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State Rep Gerald Mullery talks to Corbett

Mar 7, 2014|

State Rep Gerald Mullery talks to Corbett about allegations that his opponent Tony Bonomo signed Mullery's nominating petition using a different name.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Represented -- Molly thanks for call out my pleasure Steve -- track meet me on the shelf should spin in real simple terms one. Happened. -- -- petition signing event to read it to kick off from these competitions signing period. That aid local establishment Newport county ship sent out postcards to. The first and Stanley elected officials inviting them down as you know we need traders think interest be placed on the ballot. And talk to normal as they. Can school board -- -- open area received Katrina post -- for -- inviting him to attend. He's expressed. Interest in May be challenging you for the democratic nomination. That -- -- the -- I wasn't really certain that. I invited him as they've ever elected official leader in the in the greater need of an -- I'm -- to their region so I certainly invited all those folks to come down and and doing and meat -- would come about and things of that nature. Crowd still up I think they knew every single person partially and it showed -- -- and cannot support it. And that was before I went up to speak with mr. Nomo walked in with a friend of kids and brutal he was. -- greeted him at the door. And try to make small talk with them and -- by this time I cannot put the total that he was considering -- I was sort of shocked he's shown up. And to make small pocket wasn't going well he didn't seem very action pocket to meet site to let them pay if you have a soda beer we are tired. I'm reputation if he'd like to and that's -- he walked right over to the table and and find. And that without a source shocking you know I heard that this gentleman may be thinking about running against wind and now -- -- -- inside my petition. -- would take a look to make certain it was semi didn't even know I was you know under -- -- -- way to make you name on there. And I look at these three volunteers -- important to get but did you know that if they were like yes we do that tradition the name did you find. And the city ethical reputation back I sit -- -- -- pocket and after I get my little speech now what I gave my speech. And I came back around -- I got a petition from my volunteer and I went to look for him in the party and has gone. He signed a name. That. It was not his name -- did did people actually see him sign that. -- planet and the three volunteers working the particular finding -- All of them by. And so when when you saw him sign you then went right over you look to the signature and realize. That that Tony but mom all the signed the name other than his own. -- told the petition out. Into an opportunity just put him but he was gone. Two adaptation so open. I think it's him. And and that and taking note that have to be wrong. The weekend I know -- -- search unless straw which you know -- attorneys have access to your. Million. And I know what I thought we're three criminal. For violations have occurred -- I was a violation of the crimes protection for one which is forgery. I think it's potentially a -- element that who need these findings do it couldn't -- identity theft. Violation of the election code for us to find signature on the state document. The we expect that would. Actually that's criminal offense never really done that. An appointment with -- turn means opportunity met with him and he said we have this absolutely is a crime. And you need to report this and that it went right to really after reports if I think Canty now. And I called the sky and say you know what we think him and he's -- now I think people whose -- you would have gone to jail for not reporting conflict that's. I just to support you well since my election paperwork is filed with the state not to count me. We call lieutenant general process -- reported it to the attorney general's offices may. And -- meter -- for the Department of State because that's far nominating petitions will be filed. I don't that in my politicians on Monday I'll be meeting with the liaison down there so they can strike -- -- from the petition. And then -- likely -- contacted DA's office which again. And and what did the representatives from the district attorney's office telling him. Well I think detective first. And -- defective. -- information coming very similar to what I told you output added you know this from Marty -- how -- relevant. On the name and and things like that. Anti indicate -- need and I would be contacted by and the district attorney. It's totally contacted an assistant district attorney went through the same kind of information. Well that. DA. And it's natural that that's. Would wood and I I know that the legal terms -- very specific and I'm not an attorney and I'm always very cautious. Do you believe that this would constitute some someone some of voter fraud of election fraud how would you characterize. Actually a violation of election law. And immediately general. Prosecute people. First simply leave violation of the election law that occurred and -- offensive guard these crimes -- -- And again of our attorney general prosecute people. And most certainly has the last election cycle. I think you're very similar to what this individual -- -- -- -- in that I had conversations with reporters from the standard speaker and the reporter from the times leader who didn't stories. And open the way to a message to mean that he's simply you know. Didn't believe we need action for criminal didn't think it was a serious offense -- At least I think this company -- do you know why there is a bridge in. I don't think I. -- there and that's why -- wanna make it clear as I as I told the young woman with whom -- -- in your office as I said on the air. -- to use to watching bad behavior on the part of public officials and the in your