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Mar 8, 2014|

Saturday March 8, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a -- program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you wonder if so how are you though I -- you know last week we for got to say something you reminded me best minds at all. All of my well some friends aria I know let -- say. Forgot to say happy saint didn't stay tell those of us of Welsh heritage because yesterday lynch came to me and I sank. How come you didn't wish me happy saint David's stats and I don't know women is she said march 1 -- when I was because -- -- in the presence of -- -- yes so he's well some some heritage you know well. So some I have time. But you know the thing is you just have to acknowledge set everyone's away that's true that there are others other than the Irish is that we god forbid there's time -- down now -- So soaking -- Irish yes now. That you guys will be treated once again to my boy Thomas Joseph felt that the fourth will be singing our little. Ins and outs around this week in next week but Danny boy and am happy to have him back this year. So we're thrilled and you'll be listening to it. And are -- says something about the Hepburn and send them there yes they do once again the food drive. Is taking place at the parade the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Scranton. Which is the 53 annual parade and they'll have three trucks collecting nonperishable food items. For all of the Irish organizations are doing it for all of the food pantries in Atlanta one county. I -- if you have something you can drink as I said just for kicks through Canada something in your. Hurt your pocket or your web. And donate it it'll be great and I'll be very grateful because he's. If you can't and speaking of parades. Today will be no wait well also want to say about how people get a hold Aventis I have something that I can yes they'd like to I can I can come. Could be his cellphone number it's 877. Forty. For Ford 04 -- watch the tape 774041. And angles speak is my brother -- and he is. The running the show with that's so I'm. Feel sorry you cannot tell the terrorists and you can't get the pre can do and had a time after. And -- next parade happening today which when we -- this will be Saturday and noon. Today will be the city of Pittston Saint Patrick's Day parade. It's the first -- they're having for Saint Patrick's Day and half century. They're having me I guess it starts as I said it starts at noon in downtown Pittston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't have eight there's eight units and five bagpipers are an including our around the Scranton black diamonds. -- they'll be vendors in the selling T shirts and and sweat shirts and lots of the restaurants are going to be open downtown and they're doing specials and and cooperating so I think it's great because I must say that I think Pittston. Is number -- I always go to -- tomato festival every year because I just love it. And secondly I think the town of Pittston is really a neat town it's sort of that halfway point from Scranton to Wilkes-Barre. And I do think that. The people are very proud -- and the city is really I mean that there's some wonderful restaurants and some great places to go. And this town itself looks beautiful they really the right there on the river and I just think it's in need. I -- Middletown and of course you know my. Meyer's brother Joseph mosque habits is the city. Manager and he loves his job and I think he's doing a great job there. And am. You say how he put a -- of its -- in. A city of lots of Italian G well the -- Because of these mothers and -- yes because they're half Italian their mother's maiden name was dump their show you can get more Italian man oh man. So anyway hats off to -- for doing this parade for participating it is. March 8 today starting at noon so good down and show your support. It's going to be a lot of fun and my good friend ginger Murphy. Send meeting information and Ian -- Santee who will be part of dissidents and they'll be stamped. Selling T shirts so stop by and say -- to ginger and tell you heard her name on there. And damage is going to be it's going to be a great day for an and the weather promises to cooperate and yeah like so that was good -- -- nights weekends and we have we do not yet know about Scranton -- weather yet but. Well known at this zone and so have fun there Pittston. And the Irish -- even the good Italians are Smart enough to know that they should celebrate me I was -- about it. And speaking of my good friend and Chris -- and she works for the northeast regional cancer institute. And. Every year they have what's called casual day. And it's into so we don't know what colorectal cancer. I cancers are the most are among the most frequently diagnosed cancers in our in northeastern Pennsylvania which is kinda scary. So you can help raise awareness in the importance of screening by taking part in that I'm northeast regional cancer institute believe it or not. Eleven the year in the annual casual day -- can purchase a pin and tee shirt. And dress casual on Thursday march 27. To march 27 this year