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Francis Scarcella Interview

Mar 4, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Francis Scarcella about his article that has received national attention.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- indeed -- -- is underway we'll go to the news break airline on now Sunday I picked up the New York Post which I do from time to time. And in the middle Lott made is this long this brand a two page story filled with a bunch show must photographs. About Miranda barber. And the man who wrote it's. Is a reporter for the daily item in his son Barry which is the newspaper. And not central Pennsylvania. And now he's on the news regular line on this right down -- the Italian and appearing on the show us something about calmed down after being on not. Fox News and Good Morning America and everyplace else -- -- Celebrex is good evening thanks much for being with us tonight your daughter -- no problem I. Start from the beginning of this how did you get to interview. Miranda Barbara because it's it's you about it and it was pretty interesting I was laughing when I read it. Well what's -- scrutiny about the whole thing is is. Again. November -- -- murder happens here and some very and it's just an all murder I have a lot of sources down here so a couple of little cliche -- true -- watching their old musician it should split water this guy's -- wanted to go really really -- so immediately -- you know you think it could be drug related or order one of those types of situations sought to borrowers and -- ball screen because it never happens here it's something like that just doesn't happen that deserve -- -- their murders yes. But not -- him this extent such and it's usually pretty open and shut. Case. So he's trying to absorb became kind of results due to some investigative reporting into this and I just kept searching and searching and searching which. And I. Certainly -- it turned out you know police -- badly this couple that had come up to promote child lineup which it was very very thought the whole thing -- -- very very hard so I again it's time while everybody else went horrible I continue to stay at my desk and I continue to search and search it just did you dig -- dig -- -- each. And the more I -- the war started June you know find out. It up I just continued to write stories such as slowly pastors or personal worry this couple. Great again is not some here they had their child to continue to read those stories while they were out waterboarding arrested yet. I mean -- actually went and has cooked Thanksgiving dinner you know two weeks after this murder. -- you just you know make you don't something's -- all cut its costs and I just continued -- you know just all of these so all of these people and -- story after story first results. I've written letter and I -- you know where it no I'd let the candidate talking let's ancient Briton back and she sent. Are you I would like to talk have a lot of things I'd like to sanction. And now she's an approach or my visitors list ever watch -- come -- and -- Saddam and let's talk show the rest celebs you should. Bit of a problem getting into the jail -- -- you kind of know. Give me a little little hard time right in the air. Obama or -- later. It worked out and I was able to come into the group that's first second is actually went to David she got arrested on December search. He -- that need to be able addition were brought here. I either have been actually came into the newspaper cheek into the newspaper. And he requested to speak to me be considerate some mistakes in the in the story so we -- -- come in and and I actually kicked off. I'm still in -- the car we went and picked up. Which Saudi it's it's it's great it's. We talked about we brought -- -- he talked and said you know there is all a misunderstanding and and she she sort delightful conversation this guy got a little you know a touchy Feely try and it's even any in this ended up happening. Also added that artillery was a very small little -- so -- outside. I get right obviously unit of the card -- I don't 3830 gets arrested. Now see is is name as an odd bruise in his LLE area it is -- how -- there. Now when you're saying that the groping in the touchy -- its -- reported nationwide it's been picked up everywhere. That this is a Craig's -- telling them they just wanted to kill somebody. To find out what their wives but actually he told you know that when they picked this cannot. He's started sexually assaulting her and that's why she killed and was almost self defense is that there -- Yep and at all so critical and states are trying to debatable right now -- and who posted -- because she actually -- she answered yet that there are out. It's an -- -- and had to restore said she can eventually get to resist a big -- at a -- down here which is about three miles away from some very should I. He goes -- the Clark they get in the car urged the this guy pops up behind the seat. To order around the state this guy's neck and she -- then she starts this album. That's very touched that they allege happened so hated it. The US -- what I wouldn't dare she -- that's that's not necessarily how it did happen should she she didn't when he opened the door -- and I I dearly and I just turned sixteen. And she says this man said I don't care that's okay now. We don't know any of that -- -- that's what you said that's up to police say the side but she's got every right to tell our story and I'm just so -- don't do. Well when even in the other story she told you that has resonated. Is. Sheet during wanna hear interviews she says words to be a factor of this is not the first time I've killed. So things Francis -- take