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3-16-14 Paranormal Science

Mar 19, 2014|

Features Patty O'Day on growing up in Gettysburg's Farnsworth House.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- normal life science. Okay. -- -- Hello Norman welcome. You know addition of -- -- this is Joseph -- and stand search mark has the night off a warm welcome everybody. We have been awesome. Show for you guys tonight. From what are we talking Martha Farnsworth -- Gettysburg when my favorite places to be his Gettysburg. Stated the Farnsworth -- stand and you also it's a great place down there it is I actually love it -- an end. Not just from the -- signed with the history also the history Ginsburg of course if your -- all it's all history every place on this history that's right I mean you don't hear this is just the battlefield and the fact of the matter is this whole -- I mean even little towns surrounding and don't realize is that I should say no one color people don't necessarily. We realize that it's the whole town slump for everybody thinks the battlefield quelled that with a towel was the battlefield that's right absolutely and if you read down their during the time violent reaction and send. You know the time the settlement on the story tells him and the encampments and stuff like that it's it's from almost see people dress up period -- and so and so forth. Awesome time great time. And we're and we specifically talking about Farnsworth house and I know why you and I went down not together remarkable era. For as far as and we stayed at the -- then yes I stayed in the myself from the white -- in the Eisenhower sweep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The actual where words were -- I stayed was actually inside the top part of the original building where she righted the it was pretty cool actually -- any. Piece of -- -- can see the -- -- between the original house and the second edition. That's really farther I'm sorry department that's for the Eisenhower room actually was. Ask if there were Jennie wade was she anyway -- newer buildings attached and the outside of the moment. Right it's still -- open period decorum but it's the outside who don't know -- -- problem part of the original structure right. Now on unfortunate we were supposed to have mr. penny a day when does this evening. Unfortunately she she has some some problems -- on shall be election calling -- talk to us. But I'm there are two other individuals are going to be talking to us and -- -- -- about the pleasure meeting them that's what you're going on the tours with them. And they are just that that did through two wonderful people especially notion on. It's very Sean and Allison and how professional or semi Hans Hans nine. Com there are both -- for the Farnsworth. And many years and especially shocked at the brochure on several tours with him and he definitely knows what he's talking about and got the -- calling here shortly but. I mean he's he's probably knows this stuff and not a generally always talks on. They joke for you too far ahead on this -- can I do wanna send out -- shout to us somebody who waited far away. If I gonna pronounce his name right it's a -- Sylvester. Yes this assays from Africa and he listens every week to -- -- and I always comments I mean everywhere he's got a comment for -- he's listening after he knows I'm your biggest fan and you know I mean and then he's essential as we didn't actually say I agree under Musharraf to end. Thanks to a single -- If there's anybody else out there this. Trust -- upon them of their give us a show let us know where you're I was still far were putting up the drink it all those on our FaceBook especially it's you know the FaceBook. Back slash paranormal science. And you know of course you -- -- -- know -- our our web -- list -- noted that. The PP dot net possession a link to our -- and sooner -- FaceBook site. From mark from our web site. I think we I think the college here actually so give me 12. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all right is also with him. -- -- time welcome and welcome Shawn Nelson. -- I'm sorry -- else. Followed it's it's our pleasure I don't just on the -- tell our listeners -- -- -- in the paddock enjoy hasn't seen in but I understand she's well known whether or not. Of course we're sending positive thoughts and prayers -- way. That's not a problem. Well let me ask thousands were talking in our house did you tell me a little bit about the history of how you got involved with the Farnsworth in the mall -- -- go to -- Okay. It very simple one I'm a bit and range son who applied to -- application. And he told good article my mom called me that they were prior and -- -- and I am glad theater it while I was a college. And I needed a little extra over the summer iron -- went up and I -- -- I've been up. Are -- and how long have you been with the Farnsworth. -- believe it beginning brings out even after that there -- okay he's not prevent. I like that ninth season finally hear a very good. Very good golf shots and question you my friend. But these -- actually gotten all -- open. When we first started dating. She'd better he won't shut up you go there's torso -- afterward I wanted to murders -- And we big goal of more serious problem there are more more often and there you have to want to really do. We're cool stuff the reaction trying to sell. Got some civil war closed his own story and -- -- ordered