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3-2-14 Paranormal Science

Mar 4, 2014|

Features Christopher DiCesare, who has written a new book called SURVIVING EVIDENCE - Memoir of an Extreme Haunting!

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Paranormal. Science. Okay. I. Okay. Then welcome to another Sunday night goes paranormal science I'm more tries. With Joseph -- and -- certainly hope everybody out there is doing well. Thanks for tuning in if all you're tuning in tonight I guess you're not watching the Oscars and if you're not a -- -- George -- the Oscars and you're tuning in you better get your TV is -- missing it and we also really appreciate that if you are we do this we don't. We do. One thing I wanted to -- our listeners know. -- you know we've seen the -- on past shows we had. Five gift certificates given to us by psychic medium Michelle Gallagher and we have too little -- left so we're going to be. Giving away a gift certificates night for me a thirty minute psychic reading after our first break sometimes so. Listen for that. And -- some news on -- -- but her contacts. I do I do on the venue is still not official yet however -- Coast Guard come. Is actually help our web sites up and running crisis that is occurring now column we also why it's going to be October 11 and twelfth 2014 now we have so much. To -- headline news there hopefully the one biggest ones are actually going to be our guest tonight. It's ludicrous to -- dream good man and I had the hill and -- -- personally am not. Then -- you know good friends since I'll tell you he's he's he's had a regular guest and friend and 10 man he really -- And we're gonna do something is it's geared a little bit different than a lot of the other paranormal conferences. That have a lot of thought. Entertainment style like guests the speakers into. I was sick Halloween Ito made stuff nobody -- you're right I mean what most people you don't when he says general conference or even with the -- -- people are familiar with. I know it's it's that big field. Think conventions and people get together and dress up in the your assertions Pellicano softened my little I have to America -- just -- -- -- -- when we will that's mother were trying to stay away from that. One thing these goes spare time trying to do is is basically stays scientific based realistic based on the other. -- wrong with the don't have the -- comes out there reveals that the does that just right now this being RRR infant here of course you know for starting numbers come wanna keep it simple. Keep -- as a networking like you should be you know -- apparel groups out there on the network. -- the amount of Leo some systems like -- galleries. And you know -- was talking to keep it real keep an informative and go from there. Yeah that's another thing we do need jump. Under website if any paranormal groups out there and just sit in. Attending this go to our web site. -- dissipates there and I guess page there's a form on that page to fill that out we'll get back if we -- happy to have yet. Attend and trying to stoke up my very greedy -- bring your films where we have absolutely should should be a good time should we want the public to get to new soft. -- though we're all about. All right well let's get to tonight's guest. While his -- His life story really has been taking off your throughout the paranormal community this attacks and it all started back in the eighties with an experience he went through. That's one of the SUNY campuses. And it's a really interesting story and recently there was an independent film. Mean about that story which then led to. Some some further on televised stuff on our scifi school spirits and a second movie came out of that and then there was. The book that was just released a few days ago. And we're gonna talk. To our guests tonight about his book is called surviving elements memoir. Of an extreme haunting and our guest is Christopher -- as a race and he's not that's. Do you and the awards tonight but he is walking the red carpet Christopher did show as a -- thanks for joining us tonight. -- keep an -- appreciated and welcomed press club does. Chris -- you've been on the show couple times before you know you really good friend of paranormal science in -- us personally and thanks for taking the time to spend with us tonight. So that's the blessed you know it's very. It's like going to a -- -- every time like on the show -- my independence happening talked about I just love it. Well thank you yeah we like to mix it up a little bit and don't take an objective look at everything we have a little bit of the supernatural paranormal holistic stuff. Mom you name it we try to get in here let people know what's out there what's happening. Well one thing that's so we had talked about prior to starting to show. Was that if there was a major production company a -- -- The eighties I had heard of your story without a doubt I think this would have been a major motion picture on the big screen no doubt in my mind right up there with the with the rest of the big thrillers. Palm -- you know third there's a big difference from the eighties until now and you having gone through that would you agree knowing what you know now. That that's the paranormal field in the perception upon things in and goes has changed significantly. Absolutely absolutely and it's one of those things where you're -- society you know you are -- Which around -- we didn't -- how you think what you do and had a movie companies come and approach my cellphone thing Jennifer forward one back then what is that now we weren't. Able to understand what happened we weren't able to