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James May Interview

Mar 3, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone interviews PennDot's James May to discuss several issues.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Getting a very eventful break here I can't tell you. If that's the good. A lot of -- An hour and -- the big -- and uneasy and as crazier here. -- I don't know what to what took place during the commercial breaks but boy you -- a runner on crazier I I think I do little little differently from everybody -- as most others just kind of hang in here and -- I -- run outside for smoke and then I gotta -- here and get that man I gotta go do this and then I spend a coffee cup is in -- in the water -- sometimes -- boards sometimes it doesn't stay in new album is in the most exciting part of my day so far has been the this format. Commercial on the LA don't -- us anyway it was quite exciting me and say. Glider here tonight we've talked about you were on coming months. One week when we were getting a bunch of blizzards yes and you say -- -- stated that we can talk about spring you in the spring work we're gonna do an -- -- we were almost talking about -- -- I even mentioned on Friday night and I said well we're proud yet again about. Several inches of snow also James may not be able to be here. On -- Monday night as I -- if we've got a blizzard you would have been someplace else tonight not here who knows -- point one. We're first talking about this and we're looking at march 3 aware of the day it is I thought well we going to Mars that way the wind you'll sort of be behind us and -- be moving in the spring construction season and that the warm weather -- trying to corner and boy -- the dead and cold temperature is still with us but the we did dodge the snow so that was one good thing but. This isn't getting crazy I was gonna say it's been a miserable winter I know for me personally as a homeowner. It is been very expensive I assume is gonna very expensive winter for -- and has you know when you when you start looking even that the amount of salt that we use when the last reports that I -- showed that. Like accounting like -- -- county last year used about 7000 tons of -- this year we were using about 171000. Tons of salt and I was about three weeks ago that that and that report -- much higher -- more than double and lose -- county -- -- 9000 last year about 191000 already this year at the same time of year so yeah where more than double our salt used and then there's a lot of other uses as well and needless to say. The big issue that we're facing right now is not a pot holes that are opening up because of the in the weather that we've had as well. Right. Before we get to that Eric got down a couple of callers who wanna talk about -- potholes. Com. Explain the priority. In the event because we're only march 3 there's a good chance we're looking at another month and after two months of potential snow I mean we've had -- plays late April early may in this part of Pennsylvania. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before though -- -- normally they they'll use brine which is essentially cost salt water mixed but that. Give me that that the issue with is it -- -- them really really cold temperatures on that all freezes well also write some that it recently we've had some storms that have come up where it I said the guys already going to be going -- preaching the road and now I'm -- guy and they're the experts in this -- -- -- the last -- me and they say you've got to be kidding -- going to be a salty ice skating -- is what you have out there if -- pre treated now so you can use -- you can do the pre treating. Tom with the Bryant had a time and that's just like a liquid salt brine water that goes down. Tom but after that a lot and is just plowing and off after the fact end up putting this all down to get it to melt put in the anti skin down which is basically -- gravel so Santa I don't think that. Helps as far as the traction ghost but it's it's more of an art than science and it's more and -- and what people realize sometimes aren't they I saw that are your boss transportation separate Press Secretary Barry show Oprah's very intercede in beaten Jew so. As. A mixture would -- because it's supposedly. Holed it from freezing until you get down around zero degrees bright and that's it. The issue with solid and only works its arsenal loses effectiveness once you're down about 21 Rihanna and below that -- an -- loses effectiveness. They're finding that some natural ingredients and know that there -- using the testing out beet juice in parts of the state right now. -- in -- I think -- Wisconsin that would make -- third -- using some cheese grinds and there's there's a name as it was hard telling -- that out there and so there's different things that they are using but yet they they are testing beet juice right now because what that does is it it doesn't really help melt us in this snow but it allows the solitude to retain its. Ability to melt the snow -- much colder degree is and so it's a natural and it's because all natural it's like not gonna be harming me. I environment new car on the way to some other chemicals may -- while salt and always gets. I'll bet I it's one of those things I mean if he can he get here I don't use it. You got a highway that's a disaster. NEC using it you got. Cart guys -- among them -- and Iraq. Our way and and it. That all that's solid mentally makes its way down and there's the streams and members and everything else and so again that's another one of the balances that we have to work through on this stuff because we want to have enough