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Mar 19, 2014|

An Encore Presentation Features Special Guest Denise Lee, Author of EYES OF THE MESSENGER

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-- paranormal science fun W my own KAM and won all three point one FM. The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. This program may contain material that is controversial oldest some listeners spontaneously. Enlightenment may occur. -- -- -- Sure it's a paranormal assume like. Us. All right thank you for joining us on paranormal science it's Sunday night and we're glad you're tuning in with us I'm archives from the Pennsylvania paranormal association. And I'm here with Nancy came in from WI OK's morning news either Nancy. Hello good evening and let me tell you we had so much response from last week starting to tell you about the let's tell -- listeners hopefully all of you enjoy it as much as the people who emailed us or who commented on our FaceBook fan page. Yeah we sure did I had a lot of personal emails command we had a lot of talk comments come in through the FaceBook page. And how much everybody enjoyed last week showed that like to put a special thank you out there for rob for coming in he shares some very personal issues with us. Living through hunting at his home and -- like to thanks fro thank all those listeners for tuning in in in not coming on the show. -- the listeners like a good scary real hunted story so. I'm I'm sure some -- you have a story to towel and if you do we always would love to hear your stories whether their hunt things or some other paranormal. Event that happened CU. You can email us it's really simple just email paranormal science at that PPA dot net that's very normal science act that PPA. Dot net all stories -- welcome. Very Nancy we have -- very special guest today who also is gonna share some very personal life experiences of her -- her name is Denise Lee she's an author she's written a new book is called eyes of the messenger the true life story of it natural mistake in healer and we have her on the phone with this right now Denise Lee thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much mark thank you Nancy. It's nice to talk with you about this and it's an easy thing sometimes for people. To talk about because I mean it's a lot easier I think now that it was say 2030 years ago. Yeah I am not used to have been able to talk about it there are I was taught that there are believers and there are nonbelievers you just don't bring -- -- election though you're around a believer. And in LU. Obviously have been this is a gift that you've had for your lifetime is -- not. It is it's it's it's and spontaneous at different times in my life. Denise is this something that was sort of inherited I guess handed down through generations through your family your parents have any abilities of their own. My father was say I'm an unofficial -- where he was -- medic and the world war two and dom was trained at Walter Reed medical center at and T help. Help soldiers that way that that were wounded my mother was an awesome. And is an awesome psychic she doesn't use her abilities rather than in her personal life. But say you were. So open and to the metaphysical and I just grew up around it being natural. To believe and paranormal reincarnation and things like that but outside the home we didn't talk about it. Now you say that this is something that has been sporadic in your life when was the first experience that she had that was outside what some would call normal. Well I thought when IE. What sort of five years old and sitting in the middle of my four in my bedroom and I know I have been -- universe and came back in my body unknown now it wasn't out of body experience but I didn't know it and and I just knew that I I what I wasn't where I felt I came from and so I feel that I knew. I I knew before I was born that we. Come into the flight time but I didn't know how and I didn't know where because that was just go look at. So you're saying you left your body and you felt that you knew things that obviously you didn't know when you're in your body. Yeah I felt like I know the whole universe and I couldn't figure out how to get back to it and I just remember staring out the window thinking of how did I do that it's. You hear about that from people who have near death experiences -- say. I knew everything yeah that must be an awesome feeling yeah and it can be computing do indicate -- never heard it can be depressing when you come back the same time -- -- I thought when I was terrified could win you would imagine this. Yeah. His inside your body so limiting and there it's like the whole world's yes but it. It's the same time I've heard from a lot of people and it's also comforting to know that there is something waiting beyond this life when we die. Yeah yeah this senators -- the dimensions. I believe. That everybody has the ability to do things that we all have the same structure that state chopper out. We don't have the same energy that will run along the same lines it's just a matter of tapping into it. Some of those better at that because it seems some people can just naturally do. Yeah other people have to develop their. And they are tools that we can use to develop but I wasn't trying to do anything when I began having experiences rather than. IE