will be casual day. And it's in memory of a wonderful lady by the name of Helen Phillips. You know Mara. I'm Mark Phillips stay back who's a wonderful hair stylist at C Anderson State Street salon amid clarks summit she's a wonderful gal. And then this is -- on her -- her Brothers and and Mara came up with doing this many years ago and so again eleven years running. Because I've been doing an in memory of their mom. -- a very very very courageous battle with colon cancer. And what -- individuals can do this as well as businesses and what you do is you get a team captain. And you register at WB do website it's cancer any PA dot org CA NC ER NE PA dot -- And you had a cat captain and get the pins in the T shirts and -- helps spread the word in the importance of being screened or you can call the cancer institute at 1800. 4246724. That's 1804246724. Or. Go online look it up but it is in northeast regional cancer institute. And lots of good changes scare Karen Saunders is now the new president over there. Filing Bob American who's now the president of the greater Scranton chamber of commerce -- caring yesterday she was asked. Scam ends with sand cheesy lovely young woman and done. It's going to be that she's -- I can tell she's gonna do a great time because he's a woman and secondly because I know that they took a long time to make sure they chose the right person. And and Caron is who would use a week and congratulations to her and to this team from different and the Phillips family for doing this and getting out the word that this is a very very important thing to do and this has been going strong now eleven years it's pretty darn good. And so reach out to damage cancer any PA dad pork. OK okay. And those are my. So we -- hurt the last Friday night at. Posh guests for eat dinner by design -- her events I was a fund raiser for the like the last historical society -- for -- Patrick calls the black one hysterical I. Everybody says I even have said that a few times. I should be snapped yes he should concern on the board I know. I -- go on it that well Sunday as of today I spoke with Michael Del Mar ten. Yesterday. And he left me a lovely message he didn't he said the numbers are not a 100% in which we should know either today or tomorrow. Now but it was it as you could tell was hugely attended. And the exhibit are the exhibit tourists who are there what we had seventeen this year which was the most we've ever had hand. It was packed at the preview party that you would Patrick's a kinda came to once Friday nineteen. Which we had a great time and then after that it just going right downstairs. And having dinner at posh was great wasn't it winds have -- sort of data that whole atmosphere was great. I have to keep thinking about his helmet. They might as Eric. Weekly web and actually having to shut up some nice. Like nations shall we say prior to -- come down to posh for dinner. And so and he really had mountain a merger Robert Paris and Italy instead you don't really need. A -- -- -- just so she ordered him pay. An appetizer. And he ate the advertiser in the match and -- eight. They won the rose came over with a dessert. And he looked -- -- said should it you would actually should you begin serving a -- on trees before you ask. That is because Clinton and I'm like that was your -- Yeah they're arguing it was funny. It was funny if you know -- you're -- you know why it's funny yes but. It was a great time -- they're very very very happy. I'm glad they then it was there again because it gave made it much more intimate looking at C. Designs and some and it -- the way everything -- it was it was just really really nice and we are very happy. -- now and attended to that Friday night event was -- attended better than yes us -- -- to the most we've ever had 200 mostly that's good so and it's the 100% fund -- for. The historical society now in the past. We've done that we shared it with the Scranton cultural center because we use their building can't. I'm an end to what we really it's it's it's it really became you know things are just going in in another direction with dad and from the cultural center standpoint so. We had been asked by posh if we would consider doing it's fair. That's nice and we said -- that was a good option for us it was right down the street. And it worked out very nicely for us because it is it is true in fact the cultural center took five days out of their time although it's not the most. Busy time for weddings and events anyway so that's why we do with that time of the year so that we could've used the facility thinking that it was. I'm a -- a slow time for them to make a little bit of money. But it is a big chunk of five days if -- everything and the staff and every and the weren -- on the building and so. It was eat it was -- data for all of us to make the move and go to posh is especially after our. Looking at how in the week and went. And looking at how many people went downstairs to posh for dinner exactly wonderful thing for pop. There practical plan. That's good but -- it was a great time so thanks for fast so what else is coming Africa cultural center. Aaron -- no well we have the post parade