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David Argall Interview

Mar 14, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with state Senator David Argall on the status of House & Senate Bill 76 pertaining to property taxes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't settle -- -- and there's regular line and all these state senator Dave and our goal on -- our lawyers from the at 29 senatorial district. Not prior to that he was in the state house for many years was the youngest. State representative ever elected at the time he was to replace the late -- quite a man and above and beyond all that is also an old friend David good evening thanks for being here tonight. Thanks for me com. With us senate house and us senate bill like 76 because at this point they are identical. Before getting any the amendments. The highlights on it are that we're going to bill and widen the sales tax 7% MM wide net. Raised -- personal income tax to four point 34%. From its current three point 07 and eliminate property taxes is that right. You've got that the goal is to -- drive a stake through the heart of this school district property tax once and for all. So we can't let and it never comes back. I got there and a couple are about financial reports. That more one on it one of them was by B a legislative budget and finance committee I believe and it -- that the bill was a wash. But then it was one from the independent fiscal offers that claimed there was a shortfall. Dad only rule. Over the years what so what's your reaction to that. There is a gap between the what we would give this school districts in the future from the new funding sources that you laid out. An end what would happen if school districts would continue. To increase property taxes. At the same way that they haven't the last few years our goal is to replacing the -- Assuming that the property tax brings -- And our they would get a cut -- living increase that. And the following year are they would get another cola and another road and another -- so we would give them what they get now. We would give them the next year we would do whatever -- the following year. But they won't he would not give them as much this is -- the gap comes. They were allowed to continue to increase property taxes that continually increase in property taxes and of course. Why we're having this discussion tonight and if apple really driving people out there are almost if asked to stop. So what I said the other night did that that the F figure mad the independent fiscal office he used. To look at five years that dean -- include. The projection that there would be tax increases on the local level to get to that big figure right. Absolutely and that is being number that has been used and abused. By some of our opponents. When you take that away. Do you we're gonna wash our week. Absolutely we're giving them dollar for dollar what they received today. Where -- where do you stand now last -- I had 26 sponsors are co sponsors in the senate. But of course some people co sponsors something just to get on the floor and voted down. And I am -- -- still little short to get it on the house floor for a vote. We're checking in double checking those numbers every every day -- senator you do each act as senator baker from northern county have both been. I'm very helpful to me and I'm bipartisan basis to. We've reached out -- all of the different advocacy groups global war against working against president that brought. The other suggestion give us an amendment don't just tell us what you don't like come -- some solutions -- I think we have a good step that if you've indicated we will not know for sure until the roll was called. Mean god gave us about what is covered under the expanded. Sales tax you -- can you give me a few examples of something Matt. Is not taxable now that would be taxed of foul -- -- and senate bill 76 became law. If there is that one of the biggest changes will be food and clothing of clothing over fifty dollars would now be tapped the ball as it is in many others stayed -- certain foods that are not on the the basic. We coalesce -- I would be taxable in the future. I'll let you get -- picking up you know ten -- eleven billion dollars. And so you don't just do that would they attack so I'm under the government and apps did need to be a broad based tax. And that will support it. Our public schools for the future. What do you say this summit has ever heard -- -- have -- several arguments about this bail because I'm a supporter Robin rising not everybody I know is. I would say that block by the time your dine with all -- Extra money you're gonna pay the commonwealth in sales tax it's total amount to your property tax bill and I'm like boy in my case it's got to go pretty far to do that. Yeah it'd depend what. You know look how you live -- know what kind of captain you have have you been assessed and even -- But if you think about it and that crazy -- upon the public school and this system we've been stuck -- from the since beating birdies and then I'll. I didn't think it's time to find a better system more fair system -- -- -- that. People's ability to pay not and you know what the patriots -- twenty years ago. AI it's -- sales taxes also something that to a large degree you can control. It's real property taxes has also and I know this from three years covering liaisons -- area school district in this -- speaker. I has occasionally. Had a Yao missed a funding gap created because of the reliance on property taxes because they go to the county is that because a big firm. Something in valve on their Humboldt will goal to -- Lucerne county board of assassinated -- appeal its -- It's property valuation. And