case I think your behavior is the behavior warrior knew where expecting. From our elected public officials. But all too often don't get sold that's why I wanted to talk to you hit -- the right thing in this sense I know that your quoted in. In this story as saying that you and you felt a little walk where you you lost maybe a little bit asleep on this. I want to reassure you think you should feel as if you did exactly what you're supposed to do as an elected public trip official and they are good Susan. Yeah. And that opinion and then -- -- -- -- from a different point down the and that plane hit. He put me in this position and put myself in this position that the Americans could -- and elected and not have a conversation with the attorney general the district attorney. And then it took. And nonsensical act moment of course we did that. And so I mean I know ever been easy the bad feelings I had and then -- -- bump -- I would when they did and I hope at this point are. Our. You know law enforcement -- -- instantly had taken over from here. I hope so -- and and that's part of the political process as well. Is he these statement that they have been Omar made in the in the story that I read this this is poised. Is that she does not expect the legal repercussions. Racial while lawyers told him. I would I would urge his lawyers to tell him to get ready for legal repercussions. But we have to wait and see what we lose our county district attorney decides to do. Act didn't sect and isn't somebody actually I have a follow up conversations he had second district attorney with whom I spoke. And it's my understanding that this is something that have to be referred to the subject of elections. Express some some good belief -- that. Because I don't think you know the bureau of elections -- be arm of county government that should be. I'm charge to work. Potentially deciding whether a prosecutorial offence occurred and that the job of our district attorney process and this question. The 88 at two and -- it live up to me now to actually report this again to the bureau of elections. It's something that will be retired from the d.'s processor and I was told that no I actually have to do that general writing become so tight that it's gonna be I guess my next step here. Well and I and I think that that's that's exactly what you should do even -- I don't think you should have to do and I don't think you'd think you should -- -- But just to establish that paper trail and to establish that record I would do all that but I would also make it perfectly clear. As as you have here today that you believe a crime being committed and we -- all if what I'm. Have been committed victims in this one because it's an alleged crime against the system. Against the democratic process against what what good citizens and good elected officials. Struggle and work too good to maintain in the midst of attempted destruction of the public trust particularly a loser going. -- faction has resonated. You can manually have to do and take a 300000 signatures on the course 600 have been going door to door to get done. And -- But still story originally came around the time of the year last week and in an outdoor -- Saturday people are talking about a questioning me about it and I think with the public question does not strike you -- it. Wouldn't that make it all well he entered that it noting persons can strike you need competition to come. And everything we know. That is why he -- it actually signature in case things like this happen and expect people. We get -- -- an actress actually because there are thousands of honest mistakes that are made that's correct. Sign -- -- -- people find that Republicans put down the wrong address comfort zone and get code and that they call on people find where they should try to improve confined. The facts and interest pictures we don't get extra pictures two. And you know. Signature from counting it's. Inevitable -- like you know that makes sense you're right you know -- it and I know I finally felt in this situation that they get that rectified my own my and I believe they did the right thing in and I I believe what -- it was criminal I hope that -- our -- it. I could really close look at this. You know if when Nomar all is circulating these competitions is she going to officially challenge you for the nomination but I. Yes yeah I don't know I can only -- -- circulating his own. Lot of help -- we had 101520 people they have circulated for one week. I know from my own I don't ever want to try and do -- -- the people can do for -- and he's been down there in being you know in the area where I live because they haven't had anybody locally Tellme -- I I have -- friend of mine in. The rectangle table count superior Tillman fifteen institutions. Now he is current member of the hazel to school district school board correct correct yeah and this district is the 119. District. And that's actually been re drawn to include parts that we're not part of the district you know represented. All those new parts that are in need -- can look at people -- -- special counsel general like even free -- Mr. Gannon and Athens area that the -- and then -- -- a large amount based down were my old district collapsed. And those areas the new areas for you are are areas relatively close to a to where she's from -- -- well I have a feeling that some people are getting the note you now and maybe didn't know you before. But I think that this is not a real interest -- situation then again I stress do you I think you did the right thing. I think that it it it's to your credit. And -- pleased that you're willing to take the position that you're taking and will pay very close attention. To see how another elected official the -- wanted to excuse me to lose our incoming district attorney Stephanie salamander is Campbell's superb public responsibilities. I -- count them on what you uneducated all right stay represented Jerry Muller thanks so much for your time they get up.