party which what happened right after. It's it's starts at eleven we open the -- -- it's eleven to four at the cultural center yes it's true now eleven too far but. As feed -- with -- and -- half to finish the -- and -- come and they -- come -- and perform at the cultural center and then there is an Irish -- Called old friends not -- old friends from our region who will be performing ads that the parade party. I'm at the cultural center and so you can command the admission is free you can sit enjoy to you know. Take a low enough so to speak and sit down and relax or -- there are concessions there that you can purchase food and drinks and have a good time. Checked that is a big event in a lot of fun so. After the -- if you're out stop by the cultural center and listen to some good dance in the pied pipers and you'll love it. That's some good good good time. Could it really I will say for the ten years and I've been at the cultural center and and Dan event happens it's eaten it EU when I stand there and watch the it's it's amazing what we thank them especially Vincent really crappy weather day can a lot of people didn't even. It isn't it's not the weather sometimes doesn't have anything most time has nothing to do with how many people show up because. For some reason they just look at that as part of the parade and just they just end up to act. OK now it's really nice people find like -- say I'll meet you at the cultural center at at this time and so people seem Catholic family reunions there and meaning it's kind of neat so and I hadn't seen people who I haven't seen who show up and you see them they're so it's really nice. It's a great idea it's a great community. -- Then traffic on. Okay itself. That's going to be -- press on this. Apart does this wouldn't take a break and look at the time I completely that I was like close in the shower on the all I'm saying worry about early -- caretaker really quick break you're listening this morning to -- -- -- -- Seen -- fool me. It's. Okay. Room. Okay. News good news or. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. News okay. -- -- -- Good morning good morning. How are you. Couldn't be better -- wild -- -- -- -- the I expect is something else professor you're seeing this good and yes so. -- -- -- you have something you might say about ten minutes and coming up well just to not forget the society of Irish women's annual. Sixteen. Man. -- annual dinner which will be held at the Scranton cultural center on March 17. Okay march 17 Monday which is Saint Patrick's Day. I'll never and so many people this year said what I said it's -- the society of Irish women's Saint Patrick's Day dinner when music. Could put. Up. And OK is there are done seventy he put up Monday night 75 dollars an hour and a half cocktail hour with dinner none. And speakers. -- the speakers here. And it and now it's Jennifer Keane who is she does her -- she's saying I'm agent with a pump up. I am athletic and entertainment company in New York City you and Helen who LaBelle yeah okay. How did you get to this first woman -- Linda keen Paramount is going to -- company you know Linda is correct I know who she is I don't. I don't know and I ended -- I'm personal secretary of the Scranton family and this is involved in many things typically. Great lady in her -- sweethearts so Imus should be extreme ground she's very proud -- for yes and that's a neat. And I think that's a neat thing to know how they look at yeah I love that I very interested in listening to her you should do an interview. But with her -- how. -- -- great fears and now she's ninety pounds so sorry you know and that's the press -- And I could caller but that's something we get to do here all right anyway so yes so we're looking -- -- bad as well. Some so I'm looking at some stuff and I pulled off the Internet and I was reading one article that made me so depressed that I'm saying why what I -- but I think wanted to talk about it. But c'mon -- This is pretty senator it's a story on up from MS send money why women should plan to live to 100. Well we know the word probably it gonna hit at least ninety the majority of us well. But this article is so sad. About the why should I loses says. The first -- for many women the task of examining the way they spend money and actually calculating their current monthly expenditures precisely not generally. Is often met with the flames however the pain. That is structured to provide -- and I've. That's successful execution of this exercise. Is one of the key factors needed in designing a silent retirement plan. It is structured to provide a predictable income flow. OK I know that's part we all know that but here's what there's an that there are saying number one thing they wanted to do is be brief. -- what is cats. -- -- Say about bring about not having enough money to take care of yourself as scary. These those funds can become emotionally paralyzing. When you think of yourself as being much older and unable to work along with the possibility. Of running out of money. Post is surrounded thinks about that I don't wanna think about that. All right it's not avoidance it's just c'mon there's so much between