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Maura Pennington Interview

Mar 5, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with Maura Pennington on education and tuition.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's the news -- airline audit is Mara Pennington. Mr. Pennington is what's watchdog dot org. And it is a SI dent report Sarah in a sort of state by state fashion. -- as to how public money is being spent Pennsylvania is one of those days mr. Pennington. He is obviously therefore -- watch -- PH story that I saw on the Pennsylvania independence web sites. That raises some interesting dichotomy is about college tuition miss anything good evening I appreciate you being with us tonight. Well thank you -- my comment from scratch and -- great pressure that topic here I'll OK then -- from real worth with us up here and. I hears you said does -- universities contend they will have no choice but to race to wish you and unless they get more from tax payers. But that doesn't mean students will get more from their money that's the greatest. Dichotomy. I see here I you're the budget hearing the other day I take it would be out for us -- affiliated universities. He has the -- that appropriation carrying announce. And credit to propose and be into it looks like a clean tech Terry governor's budget very going to be. -- -- so they can guarantee the fame and money they received last year but -- I think they're saying costs are going up. And senate just counter the increasing cost second and the -- and in the promised tuition increase there. So -- it's it's what one point six billion dollars I believe right yeah bomb. College tuition. The four state related universities and -- Penn State Pitt temple and Lincoln. Are looking for a two or 3% increase in you right here college tuition has ballooned. By almost 800%. In the last thirty years. Which is a mind boggling figure to me I don't see how anyone can afford to go to college today the Bennett says it's not clear whether or higher returns. But company higher prices and then you have a number of quotes in the air data -- for example calls that -- a -- So if fact students are paying more. Moved tremendously more. For college today and yet they get out and find the job market for college graduates is not as lucrative as it had once again I I -- there that's -- that's the big dilemma right. Exactly how well there's that kind of -- But the problem and in fact on -- accumulating stepped back and they might not necessary actually be completing their degrees. Okay we'll have I'm. Kind of blow. Graduation rate minister in fast and cheering and they're taking online and they're starting to -- confident and they find that craps the financial burden -- It's -- much but I'm further and actually. Gonna get back agreed to might earn them more rich the other problem -- they might be earning degrees and the field stepped up and -- checked with the job. There are now at some inventories by many at that and the terrorists in the hearing -- is to. So we -- students and we have as an employment Reading, Pennsylvania know what what are the -- here a lot and we need student into these jobs. There's jobs open but there -- nobody to sell them in other words inherent. That that's that's two very interesting dilemmas spy on you mentioned low graduation rate IC temple at. 43% Lincoln 25% -- quote Robert Jennings a Lincoln University president. We are so many you have to drop out for. Financial reasons did any of those schools mention approximately. The percentage of how many drop out because the bills are higher than they thought they were going to be. I'm actually looking at things explicitly state it. I'm in there -- -- seem to be jumping out not so different that's for a year -- which you can't ask what I think would be a college -- get four -- -- -- many of these students are taking the experience to get out of college. And in his. He demands it has -- is that primarily because of this is our other reasons. How well now on the first some degree is the to some -- might have certain requirement that you were on. In order to complete and he might take more time to do that you are asking for weeks and I'd be taking more time down the -- -- -- affect Penn State might asking athletes that are gonna take longer time to get out and that's four years. -- I'm a caller reds during in college. Athletes. Fields. Some of the fields and Andy I -- -- we are seeing some of that in this area. You may find someone who gets eight degrees in some. I don't know eastern European history. Or some -- term. Esoteric may jerk and now wants a bargain at McDonald's because there's no job in that field is significant. Problem and if so all is -- something that the universities can somehow address. I think the problem I think what happened at higher education and some point has become look like a credentialing system. Where you're playing and again this. -- the -- and your link I mean he's the degree and something my ID act that check that he wouldn't assume have a job related to it -- I'm not and because if you want to be -- And players might well we know that they elite completed college remains uncertain -- at I. Education and an -- -- -- in the article on the Center for College Affordability and Productivity which has a nonprofit -- -- I. I'm has done some research that actually there's no real and we don't have any statistics that anyone is necessarily -- -- pressing on which. -- and humanities degree is actually do you have people with southern. I'm do you have a parking jobs at stake in the public high school diploma. I didn't feel -- needed to and from being the first seat fitted dress sense that they are