had very hard life I left. Come at a young age. And that exposed me to a situation where. You know I have -- suffer a little bit and overtime -- you know you've become grateful for things that you have and I developed the compassionate heart and through being a mother and -- when you make that connection but haven't a baby and you're responsible for it and that and that even -- that feeling even more so I think what happened. They would be. I would be very intense and then parents and my intent. Would be you know my glove intent -- so strong and I believe that that would also helped trigger the shot for us to move and those -- the turn and all that makes who we are and that I know people may not understand but maybe -- listeners to do understand but. You know life is simple. And we are complex beings but we can't all do -- we can all. David channeling of the energy and move the energy through us and and onto someone elsewhere are here for community. Well here to help one another. Now you -- you -- four when you first had the experience and that it's come up sporadically and -- even trying when your four. Yeah and that's why you really can try need to learn or is -- something that just comes you know when you're sometimes least expecting it. Well I'm glad I mean I've I got older I didn't learn until I was in my twenties -- -- what an -- was an out of body experience. So I had no clue that -- had not been to do it. With anything else really that was just my first memory. Then what other experiences did you have when you're younger. Well we did a lot of psychic game when I was little we would doubt. Play games at the table and sit around a big wooden table and put objects armament that we concentrated and -- each other and testing each other. So I believe that that was the end I was developing that was up. This is junior Sam you're talking about similar idea my brother and. Sisters -- and I after dinner games we weren't big on TV. And dumb I and I never was in raising my children either I didn't have a lot of money and my -- and I couldn't afford those things go our minds were opened to other things. And it says it's like white noise in your brain and -- people don't know how to just be quiet with themselves. You know I have spoken with say -- that's. At the time I mean my children who have gone through a lot of abuse and down. They had said to me that because of my education I didn't go to school and I -- come at a very young age at seventh grade. That I had a lot of room for the metaphysical. Comment and I didn't have all that educational information. In my brain and that's how they explain that to me and I was surprised because I would more used to think and that people we're going to be negative about. Being able to talk about these things with me and you and a bad therapists have the best person I ever spoke to my in my life because he let me now. But I wasn't crazy and then it's possible that things don't happen and then they don't have an explanation for a lot of things. That's very good that he was so open about that too. Yeah yeah I really needed that at the time. And children they say that he can be psychic they can see things they can. Know things that we don't know maybe because their brains aren't filled with so much information directly in here you have more time probably to delve into. -- quite spots in your brain your heart or your soul. Yeah and I think when you -- and heartfelt compassion and four other people I know we can be able to put myself and other people's position moments total impasse. Do you -- -- abusive situation here. Come on and off yeah I'm I made bad choices and down. Leaving home was obviously one of them. But I felt like there was something out there that was that was pulling me out my family wasn't real closely at that time and my Brothers and sisters you know what we're leaving the -- and I'd just. I had pulled up my bootstraps and thought I was some kind of an adult and I was gonna do what I wanted to do and I just felt I was being told. Do you believe it was all part of the plan and there's so many things I'm sure you learned over the years but do you feel that everything happens for a reason that it's already destined -- feel we have the free will to change a lot of it. Well I do believe we have a plan. And to -- -- that probably was part of what I present but I'd like this say that I know I made bad choices. Are well sometimes I think it's hard for people to figure out. What's the right thing to do what isn't the right but I think we all know what the right choices are. We just either too lazy or it's it feels like it would be harder to change and say stay the same. Right he has always targeted. To make the right -- and do that my father instilled in me at a very young age about lying do not lie to me you know by the time I was eleven I knew that if I told the truth about something. Everything would be okay but I was to -- it totally afraid of the young kids to. -- things you know because I was afraid of getting into trouble could -- watched while the Brothers and sisters get into trouble when I left. I I didn't know what was out there obviously but it that can be. The big bad cruel world and I can only imagine what it's like now coming years later for kids that leave their homes and think that they have all the answers and so I just makes for