now and that -- we're talking about in your case fifty years from now. -- crap about -- him how are you possibly can know what you're life is gonna look like and why should just I can not depressed about it right now. I don't think so. The second thing is don't wait well okay good. The clock is ticking for years are passing across the nation isn't an option. Oh my god I want just push myself a toilet with -- Yeah I -- That's very depressing. Did you write back to these no I didn't even wanna go there because I just thought you know why be even need the make that an issue on transit does and melody judge is the person who wrote this on MarketWatch which is one of their retirement. Newsletters that MSN money's us but really freely which you can't look at doesn't say. Who and what you think. Statistics are for elderly people. Who don't have somewhere to be -- live. In that state how oh really. Term welfare. But here's here's what this woman says that the odds okay this society of actuaries reports that a married couple age 65 today. Has a 48%. Chance that at least one of them will live to age nine days. In addition longevity statistics tell us that is usually the woman that lost a -- the man. By at least five to seven years if that's not enough. But this past. If that's not enough. Then the 2010. US census shows that out of every 100 people that reached centenarians. Status. 80% are women wow what we know that. After so. So what does all this -- does try -- hang an you know those guys who who make it -- go to nursing so they've really have a they're the people tell you make -- very you know but I hear from him like people who tell me. The different man who wherein Indy whether it's personal care order a -- condos there -- camping anywhere -- -- living a living that's an advantage. They eat they -- I like you're human and entertainment and women are still fighting -- -- -- with each other over these absolute ninety's some years. It's pretty. I really do you. And then we have my mother lost -- system may I says something to -- about. Tom Daschle went ever get remarried noses when she was in her early how does she know she's 9490. And I -- now attention and she says. It. Her husband might. Father in law. I'm died when she was I think 83. Because she spent by herself -- I don't -- years and a couple years ago I says something to her about. Some are still married to feel like you'd like to you know go out again -- should be in the company of -- guys is that you can make. I said why she said at this takes a while one or two things they wanna nurse are they want your purse. -- And -- great man is carried she said no I can't do that I've had enough that I did my time. I'm very happy to be on my own and free. Now I should she lives in Tehran apartment right seasons but she's she has full time care -- -- SOK fine she's very happy. So good for her while she's or get out go and do things there's only a. Only if someone. It. Takes her route to go somewhere she has drivers are a lot of people at Florida who do that I know drivers. So they might take her she has her routine -- she still doesn't but. Every Friday she would go to see how they grocery store first. And then I'm sorry first you don't have her hair done. Then she would have a manicure. And then she would go and have pizza. And a cup of coffee. This is -- strip mall so it's all in the third place are not. And then she would go to the end -- it would be to go to publics and by her publix deli and they turn it slowed order and a half and then she was called a guy. And he would come and pick her up to improve. Put all the bags in the car and bring her home and take the bags in the house and put away the food mono and that -- -- I was every. Friday if he's Italian he's doing it yes how can my -- when you said the pizza thing she. Absolutely loves her so because she cook it'll still no she doesn't she has no interest snow she said I don't like to cook because her disarming I -- now that's really liking. So that the person who comes in prepares her meals for -- you throws in the microwave or something and I back. So yes sees this is great she's by herself she broke a hip one -- pelvis actually she has a funny story. She has it that in Florida you know they have those sliders that go out to them but -- yes sports editor Perry went higher something. And she somehow or other was trying to clean this and she fell off a little stale air and and -- a -- news. But she was okay she was scientist is nothing you can do with that can't put casts all right so she was running around with their lockers or canes. And eventually she's 100% so she's fine. But I'm. She told me the funny part was that she. No they have to put those stickers on the doors because sometimes he can't see and you walk through the media -- -- enough of what it looked. Just another bird stick around they're cheaper and what's real -- -- it -- sit there. It's not my kind. Anyway it's funny but -- and had 95 set his step mom nice OK yes 95 years old and is still. You know functional and living by herself. And she thinks that's great. Now she's a woman who works with Merrill Lynch in Manhattan. As a secretary for something