulty understanding the legal complexities of this case. What do we need to know almost -- -- -- -- That there are certain aspects. You've got command of our society that need to be wrong. Federal government I think about foreign policy of you know do you want the state of Pennsylvania an idiot I feel ten. Hiding. You know what kind of relations Wii -- tablet Ukraine and Russia right now -- -- you've got things like one policy. Is currently believe that the Postal Service. -- -- Over the who's is it immigration. And customs and those are things that under our constitution. -- government to have some. And drags me out on all of this statement. And the problem where a fourteen year old season he decided to eight years ago I can't believe it and it's an eight years. Is bad we are waiting into territory where they don't -- walk. And that is so effectively deciding who can. Com and staying in the United States and you know the -- and as long -- it's argumentative. About my -- to. There's a bed every level of the court system men and complications and hospital twice so I it's a long time coming but I can't say that any of us are surprised that there -- courts and eventually says you can't do that. -- -- casualty is currently immersed in yet another controversy with the Dominican community with regard to that. Raising of the Dominican flag -- new -- who's stuck staunchly with this with this loss and said he was terribly disappointed today. He's refused a request by some members of the Dominican community that. Raise a flag but the point that I'm trying to make is. Then I read a comment by one of your co counsel pose -- O'Connor talked about how this hazel to law also have the unfortunate byproduct. Of splintering the community and making a lawful immigrants. Feel unwelcome how did even lawful immigrants feel one welcome back. And -- -- -- combat today and why we filed dislodge it and I don't. I don't think it's a secondary issue I think -- -- -- I think the residential real total lost big time I think it is a walk created suspicion created divisions or they should not have existed. Let to let a guy that -- -- tools did and what may -- air -- -- rhetoric did was to demonize. It. Latinos. And then some people -- and modem -- let's let's be honest what you're talking about is it is -- the Hispanic. Community and and what it -- what these. And -- -- go to trial there was a demonstrably false that that these folks are taking everybody's money bad. And they are bad citizens that they are committing crimes that record high numbers that they are destroyed in the school system and how the -- that there was -- was -- -- -- -- But -- did waded into that in people's minds that these undocumented immigrants to most of whom are Hispanic. And are dangerous are dead citizens we don't want him here where you can't tell her. It's documented. And in the undocumented you cannot tell somebody immigration status comes looking at them unless they have a tattooed on their forehead and I. And too many of those who didn't result is that it creates suspicion. And folks -- creates and anybody who looks and -- And and even those people who had to have been killed and for a long time. And large dark horse candidate to speak with an accent. Considered suspicious and they did not feel welcome in that community and I think you know bad that I think is the biggest legacy. Unfortunately -- The bullet haseltine are already under serious pressure with the government come back with a lack of funding for -- necessary social services. The money isn't there these should he always made it clear that taxpayer money was not being used. In the defense so many of these appeals they put together this small town defenders as some of -- called it the small town attackers. But they spent approximately 500000. Dollars that they raise but the fact is. You -- at the right side spent approximately two million dollars and that the decision has some. Got to be made as to whether he'll try to recover legal fees what's involved in that decision maker. And maybe. -- -- that's blue waves federal civil right -- Are you work is what is it that way and never the government loses that they are on the hook for. The winning side just running speed so. I know we had discussions about. We're gonna ask the court awards spread they would certainly be something. There's only two people. I can tell who do really well and then radiation and and why is now congressman Bartlett I. I -- road distances so long in this controversy all the way to congress it. And her. Dark blue not only made a name for himself nationally. I had to pick up a war maybe we can develop that perhaps a million dollars in attorneys season and have money went to -- -- And and maybe a handful of other lawyers to bring this misguided litigation. You know now that folks are gonna have to get Aden and then -- gonna have some kind of tell what the bill as I don't know at this point. And that's the that's the sub story and all of this all the more reason why all the people -- -- need to tried to find some common ground. Come together in in some sense of peace and liberty and justice for all -- hope for the best -- it's good to talk to you was always thanks so much for the work you do and we'll talk with you again. Thanks -- -- statements anytime there is.