salt down that it's going to make throws passable. But we also don't wanna be putting down so much that. One we're wasting taxpayer dollars to that were ruining cars faster than we need to -- and three that we have too much -- going into the rivers and so you try to find this balance on what's the perfect balance to come up with and it's not always easy right I should have noticed -- beforehand and I didn't -- in mountain -- just hold on because we're gonna have to take a break here because. Changed his head phones do not have an adapter. To fit. Precise Jack we have so I gotta run in my office and get one of my back -- -- had files everybody hang logic we can do it a little. And afterwards maybe we can do that I we will fix that pot hole tomorrow morning that's the answer now let's see what the question that -- cited -- its daily got the headphones situation all straightened out Lance got on the blogs and talk direct from mountaintop brakes -- to make all the -- make some -- that was my -- it was my fault what's Opteron went -- James bank. -- About a possible that actually. -- -- topic child won't tinker around unique even after an inch or not it's the first link between our merger between William -- drive to church road there are recession that is completely her initial thoughts. Guy I see he's right down right now. OK you -- sort driver search for Andre and how can help. -- the -- war just the opposite no larger than actually ultra lights because -- orange order a man and they haven't touched. All right thanks a question. Well let him answer that money is is there a minimum before plows a blowout slowly started going are you talking about three on nine between looks very mountaintop like then. The -- and nobody we want -- -- between doubt and true I noted I -- it got its hat on when are you share amounted to yeah great from the air down AD. Okay that's just north of hazel said well I. I don't know that it way I would say that there's like a set amount usually assume that the snow begins to go -- they'll go out ahead of time in pre -- and they go well at. During the snowstorm and are plowing it and their -- putting down the anti skin and stuff and they have the patterns. I mean I don't know exactly most of the time. They tried -- on a -- about a one hour. The loop that they're doing on the interstate sometimes that will go to two hours but somebody described like a big chess game because I you know you get down there and innocent as you move. One of your vehicles off of say 309. Aryan baby sitting in a move it to a three on nine you take it from somewhere else and then you're gonna move it from 81 to three on nine and so. It's and but I guess what you're getting at is do you feel it's not mean taking care of enough is that Oregon with a. I would say -- but. But it is what. -- is the equipment to find opinions on top is going nowhere on. Top. That little -- so want -- 1000 pound cannot tell you -- Dodd and the -- is what they know. And have a -- type vehicle. Can't do we turn there's no -- turnaround he got a good -- I don't need to -- that shot. Yeah I know you know I think about I think that is a legitimate issue because by the time a truck realizes he can't beat their he's already there. Pride that's something that I didn't I can talk to our signed I I nobody tomorrow not my idea I can I get a bad stuff to good point right gap. Should be on the subway. Yeah -- and you're exactly right because if you drive a truck you're going upheld by the time you see the Sion yeah it's the cook has a really turn a semi around it's. I don't I've done -- I'm glad to us now. The odds it's it's very unstated do you try to do you turn right any traffic coming up the place yeah right they can't see -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- all people are wearing your little crude should happen this -- and they -- try to us and there are. How old strip our mailbox -- They policy you can always submit a claim and if there is in the UK and email it to me I don't have the information on right now that my email is JA MAY at PA dot gov and JA. M a YM PA dot gov and I can take and I can take that down or claims. People and cement that now I appreciate our. Credit in fair warning though I will tell you that most of the time especially US mailboxes. It's not covered unless unless they find that the guy was driving off the road or something. Most of the time was a mailbox people think them that they gets hit by the -- Not any time that I'm a hundred it's that -- shooting the ice up and it's hitting in -- -- -- and. It's under a cloud situation -- actually greater on breaking up and I am I know it but don't -- and Barrett says. Six by a close but actually now been. I'll try to remain part that is that they got the mailbox in -- it's -- it -- looked like it orders. -- -- -- She and I got out there are a new journalist and not not me I'm drawn -- him I was now thank. Yeah with the ball below -- you know grader and an iPod better what I got to. Your yeah you know it is simply the information and -- maidan my number at the options and also -- 9634044. I -- did you shoot me an email or give me a call tomorrow and I'll take that right right I always announce they're way out. I -- that I could pick here but I suspect they're both OK -- -- are you -- you are right and I. Here are generally kind of thing in my column thanks Kevin -- surveillance spoke to parliament has -- the -- is that. It's different from mine not a bad and we still don't know that it cannot growth. And they have a comprehensive insurance and then they have an incident that happens -- or their -- Good sun damaged or their frame or or like something. What is