a compassionate heart and I feel that that has a lot to deal with what I do. That was just an essay question if looking back now all those experiences you went through. I'm leaving home sorely being out on your own had a tough life. Do you feel that that help you I appreciate what other people are dealing with and it helps you help them better. Absolutely yeah. And I think that's part of the reason why I can put myself in -- -- because I've been and so many different so many different experiences. -- you talk about being -- natural mistake in a healer you remember the first time where you were. Able to help heal someone. He. It was before I was ever attended -- -- here or anything like a friend of mine had. Child themselves and I go into more detail on the book about those but I knew that. I had to keep my hands on their wounds and feel their energy and channel and at that time I didn't know what I was doing I was trying to be instinctual about and just think of what is the best thing that I could do for the person and it's. And I didn't care for them and I did love them so bad love energy was there at the compassion when there. -- a lot of confusion because you know. As far as I was concerned they were probably being very manipulative and and what they did. To get attention from me but then again I stayed in the hospital with them for many days and just kept my hands on there you know just knowing -- just -- -- knowing that I knew that this would help but I knew that this was all that I could possibly go. And I would stand there and read the Bible or read the different folks that I -- with me and I would channel. Energy into this this person and their wounds and after. Seven days ago and that the doctors recommend that they had -- up a main artery and they came in and they -- we don't understand how we are able to. And this person's home but you know they use the word miracle I don't know that you know I would say that but. That's the word they use this as a miracle we we don't know what the Friday and they said you're gonna go home. And then that's when he turned to me and said you're my angels -- and they didn't know what he meant. Because I didn't do it if I promise you -- than an hour weeks so that was my first experience and I was just like blown away like wow. Great now -- -- talking with Denise Lee with heavenly touch feeling you can find out more about her at heavenly touch healing. Dot com also your new book is out eyes of the messenger we're gonna get into the book now we're also gonna talk more about the healing that you do and and how you do it. Stay with us you are listening to paranormal. It's like okay. Polar -- let's talk from paranormal science I'm here to tell you about some of the best pizza I've ever had. It's a panel experienced and of itself so those pizza that's right so those pizza and -- the restaurants since 1964 open seven days a week. Okay irrelevant it's a bypass of the posts and comments they have pizza wings hope he's dinner you name it they have had. You sort of settles by calling 5706550001. -- -- pizza dot com -- an -- for your phone Michael on FaceBook if you mentioned the -- -- -- -- also for first thing to invest in paranormal science on W my own KAM and won all three point one FM. Normal signs on February -- yeah. We're talking with Denise -- author of eyes of the messenger to true life story of natural mystic inhaler. And I just want to let everybody know that's available at Amazon.com. In on Kindle. And category tour website eyes of the messenger dot com or heavenly touch human dot com Denise thank you for joining us again here in -- science. Thank you -- thank you Nancy we've been talking about your healing you do a lot of healing and we've talked about your first experience where someone. Had a quite a severe injury with a major artery. And -- you're. Do you believe you know they you did what you felt came naturally you had not been trained to reiki master or anything. On thank you that at the doctors -- called it miraculous. How quickly dispersant recovered so you knew that you might be onto something there that you might have some abilities. Yeah he had that was her married. Trying time but it wasn't to me it was part of mystical time I had some experience through that and I just. I just was speechless. After all that happened because. I I knew that I can do it I just don't understand how what was happening. And I would go one it would take me you know several years to. Be able to Galvin and find out you know what was going on and that's been the thing with -- spontaneously is things will happen to -- then I have to research what was that. I know -- mentions you went on to. Become a reiki master you've done Ricky. How did how did you go from doing natural healing into. Get into -- -- find out about that. My sister she. Know about everything. Obvious cause of terror events -- but everything that was going on in my life and I would talk to her about things and she says you know Dave I really think. He should look into that -- and that's. You know they're laying of the hand and channeling the energy and so that's when I had. Don't happen every down and Jim Thorpe welcome along race street and I saw little shop called woman's spirit and I just would lead to go into the Photoshop and that's where my first making it featured -- benefit him. Now for