bell. Four years awesome right awesome up and I'll tell you a shy. I'm not sure what direction I know now some I really can emerge I think she looks like suffer but you're forty your voice is very distinctive shining armor. I was talking probably several times -- front of the Farnsworth and several tours I've taken. And I'll tell you this I've taken the deregulatory the Angel -- which I'm sure you do cracked. Did you do the adults were correct there's no. -- maybe that might include. Almighty Clif OK all right ten down. But I am a little -- I've taken pretty much everyone the form of offers and I'll tell you -- none of them by any means our disappointing none of them. I'd -- here that we strive for. And. So I know it a little bit about the Farnsworth us -- health care has a history of -- three guys who tell us better than I can but I'll -- down if you guys want to jump in here any time. I was -- Bakken 1810 obviously it's a civil war building actually has a -- obviously they're during the civil war. Followed biggest -- comes out there is. Beat the shot that killed -- civilian killed in the battle of Gettysburg which was Jennie wade they believe did come from the addict of the Farnsworth. Com. Currently serving as a bed and breakfast -- -- -- -- if I'm wrong I believe you guys have. Eleven rooms that are real friend has been breakfast. Dinner bowling shoe. There's one injured three. Or fired. I don't feel better than the other players are on the main house and then there's another -- -- -- -- But it felt person actually may now doubt -- they converted. They -- Be old government backed firm into another guess for all but now we're open -- eventually -- problem. And what -- say about -- group. Is that -- summer what you want they're happy to be exact same spot. How well structured correctly to a lot of fire -- During a battle entity verbiage used to be an open air portion -- -- -- that it sort of separate having -- but some are. Oh okay. Excellent I know I mean I know some of the the -- top my -- back remember the Eisenhower rooms because I stayed there on the and that that was that's you know very very nice -- up. A lot of our good there. The -- Martin -- logical page. Right exactly yeah that's right it is siren and not the wife loved that -- -- it and just the cores is obviously don't and period and this is beautiful. On another hand down the Shultz rooms are black room. McFarland room I believe. Well Greg that maybe there will be guys who know what else. Right down the Jennie wade who was just as the room I stayed in myself my life the Lincoln room Sweeney room and that's -- member Leon County about. The picture there were a little deeper look but don't order okay the -- -- they -- now Obama just I just -- it is giant jacuzzi in it okay. So -- know Israel the copper and oh make no reliable next time the license. It felt that -- broke -- there they go. So what you're really just that it's called out Gerri you're. Which is named after our Jeremy of course one of the most famous here my barber out. I was an eight year old boy used to it I care for job from building 1855. -- beat him alone there are up but that just happened to be aware. And it is definitely the closest Al. But it tournament but try to get help from a doctorate -- -- dying been part of our pal so we may not permit it are. That's that's that's very nice I know on one of the stories. And you guys and they'll tell -- better than I do but I. Prefer if I'm wrong Jeremy supposedly as you said was one of the spears set that come about Farnsworth if you could just kind of expand upon that's that's sort if you will but what he does and stuff. Well. -- news you can you'll get -- them to do a lot of stuff -- girl to boy do. A thirty blows zero broke -- error so people collapse. He really likes people who have kids are good with it. I have mom's big Brothers sisters just tiny bit earlier finale -- forgive what Ralph. Yeah producer of up there -- record four crew was okay yeah it was considered just bury it. Jimmy didn't -- L -- pocket the entire time you vote for. Awesome. Also let me on them let me ask this Alison if you can expand upon -- also conditions the question would be. On anything that's happened you personally there if you could tell us. I'm. Not a lot happening aren't -- -- Aaron but I -- sort -- stick. I knew I would get people -- I know what you -- and injured -- not much I don't. But it certainly Jeremy. Pretty mean getting general. So just in general on how to have you you know had meat again I was gonna ask him racing thing is -- they -- you know you feel any any type of bond I think. Paranormal happens here. -- -- Well I'll start where other general wanted to visit. And it is the most current everything but at the biggest one and it scared but they buy -- Larry -- they would hit one off. I don't -- advocacy -- opens. And it's whatever it is quite good at what I do I'm. And I I without they're -- I would tell a story I was actually talking about -- -- -- I -- there and in his pocket he actually in addition to that. That thought what a pity it climbed into his -- I he was fine in Indian military and that -- -- is why not present and there was nobody sitting in his lap. You will little note this story previous to the tour and each -- -- came back. It is actually there's no way he was going to develop the big board down there I was telling his story to the group. And he that I could but they didn't quite catch him. And it kind