up a story Tamara what was your initial reaction when she told -- back. And then looking Israel just turned a night of November 11 what I got there except that's she's very much I hope you are soft spoken with what I would that would that would that she says she she considered a -- start special the first -- -- and -- should know this is the first public great relationship but this -- that the first -- I brand are saying mutual somebody -- such as she didn't last. And I just I'm like you know all by god to you know. -- would believe what -- -- right now and the energy would not let me bring in a patent -- -- they wouldn't let me bring in a -- that's an out of -- and -- I -- remember all this stopped and she actually said I wish -- per passenger -- bench. There -- I got a base all this fossil memory so you know you gotta bear with me here -- -- OK with that so I said the she says I said what are you talking about this isn't the first time he should -- kills somebody else and she did not quite sure how many she's divorced and a hundred. I should grab -- The real world is going to believe you killed -- 200 people your small little girl she still looks very deceiving -- about -- tell -- -- stopped -- its regional. I liked this is just thought I'm pretty close to launch. And she continued to tell you know much about you know that you -- involved -- this satanic groups. And I went through you know. I've been all -- all across a little sister they can all send enlisting to church of Satan action and dealing with this guy and -- and the guy and that they know. He would claim that these two people are not part of the church of Satan and I agree with some BK issue percent that. -- once said anything about being part of the church of Satan what she says that she was a mistake and Nicole. She mother had free -- that she let out ourselves and to observers also seek echo. No match but that is probably -- -- you know that's what she's saying it's. But she never wants anything about the church and state what I -- clarify that I can go without -- about came out and and the. Act as a shock I saw this very day your man I made reference to that church of Satan disavowed. Any contact with Marie and the barber -- -- barber and all that you've got. I think I read about I believe the odd percent but it but -- superstar that so so he had to -- -- sort of arm off but she never said during an interview. It was funny about this interview is that what I -- -- now I'm -- -- -- -- -- because -- much you know I started that this -- standards because -- they hope that with -- we have an -- has. That before yes -- does yeah I would not you know let's start dreaded my internship I started out their soft. So I doubt he announced a new lead you don't read these stories and everything -- so this is like some but it just didn't unexpectedly -- happens walking out of the church. And -- -- my -- -- the white knew who like what I got to do weird she and I -- editors about police are there I spoke to police initially what we need to come and are excited states she and I sit referred. This second hole that's -- you recorded it and all of a little. Bit myself okay. -- firefighter candidates however you -- that we bring a tattered tents outside. Able to get the entire. Our interview really because -- -- and everything that was sat right and I took my. I don't know it's hard to make sure because again and I and everything to be clear here you know and it was not try and it's too much to get in the middle. We don't they cheated and by the way I took the economic from local to right you know I. I'm moral obligation and a human beings are saying hey let's -- this could not what is illustrate whether rich or not. I don't know that but Dutch police to find out. How lucky I was able to read some -- -- -- and get everything -- foreword. -- I was what a great way to drive a hard bargain you want something from me I got at least it'll take notes -- -- that that was very good thinking and they have very good way to drive a hard bargain I applaud your and that's. I mean I don't stairway to do it again now I know I know we're gonna publish this should I wanna make sure Obama uploading -- eating out there electric what do. I -- -- I want to make sure it must put out there will work short China everything came out. On February. It's I would get around Valentine's Day so I don't so I was excited so everything nervous every six people -- work should now I didn't expect. -- -- I have to admit. And little by little -- they want Associated Press put it out there who -- little drop today it just kept. Getting more and more and more and light trucks and all of them desperate I mean people call myself. What about you know I don't know how they got I didn't do I did when -- -- -- in. When did. Yeah and the London daily -- Yeah yup yup I bought it bought Alltel and they don't regard to contacting me about four state to produce and so there wasn't true it was the first set. And I that's one thing I don't. -- want just to get to do talk to bolster at least the victims -- weeks. -- understandably pretty much daily. I didn't want these targets but they're all that these Sudanese who ultimately made the decision to do this -- -- the decision to do this but this thing with -- this story is Miranda never told police said he at best so. I unofficially I am the only concession in the old it's. I'm not nearly confession the world so it's -- -- -- which is wide bar going day I'd I didn't expect there. -- Yeah I mean it's just hard until they're told media frenzy. I didn't work out with a New York Post. -- pretty much weight to this and they've been they've been glory to -- what I mean I was in New York Post in my whole life. You