called a comprehensive don't they have the right to file a claim. Against cannot duplicate and not road and they get -- -- -- -- tried terrorists a lot of people are probably wondering a multi award at the. And I'm sure that they are. Most of the time it is not covered and then I'll explain India why it's not covered I'm one that that's just the way the laws written and is that that they don't want the state to be responsible. It's a slippery slope that you start going down that Wear it every time somebody says my tire is flat or my Axl is bad. Say here's my bill it was caused by this pot hole somewhere. That -- they this stays in view is that there are certain. I was a risk but this liability that you assume when you go while under the road and died in the state doesn't normally. Accept liability for things like potholes unless. It's shown that they were negligent so if there's a pot and there's one huge pothole on 81. -- that people keep calling and saying no there's a three foot by four -- pollen we just don't go on fix that now and and it's just continuing and continuing. Then if there's negligence on this the part of the state they do cover it but it's not. They don't normally and in some prior notification a case like that prior notification and the agency is important it would be important in -- McLean. It is and and a 1806 road. Is a really good number for calling in because there's -- that's documented then that has been reported an anytime you call 1800 -- road it'll go in it -- -- -- landline especially. I'm gonna go right to the county that you're calling from a -- can -- report that end. But and I know and it's frustrating and and a number of years ago I had a huge pothole before has worked with Penn dot and and it did some major damage the front -- in my car that was not covered but it's a really really tough situation and you know you're looking at. But managing taxpayer dollars and all the stuff and the -- every time. The policy was the if you damage your car ladies and gentlemen send me the bell and and the state will pay for what we would just gave your money now. Yeah I have no doubt about it and and they just can't be and that position. -- inundated them. We -- -- yes and I think to pick and others didn't -- question that I have and you launch last talked to Mike from wilkes-barre might you're on W wildcats. -- Appreciate it the opportunity that mr. -- questions do you think. -- figure out our fire about tell -- in the -- who didn't like Adam got a question that I actually on the bridges slight thumb. -- if you are the good that you drive through you know the interstate 8180 and -- -- -- -- Arnie the president. Sometimes your company's C you know southern wires and out and you know cracks and you know maybe they got -- for the years and stuff like -- -- My question in the wintertime you know one -- -- -- gone through in solving the bridges. The fact are the -- just Q are deteriorate then and maybe you know weaken our strike at all. Well this. -- the -- certainly will go down in to calm some of the that the dam isn't and need different. Aspects of the bridge and the it's -- certainly does damage to break there's no doubt about it and old wooden book Arnold metal birds like the money used to be on 239 between should Shani and -- while I -- in your market knock off. Where it was virtually all metal the right some congress I imagined that we'd get. A lot more damage from solvency may be a concrete and a lot of those bridges they actually were not written the you can stop and look down through those bridges still -- Helen and I used only grew up in Wyoming county over in the -- and I went back and -- -- -- falls -- clarks -- cross does have every -- growing and growing up on the school but -- the idea is so certainly does damage due to the -- there's no doubt about it and that's part of the reason going back to the whole balance that you try to find between not putting too much down. And then now putting down enough that you're going to didn't make -- the keep the roads passable and then also we do have a bridge cleaning crew. I listed a designated crew that we will use in the spring -- like spring summer and fall especially and they go out and what they're doing is trying to get all a lot of that salt -- of the bridges just like you do with your car you this spring time comes everybody tries its assault on our car because of the damage that it does so we do try to keep the -- -- as much as possible but is it but it does have a chorus of Trafalis certainly does yes I'm. It's a sight except you know clearly seemed like she -- translated -- closed it out -- Scranton register for example I don't know I don't know what I -- for a while on. Would you say that's the -- -- Kabul celebrated after the soccer club construction of the one. Was hit by a tractor trailer that's what caused that one tractor trailer got stuck in the one off one of the -- toughest -- and resume gas industry. And a lot of these bridges -- quite frankly when you go back and you look bad. American history and you say -- the railroad was really -- Bowman like the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds and that's -- a lot of bridges were were bill and so we have a lot of bridges going over railroads that were built in the early nineteen hundreds of the car came along really in the early in the 191930s. And that's -- our roadways system and that's the forties and fifties started taking -- so a lot of our bridges. And our roadway is -- were all built at the same time you know a lot of the bridges from the railroads bill -- -- -- -- hundreds and then a lot of our roadway system built in the 1950s. And they're