our listeners who really aren't familiar with -- Correct me if I'm wrong with that that is basically where you are attuned to buy your reiki master where energy can flow through you like it channel. And it's not necessarily the individual doing any type of feeling it's the energy flowing through you into another person who needs that energy. -- raking in the Japanese feelings system and what that the masters -- -- does is stay. Technically open up your energy field and that would be at the crown on the top of the head and they -- feelings symbols of America. Japanese fund. That you know mean increased energy and then they do the same thing over the hand and then they closed -- pure energy field ever that what they had. Well they have -- they assemble and then they feel up the energy field he increases and speed the healing process it increased since the energy flow in their opening up your -- senate they're leaving it wider open and then it was before you -- attendance -- higher amount of energy wolf flow through you. Does it does it deplete you as the U person who's doing the re key doesn't deplete the person who is bringing that energy through. Now but there are people who are very very sensitive and can feel a fact and some people really Cooper connect Africa. And actually you know feel everything if you are -- to do reiki energy will begin to flow where it's needed. Even if you're sitting in the room full of people that someone across that -- that needs the energy you know you are supposed they have permission but I have found that my -- we'll turn on the energy will begin to flow. Even if I haven't asked for that person's permission. And maybe if there's spirit you know crying out for help and energy I'm not really sure about that but. How do you know that and then you say your hand through a do you feel something physically fit in your house. Yet anted up you're from carbon count. -- I'm I'm from Bucks County ansari talks to develop. I've lived up and -- technical challenge for eighteen they have -- now. In in our area lack wanna lose her county area there's actually hospitals here no. Bringing in reiki practitioners to work along with the medical staff there to to do just what you said to try to. Increased healing rate for people -- are you finding that as well in your area. I am amazed now that I have gotten back into I had been dormant for a while. When I came out of my Dorman CIA was shot anime is. The use -- bit. So widely because when I first became -- It was basically unheard of and for the first place the first state hospital and in the Pennsylvania area was boiled down. And say incorporated there. Top doctors. With holistic practitioners and actually created the Fenner and I was so moved by that. And I was so excited by that and then 1012 years later I come to find back. It's being used all over in hospitals in and all kinds of states and that nurses and doctors and just I was so related to find that the -- had opened up. You know what I find amazing too is that you know you're still gonna have people who were skeptical whether that's gonna worker not put. Unlike a lot of other -- physical practices this really doesn't seem to be shunned by too many people. Now and I'm glad because we are going through the awakening of consciousness and so. For these paranormal shows that are on now what you learn on the floor because that like I said. I didn't have TV for many years suddenly I was able to put TV on three years ago. And I could not believe the influx of paranormal shows on Tuesday and so not all of them are accurate and they're not out there just for media exposure and trying to get a good. You know it's scary story but the mines had opened up across the land. All and spiritual on metaphysical and I began to see -- the awakening you know consciousness is here and it's upon us and I had been given they message from. I need to do psychic fairs where I would go and do put up my -- table and you know do for healing work which is. How I do it. And dom this one man came up. And she was ferried unkempt and she had the brightest Lewis sparkling eyes I'd ever seen and I just felt like some announcements coming through them. And he walked up to mean he grabbed me by the face and he says I need to show you something and she. Broke down a picture of the -- senators above people. Head and they said. This is the second coming of Christ and the -- -- awakening of consciousness and that was the top of everybody's -- touching that that consciousness above us. Was the second coming. You know what everybody thinks -- gonna come down earthquake is gonna come down and come crashing there that's not gonna happen it is awakening we are guides each one of us and our consciousness we are awakening and they are touching above. And so that because that helps us to be one. You talked about healing and and and how you don't charge for your services we know and can you explain why. Well. I had taken. What have a call love donations back in the day maybe a couple dollars here -- whatever. And I began to barter with people I've bought a fruit with them because I I just. Feel like. I don't necessarily I don't like saying that -- it's against them this is a gift from god about much. It's part of who we are and I didn't feel comfortable and change how hard saying I known that they charge like eighty dollars