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Eric Boehm Interview

Mar 11, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone's latest interview with Eric Boehm of the PA Independent.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I didn't see. -- -- -- -- -- he is under way it was gonna lose trigger line on it is -- bay marriages say our reporter Randy editor of the Pennsylvania independent you know about this website and tell you -- and all climates that. A place I go every single day for a lot of stars they're not gonna find anyplace else lunches and this one. Are talking to airing tonight. About this bill Eric when he is stalking is stalking and when is it not so. -- -- I neglect and some I -- I end up I -- a trap me on to build it here argue there is bill that is living their general assembly right now it was. Truly out of the preliminary -- mystery house. -- got a few hours ago this afternoon. I -- -- -- would -- -- would eliminate a special exemption. In state law to prohibit the prosecution. You need members. Engaged in union activity. For the crime of the thought and I believe is what -- forced to put this kind of odds exemption in -- and there are a lot of -- -- Only four states so 46 states don't have this exemption self when you say gauged in union activities. In five somebody's on strike. They can stalked her for a lack of a better term and not get charged. The people who wind changes exemption which is -- -- an American conservative Republican leading the charge so most of what they played those who basically is that they are valid especially indentured. To order a listen now let me give members. Do break the law or -- you'd think that would otherwise be considered illegal simply because they are -- union members eating in. Hey yeah I disputed some kind whether that means you know letting them and whether that there are strike or -- mean there. In the process of attempting to organize and unionize a work force. And you know the bad that they could may be a line that kind indeed bring the viewer I would consider stocking do you think that people who are being -- by -- Mike you might consider talking. I need to know legal recourse because -- special carve out a. Yeah I first saw the on this story and thought wow this was they don't hold over from a labor's heyday like prevailing out as his I'd and that's -- thing -- you write that death was passed only twelve years ago how is actually eighteen. -- 2002. -- march weicker was governor at that time and he signed it. That's exactly what I thought I heard about those sub. Although more than a year ago the first -- I've heard that in Harrisburg this bill was introduced. And that it might argue that must be something it's just been on the books you know circuit. I not true no reason why only -- -- and -- the stalking law the part of criminal code that defined what stalking is only actually written in 2002. Out of a loss for stalking before that so when they cut out law on the books. They wrote this in there and -- -- and record and immediately creating. For it because they they wanted -- broad definition this term because they didn't want you can certainly see where they would -- situation where. Only breeding could be engaging entirely lawful practices such an exciting or something like that and someone could drag them into court behavior stalking me and they don't want that obviously. Opened the door to a lot of other activity at. Yeah let's just I mean it ticketing is one thing when you start showing up bent owners. Businesses and boards of directors you show up at their home and private property more otherwise I would think that would be would would be a case of stocking. The bigger concern for the labor unions -- the outlook the so organize an injury like it is a workplace is trying to organize. And they're trying to rally support from an employee at a certain workplace. Might involve you know going door to door talking to people. All the while working -- out there are certain locations are trying to unionize. And they didn't want back Andy Garcia just talking the other exemption that in the wall beside union members engaged in you next week. You score close call constitutional activity. Which essentially means -- and the client -- sensation and like Matt -- I think that's kind of the man behind the law. I think there are some you know upper -- there may be or not daddy. Yeah well she it just seems that need that organizing trying to organize a union would be as protect -- being considered. Similar to collecting signatures on nominating petitions and if they don't want their casino galway -- and -- -- and I don't think that under any. Reasonable conditions act could be stalking but I think so many other things that -- this exemption opens up could in fact restocking. Tom I talked about a year when it happened about two weeks and now. The indictment of us several union members in Philadelphia I put their story might FaceBook page and got up a bunch of blog comments and you know not all of them positive. And this was and for minor things having big burn down a Quaker meeting house in Philadelphia. Has that's what side of the argument is that fired up. Give out. Uninteresting because that really happened they -- input that really sparked some movement on the legislation even though you point out the crimes that are alleged in the indictment -- that we -- -- and members of the union -- workers local downed Philadelphia. Members including their union at a moment indicted publicly crimes are far more serious -- stalking these are these are values -- arson and want them up conspiracy to commit crimes of armed assault burglary things like that are alleged here. It certainly goes far beyond talking but I think it kind of spark a fire under. On the conservative Republican to Harrisburg to Latin you know come on they need a little -- can -- yeah gallon. And I think that's kind of what the locals don't sit around for awhile. But -- -- you know -- diplomats don't say and that could be a final vote tomorrow. How are yeah this is Ron Miller is Dell right. -- director Jon Miller and now run for all those are -- more recent Lesnar is Ron's been on this program a couple of times he's a state representative Bob from York. Get these guys call themselves the helpful union guys fog season. You have to -- -- probably the -- part -- -- indict or at least you know maybe not that my priority is clearly the most humorous part of of an unrealized appreciation indictment. You mentioned -- look -- not Miller is he's actually running for state and ready to get special election very very heated