the board grants he appeals all the district loses you know 1300000. Dollars. And property taxes. I know we we've seen this all across this state as they've said it said. It's a crazy system maybe it made sense but you know 200 years ago but there has to be a better way. Define the public schools and the and this you know I'm -- the prime sponsor Soledad mentioned. Of course senator makers senator you need Jack might my our guys along with these the other co sponsors critics but it's not -- -- well. This doesn't know that was drafted by more than eighty different taxpayer groups all across this sticky. -- -- -- And did would you introduce this on our beat out and so you know it it seemed a little counter intuitive at first. We taxpayer groups. Asking for an increase in the income tax they're asking for a broadening and an increase in the sales tax but the deal is of course. -- do we get to eliminate this school district property tax. Time and I think compromise most people if you ask them are willing to live web. Then a day balding or of course the big driver behind this mail he's sort of become the the public face -- that. There is some there's some consternation I talked to a couple legislators up this way you're sort of sitting on the fans. Because they're OK with the elimination of property taxes. For residential. Homes -- an offer homes. They're not crazy about eliminating it for businesses. As well can you talk about that what kind of revenue shortfall that might create. Below is a huge call ended Dan may it would allow you then it just to have a partial. And daddy and I are old enough to remember that when governor Casey tried in this similar. Hold back and I don't remember if it was the eighty's and ninety's would just stay impartial will be crease and it was rejected that constitutional amendment -- I think it was the worst defeat. In the history of Pennsylvania. -- ballot initiative and people just didn't try to get what they -- afraid what happened when is that they would get a temporary decrease. In their property taxes and they would get a permanent increase in the other taxes and and then year after year after you are. -- -- property taxes would start up again has that I think is one of those lives the values that I was senate bill 76 and have a -- so many things and we drive a stake through automated so it can never ever come back again. Com there was a competing bill and I can't remember who introduced -- not -- show last all the paperwork in my desk. But someone was -- floating around a bill that would give school districts in auction. Our properties -- and auction of taxes a menu of taxes. Instead of elect a partial repeal a property taxes and then a manual mother taxes. Two -- aides who make up the out revenue difference. And I know that was attracting some support -- problem with that was that if we get out 1012 years from now. A scoreboard might find it necessary to raise -- -- taxes instead of just one. If so would be an incredible burden. On businesses large and so all. Are you would be -- This latest action in some popcorn and you would be different age might enable new and very deliberate intent they're down eight that would be a system that would be designed. The drive your average accountant out of his mind. And com. With the sales tax what about. There's an exemption for Ben I have somebody I opposed this arms race for suffering and ask your business to business taxes wholesale. Wholesale all of sales. Are not taxed. Ease and you know they charge. You know I think six times are -- on the same function then so that there at the root for the exemption to business to business transactions. OK so so there is it there's not any consideration given to what dropping that. Now I know we believe that that's an important. Part of the bill. I call from a member of cap taxes the other night who said that you were working on. Amendments. To the bill as it stands what are you working on. Think okay. -- a -- with the other one meeting that I IE I hate the thought it looked a little bit like a scene out of the revenge of the nerds movie from years gone by. I'm used to -- group attacked I think albums and things around in the -- saying okay. I was doing -- what satellite radio where does that come and go. We did well as we look at some objections that had been raised in the past by the department of revenue. I'll try to be independent fiscal offers even during the debate and how are represented. In other words some things in the draw it worked as clear as they should have been. I don't do the amendment we've been working hard. You know not to talk -- but but again you've got that you know the double indemnity guess when you're doing a piece of legislation like this have. We believe that the amendment is about 9095%. Ready. Always trust me I go -- knock on the door of the senate majority leader and eventually they sent an apology. Are you promised to -- when we're ready we're ready we're almost there. When it's okay so so it doesn't change any of the main tenets of the bailed out now now it's -- aren't -- well yeah David is still been floating around all of last year and all of this year and while it may not necessarily seemed that way to were in the middle march. And again this -- maybe you being the general assembly. Much of the next couple months talking about the budget then you come back in the fault with -- a lot of time because this is an election year. Are you ran out of time for this. I don't think we have enough time but you've indicated that you know in my mind at least this sort of event. We wanted to things that we've done while we've been doing that the fine tuning is is reaching out to additional gold sponsors