an hour down and thought the Montgomery County for -- and I just. -- we just didn't feel fair because I've never have a lot and I wasn't comfortable taking an idea I do like an energy exchange like a set of some -- a different -- from. Proof of that -- -- -- -- or making and it and it changed because everything and people do have to work together her and you know you get something you -- something good like he said yeah it -- -- on a needs basis. Yes and I'm not comfortable where targeting a whole lot of money for something people can't -- a front. And you know that is a criticism that I hear a lot when when we talk about. Psychics and you hear about some really good psychics well known nationally world known psychics in people -- can't -- if he did have prior reading it's like 500 dollars an hour and I think that. When they ask for that amount it takes away a little of their credibility. Yeah and the people think down a little bit and go man. Music and great man who did and would never taken Edgar Casey -- -- -- never take anything I think he may have taken us a little bit when he was really struggling but he had always said that saw something you want to make. A lot of money off of right yeah what I I found that it is tremendously limits the amount of people who can go in CD's people. Exactly you know you're if you're -- only the wealthy. He exactly as soon and we -- if -- of a lower economic status you may not be -- forward you know even 200 dollars for an hour half hour session and everything -- Great and and on the other hand though Denise is you know it if people don't enter Casey sleeping profit. Com you can also wanna help so many people like some some who believe he actually just depleted himself. It can be draining until. To -- and challenge that way I mean I've seen it firsthand and just the fact that you know he knew that and he did it repeatedly kicked. Over and didn't want anything. You know that he'd say you just an -- some awesome ball. But you you don't do it that way let's talk a little bit about how you do. Your healing and and once again we -- you don't -- not necessarily weren't you know on the show looking for clients -- -- -- talk about your books to talk about your experience to talk about how we all have disability. And how we can work on that -- Let's talk about how you do do we healing when you're with someone I I was reading -- there's certain things you like them to do or not do to prepare for the healing. Yes I'd like them to shower first half and because our our body is -- temple. I'm -- into our god force survived and I'd like it to be a very special moment for them and I like all the other GTV curing Clare Kelly at first that they come showered Wear loose clothing. You always stay draft if they're comfortable removing their shoes they can I have I usually write a few candles if their knowledge and sense I always ask them first and then all in all burn a little bit and sense the -- of the base and put on soft music and let them down and let -- -- why they're there and what they're asking from me because they're stating that to the universe while we pray and meditate before they -- men and I have Christ than all the different. Guides and healing -- then there spirit guides and anyone that with them to come in and help their purpose. Come to -- so it's not just me if there's a lot of helpers but that come along for a fashion. OK so let's talk a little bit about that because. And we talked about -- before and it thinking that it's you know the person who's doing the -- it's their energy that's coming through they're actually getting. Help from as we -- it is it the other side is that what you're talking about yeah. Yeah I'm raking in the NBC universal life flow energy. It's not our energy it's coming through the universe now I call myself a -- because I do far more than -- Breaking if something that has I've added to move lifestyle. Authorities helpers are they. Well when you are due to recchi who are opening yourself up to five to seven new spirit -- feeling guides so you have them on top of the normal ones everybody has 122 around them throughout their life and they changed throughout their life depending -- -- lessons they learned and what they are. Dealing with. I call and the ones that I ideal -- and I you know physically have I ever seen them no. But I know that there there and I can feel them so I would I'd call them all in and so the -- probably filled up -- -- -- that means someone standing next. But the energy level is so fine and so pure like you keep things I see things in my mind I. And I just wish that I could see it all in real time when I have someone on the table and they do need to close their -- I'd prefer when they closed their eyes and then -- a lot of times people will pick up more than have to land that was their eyes open and I don't always have to paraffin Madonna was physically put my hands on top and in my work -- the but the energy field. They are that's around the body those different lawyers to back and I open up there are around I open up that shot -- and get them. We'll turn them and then died again that the head and I put my hands around the head area. I also -- reconnect the feeling practitioner I work with the but a frequency. Some debris connection and that is where you are attached to -- Grid that goes around the -- there's