know they've been there it was that was an order for them to you know trust like journalism to do that and so they've they're they've been great. While while the story -- Ford via post is a he had terrific story it's very descriptive. You go into while a lot of detail this is probably one of the longer stories I've seen in New York Post because a person Airbus is famous for seven and stories you know. I don't I -- -- But they knew each and -- he would -- and I -- so many so we don't wanna give YouTube pages I would like -- it's actually no I mean that's that's like chilling. And it's not that I did not not. This is an -- disposition -- something that stood -- out there just to get media attention on which this I don't think that that people have to remember throughout this whole thing is that it's -- that it's. All issues and percent of the church actually at big east and maybe every -- that don't have a leader in some things like that happen and this story now the real stories about the fact that of that of that -- I would be able to -- for the New York Post and I was able to do this group we can do you know this if this is the truth and as we want to reach maybe she can put closure to some people who don't know what happened and they're just missing -- received. -- your relative who ran away and just had not been in a bad situation my uncle we don't know and that's everybody's saying that -- -- and that's about well. I tell our city this is an -- an episode of law and order where they wrapped up an hour so I think it's gonna take a lot of -- Figure out or watching Watson who who wouldn't and you know I just don't think it's sides said. It's one basic where they say yep she did this or she did that she you know I think sometimes police do their job. Mean Scott -- you hang onto about a forming a commercial break I saw a bunch of other questions you know I should read about it because you're a guy I. That's right did Soriano the bad and I know your father's listening right now it's matter of fact except. I doubt we will a break and I wanna go back -- lot. To continue -- to -- talking with France's car sell off from the sun prairie daily item the only reporter with whom ran the barber has smoke and and the reporter to whom. How random Barbour has made a confession ambled toward banning quotes at this point. Up up to twenty -- a 24 on the news trigger line with Francis car sell off from the sun prairie daily item the air reporter to -- ran the barber. Has made the claim of nonstop to. That she stopped counting after you reach 22 murders press let me ask -- is there any indication that she might be telling the truth. -- look -- but she looked me right the safe -- I mean -- is there any indication that there and it sure. -- an -- by everybody under the sun I don't I don't know I mean now I know it's serious enough that. ST I got -- mauled to you know you police scrambled all over the stage yeah. I mean you can say they can out. I you know that detect potter reaching down and say that there is no missing people -- person that we don't know that that's such true. We know that that that is there's people out there that they don't they don't know. Ultimately -- all of these are. I don't know that there are no there's no there's no course in the world ocean effect can make that prediction I know -- they -- water credibility I was gonna come up there aren't right right now. You know she told me in the air or so will you tell us to police and I still much and -- -- -- exact response was I'll pinpointed on maps. It's so hot I mean no I you know we don't know issue -- castration you know option. I don't know personally to be so so. Etc. would be big try our area you know and I say you know people are gonna have to assess your door for the intentioned and that I might -- and she -- I don't care what people are gonna say I'm doing this for me because I live my lunch and a lot of action I want to change that and you know. And -- you know the story and I must say it again I mean no no one's saying Mitch that I saw or heard is is she had in -- molested a young age you the issue is that. And I about a -- Doesn't give you the right to duty status and if in fact there are true lean admit she'd admit to -- much and that's what sick enough you know that's horrific enough to do. So this before and the -- broke it I mean there's there's there's issues she's broke and I'm not sure she can be. Do you have a wave put it on Sunday was but I do know that she's broke and can I don't know if she can be fixed. I am didn't -- any investigative. My. Armed somewhere along the lines say well. You have a couple of unsolved murders in North Carolina where she was staying for awhile does this -- Piracy Manning I believe that's our quote from the marathon growing county district attorney -- sort of roll -- the story. Well of course I mean again that's -- Yeah yeah you've been in this business a long time now you hear -- -- believed that any law enforcement or any AB. And you don't get dirty in the world right now are gonna say that they're panicked the total hours nobody unit nobody can tell itself. -- anybody right now this say that they discredit anything she says it's. And all that I mean like -- say that you didn't say it took a back in golf. You know what do you make he's playing this city is probably car with a little bit pandemonium I. It's also got a bunch of states senate and and again hats worn. Out from -- from all over the place. I don't know -- -- -- all -- knows what's in that -- already -- what you're Chad. So I think that they're concerned I know I talked to a bunch of law enforcement off the record and a lot of people records did. Yeah a little concerned I mean it's it's