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3-5-14 Karel on the Street Lent 3

Mar 5, 2014|

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Hate it's Carol -- history and we are getting ready for it -- -- traditional Catholic holiday where people give up a little something for forty days what are you giving up relent. Trying to be funny. I'm not good at times we give it up. You're cracking me up right now. -- I think giving things up for Atlanta I'm I'm actually trying to be a little healthier and doing some thing. Like that's for myself and be more positive and that way it's been a year since -- Francis has been elected are you -- you think he's doing a good job I am a Catholic and I do think you do your job -- -- that. That he brought to. A fresh approach to the Catholic Church that I think captors are gonna receive got. Over the course of the years to come I come practice over the people that I get every vote should have been over the people's and then I hear you actually goes out and help support in the middle of the night we'll sneak him out and Google like through Rome and stuff like that so guys the guys pretty cool I'd definitely like him. Might actually be better. John -- yes these -- -- feel a little bit more innovative I understand he's on FaceBook or my sense that twit footers so I'd like to tweak the -- them. He's a great job trying to get young people back to the church but the one thing I don't like I pretty gave up the Pope mobile so you better bring back that Pope mobile. Carol I'll see you. In the street.