of story about how it was the first per -- orange under the direction and I looked -- the back compared to check on him. And ending immediately to the right and there is sure about the waist up. A little boy he is -- -- because the white -- eliminate the back of the -- is blue. And it felt like everything inside me rose just quit virtually absolute stop. -- I think equipment that I had serve I was. Not hot pink and then the only -- -- -- -- -- I'm not it's. And I'm not hearing the Florida Walt anywhere but at the back of the room. I position myself but I'm trying to one of the bar scene that just that they knew what was going up. SX KXP anymore and it is gonna talk to the one side of the room it'll be fine I will pull myself together it'll be great and then throw around the corner. I had the -- behind that way I am happy to hit it. Well meaning how are tied just right next appear to cheer and hear first American -- between the ball and it the first thing. And quick turnaround and try to talk it was either and he comes or any other way just cleaner now. I turnaround and it went back to the room permit I had to stop talking to quote -- -- had taken it back to back. I couldn't pull myself together. And so on my head I picture airing its you've got to stop it you're breathing out. Is Brad I turned around with my eyes closed I opened them rather reluctantly unfortunately he wasn't there. I don't know what it got if you think they're -- and your -- -- I think that I finished telling the story is expect that could angled or they -- that Becker people would better pretty original story. I mean I get so how are here and Daytona they'll find it it's -- reading back there absolutely freezing and that particular summer. I'm not knowing where they're no air missile that was back in -- I knew it everything I fear conditioning apparently broke and because it was so hot it's just a bit overwhelmed. And I am I told him that much and this gentleman who way. Not a small man -- about six foot shoot six victory and -- like there rectangle. Who. He thinks tattoos like chocolate in their. It started with I don't believe in any of the vote crap and then he had let nobody think in his lap and he let. Q I only notes and then he left that we're over an extended behind and -- I'm here -- spoke well one dollar -- way. And left the room at all to get. It very scared the crap out of me for a little bit after the signing that economic I was. I don't know if. The church is like anything else you know when you're when you're in that moment even when we're doing investigation of the stuff. I tell people about how do you react and I'll -- also -- as you know it depends on the situation it depends on. The day it depends on how much you see where you don't see sometimes like. You just be ruled like I just see that nearly gets scared just like what was that and -- -- times where you just kind of issue off your feet you know. Yes well at the Buick and got the -- you got similar -- of the better than that. And approximately homered and -- immigrant. -- -- exactly as I said it all depends on on the situation at hand and anything -- They're pretty assess startle factor but other times you like to thank you see had a compelling bewildered more than scared and I -- I tried to help you blessed and so there was a scary thing. This kind of just like you don't realize what happened. China and know that almost -- -- room down there has toys and it for Jeremy Jerry at any and a customers that people staying there to just say that anything happened. Oh yes that's very. We get out and we we do all -- source called paranormal letting me go get about. And so to -- and aren't welcome everybody -- catalytic event. And that we had a good people carrying. And they are working on one another and the Airbus group and they sat out. The -- and I'm just plastic army got an. I mean you know battle position. And that they were investigating an Arab. I they were in the bathroom and a range and all of the time you think of electronic course. And they're very they're looking around all the equipment they're not -- anything that I can't make -- out of let me hear -- As something hit the town. And they -- scoring. Like something that and and we are hurting and figure out what's going on and the and the girls are -- now we're going to freak out and finally uttered at somebody turned the -- I'm. And somebody or other -- at least under the -- And pulled out one of the army guys. That aren't trying to sitting on top of the old information you are -- sperm and under the patent. You know it's funny she -- -- what the army guys we'll stay in their last February -- was. Calm myself my you know my wife and I stand his wife another friend of ours calm during game show Donnie Allison. The AM they they say that the jump into the -- black firm. And that's one of the things that that was played with or moved the most was they had a little bomb. Army -- there any of course I guess of some in the drawer whenever -- put -- on the yellow house side just on the the nightstand. We come back from dinner and it was on the floor another time the only come back from dinner and it was on the little bookshelf doesn't censor black from com. Also. And in addition -- that was. I guess I. I'm -- -- -- actually but I really were there and southern new controversial book was move on the shelf. Two point -- Donnie went and talked to bomb the mile house here is anywhere you guys in my room