like and a how many years. And loved her job absolutely loves her job. And then when she reached a certain age -- know actually when she got married. That was the deal the timing didn't work. You have to have married so that's what she did and does she still listen -- was some of the people they used to be the theme. I would call them registered reps for brokers what did she do any of those bonds did she do anything to keep your mind going like. Crossword puzzles -- trivia game there and I was site is not very good but somehow -- read. Like five books a week. And she loved to go to the library and get all these folks -- -- she can't do that anymore she does watch a lot of television. I mean it's -- all day long she likes to talk the talk shows some -- action -- -- the soap operas and I thank. So yeah she's pretty good for her age she's amazing I -- I will tell you that through my my favorite guys in the world. I'm mr. show kind. -- senior. He. You can -- just saw he was wonderful guy. And he was a very very -- very very bright and it was in his eighties when he passed away but he was. Always good would he had a routine regardless office Stella and many would go to. At the time whistles which was opened -- and he would do trivia games. And crossword puzzles and anything to keep. And I'm like -- I is it in really helped because that kind of stuff that's stimulation of the brain is so good. And he is so we sit I have to do this every day because it keeps my mind sharp and I did that it's so trail and routine is very important 10 PM. So -- but the people are living. Thank god -- a lot longer -- yes thank god in some cases another is not because they're not prepared for a financially but. You know it's that we have to figure out a way to deal with us that means the country I don't know what we're gonna do about it but because the boomer -- now. How many people turned 65 every year now at 1010101000. It's it's a day a day -- -- and yeah ten Dow 101000 people a day turned 65 how Long Will that Alaska is the -- I forget how many years since the -- I heard something the other day that the youngest baby killer boomers. Just turns. 51 yeah writes herself fifty I guess I'm I'm right at the very end -- bad I'm 69 with I was born in 61. So there is fade wave. -- people. Entering retirement. On a daily basis and I have to say probably 40% of them are prepared for a great. So if that's the case we have to do something and figure on -- But we don't have the resources for -- don't think in ways it's all relative -- -- years ago people didn't live that long they also didn't need that much. They also didn't need that much money so it's a relative to as time progresses this is what I mean I think it all works out. No I think you're right that it does it's it is progressing but we're not keeping pace with that. We are not that the Social Security system when it was designed. Is so moment in all the calculations. That people would -- three years beyond age 65. That was set. So when they calculated what people would have to put an -- some. They totally blew it I guess current -- Okay going to be scary turn take thirty grave -- Be very brave -- take a quick break and will be back with tire expert of the week attorney Barbara O'Hara. And I you're listening to the Larry -- show and we'll be right back we will -- Okay. The moon. Or. This. Okay cool. Okay. Okay. Here lowering inland. Good morning good morning. Well we're back and yes we I see my name is Linda Evans and president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And I Larry -- the owners and I can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business. And we're here with our experts this morning. Attorney Barbara O'Hara who is one of the C owners partners. We come back here yeah and I -- yeah I just accused -- and heron in there and done more Pennsylvania. Cameron talk about some. Divorce issues. And -- been doing this for over thirty years 3330. Ensuring food zone we waved have a good one here. And I guess when I was not present the last time you ladies were here. You talked about adultery. And how that impacts the worse we did talk about -- -- me -- I and -- miss it I -- -- I want to hear from. I want to hear this story. And you know Lynn listens to the -- because she actually thought she was here for that I now because that's how could I -- impact different did -- he's got. Here's to you weren't here and she said yeah similar system and I must be those in my mind. Which could have been very easily. Disgust until three heavily impacted divorce and got into other issues at the end of which -- said well there's a -- here. Let's talk about this again her nose. Here we are you well know because here's what happens a lot of times this stuff all of the -- are who are wonderful. I'm experts who -- men. Every week wiest get. Going with the conversation -- and so sometimes. It's nice to bring you back up the next month because it's like a continuation of what we were talking about okay. And I would gladly. Whether -- -- you want -- to start out with any of the adultery stuff. Event I mentioned last time -- -- slow go -- -- -- -- elaborate extra -- always ask me -- men