put that in any kind of coherent framework Stewart we're all men and have been -- -- open. I just think sometimes. -- what -- approach to him and I can tell you from me it's been -- that I feel -- And I think there is a right time in the right place for everything and now is the right time for your story to be told it's so it's got to appropriate audience and it's got to worry people behind it. Telling the story true to life and that's something I think we all appreciate it is. -- -- stuff not dramatized so much that it's out of the realm of reality anymore and you guys -- -- great job and and I think you end John just -- were big part of that. Were you re sort of kept that the film grounded because a real those -- sensibly has kept a real real realistic chance. -- -- -- He doesn't fit wondering who -- because it wasn't. Our script that was created just for the purpose of creating -- so we actually -- tell what happened to us and there are some very scary times and very very touching times and that's. States like -- and the home only in the sense you want to be the capture everything the good and the bad and hopefully people enjoyed that journey. You know I've said this over and over and over. I'm too many people in different entertainment. Industry's production company's life -- he's the greatest grips especially when it comes this. And there's really no need to over dramatizing and I think your story was a great example that. I know. The stories I think what you say are the ones that you can relate to -- -- saying -- only coal chamber of respect in the ninety's. And that would be about politicians are trying to save some of the Jews in concentration camps second World War II. And I remember I was -- -- cry I thought I was crying for December a movie go actors I look behind me. Every single person was crying. -- you get that most potent because you know he's spending reality but when you -- covers some connection really happens you can actually you know. You can steal some of the -- went through I think that's -- destroy and so. Thought well I've been a part of we're just trying to tell the truth. Now. For those listeners who haven't heard your story before can you do your listeners just a brief idea of -- what you had gone through at and the Sunnis. -- your campus and how that led to. -- years later an independent film being produced about their story. Portfolio. The big hunting began. -- sometime the first week of February back in 1985 feet Erie hall of what lake -- not to -- it should have been. And actually get a -- Stand -- I just saw with my friend who lived in the same building -- -- under the sheets and Marie Warren speak. Whether you help extend their fifth and such they picked the car during the earlier part. And I wouldn't put any stock into the ball but a week later and began -- happen. And are now in our dorm room and are not college area we. You know you're my name being cold I'm Negroponte as well and have -- industry apparition this this -- within -- -- what got -- some. We've got a priest to try to force the -- that's -- to work make an angry that thing went into attacked us and how it goes let sleeping on the floor in the from the -- we would get as a power against you -- to get out of here with a picture of written record I don't think typical BP now these are later. And eventually I I tried to get spaceship because it would trying to -- my friends and I didn't want that to happen happen. And daddy -- we can talk about this so we'll go hunt 2526. Years. And then now I would approach -- warm up tomorrow Katrina about birds won't be connector in crucial pleased how quickly they wanted to shoot. Maybe try to put some of the balanced and -- to create a yeah. And multi century experienced people to understand because it wasn't just about fade ghost but. Up people trying to understand what's happening around trying to problem solved the -- of -- in -- what -- tried not to trust -- -- and I than there. That led to a cost beaten towards this led to that film being without their lead to the school spirit sent. And here we are now I'm on the -- down until memoir and a Pennsauken yet but that's. But at and I -- more of an extreme haunting. -- Who and where did that idea come from borrowers that's something personal that you wanted to get out there to -- through a more personal touch health -- for the public to take a look at. Thought -- -- Triton to share my story initially. The first part of the public they would actually had been a CO 25 years later. And the response where this. But unpopular. People. Want to ask questions about pension may want to learn more and and I began to -- dimension. Currently of the circuit -- pockets in the conventions. I -- my how people actually do get a benefit we heard about this experience and they give to charity and this ought to neutralize it. That you publish -- mythology. And I don't know how long I can do this for I don't know how make some -- hand on this on this -- blew an eyebrow locked in the month. What I just put down my -- my thoughts about and that's why don't have to -- their adult and should have to be a part of -- process. Could go without me. I felt bad about being taught myself with about retention experience. I thought -- political way to do that with a box and that dark when pressed first our program a great company great people but look we look to. Population taking one or not I don't doubt it because it's nice when it a bit but beyond me. You don't -- -- I appreciate that because even though -- and talk and say you know if if you were incident came up you know nowadays are probably. -- -- like -- said earlier -- production