anybody commando like. No -- I was -- time to -- -- like 4 o'clock in the afternoon but. Things -- just move continuously guys and especially it was a little green army -- Jones in the -- little ball -- -- through most of them that's right I think the most and this and that that's correct right. Did you as it -- -- reports about. Of that and I say what -- I believe we have to take a break so we don't. You guys hold on and moving back there. I. -- Hey welcome back to turn on science series started -- the numbers are. If you wanna call in to train like seven no 8830098. Or anywhere in Pennsylvania 1804370098. -- we are back. Thank you stand for that column Shawn Nelson still with us. Great all right actually on rent for we Yahoo! into -- our caller before we get to her mama I want to expand upon what you're saying -- calm before the break go ahead. Well let's -- -- editor at Jakarta don't move it. -- hope that there are we are -- what are called they -- removed soon fair use this. Eight like cast iron to doll. -- and it looked like Cinderella. I occasionally that they will -- which is. Noted it was didn't go to itself because there are refugees all but it may cap buyers group think -- -- about ten -- I'm gonna do my. We have shut out there we're doing and all -- investigation. I'm -- government but it taxes so we do investigation is sure people who are in the harbor about the city guys. Peter reorder talk all other British early age you meters could I. I don't think you're right trees dolby electoral winds -- -- where they -- good thing. Very elaborate are you are I would like to parallel experimentation but I don't ultimately people out of each don't wanna do so. So what are we were. In the bathroom where there's all usually universe and guys check it out there here's a -- sentiment but to protect our dollar put it on -- But there's podium with a mobile -- I think you know -- Gates sat out because moos well now what because it's like -- little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we try around fifteen seconds later and I cast iron olive wood upright is now over outside. You never -- I didn't hear all ball I -- apart but you don't pay. I just told these guys who does things like what you may be good news last summer and eight bit -- group. Look at me and I can tell from their base is -- and don't -- that surprised. Think the group and I would like -- how would that happen in speaking -- I don't I got a problem and they didn't do but just to be just reshape. I actually sat there for the next ten minutes. Acrobat well spectrum liberal site without making people trying to do it without making -- for ten minutes straight I couldn't do it. It would not matter what it will treat you make some noise -- called courier to. Well I don't think but. We do here saying. It's amazing isn't it system people I mean until you see your experience -- it's just. You divorce I think everybody's you know just kind of make in the stuff up the when he got a group of people in the room some like that happens there's no denying it especially. We -- he said he saw Peterson looks on people's faces. Yeah. Absolutely amazing only two are believed to Jamie here in Jamie a welcome journal science. I don't oh did you -- real. -- -- -- -- Good Sean Nelson this is actually one of the the -- of the couples them with us at that docked at the time we were down there so I know exactly the expenditure talk about it Jamie. I don't know what the first I'm meets Jack and I actually did in that there blocker and that weekend where there. And that night we were in the -- I'm. It sleeping under my friend in the bed I would help Todd and I -- she. Well I don't think I never felt that I needed I'd. I did actually talk that maybe about that Anke said she had experienced the same thing and we came to the conclusion that. It will -- and we turned it would break trying to get out on the bed. Like talking to try and take me to -- get up the bad parts and then I'm just -- I'm. The operation. This summer and hitting iron and get the bad -- there -- blacker and we actually. Was it was like an adult that now I'm -- Parcells and a golden child apparition. It wouldn't welcome relief and actually made me a better yes -- there's not a bad. May because I think that's where you steal and murder occurred -- -- -- is correct. That's portrait that they had people reported seeing Edgar so I'm actually feeling the -- depressed and looking out. I didn't see that things are so out of a man and he had something cradled in his aren't. And we -- -- they think I'd look like a little boys and they -- this well back on board didn't make any noise or anything and didn't -- look at each other aren't. Oh my god what the heck do you usually put it over the had to -- Something don't you think something in the -- they whisper I. And finally everything -- Hungary once you kind of -- -- directly guaranteed aren't. Now I don't. Like I -- I think this is the one with -- I -- -- concept that's at the mood for this. It's a rainy day right now everybody goes back in for the jackets off and I started the car up so. I'm waiting outside in the in the back parking lot. Also I see my wife and Jamie being feet two worlds are furious is -- I noticed -- -- I mean the front running like somewhere she's human trying to rob them okay. Running towards the vehicle education and go head -- -- I've been edited the last two and went into the attic. And Katie and I -- the ending