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Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein and Corbett

Mar 12, 2014|

Mary Lou McDonald Deputy Leader of Sinn Féin, TD for Dublin Central, Spokesperson on Public Expenditure & Reform talks to Corbett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is because Mary Lou McDonald is -- representative. Of Ireland's oldest political parties should invent. She has been very active in heard in Dublin area in the Republic of Ireland. In helping to put forward -- inflame public policy working on a variety of issues from gender issues to economic issues they're all related anyway. What she deals with in Ireland is what we deal with -- was still part of the struggle. For equal opportunity we're still part of the struggle for liberty and justice for all Marilu McDonald -- thing thanks so much for calling the show. No it didn't sound -- CEO and should take into. I'm proud are you in the states now Mary Lou. I am and -- like I -- and then also I have heard though it's -- -- I unsuccessfully. I'm allowed to place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are energized people attack caught -- at the court. How sad and sick right at home and I know I can edit and then even just as here in the -- in -- -- of -- -- -- I think you know. And everybody Irish. A lot of attention and -- put me into Dublin and don't -- so cute and everybody in Pennsylvania. And do it on the head -- same tactics it will be honorary irishman and an Irish women maybe even if there aren't changing it nonstop as such. We're northeastern Pennsylvania many of my -- descendants of immigrants who came not only from Ireland but Italy and Poland and and other areas. Yeah my grandmother included who came from county -- up near the mail order but so many. Hundreds of thousands of people came here to mined coal in the deep mines and in many ways this is where the American labor struggle was mourned. In many ways this was where ethnic rivalries turned into ethnic friendships and the pursuit of common ground when you take a look at what Champlain has. -- has calmed throw -- when you take a look at what the Irish people have come through in their in their history club all of a sudden this as well as she met. What's the rolled the show in the same -- now not only in Ireland Mary Lou but but in terms of raising awareness. Here in the United States. We are very pleased and that's also -- as you eat so that's the good and dedication. Of my head and I can trade union and -- -- -- then -- -- -- Dublin and they were and outside. The green Walter cards. And I'm the agent Scott says as it became very cleared everybody. Common forms of struggle to barking and selecting Clinton and very safe side or whether the guy in currently does and -- accept it and nationally. So we have -- I mean I -- -- Check and a history between at my home country of iTunes and as the United States of America. We think it is you know a lot of factors emigration to -- countries so many Irish people came here. That to change some caller. And excited from around and this is the country. And gave them the opportunity to raise our -- to make a teacher in many cases. To be extremely successfully -- -- chosen field that open that. Announced it's. Half are unbreakable. Indicate it had to be that as -- I can embrace and -- has seen the achievement of peace agreements. The ending of the war in the north so tired and the ongoing program and we are making now. It isn't as strong arguments and saying that the applicant and -- taught sort. The support so. At the code scanner and the strength of America and particularly. Irish American I want to acknowledge. I don't row -- -- a growing political teeth in high end -- significance of that kind. Wearing an accomplice or arrangement and arson fire engines and we're going to Mexico has -- in competition. In the -- in place and I didn't. -- politics -- -- independent domestic policy. By deliberate speed. -- I think it's content free expression of democratic rights for every man woman and child irrespective of race or creed. In many ways I suppose I wish he'd better. Traders like kind of mania and like the nicest day of -- married and witness and -- the troubled history in some senses told that the history of trying him. And respect and can't think -- that bonds of friendship and solidarity. Crawls lately there's. I'm -- trapped there. And it's something from late show I think people how we eat encouragement -- I think recognized IR common are common challenges I can try to copy I -- -- we are going to be in Philadelphia on Sunday. I'd be marching in the parade can be in the iris and Eric and I and I'm it gets you might like I say that the defendant Nokia I'm I'm reading you can -- -- -- very very much. The river. I often make very clear to my Irish American cousins and and friends. That's the first three words of the Irish proclamation of freedom. And our. Irish man and the Irish women. We live and -- children -- community here merry little way are for example there's a dinner coming up on Saint Patrick's Day. How men's dinner to -- the vice president of the United States of America Joseph Biden is the featured speaker. Then there. Women are barred from the dinner a woman is running in Pennsylvania but the -- Katie McGinty. -- well be barred from the dinner although her mail all. How the hearts of men running for the nomination will be allowed to. Campaign at the dinner make friends rub elbows even raise contributions at that dinner. Tell us a little bit about the role of women in Champlain. In Ireland and what lessons we can learn from that you're in the united -- But you're writing and saying that the 1916 population want to act Irish man entire tournament and top and he wanted to document center that some missionary and -- behind -- I think they need look at the fact that I internationally. -- Eric is being substandard after an inequality. Women -- remains very revolutionary document even if it was telling sign. At the Irish struggled toward independence and freedom. And -- machine -- influence and Evan -- Irish women continue the generation in fact. It wasn't simply pop the vote if Patrick is something -- hate to be established portrait obstruct an actress sat once and indeed in the -- recent history when that happened -- -- -- in in at the Republican movement on pins and pain. -- simply promote and encourage women to participate in public life. We believe that women bring the very specific and hundreds skills to bear -- -- police say very simply that and that wraps and also democracy. Democrats expect them out playing. How it's functioning democracy by women are discriminated against are indeed there are underrepresented. And I think your acting without Ted and I IE. But I have to I don't know anything about it succeed him. I I -- that was a lucky man Tony -- and dedication to the shape up after our co lead since it very different very existence. We caddie at the woman -- with an active part of an a in Dublin literary access and public life. I don't follow at don't have to get the results that have been great activation Lleyton have been great that kind of politics but you can have. After -- women and. I know I know you're very busy and at the same time I I wanna ask you one last question Mary Lou as far as -- continuing. Questions for united Ireland I know here in Pennsylvania. A number of elected and appointed officials. -- pushed for a resolution. To show support for a united Ireland what's the status of that I -- always remind people that that's still is an issue yeah. And I immediately initiated eight Adam yeah Italy and and so we have made an apartment and go back and I didn't how over the last decade and more for the country remains partitions yeah it is pretty good -- and activists in the tank and -- and create. A -- -- I can unite the entire sorry to -- to democracy but also reunite with people. -- We have significant challenges and achieve I think absent parent we have ongoing dealing with the British government's yeah it's obviously the Irish government that's important -- To play solid day and we didn't have asked how old happened on my machine and of course police. -- urge Republicans to champion. Democracy equality and freedom in our country looks convince others particularly our union -- the protesters. And hire a united Ireland trap it's nobody. I'm confident we can do that. I also know about and we need all of the support America and that we can actually getting paid to license. As that. Promotion and support Irish unity in the past in Pennsylvania since he took so so flattering to see just how it was the results so. Re dedication political work -- people here. I am I just took a patent to -- -- supports. I'm clearly some more and as we need extraordinary destination out of the republic the Irish republic has changed I need 1916 we will look at and -- I'm. -- think he's sort of happening and I like times. We learn we learn how fast how warm words -- -- -- for the people of Pennsylvania. Indeed would have called the -- -- -- to cap and safe but Ireland who always kept it right but I had never imagined about did not underestimate just. Cop does sound because -- because it's not. Well if we can do anything here in northeastern Pennsylvania those of us who believe will keep the faith. And you can count on us Mary Lou McDonald it's good to talk with you. It lightly not PayPal can do it again thank you thank you very well Meryl McDonald's. -- --