watery and it's very low interest some -- say something like sat. Well -- no one -- says she told you quite a few details I lowered the men into an Alley then all the gang leader money he shot the man and they gave me the gun and told me it was my turn I hate guns and couldn't do it so he put his hands on my hands and we pulled the trigger. I mean that's a lot of -- And I talked to I talked to -- a bunch of people who call these true -- country exemption and what -- -- it was a very there was older psychologist and now but he was an excuse he's also law enforcement action and -- so if you take a 100% -- court and let's. But certainly percent of that and latched down 30% they cut that in half and another 16%. It's still pretty -- basically said it's very hard to make a 100% of the story without putting a little bit of church and there's somewhere. And end and the little -- -- -- works. Could be just about to be that. Them. There's nobody had a -- tickets didn't say. That this did not do this source I didn't do it it's so unfortunate to find out how much -- and it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to it and you know I -- a message you can say what you want about everything else but the group. Issue came clean and she came bleach if she didn't and that's what she's seeking -- chase seeking -- not -- -- interest or he does a whole complete -- I age and we can't do that and Derrek and that and everything he says this story would complete -- so pretty much written -- mosque. That's speech again because I'm sorry his credibility to me was my hero but I don't. The Southern -- from what I understand she is is a leader out there you know accepting that money for people putting it it was a chance -- reaching -- extra on call and you know the talk show. And deceit and and and almost it's now. And he's taken all -- static well maybe 68. He also knows that that if they start if it is true. Any -- one place. Only really -- his -- what he did they end up getting some kind of deal out of this situation I'm sure that that's you know that's sort -- might as well and level -- zero to me. What is his situation as far as charges are not at this point Miranda has been charged with first degree murder and I believe the district attorney's already said he's gonna look for the death penalty. What I -- Yet he's got safe -- first degree murder and saying knees he admits he's pretty -- -- -- -- on the guys decadent and she starts savage. She told me that it wasn't supposed to be -- action -- actually he was in the wanted to -- He signals she says when it started she's -- -- signal caused the issue starts tonight and he and he never popped up. -- little farther and she says you know that this this this man you know a little stronger -- dressed as she says it again. Did you see it starts tonight. And again he doesn't pop pop. Artist and -- -- about -- He pops up and this happened I mean should you budget bad timing true true true this mayhem it's just it's it's incredible. And eighteen are real are these people are not from this area my and that's made this story's so unique and so different because it never happened around here and something just -- we continue to pursue it and I -- I just I just a little Christian in my efforts to continue to get that you're -- -- something wasn't right. What now she is she's telling he knew her history. Is -- related dad to you is that she's from Alaska she apparently ran away. And then married Elliott's. After being with them for few weeks and they wound up in North Carolina is that accurate I. Well I see it happening this year -- -- from Milosevic still some of military friendly or father was in the military so they lived the last such. They -- I didn't and that's certainly an element that mother are divorced and they should try to revive their children getting pregnant they're not even sure I would have sheep sheep. Saying that it's. But a lot of it is maybe as somebody who isn't this satanic -- -- search and and end speed is initials into the back or neck. Pushing the swastika out and hurt and it initials -- -- side but Carter did not tattooed that that's about the -- she showed what they're. Ensure that power -- another tattoo but they're but that was on the record actually just can't match so she gets she looked up what these people she legal star which he becomes pregnant. Graduate settle it with a relative to North Carolina such as the mother eventually will examiner she down their -- -- belliard out two years now been times she'd met -- I think it would kind of nearby. Where she was staying they get togethers she gets an jaw and sings like she gets or like contract a little bit she's the baby everything's going good they decide they're gonna go and get which they don't get married -- come back and about two weeks later he walks into work each orders -- each. What is -- -- works when they -- -- our. I. I have to leave here and you're never gonna see me again and just pick up and talk and they were gone. They came up here and two weeks later is when this occurred. So women. Weren't they ease into 22 murders and stopped counting supposed to have happened between Alaska and North Carolina between North Carolina and here. As she said any thing and. She should start as such it was thirteen so you would always why are -- yes you would have known -- -- -- times you know what's good for him and who knows what she did is facing which another -- here. Oh what did the -- high school -- was a big video game guy. Eight I'll see you think. Mean she's the one that this is suited as she -- she had the life experience as much or that he did I think he became you know he's trying to clean so what order. Am -- he canceled along for