all kind of coming to eight at the same time and then so that's one of the reasons why a lot of people say why isn't all all of a sudden we have so many structurally deficient bridges we have so many problems with our roads one of the things as legal back and look at history the car wasn't men and -- -- begin to take off at a certain period in history. And that's why not roadway system took off and all of these roads remained all the steps -- not exactly the same time the same time period. And -- now they're all coming of -- at the same time. Period yeah I it is roughly the same or more coming up on fifty years in the interstate system -- as I mean this section around here open in 1967. That's almost. Fifty years ago. Asked about -- worked out do we do something wrong in Pennsylvania and the reason I say that. I'm not real familiar with new York and New Jersey but enough that I'm in both states with some degree of regularity. It seems to me that when New Jersey. And New York to -- work you don't get. I'm one lane road for 25 really really don't get that Pennsylvania -- -- are -- -- -- rumors at about ten not the case years it was famous your money into one highway one Lang clothes for 25 to thirty miles that I was a disaster. You don't see that as much anymore but we still don't see. Not rolled closure is. We seem to have to do more roads all over again within a five or seven year period that. It doesn't seem to me happens as often in new York and Pennsylvania and new York and and New Jersey -- climates are virtually the same as ours. -- you know but. I heard somebody talking out of Baghdad and on the radio show -- on -- station a few weeks ago when they're talking about Pennsylvania has the worst roads anywhere and that's why it is one on Google and I Eagles surged to give me a list of where Pennsylvania falls we were not fifty we were not number one we -- -- was somewhere in the third is -- magazine rated Pennsylvania number one for worst roads in the country for like six years running back for the last two years -- found on number six. A guy so and there was another one I think it was out by that it that it put it right on the thirty. Market and it depends on what you're looking out different things but Tom and why -- -- that all the time wire our roads in the way that that they are we -- have -- and again going back it would be the same as like New Jersey and and Merrill on some of those states. And leave the freeze -- cycle and sometimes your inherent right -- look embarrassed to Florida and -- loved it's much better down there right but -- I know we have -- much more mileage of state roads than those other ones we have more state roads in Pennsylvania then most of all of the New England states combined time so we had 8500. Mott who snow lane miles meaning a single lane miles of road. I'm -- that out and go from here to Anchorage Alaska and banks don't we have much more mileage. And but beyond that there is weird. We're trying to have people give them up as -- as best as we can go back to that test subject calls are backed up our Stockton John complains John Iran W while packed. I don't know are mr. Davis or concern about. I pictured. -- Woke up that it is the power efficient and that and so the concern -- -- about arteries Blake. OK I noticed ER loaded and re Election Day is slipping zero runs into art display. There's just fish commission access point there. And seminar on how this you know -- I have to access point. Also isolate -- carried into the lake and inject it into Kuwait get bad areas to go ice fishing. What this whole thing is it's illegal to plows -- into -- -- like right. It was yeah are either but he wouldn't be solved everything. I was critics Cyrus issued yesterday earning a respectable that's got truck -- Graham light. I was wondering if you look into that they see are able to personnel file that's don't. If you that accent to play. They tell me again the road I know you said his friend as the road goes on Harvey's lake by right by the cafe there. But -- you said it's aware of the road and then from Knox and. Yet. Lol okay where -- -- -- me it's always that already ruled that those around a -- there's been great -- the fate. Greater appreciation access point there aren't even on our web site. I thought I'd -- it that and I learned that it will -- here that they feel while that's you know it's eight. Look at test everywhere he's supposed to act since these late. Are you sure it was and not only did Annie could it have been a municipality are private contractor who did. It depends yeah on alcohol or -- but they EC it's. I wondered debate could they possibly. But he investigate that situation here I was they are the Pennsylvania commission -- -- -- blessing you're here you know you are forced to make it will be sure that career parking lot but. Still no legal say that they did actually I don't think they should be and so there. -- -- I ever written down that wall I'd check out tomorrow morning and in the office by about 6:30 in the morning and if you wanna call me by. 09930. Tomorrow. Dolls seeming to have an answer for you Terry got. What what's it say yes. Partly this is concerning our -- and picture and our Armenia are frequent slow and state park. Obviously -- instead of solving the road apartment zero. OK there are range. I -- know that -- right -- -- And the slogan OK everything that's straight up the road into the -- And Internet -- hazardous to me position and a lot of light. We knew we do not -- I think it would. You know improve the area wouldn't prove -- -- because. And you know putting the ball carrier actually saying July they get -- -- -- -- that was it turns green. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about data I mean that's one of our problems so I guess where I thought using today is as bad -- say the balance of the struggle that we deal with all the time because. If we sat here long enough we would have another caller call and that would say. On the Frances slocum road when you're going down -- and Aaron Carter and wrote down my friends slocum my -- now and then there's ice and you use more salt brine Eric as slippery in somebody's gonna get killed. And so it's always a really tough balance now you said that the drains actually go from the road into the lake. OK and that sounded. -- -- say they actually can wrap it -- well they. Hope that all that I did it's. Let's stop fighting and they showed a bit ideology were literally artist if you try to in July it's probably bash. It's really you can't efficient after -- forget about it so that was the terrorists -- a piece. Obviously there's this pen pen dot owns the road there. -- the drainage most the time is owned by the township from municipalities so. On end and there's a lot of overlap there because what we put on the rose does going to drain sometime and so we work closely with them by. And may be an issue that we -- a couple things that maybe we should look at is or something we should be doing but also that may be something to bring up with the township another B. Franklin township Iran Basra. Sure it's one that's not bad how might be -- township says that. I know others there's kind of similar so I don't know I'm not aware of the brain age. I setup and they know if you go to India Europe look until late still worth. Okay and yeah the spring and -- -- there's an awful lot of algae and parts of that is well to America right now 1804 threes have Sarah's there and I made 830098. And get. For the background your identity while Kevin James thank. Garrett so it's a Little Rock sound so these are carried. They achieved an hour from now up 1 morning eighteen murders blue book structures -- that the -- about two weeks ago. About Canadians slip road probably because it was pretty on the -- It'd take ten dot salon so addresses now. The eastbound lane is closed -- one -- Well let me update you as a 637. This afternoon to two hours ago. The eastbound lane is now open on the 118 is what I was told. Had about 6 o'clock I got the information from our guy out there he said that they made some temporary pairs. Eastbound lane and it's now open as I type this so that was about 6 o'clock this afternoon. -- I don't know sometimes on these things. It's amazing how people assume that that we know what's taking place or not I'm guessing there's probably -- -- drove by -- in and reported that but you kind of rally at a instruments Troy got -- -- I'm a little okay no I broke through it like a shovel I would that I reported that and not. And and and it just seemed like people to sign up this simple but that I wonder -- quite well. Well and that's again where the balance comes because as -- -- as he recalled down in Lucerne county we had another one of those frosty is and what a frosty is it's kind of like an upside down -- -- a policy farm in the waters on top and begins kind of causing the hole on that and -- -- a -- is 13 the waters underneath there and when Y 37 you are exactly right we had that down there and we ended up closing that road. And he has school buses that had to be diverted had and that it causes a lot of headaches for people. There's no vested interest one way or the other and it's not like you know we get extra bonus points if we clothes that are -- closes so the guys go out there and they try to make a and informed balanced decision on this stuff that says we wanna keep the road open if we can. But safety estimated the ultimate decider on and what we can do so they probably looked out at first they said okay events. Looking at how high it is if we put a sign on here that tells people a slowdown. May be what if the temperatures warm -- we can get -- got to go back down. And they continued rising Oregon the point -- OK we have to start detour in the traffic so we then detoured it they were out this morning and last night and they did some temporary -- got to go back down again. I'm sure is not down all the way you but it's at least passable now and that's what you try to do. First understand all that put this situation as I've lived there for 25 years or so a third occurrence -- 45 years why can't they make it. Don't know like a armored regardless. He uses do you think this is spurring on the wrong. -- -- -- just 300000 Americans and our church what -- fighters it becomes should -- the world and they put a fight the one that's what it you know that one. And I'm probably what -- used to drainage -- throw salt with this. On climate weather -- -- are slaughtered and I truly -- again and I mean this as a third title in twenty years. What how long on the was the last time that froze that and they had to close and you remember. I played. Here. And yeah. Well I'm sure that after they had to close at this time they will be gone in right now and what the email that is -- two hours ago was that. It is a temporary repair the plan is to go back out and to do a permanent repair -- a lot of this stuff we're talking about year old thunderbird a lot a lot of this stuff. It is sort of like working on a car and anybody who's ever worked on cars -- worked on a house or work on a furnace or anything. You know it's not a perfect science and so they may go out there and there are you know this spring you're gonna go out and do some work and all of a sudden. Ten years from now we may have another crazy winter or -- spring or other