company then they would have you know probably exploit that left and right because it was something brand new and then now -- -- -- -- status quo. But even today of the society where paranormal stuff is actually more success acceptable. You don't -- -- people still realize that. Most people are how embarrassing shame is the fact that they're going to be -- looked at different if they do bring this up. So someone like you coming Ford in writing your books like this sort or even you know -- lectures and stuff and on the circuit. Just you just -- one person that audience I think it really doesn't because it shows that you know if it brings humanity to actually what's going on. What all of our thank you for that it is that gives me the strength of conviction that she could speak without -- reaching out to people when. I made and a lot of good friends just as if you come and you know in the pack your tenth two years people who are. Looking to find out what theaters are trying to improve part of life trying to to people from the suffering and that's. But I didn't know that whatever happened out -- I go back sort of to gamble on that. But it -- -- well for me -- I'm hoping that people -- -- -- look at what went on to what they do a summer film. The New Yorkers what thing at if really recognized with -- and I've heard you say this several times and knowing you. Over the last couple years and seeing you I talked to different people one thing you always bring out is he you've always said that if sharing your story. Held just one person then you feel like you it was worth putting it out there and I think that's a great approach. -- absolutely you know. A lot of people out there are trying to get this story out. And then making one mistake that is they're making about themselves. You know you know your own story and it shouldn't be about you. It's about the process of -- them grow and get experience and get that was behind you and acts but actually -- relevant. Beyond yourself circle of friends and to be intact all night and how much into the school most school teacher actually you don't get rich or famous. Trying to be rich or -- -- it happens because people who wrote a very well people appreciate. True words truer words. All right Chris are gonna ask you hang on we have to take a short commercial break but we got a lot more to talk about so stick with this and will be right back. Older one it's talk from paranormal science I'm here to tell you about some of the best pizza I've ever had. It's a panel experience itself so those pizza that's right so those pizza and -- the restaurants since 1964 open seven days a week. Okay irrelevant at some bypass of the posts and comments they have pizza wings hope he's dinner you name it they have that. You sort of settles by calling 5706550001. Some of pizza dot com them an app for your phone Michael on FaceBook if you mention this that you -- when I also prefer. -- can. It is controversy. As some listeners the spontaneous in like mentally and turn. Welcome back animal science. There was also calling the shoot the numbers owns 57083. Users remind me 104370. Germanic. Talking with the Christian unity from -- Surviving evidence and he very M tomorrow on his his experiences in life. Guess surviving humans no more of an extreme harming. Christopher where can people go and get that book. So that's on Amazon right now my movies -- noble folk stuff. In real book -- -- the -- of the Kindle or you can go to blood are more impressive two month web site and bring it into an angle like the. Great. Now what could go back in time a little bit calm and you went through. -- very. -- extreme haunting while going through college. But going back in your younger years. It is -- listeners have heard this before you did have a few. Experiences that some people calling your psychic experiences and I think a lot of people can relate to that may know. Really I think about somebody also may get a phone call from them. You know you had a few things -- you correct. Yeah but at the time you know pick as you can number one you know you don't know that the dividend and also number trillion if I can I expect -- part of life and that's. And they went through the golfing world and then years later as I've gone through. It's like about same time. Looking back you know there were very few things that. Would have been novel signaled perhaps would have been aware of them that's something happening happening and maybe you know from the neck if you -- -- -- -- president's. And but Hillary. It's going to be looked back country. That's what got the part of the -- more difficult to to make it doesn't -- but yet. You know wouldn't -- -- little piece of information I picked up along the way I can remember if this wasn't in the first movie or is this something you just said. But. Is there was 21 thing that you're I believe your grandmother told you to do. I don't know if it was when you were a little bit nervous or had to do something it was basically countdown from ten to one to have that right. -- -- absolutely Maya parents had going a little vacation and my head because certain. My grandparents are watching -- them almost sisters. Opening happened to be very strict Jewish crying and crying in my -- of them from. I want you to count to ten. And he didn't he stop crying I thought oh my gosh. How does that work can -- I didn't. I -- -- -- average point me that when you put some prime between your company -- that you realize it's not so bad. And so I began myself -- see -- that. Contend that would allow me to come down before rated a big test for example where a big cross country Iran and a convert