act. -- -- the -- backgrounds and gentlemen we're blocking and I don't act. And now and I'd started already shut they're not there -- no and I out of and the and he. And nobody went downstairs just it's trying to map the dad -- doing X and then came back and -- and we give them more safe and they did stinks. -- -- I'm gonna -- that said get out. -- did you know I heard that we don't put any -- there. And you really can't download all -- Or John behind. A lot of the debt gender actually think you can explode on the radar eight countries. And really kind of. It just comes out about the also about a minute behind is a -- guy is going through that too is going to challenge is totally baffled by -- I don't think she's shown in thousands -- is getting reports about there -- other room. That we get that it throughout the how -- one of the previous owners of that happening any RT Sweeney. Good. We -- to -- with a stick it we can avoid it I. I do every as saying that for some here on the coast where I was on. Yeah he he can be particularly unpleasant. -- but I eat. He's one of those that -- our guy in the house. I'm and he got in Illinois and I didn't look back several years later I'm eBay. CE storming. I can't do it outs and eight I interviewed everybody else with a sort of apathetic it staying. Prepared and there's nothing he can do about it the other might get poorer and cylinders yeah. I'm and occasionally. They don't take it personally I think some people destruction or Hardaway and usually -- -- -- so uncomfortable that you leave. I'm here on the court I'm that we had it happen it elder -- more -- they're not -- that they get that big heat get out. Boy and so people don't know what our storytellers says well I didn't see anybody. So we're gonna stay. -- -- -- -- It's very interest -- spirit to -- goes most people. When they experience tomato juror they don't see him actually feel that I try to smell it. When he's around a lot of people they just feel anxious like some weeks you close you don't dating understated -- He just not necessarily scared you're just you're actually just got to get out there that particular moment -- no idea why someone's watch. Dallas and Washington wage you quote we're. Here warden -- -- crowd or someone like behind it try to open like that. Bryant went on March feelings try to feeling direct their -- -- Yeah almost all the heavy and it also got this smell. That the surgery try to -- older like me. Or you'll you'll you'll be at minimum I think -- and you can smell through you can stop all the also -- that'll -- get back we're feeling. That's over very heavy -- -- the -- bold and just do what something golf. That's partially. We look at its phoenician cynic as I remembered saying that opened the -- one time the kind of smoke like. He eloquently after rains and you know if you're seeding for warm sure fishing and he is that damp earth smell. Okay because that because also -- coming to the wife about that saying. Just like fresh dirt early damp earth just like what he's talking about a like alcoholic with illegal fishing and yet he overturned for for worms usually I don't think you know. But I essentially distinct smell. And it did that send you out a bit and I -- people report hearing -- I'm very skinny very noxious very light headed I'm. And usually not announced because once you step outside -- house so -- are dealing. Right that's not now Jamie got I'm I'm get I believe from you guys running out think you really stay that long did you spend either feeling or anything. I don't know if I'd just end it or not I know I -- we can expect. I'm Detroit G I -- I got that feeling that not yet and dizziness feeling when we were in the endowment fellow amateur. Well I -- I mean I don't remember having that feeling and an outside the door there's one we heard that. Bullets because usually when you. Heard and just bring you can't have that feeling to -- tour about running I guess. Yes and not everybody has the experience -- basically -- standard -- Experience and it usually that they go to notre. You can get Al I don't think I think you get everything it's just that -- my counselor. But right absolutely well Jim thanks for call we appreciate that -- -- -- -- everybody thanks Jeff if you but I. Tell us a -- mentioned dead I want to step outside the house things seem to come down a little bit. Okay -- ruined that myself my way -- in the Jenny weight room that's located outside of the main residence. Seemed like that was an active -- and some strange things going on there. Well because it wasn't part of out of believe that things were happening out there period under the belt uncapped well still on the street property. And bigger communities that are armies are firing back for. I'm up and down actually Gettysburg so there would have been -- out there during the battle and an -- -- The -- wounded soldiers were treated everywhere so there would have been wounded man being treated makeshift hospitals. In spite of -- -- also outside the. Can't we can think Alex think of when I was down there was he told story about then as they cut out the limbs the -- the arms they threw multiple Wendell and -- says -- is the cells. I don't I. Indiana. But revealed school out of -- out of our history. I'll get that it was the Farnsworth and I don't know and I was thinking maybe that's where my room is we're on the body parts are stacked up. Now I can't seem to be an error property. I don't know fragmentary