water -- itself and I know that the plan is to go out and did do a permanent repair this time and now hopefully this will be the this third time's the charm is the last time and condom the last 25 years and doesn't yet. I agree or guys I -- I work in the gas and oil filled them bully you judge how old. Every erode from Susquehanna county either Bradford county daily -- 300 miles today. And the only -- still what you did you do the best she could know what -- -- already put. Yeah -- -- there to watch a little more. Now rides and I appreciate the call thank you don't. It. Have a good question and and another one of our callers alluded to would before and one of Baden. Secretary show except predecessors Alan dealer. How was in charge today in Valentine's Day storm. And it turned out that Penn dot at that time. Hadn't done a lot of work it is subcontracted. Out. A lot of work in apparently during his term there'd been a downturn. In the number of -- can't what is this situation how much. Just cannot actually do -- -- crews actually do and how much is subcontracted the private does private firms. Normally have some numbers that I have with night and bring the exact numbers I can't give you exact numbers are part of the vast majority of what we do ourselves as far as the plowing and and the trading on the roads there are some places where we'll hire private contractors. And it's funny because sometimes. We hear the feedback from the public this says you know and get more stuff to the -- to the private sector because they can do it cheaper they can do a better they can -- a faster. And then sometimes they come back and say hey everybody here was fine except this private contractor is is really not doing the job right so we -- try to supervise those type a things a lot of those will be done in some of the smaller municipalities were just it's difficult to get to get there and so. How we do around and it and it it'd be like probably just. Five to 10% of is that it finally I did very small as far as that the plowing of the roads okay the vast majority that is done by panda now. Now for rolled work. It's all private contractors. That don't do your own how much oversight is there because I know I'm Bob durst is subject several times are saying what what happens is you're supposed to used. A three -- just for an example I I don't know anything about road construction. But as somebody did call to start -- times and they should be using a three inch finish on the road and get away with only using too because nobody's overseeing and. Now that's. Then there is in there are inspectors -- go out there isn't there are there's an inspection process they take core samples of what's Don. I'm just it last year I think bill was we had a contractor that -- drinkers straight. Right and in the strand area -- we did the inspection nominee and they they test density they test you know what is that this this sample it and it looked beautiful at the time. And they had to go back and redo -- Fairview in clarks summit just had to be redone because. When we did this at their core samples on that did it did not pass the test as well so they -- sample they send them down to allowed in Harrisburg and they're testing all sorts of stuff. And nine I can get away with you -- LA US value putting down three inches onto an enormous demand three inches. That there are all sorts of tests that go on these things and it's and it's a math based type of test cell. If you come up that -- -- if you're supposed to have I had 96 and you end up with a 94 point nine. You fail and so and and night endured over permit -- -- -- and redo it yeah that's happened is that really happened maybe three or four times a year Biden there are times -- every year contractors do work we go -- the test it fails and they have to -- I got a couple of text messages here Jake breaks in Georgetown Georgetown just outside a wilkes-barre. -- in Wilkes-Barre township do ten contracts abject spend not try to do you have Jake breaks they use Jake breaks they dated may I ask the one guy -- -- -- because -- -- Tom is a safety issue you know that people don't want. What they want a little town started enacting these ordinance against him now you've got a bigger city like -- and -- -- a few years ago and it is rarely controversial there -- some -- -- a columnist and bad Todd Carol don't inactives because you could have a problem here because it is something of a safety is trying to and I -- -- annoying right they work they slowed down trucks went out -- -- down shifting jam on the brakes and all I ask a guy one time why do we use Jake breaks he said James because they work. I -- that was his response -- -- -- -- -- this guys asking you to please not hit them at 5 o'clock in the morning in an and that's the type of thing that we can talk to the guys insane you know at least when you -- try to deal more courteous. What those type of thing -- -- -- situation MI and -- this is a little unfair running at trying to ER anyway interstate 84 westbound from Milford around 390. Let's. And know exactly beautiful -- -- interstate eighty floors being. If it. How much and we have got ten real quick science lesson back in the 1970s and interstate 84 was built they can now is that what was called a new and improved cement and the way that you make concrete if you make some men with rock and bad water and that's how you view and do you -- concrete there's -- -- improves and then came out what they did not know what the time. What does that. -- -- that you -- mix with the cement and that there was a certain types of rocks that were found in certain little pockets of -- around the world would begin to form