and they will find out in their stance has been on -- -- -- say. Okay okay okay that means I get everything. I know unfortunately it does not. And Pennsylvania is night as a state that woods. Consider as one of the factors in what you dead. Marital misconduct so. That's not considered at all when they're dividing up your property so if you. In the house in the pension and you say OK he cheated on me the -- floor and I get the house and the pension hop -- Here I have this proof and hear the telephone records and yours is FaceBook and here's the PI records or whenever. None of that really matters for that. -- can help pew. If if if that's your situations I think it hasn't changed. Is. -- -- and you know what these are really sad situations and and people are very very distraught when they come hand in hand because their whole world has been turned upside down the spouse that they trusted has now betrayed their trust. It may be a long term marriage she may be short term marriage you might have young kids he made a boulder kids. Older kids. Actually. Adultery by a parent affects them greatly because the whole foundation on which stay in the there existence is it is now shattered of and it's not -- cheated on mom instead she's on the family Murmansk -- our family so. There's -- cases that I had suicide attempts by kids. Where they were adult kids at that where reacting to how could he do this to ask her how could she do this to us. -- back -- awareness in the proof of adultery help me help. They can be considered for an alimony claim -- Contrary to popular belief there is element in Pennsylvania -- alimony answer there is. It's council's support my way in Lucerne county alimony -- maybe take up until the divorce decree as al-Qaeda so nice up and -- and it's alimony after the decree. One of the factors that the court considers in whether -- -- to -- alimony is whether or not there's been marital misconduct. If you had approved for adultery that's where -- can comment -- come. It's an issue that you get it or don't candidate or has something you didn't see him out is. It has nothing to do with the amount it would have to do with whether you get it -- don't get it. And for the rest of the factors are very economic. So they look at is so let's just take for instance. And now 40% of all women in in marriages are making more than men in marriages. Says that this could easily have been aware. Your husband is unfaithful to you you are making more than him. And the people coming in and say OK fine actually get alimony because he cheated on me. Well realistically. If you make it a 100000 he's making thirty -- you're not taken now. Yes even though he cheated on you say you have to look at each case individually and -- the factors that are set forth in the divorce code to. To that particular case. I'm an example you descend. If it even if the reverse was true whether or not there was any -- armed exceeding her whenever you wanna call it misconduct. Marital the marital misconduct. The woman who was making 100000. If her husband's. Filed for divorce. If she would still have to pay him I got here I was going to announce that doesn't quite. Is it here's where we come into your. It depends on I hit a a lot of thinks it's her husband is cheating. And -- think he's seeking spousal support during the course of the divorce. In lack -- wanna they want to allow him to collect based on the fact that that he's done entitled. Lou I learned they call -- not entitled because of the -- misconduct based on the premise that. If I cheated on my spouse why should I financially benefit. That I and a half I have always been a girlfriend weekend and down highway has to pay me support Mohammed -- Cassie asked him how can see Ken for a both of them. And those are not okay so in Lucerne county they consider alimony pen and Hayley -- -- And actually a lack of money can also file for alimony identity take most people filed for -- to support. Alimony -- JJ does not have the same defenses. Love marital misconduct says that -- supports us so if you're in that situation where you where. The guilty party. And you are financially dependent you can file for alimony and anti -- Everybody kind of grimace isn't says that's not fair but the premise behind alimony can and really take is that. It will help the economically disadvantaged party. Make it through the litigation. Down. Pretty distasteful. If you're in my example there are making 100000. My own strength you know -- -- -- Do you something for. Which yes that's the dead Stephanie kick in the teeth into its two kicks in -- and -- number one he's he's betrayed your your trust him. She's off dating some twenty year old and now he comes and and once you. -- -- -- -- -- More likely than not she has custody of the kids yeah and what I always tell my clients do if that were to happen that he files for before -- else. I counter filed for child support sit and you see how the numbers play out -- -- so what happens with us. The the opposite what about when any one man is making less money than my husband. And she cheats did she not get. Maybe it wouldn't be sent our little -- -- import now which she could plan for the