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3-17-14 Am I Lyin?

Mar 18, 2014|

3-17-14 Am I Lyin?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every rep. The president went out of Internet comedy show that I from the hangover does Alabama again. Hundreds take argument to protect the dignity of the job the president doesn't matter anymore I mean we have an enabler of course and commented. Days and our expectation that I'm so out of the way I get the president's hip. Media savvy by half he advises them that to get it hit the young people get to go where young people now here's my question what did not gonna do -- -- -- My question to young people knock down what's funny. I mean didn't think a guy broad front what he has been fake embarrassing questions really funny. There isn't just that being young and naive of -- and fed a steady diet -- lowest common denominator crap. Don't think that is funny because they're expecting good things and it's funny. I watched the interview. He's funny I thought obvious it transparent unfortunately it -- desperately trying too -- outside that yellow packets. A former counselor Ramona Dixon Gilbert feels Porter Graham in the Post Co. but he wants a judge to let him out of jail early because being in jail. -- -- that guys being stand Eddie Jones I am not even make an and a -- stories right here as an option. Sound -- -- stand payback the money clip art when you get out of jail and stop the run company the pick up your 500 mark -- the war. And they did not -- the -- against being blown up the last couple weeks you know why. But because of what's going on in the Ukraine get on the economic -- gathright can't present economic you don't that's -- -- warrant right. Now the farmers reduced import dependence of oil wealth that turns out that some of the ethanol into gasoline made from corn that we import. From the Ukraine. The lazy like a boil it down we would anatomy -- an hour gap pat ourselves on the back. The additive they can't get run worse they make the worst mileage it's more expensive against them make it they pulled out of circulation and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We increase our dependence on foreign acquired. Thank you voted for him what am I am I -- News went to remain CEO WY. We will be right back everywhere regardless -- -- --