this chemical reaction an analyst called alkaline silicon -- activity basically certain types of -- Mix with the certain types of cement and it begins to disintegrate unfortunately one of those quarries was and Pike County Pennsylvania. So interstate 84 out that direction. Worst we're beginning a major major project on 84. I know it's a 66 million dollar project that are doing right now between. Exit 46 and the New York line that's the first phase of it so ultimately is up in that area then -- disguised so well nobody is an all the entire stretch from the New York line all the way over to Wayne county is all going to be replaced in the next few years on that that's one of five sections and that alone is 66 million dollars so the whole thing is going to be upwards of probably about 500 million dollars -- -- done because 84 and quite frankly is a mess. But it's this chemical reaction of the cement mix with this time in the certain type of rocked. And as disintegrating from the bottom up and they tried to pave over they try to do a bunch of stuff there's no solution other than a rip it out in the building -- and I'm running I'm rapidly running out of time but. One question I wanted to ask you concerning the cost of doing ending Jerry Knowles is a friend of mine he's looking at I -- there was route three on nine. It was in his district so would be Allentown not not Don -- the same thing holds. When you look at that at the cost of doing. The studies. Involved in the wildlife. You're talking about like 600000. Dollars before the road construction costs were even considered. And this was the door stretcher role that was maybe 200 feet. But you're talking about the need that is environmental. Is and me -- how much does that add to the Costco are many Roma were from where Jerry is saying gets a lot. Ten and I don't know the exact numbers but there's a lot of study that has to go away and and then here and all sorts of other issue a minute there are there is the environmental side of stuff that we know I thought that would dealing with the -- there's a lot of railroads in northeastern Pennsylvania so you know any time that a railroad crosses the road team public -- PUC governs that intersections -- you bring the PC in the some of the stuff back in the -- projects. This streamline any of us at least that the commonwealth level. Well I know looking at that some of that stuff I mean that is the intent to quote another. Individual that's a couple pay grades above me where I am right now and I know that they they're looking at ways that they can do that -- we are working with the turnpike a lot of people said for years. Why does the turnpike and cannot work closer together -- emerge I think and I should take over the turnpike commission I don't see any reason for the turnpike commission to exists well -- that's another debate that is somebody else can happen but we as far as what we're doing on even -- -- right out here where out where -- utilizing the same -- now we are doing a lot of overlapping of services working together we're -- -- -- the same location -- stuff like that we really -- -- they've. The governor and the secretary has hold. Emphasis or that they're putting on this in this type of stuff and now we're trying to deduce some of that to be more. To be a better in. Guys Steward of the taxpayer dollar -- line and streamlining and that row let's talk to Maria from white haven Murray here on W I'll -- Hi good evening I'm just taking my call how. -- can -- 37 -- there and I just trying to help the umpire. I frustrating and then about ten minutes ago. I let out -- white haven act and it seemed like. We'll be loud and and I know the weather is bad don't get me right it didn't strike. No we don't -- it would. And what was put in mid may be coming out now so we're becoming Alex sort of like maybe eight -- pop all crazy even in this area are coming. -- that easy isn't listening what was just Don. So maybe want to run out and take a look see when you when your guys cap type I don't think it's getting to be kind of eruption ditch now. I John Allen when aren't when our young lady has time the F project management that busy Martha and I will call her in the morning. That was a temporary fix that they did all. And so that they actually. They output guide me and they did a -- trying to get across there and trying to drain the water out and and they still -- called pact essentially but that's coming out all asking to go out tomorrow and take a look at that. And down and you're trying to do is to just hold it together until the spring so they are back out and do need the permanent repair to a well -- -- tomorrow morning. Absolutely did the weather is just trying happens I think also it's it's not just port eighty -- -- now it's it it's horrible ever so we just broken record for February that most know most know when we're like number four for the amount of those temperatures below freezing up a lot of memory and -- a fifty degrees one day and down that. Five degrees the next has just been really really early drama at a time to thank you very much for the call. Rights James as -- about two and a bunch of other things about you know what about thirty seconds I just mention mystery -- I saw where in Germany and Denmark and a few other places. They are using ground up tires. Four -- traction on non on roads you are now the second person has told me that is second person probably in the last ten days. Tom so I wanna ask them anyway that. As for Riley is an -- I don't look at -- is that they're very good Mary good suggestions thank you thank you for coming in tonight we'll have you back again at some point thanks from a call.