annual. And I wanna bring up the other cross country running as well. Now you worry him in correct me if I have these numbers wrong but I believe you completed ten marathons and you need a -- got -- your teens yet. Hit a record of fourteen appeal without sport but not about 88 pounds kind of pick up. And that's -- and these aren't you know just just quickly want to see these are some lengthy marathons. They were trying to put two -- Amazing. Full marathons and half. So one of the observations that that I sort of make is an outside observer and you know that you might attribute this to being a little bit more sensitive to spirit later on in her life for me be even having some experiences and what. You know one of the things that you know -- counting that's sort of clears your mind and in MG MG's -- the racket going on undermining gives you something to focus on. Which is part of many meditations actually do that but then you also had this this other factor in your life for you were doing this. This long distance running. And that in itself could be very meditative would you agree with that. Absolutely. And that's why when I first saw that thing in my college room. I began to help. Because it had worked whenever things seem to be. Can't control or are very nerve racking I would help and things can be all right and so where Indy and you could be heard my children in my room. A charity can help. The problem was all a -- opening counted. They can make it part of likely did most of during the I mean for the first time. That -- don't make. It what you were in fact probably doing was to Armenians. Yeah they're pretty good -- -- -- got it right yeah about of course at that age you know he you don't have any other wisdom you get along the way knowing. While automatic -- actually do this to help tune the things and and yet you're getting opposite result. Right yeah and you know you you try to know. And that's about it learning with the value of mean people are going places and been reading books you actually could spank your knowledge and so. I had no choice but took them out to that moment I thought that the. And I mean it it and when you look back him in. If you look over all those events. Meanwhile what would -- even though was very very. He will call a tragic at the time. What a great. Learning experience I guess so full of life and life after death end. I'm sure you learned a lot about yourself in in your friends and who were your friends and who stuck with you. Yeah you know it's if if you look at some of the best. Music you know politically columns. Look at that because they're paying the gas mood became you know fossil music if you look at the column in the Bible that the Jews in captivity. -- -- -- Human you can -- he's back. When -- read or worse what we're suffering when work we have nothing but to create but to dream and hope -- -- comfort zone in your mind how. Can -- and I've had to create more that we can be bid. And I think that's the extra warning pro of those moments. A lot of legal Lauren Lauren and your -- you're right I've found out. Political war not a lot of clothes they wore purple heart -- and if you'd be surprised sometimes you know who had been up attractive they're behind it doesn't. And the -- the commitment they refute them too bad times and they spent a good time well. And this -- this like it's I was when your when your your darkest hour when you -- courses like so. That's is like what -- -- doing you're in your darkest hour and you're just looking for something and hold onto and that's where this essentially came from and that's just. Did that just shows that the character of yourself from the people and not yourself like this. I was fortunate I was fortunate that you know I just under -- was there next month if he wasn't there. I know it happens every night a computer. And limit so I thought maybe for the -- that maybe it looked at me. He saw all my suffering you so -- -- from the I don't feel. And that that they huge moment so much and I I I thank you for the kind words about my character. In the case I would defer to the -- but stronger because they except that is small they get through it. Chris I agree gestures and do a shot to him also -- I think I -- we have spoken Duma the the career your movie I've spoken to -- and you know what I asylum all of this rested its economy in my personal. They never if you will tell you know. Most people are realizing he was probably one of the first real war with the size of the warns that actually started this EVP thing. I'll use actual first he was doing it and didn't know what was at the time and I give him national credit for that he came says he came to your aid none so there really no -- percent. And again like you said that speaks of his character -- well. Here and you're right if he even -- being darkest Times Square near the thing we're going from the womb and throwing things in effect -- -- pay him. Feeling pain and that information would -- I want to -- college want to get rid of it no matter what it -- Thank me one time and I think you'll portrayed in the -- that you know put them. These are looking at it with friends to US current can you imagine if we could -- to it. And find out who it is. What happened to him -- -- and then. Like on the other side you know are are there goes well and who. You know I would Boudreau wouldn't you know and and -- to -- himself in the brilliant beyond just kinda forced prime you know just amazing. I heard. -- in John he comes across as is -- very very intelligent person and I think even though there were probably times when when he was scared of something. Or not comfortable with at