young money -- -- take up until the divorce just how far. And then it comes into and her cheating comes into play on whether or not she would be awarded alimony. They look at all the economic factors that fact that she makes -- etc. compact not -- -- sympathetic case without the infidelity. And I'm not so. And there's notes set formula for alimony. So it's not a matter of OK you have so many years of marriage and equates to. This duration for this amount. What about how how long -- alimony last thought how long there's no set formula -- So -- -- OK so I don't know I thought you meant just for calculating what they get not the length of time Maxwell case there are guidelines Israeli ambassador supported neighbor PL. There are no guidelines whatsoever for alimony -- -- and alimony is is considered to be a secondary remedy which means. If they can make it up. To the dependence bounce or the spouse says. Has lasts as less income has less assets. And next year will be struggling. They might give in the divorce a greater share of the Merrill. Marital estate to the dependence bounce so let's say it in. A situation where what district making Tony husbands making hundred next year you know he's going to be making hundreds and she still going to be making Tony. Still looking at that a lot of times a little try to do -- work economic justices say OK fine. They own these two houses had these investments we're gonna give her 60% rather than 50%. And -- heard that. Instead of alimony. Kind of what happens so Barbara when you get to the point where. You've already divided up the assets now and you -- as you just said. Maybe one of the spouses ends up with 60%. Of the pension your 401K plan or whatever it is. And the other is. Is that the one who is the primary breadwinner Cooley is also continuing to contribute. To a 401K plan. And now they've reached 65 years old. Does the alimony stop whenever -- person 65 because the presumption is now you've got. Money that you should be drawing down from from pensions. That's kind of a compound question. And so is your question that if if there's two disputed term to alimony yeah okay and I usually stop bit. When the persons eligible for Social Security benefit. So. It. Usually people have foresight enough to say okay fine this person's going to retire is certain here. And at that point and done these where. Okay she should be eligible to get his pension at 66. So he will pay. Alimony up until end right foot I just in one and it's Susquehanna where he paid alimony. Until the pension he was already in pay status. He'll pay alimony until they start paying her and then his alimony stops and the pension takes -- brings a lot of times she didn't. A good practitioner -- coordinated thanks okay. And why do people think why is there a misconception that if people think there is no alimony. In the state of Pennsylvania had no idea. But -- our -- and people close the other people living her -- Anna could the person so I really don't know -- aren't and it's a learning this the -- and our government. It yes Andy gets out and is now trying to. I'd just this morning somebody told me love my father said -- and -- I'll everybody says this that is no fan. Thanks there's a lot of urban myths when it comes to this. Which is what you need a good Democrat practitioner like exactly thank you very Taliban is -- seriously 31 years of experience. 33 years now. Nancy made it to the inside -- the rolling rock battle to ever see the inside the well it has 33 NN and I and I guess casino and it is I didn't realize I was -- -- is -- -- earlier on marijuana -- I am saying. Makes you handled. And side to someday when you see rolling my fear about I guess 33 inside of it but anyway. I'm does it just little -- trophy -- But having -- type of experience. And knowing me and announce it's very very helpful obviously when Europe. Looking for someone you -- with the divorce in. -- oil and litigation geek are you deciding everything about every ask for dear life and so it's really gonna live. Free children are gonna live Twitter incomes going to be. And the addition of everything you own right and people look at this in the coming in and say all of this looks simple. Well yes it's simple everywhere and grease everything and then you start talking to them and a lot of people don't even know they have. So because you become everything to those people the psychiatrists psychologists -- financial planner that. And go to the confidant everything -- legal expert you're everything because they all need they need some may think it's south. It's important you know quite how can someone get in touch -- you -- -- I can be reached at 5703447. Montana one. OK and again I mean at 1421 east drinker I practice in black alana Lucerne. Wyoming Wayne in Susquehanna and we don't attorney Barbara. And we'll see you next week everybody. As a Thomas Foley brings us out and that I would be have a great week and everybody be safe and be nice that I. Okay. Okay. He's OK. Okay. OK. Then you move. I. Okay. And I. It's. Okay. Oh OK. OU. OK okay. In new. Okay. News. We -- -- OK. Okay. I mean it's. Didn't came really it's -- It's. True and blue. Diane. Okay.