a grid. And my energy points have been attached to that so I also work with the frequency which is phenomenal and a lot of doctors Americans go to these seminars around the world what doctor Eric Carle and received the -- connection as well. We're talking with Denise Lee if heavenly touch feeling you can find out more about her heavenly touch healing dot com you also have a new book out eyes of the messenger we might get into that and talk a little bit about how. This story it's fascinating story and it's a -- now coming up now. -- -- -- -- Listening to invest in paranormal science fun W my -- KAM and won all three point one FM. Her from the -- size of the messenger -- the true life story of financial mystical healer. And just let the audience so little bit about I'm Denise. She's been helping people spiritually for over a decade. She's natural mystic a certified Japanese reiki master. She's also the regain interfaith minister and most importantly a mother forward in the grandmother to three grandkids how. Her for the so let's talk about it I know even mentioned in their promotional material for the book it says that -- in your daughter had informed you about a past life together for -- delving now in -- reincarnation. Yes yes. Happened. Wouldn't. -- sometime around my house that day and cleaning up the living room and she can pull on my pant leg and shoot the banner high and low high and then my knee in Finland found out I five years old. And she kept telling calling me her other mommy and you know it's it's okay Yang Yang you know. And then I sat down and she came over and she would touch the fact of my face when she would talk to me about the forget Michael -- -- to me yes and she she can't try it out over and over and down for a while I didn't know what to do what that I I know about reincarnation. I was -- -- the belief of reincarnation. I had read all the books from Raymond moody and you know my parents. -- -- -- turned over to me and so I knew about it but I just want them believe what I was cheering I was like. Why won't -- -- chief frank and me to make and then one time when. Our whole family was sitting around and suddenly she picked up my walking -- that would have fell bonnet and she began to -- -- up and downs and prove. Little spirit came into her and that scared me alive and that's when the little spirit spoke to her and told me that she was my other daughter in another lifetime. And I was -- Indian mommy and dad travelers came or shouldn't use exactly that word. But -- use that word with me but she told me that the people came and the village where bonfire and I was running with her and we were killed and don't know but she said cheating go to the light -- away but the psychic from England had told me. Our spirit never mated to the life. Well I'm not sure know how to respond to something like that yeah did did you notice silica a personality change racing at the time. Yeah he had not right away but I I did and so did her teachers. So she didn't go to the light but eventually she got the light you're saying that she because obviously -- she's back now I mean -- unless -- saying that. Chief stay with my daughter for -- a few years. We're saying that this is a separate like a part of us is still somewhere else is -- what you're saying I'm trying to. My daughter and it's like time had agreed before she came down to take on the spirit of my daughter from a pair of flight time. There was still stuck heat and did not go to delight. -- had two distinctly different -- different lifetimes is is not the daughter that you have now. You are having another spirit come through her not that your daughter now said she was that spirit that right okay. And I I think it. A good way into I describe this for people would be you for your daughter did I guess classically what would be called channeling. A different spirit correct. Yes yes I was -- was something that was in having her whole time that this is just like at intervals interval is correct. Yes. My daughter's spirit from the past lifetime. Didn't find that keep light until we've lived in the old Indian town -- carving Cali and she even told me that -- -- I saw her lights and I came home with her and her. Are you I was. Freaked out I -- I of their tour and I just didn't know what to think about what to make of it and that would I would. Not wanna talk about it and I wasn't comfortable and I thought what that I built. Somebody who -- is involved in the paranormal TD. Scared by it. Well because now you're dealing with children. And I just I wasn't comfortable with that even though I would trade and that kind of family I'm not -- what's happening -- like net. And how it is so how did you deal with that you mentioned a psychic was that was that where you went to get more information. I had tried to put feelers out I was new to the Internet I was searching everywhere for a couple of years and unless she brought it up I didn't talk about it and that would come to pass that I would be -- them back the Bucks County for a short period take care of my father and I started studying what the psyche teacher and -- found. Elizabeth -- And through her we did from dealing with my daughter and then I had found the book. Of a healer from England and found out that he was saying in Philadelphia and I made the two and a half hour trip to see him about. Other