least. There had to be a driver behind them to say and yelled this is incredible we gotta we gotta find out more. They're absolutely sure you know I. He -- the most boring person ever met. It turns out that he would miss acting -- -- what I appreciate the -- that in the big picture and the stability of those moments. Stabilize that -- around a pair myself a band than Ed and maybe everybody also it was a great -- -- thing. I don't know who are you. You know what was perfect in any -- -- something new that well but those in Cuba through allowed him to get -- coping mechanisms and the skills that -- did. That would help me get by chance here later. Now maybe you cannot help us give him a little -- too so don't have a whole lot of information on this yet bunch. You had just released you -- and I understand he just opened up a bed and breakfast. Oh how cool it back yes. Let's look at that very very quickly here because. It is actually. Came from this the same background. But -- exact direction perhaps that's because pretending -- beautiful all -- like -- library -- nearly always been. Probably through the -- to collect here he actually has. The primary pieces from the film can talk with you which are a comfortable -- college that can dominate on. And now had a bit of Brecht he's opening up -- you can. What don't you can go on the fact you can get your main speakers and a killer every mom and that is merely a great cook beautiful. Yes it's like a very interactive experiences and ice and actually seen it sometime last year before he opened and bright Tristan. While it really looks like the dorm -- did a great job. Here but -- I can prepare them for -- and I can imagine -- but you know I had the tees and little and tell me don't know John just knew there might be time to let go here you know you're into taking the stuff I -- -- weird levels at twelve. You know if he did not go eat even burn you know -- you could about kind of 1520 years ago. He -- so contribute about what happened at a machine from negative he tried to push this through -- career. They're contract distort what he told I think people why aren't hearing it now that you know I -- you know what let's look at this entry. But a country that I'm glad despite everything that threw me. I'm revenue coming human well. Opinions you know that's one great thing tonight CNET has come out of all listeners that this was me personally. You guys appear to be really -- going back to your college days. And I can even see -- -- the special bond between you what you said that you had lost touch with each other for quite sometime so you know if nothing else like things just. Just bringing that relationship back together is phenomenal. Yeah I remember he people who left college I tried to him but I had this dream. I had a dream that I'm mixing them again. In the wintertime we're in long coach but before you go -- walking a small town. And I wouldn't continue to -- -- them. Well because of the film. We're brought together at their location that small kind of New York -- February of 2009. We're looking -- lone constant flurry electric -- Stick with a moment and -- got the recent 25 years ago. So this -- perfect you know. And like mark said do you can tell is true friendship society has never missed a beat you know and just to see the -- are between two. You would never know the other laps and time spent dried up for their -- -- Absolutely -- epic battle buddies -- got -- portrait Damon. Chris again if we can jump back in time a little bit. You you did have some experiences prior to going to college with something at the time you shared with her family and all. All I think the bits and pieces but you know can more -- could the American repair than and then I am tired I had great parents. But even like that the demo pit because you could say -- respect our books or be complete. You know then what you know you wanna have normally -- -- your child. Just trying things that might make them separate themselves from the fact that school you know I was -- I'm very excited to begin with. So much my parents all the other control we'll give you what you need what you want you -- -- and -- -- credit equity epidemic I think -- I didn't quite critical that overwhelmed thinking I don't think so it -- because it was -- -- don't get sidetracked. So why didn't squash they know that you -- you know -- leader bishop that I either so just tell your salon. -- and everything to what are the other router is that good for them but but but but but but. Let's great that's great we know it's good to have a support system there because we do talk to a lot of people. Who do have extremely bad horror very fearful of her children having any recognizable gifts like that. How were they see is something negative and it it can be scary but it doesn't always have to be native. I can give you an example. I was -- -- gold and actually cute before mark. And I was and the ball went pretty apparent that the art but the kind of -- you know -- the moon series not in the poll on how federal -- now. -- -- -- -- -- And Eric my great grandfather got to make it -- -- Nicole. It -- establish what it said. She. Met and that you think. You know I magnet. Until the -- can get material or my -- number that you look so I think sometimes to its relationships sort. Whenever somebody pushing away the help of the moment and line. And a -- -- Europe he need a person a -- to come back. Well Chris we're gonna ask you to hang on again we ought to take another short break -- and we're gonna be right back. All right welcome back -- signs. Before we left for break we're looking for our column number one I'm sure we got