kind of peeking out there engineering prep and -- -- and they -- in high demand uninjured and employment. I'm TDs still haven't and -- disconnect between the students coming out and market it studied -- available Japan -- employment and. -- Is not matter to me quite a while ago because they said there were kids -- -- -- solid is go to college would be much better off. Going to a trade school or something and learning how to be. An auto mechanic or a he had computer technician or something. Is something rather each other than getting age. Do agree in a major that may not do any good in the job market would you agree with that. There is there any sense of matter is I just out of my mind to make sustained winds out. Now I think you're really onto something -- I think there are a lot of options for young people today. And college I meant being punished something man nineteen that was very kind. But there might be on another avenue to read some things just gain employment credit as. I think that they were chipper and Chris they say -- on the -- it just felt much. There I'm -- And -- -- got to go to college education in the American DREAM Act and Sergei had made lightning get where they're being forced him into this choice thank. Thank you you could penetrate -- go vocational school. Get a certification and I think that would guarantee you come to a job in the Pacific field. I know when I go to get my car repaired I'd pay eighty dollars an hour so I mean that they batted out. I you -- doctor Richard better director of the center for college ability college affordability and productivity would you just mentioned. I say almost half of the kids who graduate from college are in jobs that don't require degrees and then you and said that. They're carrying sixty to 200000. Dollars a college debt when they get out and. That's a pretty I mean. Popping dichotomy is. It is not a look at the statistics I think it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's not even the possibility. Right upstairs geared towards your degree at the age of twenty -- even go on here on an unannounced to attempt a a foreground and I'm in certain places for the job I'd be offered. I'm and so there certainly is that the dichotomy antitank. Funding to the corporate administration governor Corbett has for the last several years try again and he's made the announcement that he wanted to tie. State aid to tuition increases and that if state universities even a four state related or SS ENG the fourteen state owned and operated out universities. Not tempted to wish and -- in the shoot the cost of living adjustment. That you and other Consumer Price Index. Place. Well what's happening in higher education -- actually I'm kind of person. Eyeballing -- believe I mean a -- -- then other. -- that you look at in terms of Consumer Price Index fell -- the bracket the princess Penelope -- college tuition is increasing at a faster rate. -- due to administrative -- -- look at the unit this year actually control. All are very good god. Yeah dairy -- that's exactly where I was headed with this I saw a story about a month and all that I capped Duke University. I'm trying to guess and the fact that it's 60000. Dollars today. To go to duke per semester when in 1984 it was 101000 dollars story one and two. A bunch of assistant department heads and secretaries to assistant department heads and almost kind of several we hear. A lot of the advocates -- about more public funding for education. The biggest cause damage is to wish him in the universities can do something about that but in my mind anyway just simply won't. How much -- -- to wish -- hi every year is because of those administrative costs he just didn't you just alluded to the fact it's quite happy. Because if you look at as salaries of the actual fact there and you know the ones I want providing education. It's really not much more. And our K through twelve educator actually so. And the cockpit going -- The utility authority it dead administrators. Put it into the campus just providing they might have now. I know I'm a college campus silent and I -- I am actually other girls but now. They are the first singles turn things like actually experienced more action started the comedy incurred -- and thank. Not necessarily. -- into the actual educational experience. -- Day you don't talk I mean we have to know universities to Larry good universities in downtown Wilkes-Barre who Wilkes is. On one side of market street in kings is on the other side. -- have undertaken very large building projects in the last year -- today will announce that it was buying a former jewelry store for one point two million dollars. At about three months ago kings announced it was buying. A former hotel on the square. I went to kings and I know the school's finances are not necessarily in great shape. I mean this is the part that nobody wants to talk about the fact that they could control the two wishing if they choose to. But they don't and then they come begging for public money at least that's the way it seems to be an earlier reporters even and you can't necessarily. Agree or or disagree with that but. The administrative costs are are a lot does as you just as you just pointed out is there any. I don't know what you can do what is there any legislative effort to. -- to do that did any of the I noticed you quoted a number of senators on -- the Appropriations Committee. As saying there's something wrong when kids are spending all this money to go to college and -- coming out there's no good jobs for them. I'm senator income and net. Gears and talk with education and I'm -- and -- redundancy of from a parent and the topic I -- a great deal as you