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3-5-14 Karel on the Street Lent 1

Mar 5, 2014|

Lent 1

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It's -- on the street in -- time he lands are you keeping up anything this year Berlin's. Yes I am I'm giving up dessert. Because I love Mike -- then I'm going to give them up what about you are you giving anything up talent Kelly's best during land that lives. And between males and my daddy. It's just tradition I do it -- every year about you when you're giving up relent and she she's not giving up that last online at NC yeah. I usually just gonna steady pace I don't promise to give up any. I don't think sorry but I do think that they can think about what you might give up -- orders to. Become a better. And that's ladies now of course we have a new coach from France's. Yes people like him you loved him the best thing that happens in the Catholic -- we need change. And heat of the art art. What about you know I just think he's fantastic he's charismatic. He's and he's with the times things have changed. Now he needs to move. They -- in time. This is Carol I'll see you. The street.