that we're talking to look Krstic Israel memoirs and stream content. Crucial. -- The -- that -- area hi Chris welcome back Geithner wrecks are now I'm sure you're there and up. Do we do we we got our -- -- we did we got a winner Margaret from Kingston congratulations on winning tonight's -- certificate gradually as part Jewish market we have one more to give away from Aussie media Michelle Gallagher so tune in next week we're gonna give that one away. Then you can check out our website website it's ML. Gallagher dot com ML OGA. LL a GH ER dot com right. So Chris so we wanna give back to you. You just released a book surviving evidence memoir of an extreme haunting and again tell people where they can go to get the book. But right now it's son I would compound because there are really cool thing. I didn't get back in the actual book form or impact in the form you can also go through dark moon cracked. I'm dot com fit and -- -- -- -- if you've seen me at -- best I can now fat free -- and and it -- that's -- location as well. They Chris if it. You know when we're not only do the parent I think you can bring us some books error. It's attributed the way security community nine seconds I know -- yeah okay and aren't gonna. -- gentlemen I appreciate the council for yes if you missed and the top of the show wamp from mr. -- -- is going to be joining us at the East Coast paragon. -- here and lose or county Pennsylvania so I think our listeners aren't out there listening would like to meet this this fine gentlemen you're more than welcome to come -- enough. I cannot she can't wait I really can't wait for this. Think it -- account and blocked ultra -- the top October I am so rare it depends also a very good. -- like I know you've already done no one book signing do you have some of fans coming up in the near future -- you're going to be going out to. And you actually did it go to Mexico and home and I happened march 30 I have a book signing -- important how much Iberian Newburgh New York. Which I think it's just it's spectacular but one report. Output albeit the parent streak come to secure New York but the BF may third -- fifth. -- a -- major eco city conference on May 31 and actually niggardly. So grape nuts now. Now -- let me -- ask when we have people come out of the book signings or. Two other offense -- you pureed -- speak at the -- they could share some of their own experiences and they've had with you. And they may do it and I I thought about it first because my mind but what are so certainly two decades. But that is speaking with them. And they may think he'll go and I speak -- speaking to them ask them better understand those moments. And how loud and -- and likely not going to help -- utterly inept. If they're very moving thing. And and I I caught that true recognition that almost every time but we're gonna -- myself when a person look -- anti apartheid state. And another yes I understand -- we feel that. That problem but stressed we live and we share and that is that the bonding moment -- it would set and they won't be a lot of my favorite part is just back. Talking with people because you can three years later and he's still know who they are -- you're still friends. You know. I think it's great that there's someone like you coming from a professional occupation is sharing. Your story and this is one thing that are around our group know as a team we try to get out there real -- from the mostly everybody from professional occupations. On our team and we wanna get more more people from. See you know it. Educational occupations in public service occupations coming for a -- helping out in. They're letting people know what's going on and this is this very important I think it brings it to a little bit higher level. And you know I come from a very tough crowd of coworkers and I'm shown show has to look for those people don't know I'm police officer. And it was very funny when people started finding out what I did on the sideline and going out and doing investigations and working with the psychic medium. Some of the guys and girls thought I was out of my mind in and others were completely on board has their own experiences. But as the real funny thing is even the people kind of -- through -- and jabs at me here and there. Would always come forward bite themselves and say you know when I got to tell you what happened or you know of the tournament earlier this story. And I do find that as well work. Absolutely and then I think here here are actually file and say about the company having a -- background. Because it opened the doors for you you know if that person living their parents basement for sixteen years had no job and contacts and -- -- -- bad. And I got your actual experience. But the -- available blow because commit until the reality. That a person who can contract job and your -- feature -- -- up there are a lot of upbeat. About them that's stable enough until perform properly -- that -- you -- they expect them. Not just the pershing who like you're hearing things. But -- person which he did well. Any award to I've also found that claims that we get coming to us it -- dirt there's no. One type of person. That calls us we've done everything from small mobile mobile homes to actually properties with no homes on it. All the way up to one million dollar homes and in warehouses and -- you know these these are. You know. He -- some uneducated people all the way to some people wore a well beyond my education level all calling with the very similar stories end. Com you know that's that's what's important you know he can't really. He'll people who have experiences into one class or category