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Bob Curry, Hazleton One Community Center, and Corbett

Mar 4, 2014|

Bob Curry, Hazleton One Community Center and Hazleton Integration Project, talks to Corbett concerning the U.S Supreme Court declining to hear an appeal of a case involving an anti-immigration local ordinance in Hazleton, PA letting lower court rulings finding the ordinance unconstitutional stand.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- X -- US Supreme Court ruling that. Well I was put in your previous guest -- jump into what is let's. Surprise than anywhere in the world and on his -- I mean. It's odd that particularly -- and she's been struck down by the lower courts every step of the way we felt it was unconstitutional to begin with republic unconstitutional wouldn't happen. -- -- objected to a and it happened and every step of the way but on. You're the one thing about it and that is I hope that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't need. Are you sure you and others who prosecuted current -- it's. Hoping that it doesn't happen because I can know what you do is open like so many universities are strapped financially. But let's -- really -- that passed between the pension machete. Including all of those citizens that the illegal immigration. Contract and so people he can from the pin to build just that consumer lectured me. The law but I hope somebody reconsider. I completely agree with you but the point here is that. And the city officials come to their senses. And realize the what they were doing was subjecting their city headed to scorn and may be punitive damages. Joseph you know usually fought for this to continue. In through the court system so here's the marriage and he represents the government and that's actually how your name came up earlier today -- -- the other night in an interview talked about how -- in the city of nasal tone was one of your sponsors. And I thought that this decision today. Actually put sure an awkward spot do you feel awkward. I don't feel awkward. Look -- -- that -- heard any differently she -- any particular issue. When are we did and we do have great support from every news from the City Council. From both sides of the aisle because they can potentially do. Is look community senate integration project just undeniable and in what we do -- -- provide opportunities for. Economically disadvantaged kids are all solid all races and opportunity. For everybody so I'm not surprised that -- I think that they would be it would be unconscionable. That we either. Not a lunch and there were doing and part of that is what are clearly wanted to bring the community. There's no question that we're hoping that -- put -- end that chapter. That the community can really begin again on its own country. Then move ahead as a one community because. They were finished -- You really think it's that simple I mean the money that your depending on to feed your kids to teach people English to teach people to read. To provide the current training that any community needs to provide. All it's while its residents and all its citizens. You get more money if the Syria handled it and didn't know how. Have to face up to the fact that because they pushed a bigoted and unconstitutional law because Joseph you know -- and who won a lot of work to lead not charge. That's money that could've gone in to the mouths of hungry children that might very well go to punitive damages -- she does a problem. Could not work that's not the way beat these situations especially on what happened don't have any taxpayer money coming -- -- Our money comes entirely from foundations. Transit measures to control grant. Have a job. I have Jillian using according to what he said the other night act as a sponsor what he's watching you for -- -- Dude is. True and openness the municipality. Principality. You need to work with from municipality in order to obtain. Trend in crime he didn't commission which I cannot catch repugnant it's a huge Turkey on -- -- -- personally -- So we don't -- And municipalities. Can try and destroy that which. Let money come from the restriction from the get any love if Hillary doesn't have to go through the municipality. By municipality doesn't -- any opinions. Well the municipality put its name man -- -- she said he sponsored your organization. And they might be sponsoring you for yet another request for money right. I need to ensure that was -- and there's two different things that work is not anchored in money try them -- -- you felt that they had more money they can perform well and signing up new. Well I'm -- some people myself included believe that has to deal with a double when you got a guy who's pushing an unconstitutional. And big get -- -- long and he's proud of it if you walk alone are proud of it. And that's a law that did. Demonize Latinos don't hurt people documented or undocumented as well and I just think it is here's the deal with the W and you don't and that I hope that it works out -- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa well hold on first second. What the deal would be doubles -- Did you what did double vision news he is a man who along with blue ball -- -- pushed this unconstitutional. Law they don't. That hurts people and the fact you need your news he and his sponsors ship -- cure the position that if -- tell you know I'm not sponsoring you how you gonna get your money Bob. Try and run I would love to and I just sort of put this up front. And the wind is one would like to do so we want to debate situation none you have to do well well well. I don't I don't know you know I don't we're not telling you the bad guy has demonized. As resolute Bartlett at the very people you serve. The very people -- you have a responsibility -- you've taken a responsibility to help and he is hurting so that's the deal with the devil but that's my perspective you don't she'll like that. No I certainly don't see it that way then our future and keep the and so -- try to do to -- option but if you competitors in the world. Wow all right I'm -- right there hold up. I'm gonna stop you right there through disunity homered -- right up front did know. Body and you know it and you can't disputed nobody supporting you what you do more than I did. And when I started to see hesitancy. And -- wondered what's hesitancy here and then I -- -- news he said that he was a sponsor of one of the big branch you got a flood. You can't very well -- yeah. And this sponsors you can you. -- -- a -- because it's not absolute uncharted waters and you're not seeing is not branch -- -- not including one nickel