issues that would have an issue that was having terrible nightmares ever wake me up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the path flight time that her name was -- star and gave told me the whole exact experience of what happened which I go into detail in the book and I was crying my eyes out by the time he got -- Dawkins. And I was shaken because I knew it was surreal I knew I couldn't ignore it and I knew I had to do something about it. And so what was it that he had to do about it. Well I. He actually said that he was gonna have pollen and other child's spirit to you know like when people die and they say they see their family members there waiting for them sure he wanted to call and another spirit of the child I had. -- was found on the other side. They're coming get her to meet her at the light so she was crossover into the light and my daughter writes about it. In the book I have in LA after she would give her memory and I am a very relieved. Because there had been several years of knowing Batman star was around but I was so confused and I just you know it's easy to help other people but when it comes to helping yourself sometimes it's going to be me and I was so lost then all -- but I was glad that I was able to meet the -- from England is playing -- Malcolm fell -- -- and he was the one that was supposed to help me I thought I would go for one reason and that would be reason that I needed to be there was Foreman and start to help protect crossed over. Do you have any thoughts upon. What happened the first time where she would not have crossed over. Well they as I believe when he died automatically you don't always go to the late you don't go to where you're supposed to be. Especially if you're frightened and and you become aware and you from you don't know that you have died and your stock and you don't know where to go what to do when I believe that was the situation with our. The hotel -- bonfire mommy's front and with her I get killed. You know she died at the same time. I go to delay and so she doesn't -- these seven -- glossy Cam -- mommy if I shot up into the play. It's a sad story yeah. Yeah that's one of the things that we focus on during our investigations with the PPA. Is why is this -- remaining behind in his many reasons as you can think of you know hours many causes. And a lot of very tragic stories that we find you know once it starts out with a very scary story with the -- -- like I find a lot of children who seem to. Sort of get stuck here just because they don't know what to do after they died. Yes yeah. So I'm hopefully in these generations football these. Awakening of everyone's mind to the paranormal metaphysical world that maybe my spiritual good stuff because so now of polite. Hot beautiful though that she looked for you yes. Tenure here and a current living daughter seems to be very special in super person for taking on the task of allowing the spirit to connect with her in order to help rescue -- basically. Yes she is amazing all my kids are amazing and Victoria. I always felt so I just always found offensive skills that wow I put her through this but recently she had gone through. Angel turning. And now Montgomery county and she wasn't anywhere is around me then live and on her own. And she said I had some. Angels. Channel prove. That woman to me that I went through and they told me you've got all my comment had been lived up but I came down here because I wanted to invest time. And when she came down she knew that this. Whole episode with men's -- was gonna happen she didn't know as a person now but her spirit -- -- so. It was a comic debt perhaps to. Be repaid in some way. Yes she'd she was so happy after she had. There was this woman and and had those channeling done to her they spoke with her and she's and she's been quite different and she's totally been on her actual bat and asking me so much because when -- you know I would get all my kids who served. About. -- liabilities and and my beliefs and stopped and they would be anymore at their friends can hear me talking about it you know and how moms don't play -- -- -- you know what I mean and she can't get enough now she's like a. He wants it al-Qaeda -- -- -- about reincarnation do you believe that some of our -- -- -- you hear from people who believe in. Reincarnation that you know a lot of cool ER and then get sometimes irrational. Objections he might have to certain things could be because of some trauma and a past life that there might be some cell memory. -- absolutely yes. But the thing that carried over all the time. The reason I went to see Malcolm -- because of these nightmares that I was having while what it was was I was visualizing and seeing Hamlet. Other women and Malcolm told me that this is what I dealt with with him in the past like Simon I was here to work through that and it happened again with him in the fight content. And I had to deal with that and work through it which I don't know what happened in the pan -- flight time. Whether I didn't deal with says whether something happened but that was being carried over. And we do a year of people who if you have a horrible fear of water fear of you know that airplanes or something that just going through hypnosis and he can cure it just eat it they do a regression. Whether or not you believe you actually lived the life