because this is such a wide variety the -- Rory not discriminate and the economy girl stared. Yes the -- that's true heroes among the more level you know and then we can never judge exactly how secure they are it's all about what happens if individual. I mean it could be is this drastic -- something happened you Chris or sometimes you are again depends on how how afraid how secure they are we've had people with. Things are just missing in the house and has just freaked them out like I don't know my car keys here than there is gone and that -- broke the camel's back and also depends on. Well the series as far as how they look at that. Some. -- that fear -- motivate -- But it motivates me you know -- -- looting went and without an -- losing myself when asked about pillows my friends and I think I'd hear the Philadelphia. I think that you know here comes from the get so lost so much you value and enjoy and I -- to -- -- They can you know it's. Doctors a saying out there. That I have because there's a lot of skeptics with star with there's a lot of skeptics that. Also like to debate with us in. Tom there's nothing wrong with skeptics is that all we put them on our team. How to balance -- -- because skeptics come up with the very best reasons why things happen socialism stuff to look at and see if the right end. Everybody's entered your own pace -- wrong level wrong belief system and there's nothing wrong with being -- just believer in this and and everybody. You know even on our team has has their own thoughts on what's happening. What does -- know what I like to say is. It's doesn't matter if you believe in ghosts or not because they believe in new and very tough. This is so I know I asked. Championship and for me like you said oh lead when the film was made it was me not to exploit a growth story. He would -- to share. The experience. Of no college kid didn't quite get them. I cried it can be anything an area like this to happen techno fiscal is that the very -- a unique experience. I bet the bite of anything and and we look back -- July purely emotional content the very happy content and the very bad -- emotion -- -- -- -- You know and I -- -- human and at the American port that's -- a -- feel -- -- or not -- -- -- -- be sort of thing. And you know was someone very dear to you that that you've worked with and in some enough. You know that we've grown to love to -- entry of the director of funded the two films you've done has. -- -- appear on FaceBook just have to say hello wind and I'd like to say you know one thing that I really like to borrow more and I wish. We could get more production companies in more Hollywood. Directors and writers are on board with this is just the way that she was willing to work with you. And give that the true life story of what happened again without going way beyond the bounds of reality. It was just fantastic and yeah I said before earlier in the show life -- the greatest stories in there are so many. Drama stories behind on things in heartbreaking stories and and just stuff we've had cases where you know we had four -- five. I've grown men like in tears just because of of what had happened I salute and you know those stories need to be told so. You know market -- -- thanks for listening tonight in. Thank you for putting out you know such a great quality film -- based on courses experiences -- it's. I didn't know then she said she said that verbatim. I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing -- shifter console. And again but so what net at least a great thing. You know end and again that's one of the reasons why they just aren't -- trucks that are kind of approach has been a -- of the protein in an approach. An initial -- the human side of the haunting snow that does move the start of the show you had mentioned when you -- -- -- -- this thing in your room and you refer to it as -- thing. But as time develops what did you discover. They're apprehending. A it was the -- you -- a -- -- but over time it began to speak it began to be almost no part of my life and your life okay. It's a person hey thank him as it has the name and so. When we reached some type both understand your revolution months later. When -- final thinking twelve left. I actually would probably a pipe that was opened its soul find rest so what I'm looking up Abrams it's like -- I don't you find that so. It's what mama how we actually -- -- you know that's what happened overseas. You know about it for a number of the fact if Garrett can come from an on site. But commodities and everybody it's it's -- feel it's more -- almost like you know. We wonder how come. They lowered the flag went up a rock star -- the White House. But when I told the guys they don't look at the rock star stripper music with embedded in a five -- the person who likes. Kind of by incredibly hurt and -- an -- overseas. And that I think in the fight won't. Yeah I think you have Joseph speechless -- yeah I think I remarked I don't cruiser saying actually do this is stuff. You as far as that goes it's it's it's a personality instance -- -- -- we build with that individual regardless you know. But I mean if you were talking to you know true patriots on election -- -- country. The fact of the matter is is that you know even myself on his National Anthem kind of brings home a little -- tears in my eyes because it's that. It's humanity within the within what you believe -- you know so I think yeah I -- conservative. People a fair bit about the trend in entrench as you know just so we haven't really we haven't got a net and the book -- talk about the concept so. -- -- open primed to back in the recliner and what