mentioned across the street from each other direction aunt and still wondering after the way he. I controlled. So that we don't have. School during all the same things charging exorbitant amount of money on winking and could possibly go. Still in place but in each -- at her school -- and one at some of the items from what they're carrying. Of course another option at some students have been doing. -- it's become rather popular around here there are several Community Colleges. -- the mining community college where the cost of -- her credit cost a situation is you know but relatively law all. But. There's a problem with the creation of another community college in some funding issues areas or not. I think Community Colleges. Served. Panic great need and I'm in terms of education and again and it's. And then the issue where -- access. Good line I believed to another institution and right Julie Julie came -- the -- bachelor's degree. I'm. And fellow. So either way eerie ear and I end up until like student -- and I and got eighteen more hair and may be eager. They're necessarily mean -- and they're they're paying more and then -- and key on and ask men treated at the import the taxpayers. And it's a state school. I'm just to ask. Tuition increase in the cost and really know. No tangible evidence that we're getting much more where that money that's being paid for it. Cats at the -- that is really one of the great and I economies of of this time college tuition cost from Mel I mean I grant Norton graduated from college it seems like forever -- -- And I went to a good university for about my tuition bill was about 161000. Dollars when I got out now part of that was because I was a radio station manager and I got my last year free. But still 161000 dollars is. Like half a semester at a decent school today the cost of just gone. Absolutely crazy. Is there any is anyone talking about any. Legislation. Or legislative induce mental. In the house or the senate to try to get supposed to control some of the things that we'd been talking about like single place in dorms. In the old jewelry stores in turning them into community centers and things like that as early discussion about. And all. -- -- on about the -- to practice but I Q how do you think that perhaps. Comment on the that attract funding approach might actually. -- ways to adjust to eight year old he can't tackle me that we can give you money anymore action at key -- to control the cost to. On that score OK. To train and what you can try and put it's feasible for a kid and can you go -- your school and -- education and content to be able to go allowed them and be productive members of society. Then and your story quotes two Democrats into Republicans and this is pretty much across the I yelled. Sort of approach shot. I think I think everyone is really concerned about the amount of activity mansion and she. A mishmash in terms of coming out of college and and coming up and then job that they didn't need to go to college bar and it happened. -- -- their -- how to not being able to afford the things that you see human adult would be able. -- -- provide for themselves. Is anything that the commonwealth as a whole can do like is there something about the business climate in Pennsylvania. That is kept those jobs from. Locating in Pennsylvania where maybe they are in. North Carolina South Carolina Texas Florida California someone that is there any discussion along that is that a possibility yet when they get out they actually do have a job. That requires a college degree and offers decent salary. I think actually where the -- all on training content and to play a little bit because -- not a job that. It could be in Pennsylvania. I had some of the company that could be based here. Beast theme that they don't it's the student population and -- to endanger UN GU field. I'm so. I'm not sure exactly. I know what to do you bet I'm sure there are companies. That would love to inspire kids from confirming and not seen that it's kept coming at these world. They would be able to import. And. All right Mara -- see an article is the stories on the front page. If you will listen online publication. The Pennsylvania in the -- also watchdog dot org can you tell us a little bit about it. Actually are sore throat and it a new organization that -- be hurting ethical. Across the country reporting from -- -- -- are different states are now wait stopping appease. In the government so. -- we have reporters and digging in shedding light on and then areas thank you not know about because. Money and just being back and gangs and meet. It's just can't even keep up the door and our reporters on the case. I'm finding neat story and bringing insulate. Current and so I think independent as sort of the cosmonauts. Brand just watched -- -- can -- all over the country. Files a bookmark watchdog dot org and dot org this morning it's its main page is certainly is what your card here this is a great story. That's he had today and as I read and I'm like well this there's something definitely missing from this week. Engineer because none of this adds there's still question. Public subsidy not enough of a yard return and kids taking on debt that they're never -- -- Hey bad for. John's that they don't need a college education to absorb tens out excellent story and. I'm sorry by three off a little bit here whenever I get all upset because I have my niece who. His -- just passed the act college graduating. Age and now. Thank you look at the data 6070000. Dollars 80000 dollars I get a little upset by itself. -- Pennington thank you very much were -- being with us and now we'll talk again thank you very much. Great thank you so --