the ride and ended up a bad situation but I I I believe. I think we're supposed to do resist journalists and then not but I believe after everything I've discovered and found out that and issues she walks in this -- situation and she was one that was very. Very cultured and it's and he was just along for the ride and the perception -- situation and now option. He's just in this situation and that that that restaurant why you -- is this is this is what is -- credibility level is just zero sidelight to reach out should. I -- which came in my book I don't have any desire he can do about CNN London and and doctor drew and so there is. One doctor drew when Dr. Phil and stuff like that the real news shows are really don't want any part of the anymore did you begin sort of a circus act that that. That's what it is now that's what it is like I know I understand he did call in -- -- you know and that's just. What's amazing to me and I couldn't get into the present here she. It was it was up they -- you know our our hassle buy it but I don't know secure online and they're they're allowed got a doctor drew show as a -- A little bizarre. Bizarre that whole thing you know singer's bizarre how I have doubt yeah I'm in the middle of the I don't -- its. Just it's it's crazy happens. The baby girl to whom unmanned and gave birth. She's actually staying -- -- relative it really don't I really didn't I didn't pop sees. I -- and yes I do baby girls orange she did you know protective -- -- -- -- -- replaced with a can't remember which she is very good I don't believe helped put a little baby boy -- wrong very -- you know have rich. This thing that you're that that I just I never realized should I guess in this business is that once something like it happened then it's open game maybe I mean just people come out -- I don't -- Allegations and they stopped -- direction that it does not talk much they don't come out of the daily item then I hit it. It and -- did Lester reciting it from across the source of these people -- just not true. Why my my broadcast partner Joseph Thomas and I -- do a sports show every day we're talking about this is sports media goes but it's also true for a news media and this is relatively knew this wasn't the case when I started and it. I you -- The original story somewhere. Somewhere in this country there's a guy who took your story -- your name off -- re loading it there and took credit for and that passes is. Is journalism today. Yeah yeah they are. That's want -- something funny about that is that. Started one and I just looks like Archie has some of these things and Michael and I started email all these people that incorrect consolidation and and they were seeing my name appear. He noted back and so you know we apologize that it understood we realized what -- option. One mile -- I was told on the list and assistant USA -- at least there. What she says you know about the awards -- -- which are electric and outright sure everybody involved that we don't need to that we don't need to make more out of something which might elect senate let let her do the talking you Q -- -- -- a state that's fine. But at least let her be the one candidate talking. And. I know I can't John a lot longer than nice and I was going to know but don't ask you one more question you were quoted here is saying I don't want to get out. Or should know what I mean she wants to stay in jail she Richard. Certainly -- she's certainly she's set. She says I hate I don't wanna get out of this place this need to -- each -- and I will tell you this she's certified ever get out she says I know I report. She then that's what your window she says I don't wanna get out because if I ever get out. -- I'll do this again. And creates if they are a number that she said a hundred. Lead to ride ever and he gets from the window away some sense if somebody makes that. Statement and I'm going picked somebody again. But that's pretty damaging and that's pretty much enough -- stayed -- she broke some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's stood out the most chilling part of the entire room with me. There should count how do you even think even regards and there would look at like. You know they came to believe what just what just took place strikes out directly across the newspaper and -- out of my chair and of course every error in the world -- -- blows you know there there. -- -- -- We actually come along well I guess I thought they heard you were sure that my owl yeah now let me every day that I actually just couldn't -- -- to be written and I took an adult or Friday night and I assume we're donating tight. I doubt I don't go to bed time position just in stage and then in the meantime my stock police and then that's Saturday as I was able to go. -- and religion and take everything else sort of our publisher actually came -- And you know it's sad that we went through every stadium and started he had -- has been very has been great -- sit and anything we put in the area a happy election. That's our show though they know that even small town newspapers. We'll go out and get the story yeah we'll go on -- try to do what we can't figure ball side of the story. -- -- -- -- Thought I was gonna say France is the daily item as a as a very good reputation it has been well respected in circulation I what's your circulation probably about 25000. Down there. But it it has a very good reputation it is a very good -- very ER reputable newspaper. It's still -- like locally owned her family now. Stop actually slowed by our feet HR Richard they don't like thank you to some newspapers. Very good you know it's small county you know reach your -- has -- the math here and they're ordered to hear stories -- I'm -- -- -- here and again I'm not from here so I get -- you know you're not from the area. Mentality about -- accustomed to this area out met a lot of good people out here. I've become sort of a lot of good people about here and and I don't know what do you know there's been this and you know the new leader and church and you and you and you almost seems thoroughly you know what what I did not. All -- -- you'll be able to this because again I respect -- the journalists of all I always have thank you. Did my job and I went into double cycle historically target LA tencor is the yellow police say we never go to them we go to the other side and say give historian -- church too late you have. All of this person something and I just didn't stop so we got the other side of the story. No issue was gonna say all this. Not you you you did an outstanding. Job I forgot that Diana dishonored on this afternoon. I Google your name and what came up was a newspaper in Australia. That has run the New York Post story. And pay for all these I know what are. And are not I'm not I did what about -- -- diligent and about tennis so like I said my biggest thing was Dutch. Well this period assembly out there. That is a -- unsure what happened or don't know what happened total -- lot more now if we can put an end to matter we can give closure to those situations that's -- According to mean now give me more. Peace of mind to do that you know that but let me just district let me -- I go to the trouble -- don't -- to clarify or anybody out there are closed and -- northeastern Italy you know like -- -- -- know she hit it just then -- just a wild ride here. But there's a clear what do anything without they're rich checked -- out of the Orchard Park for that. There was never mention though that number at our church of Satan there's never mentioned all these kind of crazy and I know you know much. And it was in The National Enquirer. And he didn't you know the whole production and I started thinking everybody's jumping on the bandwagon and I don't wanna be linked to boasting that don't wanna be went -- stores what I did was my job. I've got her side of the story now it's all of our web site you can do the same direction and there's nothing more and not -- the last that's what it is. So anything else sit out there and I can you respect as mr. damn well I definitely. You don't ever expect or near -- the status stickers yeah internship down -- and. You well -- Is. I did I wanted to go over to news I I more than a 100% Australia riding in my home town she's you know we talked about it at all. Lot of guys you don't wanna do bad because you're afraid eight year again have to write something that may have send a friend of the family. I have I don't. Put in many -- They wanna be -- particularly and so now we know I know this -- right earlier can't say there are no you're enter your second time listener would -- and ability to that particular that it -- -- years we just awaited output on the right opportunity -- and the -- was an opportunity to -- -- let's say it's a great mistake. They are helping it Harden. You know I walked through this site will tell you that I learned a lot through this about about the hard core media and (%expletive) out of unable to -- which -- -- a player contract. She is that I trust and from from ball one of the major networks. And it's you know. -- that wanted to work recession -- sorry about what I'm working would anybody stop you know we're doing this set aside this is my job. And so okay so they hang out and I think they went out -- -- -- told me is they would option and -- to circumvent means there what do we don't need that little history we don't need that guy which is going to the -- cells away I will take over here she and the -- show up and downs -- And the -- -- not talk to anybody would you like -- called art a couple hours later nation that I had executives each at a major network around saint this is unbelievable. Does this happen how small town newspapers and Hillary and -- domain books Berkshire you know how do I have this all -- Down my -- and it appears that they Francis you were not a no name reporter in your locale. A couple of things like that -- TV tried -- beat me on a story or. It out in the fact cut me out they'll take something the -- anyone to do a little bit more. My sources know me they trust me so they're gonna talk to me they're not gonna talk some -- and an abnormality area with a camera UN the same thing. And you -- and -- -- exactly what I was your status for the fact that -- that nothing approach would need to see anybody you know what I had to do is that they mistrust may be -- I did everything they've said the -- strong word and I would never barked out of that and I have never not done any single question to reach as far as let's talk. Putting -- out there that didn't want out there. I mean Alex and that fresh stats are out there much that aren't bad people these books and documentaries. And -- -- and -- are not even know yet. You know remain yours said that everybody wants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know. She wanted it she stepped up she's doing the right thing by -- -- and she may -- -- -- closer to a lot of families and to me that's the most rewarding part. Now -- I got to wrap up regular -- tool for many breaks in and not fifteen minutes I appreciate your time god great to talk to you again -- took the time the -- and us and again. Anybody. If if you wanna find out what's happening in this case. I read his stories Francis has already written. Bookmark the daily item and check it don't take any the second or third hand stop for many warehouse appliances thanks so much will -- again. -- -- --