and you know we'll we'll entertain. Last year right and so we've doubled the number kind of partners I know this is that all long and hard about it but we've never ever been this close before. Mandela when we say yes and as you indicated with mentioning S senator John eighty Jack insanity Jack as we've been campaigning. For a senate -- 76 are here for a quite a while senator baker. The co sponsors. Are a bipartisan. Group there are Democrats there are Republicans. So is the opposition is you got -- in your own party were against this. I -- and it's a little crazy. I mean I cannot literally go to look I was leading or get a flat tire fixed -- in the -- tell you that I represented. Without somebody asking me about his -- but I -- Another part of Pennsylvania. It just hasn't caught on some people. Don't complain about their school district property that is. Could eliminate. I'll tell you why I would love to limit most part of this. I'm billion dollars that it really heavy and tell him you know that's that's what we come up against when we when we -- to other senators. Half the other thing that has happened now you know in the bad way to know when Cam Ward tried this many years ago. He got no help at all trying to sort out TM to help all had a good card and a pretty good group voting block when a lot of senators and a lot of represented. Well and then that she had some pretty nasty reinvestment -- and all. I've read some of the legislators are now getting the same the same kind of complained that I've heard for years. And they find under the belt and we've actually had senators signed -- this -- for the first time in history and that's that's how we've gotten to 26 senators. I'd bet that the Philadelphia increase is quite -- why a congressman because. In other thought is -- Philadelphia mostly winters who weren't worried about property taxes because they don't pay them. But die yet as you indicated there's there is some are reassessment is largely because of the financial condition of the Philadelphia school district bad. They got that sticker shock. -- they they were beginning to feel pain ended in a way that's been a very good. Thing for -- for they're the future there's no. Let me back up to something you just said before -- -- he -- senate majority leader. And he has promised -- up and down -- because my understanding is that alleging is one of those guys is like on the offensive not against it. Eat anymore we need to do something about this issue. -- you have 58 separate -- that would have already. Addressed this senior citizen. A lot of tax and there are a lot of -- understand you know this teen years in many cases have. That's the folks that the group of folks who do I get harder as -- is unfair system -- bypass. I prefer. Just obliterating the package for everybody. Not just for seniors and so that's that's sort of the issue is that the senator gonna have to decide that it had said that Dominik has promised as a vote. Are these are allowed us to -- work was several of his staff people he's been very helpful. And then you know I believe he's very he's -- man of his word and hope they don't you win win we're ready. I'll be knocking on his door and saying Dominik that now's the time. Mean. Is is there adequate funding because this is come up several times is that adequate funding. To operate. Public schools. Under senate bill 76. Yes I -- to get -- to have been. Graduates of our local public schools as as my wife says advice. Those kids -- cost me a lot of money going to some of the best schools in the in the country I know that our local public schools. And produce a quality product and I want to continue that in the future where they question -- that does come up there is you know how much is enough. And and right now. We've -- that you -- school districts have and it almost unlimited appetite for more and more and more are. Under our system in the future or they're gonna get a little bit more. There they said when we cannot comment from the mood in all the stars -- the only way this school district would be able to. Action. Additionally in the future under our system they just couldn't raise the property tax because guess what property -- -- begun. They wouldn't be allowed to go play some. And contacts but this time. They've got to ask the voters it's got to go on the ballot. Radical idea it was a lot of others still we believe it is time to bring that concept of Pennsylvania. Yeah Michigan dumb property taxes a wallet doll and they found at their funding formulate in place. Didn't work and they -- putting a state wide property tax on. We're pretty sure that's not gonna happen and this -- That's not the way we want to get more than what happened in Michigan this is really as great security. Democratic legislature house and senate and -- decided that they were going to. Property taxes. But you're doing so in such a way that they want. We're going to replace them with any -- members are -- -- -- -- in the chickens -- designed to -- the Republican governor. Damned if he didn't sign it. And all of a sudden you know he called them -- and since he really he had to. Move pretty quickly. True but to come up with a replacement system. I'm not especially on the Serb replacement system we'd we don't wanna play that -- game mad at the State Capitol and. Jared Burton I think that AM property taxes are onerous and -- a property tax assessed by the commonwealth would be the worst of all horrible -- thing. I David thank you very much for being let us we'll keep in contact Wendy again then. Well I talked again I appreciate being here thank you very much my friend died state senator David Arnold talking about -- -- senate bill. 76. And where it stands.