football ball a couple of the world someone is dying correct -- -- to have that freedom in fact I'm trying to -- the book good to very important that we. Don't forget. Thank you know we have a responsibility not to shelter to people around -- applaud her country. While accidents and you know life has a taste to the -- to protect you'll never know and just you know when you're out there doing nothing doing the job know they're being -- You always a -- a lot of good people over the years and and even not. Iron through Russia to not retired lieutenant Dave Grossman -- with him and he he once they were sings as he trains military black -- also fourth and not. He has some guys got to him he knows they also does law enforcement training. And they always tell me nor will take care of over there you have -- have law enforcement guys in the boots on the ground here watch our six and that's what it is it's it's more family is more being the only intimacy that people don't necessarily recognize. Absolutely but you know what I would like Joseph to tell you who. A large part of the proceeds from. He's -- curt -- going to guess there's going to be a pro -- are shown to the wounded warrior project so we'll see you sheltering there I mean that was one of the things that we decided early on. Was you know these guys deserve a lot more than probably we can ever get tomorrow's a big regret. But I we definitely want to to give back to them because of the true warrior heroes they -- our -- Chris one amazing thing -- find about your whole story. Improvement -- our media mob Virginia central -- comes to mind who is that the medium for the PP -- she will often tell clients that. A home will pick the person. And they end -- picking these homes that has a haunting -- and you know some people aren't necessarily comfortable with that point. -- you know she believes that. There is something to be learned from the dead. By the living and it's an experience that need they need to go through and they were going to be the trigger to get help. To get those spirits or spirit out of there. And I think that fits you perfectly and after the movie was filmed that you had actually learned some information. Thought about who that person was that you were dealing with correct. Absolutely blows 34 years later -- -- -- -- -- older and you found out first. My relatives gone back to -- in generations. Came across the infantry regiment and made its aluminum -- -- campaign what can we are and that can look up this tortured young man named Thomas -- overdose problem here this thing that I saw him there. It's amazing there was that. Well probably bet that connection to the past 200 years ago it's it's it's breathtaking and that. He fell won't fit and a good friend -- body. And when I first saw him with the wounds on him a political ethnic at least you won't make anybody do that overlooked that -- What turned out fine and -- -- weirdos the wounds -- the person supper I'm anybody. And then it just an amazing thing and our electric like fact there's -- there was some galore and I just hope people don't go -- learned. -- used to this is something your mom had researched. In fact is it different yeah noted that we treat comfort just so happened that that's -- they're from the neck and the the only that was what. Killed who has couldn't have ripped out and you know to a tree and I guess sappy but -- with -- -- up my -- program. Really turns out I am by the -- of every day and I actually realm by that tree. About how important tacked on March 10 in the bathroom and I'm very happy moment -- the -- -- the connection there are actually amazing and the guy I've put a -- -- thirty years later. For some reason why -- -- talk about -- 45 years ago because I want to know him. You know and -- sometimes you can help implement you know it's time to get new -- country pilots had to get married and sometimes you know and and -- tiger -- and I feel very blessed. I to a person's wallet part of things I didn't know about that and not. But it doesn't even further for some more personal -- on it I mean that's just not here that's amazing in itself just I mean the timeline. Yeah the individuals involved that is just stuff. That's just awesome for any and I I think you were put in the right place at the right time. There's a there's a reason for everything and I think you're great example would Virginia says all the time that you were. Sort of chosen to be in this particular place to help that particular -- Most people I don't think there's less confident that they wanted to pick and -- very nickname from the so. It because at that I believe it's stipulated. I think if I lose your mom sitting there doing the research my reaction -- holy crap that at all. 20/20 we can't let that McNamee was that an -- -- -- people are you comfortable when he bit. The surrounding Michael Griffin won't defend location and what I was talking to reflect before -- -- -- our country and it's -- -- from Bentonville. Political Beverly you're actually respect from -- -- to college. How much would compare the Pennsylvania. And so people were again jury can believe it. Absolutely amazing. Well Christopher unfortunately we're out of time money. Put your name out there with a book again surviving evidence smell more of an extreme harding's -- Christopher -- as the rain check it out on Amazon. Chris I shotgun because our commitment of yes that's -- -- -- -- there. Chris thanks so much. Like I know what you're thank you to crisp bright folks science fantastic is coming up next. Until next week thanks for tuning in I'm more guys with Joseph hockey fans then searched. Thanks for the some good night.