they say whatever it is it's making people better and securing them of these. Irrational fears. -- -- I had via the fear of from the water -- -- what are several times and -- flight times and I was watching the Titanic. And I began having a panic attack -- freaking out -- all the people were in the water when they made that movie. And down my daughter was there with me and she began to connect with spirit and chief said mommy it's okay you can calm down -- -- -- -- Two different times into different lifetimes. One is an old man fishing and another one of the woman on the boat fishing with the family. Isn't it interesting when -- You've heard in the past people talk about reincarnation you know they'd say I was Cleopatra -- I was polian back. Am -- an eerie when your people who have these stories it's like the I was a fisherman. Because the majority of people are not famous people are you -- most of us were just either peasants if we if you believe in it or. You know labor's or something like that. That's right and -- Just the other day I was my partner we have just laid down and the next thing you know I hear my name. It's -- dream of being and this state has began to tell me. About himself and I was like I am so tired I can't believe this is happening pinning their -- So you get you can actually hear voices. I age or is it actually just in your brain someone that's been my life. Has recently. Began to channel and it was unexpected. And highly spontaneous and it was again the other night and how can expecting. And down I tried the Google the person's name it wasn't anybody famous. What can anybody anybody read a book about or anything like that but it's real. It's real because I didn't even ask I mean their comments to me now. So that was just pretty wild I I. I can't say that I don't believe in reincarnation because I have lived a fact of my -- lifetime and I know I was the Victoria in the Victorian -- I know I had been a geisha. I was told that by Malcolm I know I had. More than one NBA lifetime. Little habits or maybe things that we likened styles that we pick up on in our lifetime can give exclude. As to what lifetimes we may have lived and if you become fond of a certain Kara you know and you just to really connect to a fat. That sort of thing. Great they can give you an idea. Yeah yeah what -- I started let's see it was about four years ago I really started with wearing my hair long and straight. Kind of like the -- look. And I didn't even realize that you know I was starting to resemble an Indian woman and I wasn't paying attention to that. But I I was buying different. Beautiful leather coats and different things. You know that normally I wouldn't be able to do and and I came across vetoed the Maxtor funded with a leg or my budget and before I know it. I would look like an Indian. And it wasn't intentional. -- I write about as much as possible and in the first book irony have thirteen factions ready for the second book. Well this book is eyes of the messenger. It's Denise the Wii is the author -- we've been talking with Denise Denise thank you so much again for being with us it's been pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much for having me and mark thank you very much. I mean you're so welcome I love the book there's a lot of real heart touching stories in there I recommend for people go out there and get it again you can find it on Amazon Kindle. Looking up on the eyes of the messenger dot com. You can also get a -- creates space dot com and I think emporium a curious. Good -- just sort. That's a good that's a great little shop play all coming up -- this -- -- signed recently. They're the wild things paranormal. Welcome back UW IOK -- CPA gets a -- of reports from people that -- feel like they're being watched in a particular part of their home or they feel like someone's in the room with them and this could have a very natural cause sometimes electrical wiring or even electrical appliances. Can give off a very high electromagnetic field. Tell people well hyper sensitivity to these fields can sometimes pick them up by giving them a feeling person station. Unless someone in the room with them. So what do you do about that. Well -- really simple solution to check in this on your own without having to call and an expert is to go out and get in the MF meter electromagnetic fields detector. You can Google them check him out done -- -- there all over the place and summer even cheaper than twenty dollars you don't need a fancy -- to to pick -- the -- there. And if you're getting close to our you know anywhere from six inches out of from the equipment. You know if you have these high fields -- that's probably the cause of that creepy filling in those areas such as something we check in -- keep in mind that idea so that's this week's parasite tip of the week. All right great show what do we got coming up next Sunday night. The next week we will be learning all about numerology with -- -- what it is what he can do for you so tune in OK and once again as we said at the top of the Cheryl thank you for your interest in the show that we had last week. And if you have any paranormal experiences you'd like to share with us. You can email them to us paranormal science adds that the EPA dot -- CN next Sunday night 8 o'clock right here on W while case paranormal science sleep --