special election that'll be next. Do great -- York Alex Perry may be senator Ron Miller and in a few weeks I. So what was the votes that. I was I was really just a procedural thing there are ready build an -- -- -- -- the and -- have to go through three days consideration on the floor right there. Okay usually happens when the bill introduced a second day in the actress and you're the committee process and our amendment offered. If there are any amendment. There were there was nothing really nothing really substantial today and then it moved out of a third day consideration which is what it can be at this stage user after. And that would be potentially tomorrow but it it yet it also -- mob riot in that night. Is is -- opposition and support solely on party lines. I grew -- coffee yet. Army I didn't look at that those votes play it and there were no real financial loads a day. On enough on -- there were there -- -- like technical amendment thing like that. Oh lead and did nothing really give -- essential that the -- and getting very much so I've every Democrat I've spoken -- that I know the democratic leadership -- entirely -- -- it. You Republican to a vote against this candidate in the look at there's a majority of Republicans could support. Guy and I'm just think the momentum went the a few Democrats here and I I would expect Democrat party leadership to be up there are still up and I would think there might be a few stragglers to go the other way just as are going to be some. Republicans -- go away. -- they need to find -- is repeated activity which causes fear of bodily injury or emotional distress. In another it would seem the -- it that's still an easy charge and that is an -- All. Organizing or anything I I really don't understand the opposition did -- Hello hey kids censorship I think a lot of times in -- or you can unplug the bush really is accurate or dumb blonde from the book. A matter of getting you know -- killing that -- courses BL US chamber of commerce and the Pennsylvania chamber of business and industry and put out. A pretty lengthy report last year and highlighted this long Pennsylvania highlighted other. The other see similar law not just to forsake the football crying and other similar laws that the chamber with a arguing. Our -- our special legal exemption granted only a labor unions. All this started I think it was -- -- to some extent over the national push. I highlighted some of these things like getting -- Harrisburg just kind of sit there until you have a really important move -- now -- the indictment. When you think you have out of their very important -- yeah I think if you make via. Yeah oddly you quote deaf friend Germany's DA Democrat now floor leader saying well see that indictment pros are already are laws on the book but again. They are much more serious than stalking our sins sabotage vandalism. Mining good Morgan -- it's not mere -- Sounds like your brother an objection to that point Democrat they -- very similar points and that story or another straight -- and -- direct -- bill -- -- a couple of and you can't help this one so yeah -- deals like this is the point. It pointed exactly the same thing that luck. He's you know if union activity Crocs a lion and and -- and I don't think anybody can read the indictment what do you make it fair activity there alleged they're certainly crossed the line. -- any -- the climate and look -- you know the law you can go get indictment. Or other things feel we get beat UN force so long you don't need yet. More law as we don't need to get create you know look what -- think would create some confusion here as to where that line might be. Yeah but yeah I personally think that you know everybody should be treated equally I don't think and understandably. Special exemption there further you know for collecting signatures operations and things like that. But I don't know why he did it seem like not to mention that -- went one of those things that only in very powerful special interest would be able yeah yeah the law first Fletcher -- the -- Did did did it certainly does. That house and senate are both under Republican control but they are often very different animals. I got -- got engaged from a set out what it whether or would even consider it. Actually I haven't done much yet I don't you know I don't imagine the good outlook on the priority US. I was still wants the top senate priority. I was gonna put it is that a -- -- the little lower ninth it and that you did this -- I get a critical but Google -- typical bird it's how others oh and on the top of their -- -- -- -- Did you know you see he's very specific type legislation like that come out of out of a lot and -- in the senate the senate and there's concern itself. Well I generalize to defend against an -- more big picture down. -- added this is one of those things that will get. Pop into the mix for them for the budget trees and went all sorts of course trading happens. Our basic -- -- could help -- get a hip pocket that they can easily collected and -- very low that -- If he means of a like an amendment to a budget -- or something. -- Even tell what that I don't know that it effects the budget obligation when you get down one these guys in the final few weeks -- -- and -- budget candidate and to be a lot right priority trading you know he didn't at least some other small piece of legislation but he's very very important that the other. And they'll -- look at how the process in exchange for the senate chaplain that you could. Not projecting that that's what will happen understand that the opposite is it's pathetic and jump on that in the next couple weeks but I could be wrong about. Guy Diego -- and I every summer they are quickly wrap of the budget and then go home for the summer but they're always a few. Get out stragglers. Hanging around at -- an act quickly to wind and as -- I remember last -- the governor signed about six or seven bills. -- the same day in addition to the budget they were all of the -- not great importance but everything's hanging around the general assembly marijuana. Yeah exactly they know who bill to get past those final few weeks did she end. That are not the bargains that are not any way connected to the budget that are part of -- kind of lead the overall medal -- -- yeah. -- it's time well again everybody I suggest you read this very PH independent dot com. The quite the graphic that date is with that -- says double standard with a question mark American -- I is looking at you. And I can read the guy entire story Eric. Thanks a lot for a -- and -- -- -- We'll talk again. Thank -- Gerri appreciate your.