at a time. -- -- -- -- I was so I am not a slow up I'm not gonna let you roll -- -- what. Or I deleted petition be isolated and I personally think it's essential questions guys -- their interpretation of maturity. -- you -- would you please. Slow down we do not know what city you're now Bob what is absurd what we Bob what's happened down there I was done there's recently as a couple of months ago will -- -- the opportunity deal but the poured down on American is you've got to make these connections. And sometimes there's plus he what I. Have to do Steve intelligent human beings to prop them healing right now is seeing that all are strongly fuchsia and when you mention the computer or armed I don't know what you can go. Usually I considered defensive posture you'd take -- -- known you long enough I understand your position. Where you need the sponsorship. Although American who has endorsed a bigoted discriminatory. Unconstitutional policy and you're defending him for that. I think I'm not a hit by gender gender anybody Clinton's -- and then you know it. And that your listeners are right now somebody would be an open mind anybody who -- -- them actually are respond street and we think it's going to agree with me through all rash all until you are is little orange piece. We use that money back and all of moderate and another round where anybody carrying. But it's usually colleges so let's just -- -- your country what did you you can't just say I don't all anybody is saying. That's where it says what are some. It seems we are not dependent on addiction before. Shrugged and you're dependent on the city before how -- are you -- you -- reason. -- you knew she senate I didn't said. I have made it very clear that you are dependent. On Joseph here and -- who I consider to be a big. For sponsorship and he was so proud of that relationship he has with you and your organization that just the other night he said maybe he'll sponsor another. Brandon what I certainly hope you -- although that's good news and I think so nobody had a lot of money to redouble my. Well well you know -- what you want what you don't want actually bought control how would you please. Futures slipped and that's what French special picture includes that there are sponsoring. It is OK I go -- -- acceptability. Of the building so we want to we want to expand the building shook hands Ichiro and we're here. Jameer how are you Soledad it you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so I know I want to wish that you know Mort do you know why you're -- about it then you. You're you're you're try and this startling moment to try and -- so what's up. I couldn't -- each other a little -- Played his game curry your long long story here's what here's what I'm saying to you. I've made it very clear that not supported you project and will continue to support the goals in the names of your project. But the politics of your project I think is hurting your credibility I told you that the other day when we talked off here. I believe that your credibility is being harmed when somebody like and I Ali just says that. Read is should leave potential that so that. Issues that need to be -- what are -- -- called. -- -- brought it he sure does not mean she appeared on a launch and press conference the other day. Along with the guy identified as the executive director of the hazel to an integration project. So many other people -- so when she did this statement about Victor Perez how he should leave hazel tenth all bells went off my head and I waited to see if you're a director or anybody else would say to her on the we're not about chasing people out of town that's pretty much what Mubarak alana and Jillian losing and that group was about but nobody. Challenged are the result that's how you commanded us. -- I have herself to look into it it would it is of one community -- nothing to do within his own integration projects. So that publicly challenge Obama and a good one and within the community and -- -- so do you know really -- user were you when not then you agree with what she shot. -- -- agree with what she's such a -- us no one up. It took -- to a modern human -- only mention this community and deserves for that speaks about issues that need to be spoken about what the -- Dunst. He has a great QB in this community just that much. How it's -- and let's get to. Many out there isn't isn't good. Urging isn't -- in America about how to do it isn't it not only should read that makes America great variety isn't always. Together isn't Victor Perez. The competition with you for the same kind of grants the same kind of money that you're looking for. You know all while I have -- asked -- now wanna get a chance they'll knock them because my understanding is. Did you tell strike the fund -- small center. Then you tell us tried to service the kinds of people who need help to provide services to them so I think that these kinds of competitive. Rivalries jealous he's column what you want. Can be put doctor of. Well that's absurd that is pat even got. -- you can not help our competitor should rivalry. Over I think you do not -- should -- -- is what little child wandered into -- and how many times and spoken with that people can't do -- not come toward. I didn't sit well -- -- -- -- if you wanna make that into -- attack and gets a lot of money on record I know what your thought -- look you know I know I have been on that change from our community standards initiating the better. Or. You love each of bad and -- -- and then you are currently under a community center. Well there's less than what you will you -- with Victor Perez should talk about this issue of the raising of the Dominican flag when you talk with him about not under rant about -- short okay short run so maybe admitting maybe have a big community news in order here may be another community meeting this people have to talk. I just happened to see -- in and away you don't see it and that we can disagree on that so I wish -- well what. Fine -- then certainly I'll be happy to well I'm sure are didn't approve a third try it out what missiles -- just. That bit depressed. And many times actually. And I have been at many events. I've attended many of the submitted their mental it's intended to mention here in our hands you've also -- at odds with them all remember this is correct. When you do not see many things hustle -- -- that doesn't mean that these horrible human being and I am not asking him to leave power. I'm glad what we've accomplished something so Bob curry who is out on the board he's -- is a founding member. All of the hazel ten integration project.