but you -- on the property the parties -- a bit but you're right trade. I'm now and the original building starts getting more. They -- so he wouldn't -- that would have been a workstation. -- not know one thing armored -- stands true is this. I prefer if I'm wrong Stan but I mean it was always cold no matter how much a fireplace was I mean yes that is a desk fireplace in it you can turn up all the way and that room. Was like there's meat hanging in it was cold collateral we do we couldn't warn that room up inflation saying we -- because he wasn't butcher portrayed -- -- -- Okay but you guys getting reports like that America's I notice and -- Stanley -- -- Kelly it is just frigid and Dell batteries on Allen's camera dying and they don't care -- every camera had batteries died. Room was freezing we did have the toys move around in their little with a little army soldiers who went around Milan the base of the lamp. These places. And the strangest thing was that when we left on my wife has this thing about checked -- Romo making sure everything's okay. She always has been looked around the bed and everything mission is nothing in the better on the bed. Looked on the event there's actually nothing under there. We're getting ready to leave -- packed up everything she says took a little bit to see if we forgotten you think and it was close on the air. It's like look close out they're not our close. And they want their prior Jim Jordan nor does she make sure we check Tehran while. Before we I want her. No that's a thing where he had lost -- -- -- -- You can Muster and you just packing up getting ready to leave. So well -- and there was some wild. And no idea where they came from who they work. I don't care what somebody else would it look at that. That's a salute -- close on an order whether or sweatpants or something turns. Jeremy stole from another room just move tomorrow I don't know what are. They are should -- to -- now Obama. Annoyances crushing in my colossal lipid national -- do you guys get any specific reports about the January -- the Samsung. I mean they I don't know sorry I think certain. You know I'm very -- -- both the usually struggles up -- -- trying to stop moving. Batteries dying. And I have. To. One and then I would hate gay grandfathered. Father and that's the three generation I don't look some media out. That many -- saw the I'm a they had heard all about Jeremy I each of the room had that little journal ordinary people write about what happened. I don't know we don't recommend people -- -- -- read -- -- -- sending out. Really read carefully edit -- stuff -- move around. Also -- intimate group there's a pileup changed let loose change. I'm and suddenly they stack it up it'll look about her he'll leave it out who stepped up do they stack all of that changed. I'm into I don't I don't one of the chaebol interim. And -- about Scott and adore my four actually and they came back to her as I would. Getting ready to go back to are -- change I'm -- my street clothes. I think maybe they can't wait wait wait don't actually go to and all of the -- and and we had stacked perhaps I don't. And how he could -- it -- -- -- night long gone. And go to game that there ethernet it even I -- I -- who rushed together. -- that the next morning that access that he did a reading. And that he felt a very gentle hand stoking a lot norm Stewart is father and his daughter felt that. And he is going into reading I but he felt that they actually plan freaking out but he took effect. Okay Jerry I'm gonna go to -- now closed the book put it down if -- stops what the opposite direction and that's. About it very cool during as I was. The other guys I have yet and it's sport it was. By the elder this huge hit do well. Scott Dixon your -- he's super into the caramel that you are. Are all of the equipment she and they spend their one night and then explain I have going to be -- -- on the corner he's in it -- Me why did nothing happening in my room. I'm certainly inch diagonal what did you -- who helped me except I won't give a voice recorder ladies. Via. I said I tried -- Data recorder can record iron and start recording he -- what we've done an excellent weight and then go away. I mean we make so much like moving about. I mean even when you're just by yourself who talked about the -- the thing even actually track pitch and knows what about -- pick -- all of that I know he's excited to build what you do or not. So they didn't they left and speaking back and debate and everything and later that night. -- what you are according to actually have a -- -- and you're. Or -- -- according you're you're only there. You're -- probably shouldn't walk away. And then you hear nothing for a little that you're the commissioner -- aren't you a couple of electronic kicks from the thermostat. And it never turn out I ten minute. And then it clearly -- Eagles used -- that shock that GP LTD. I'm very it will hopefully I'm recording that says you know when -- coming back. And that's why -- and then he or something being picked up and dropped into the dock. But can't quarter travelers up and be about stop support for the cable or something and then I could do remainder of the kind -- I'm just hours. And that they're coming back news here. And they're coming back -- sure that -- in Iraq you know luckily get a door opened an open door opens here a topic that I'm back -- the room. Why won't more what do you sorry. I agree that a little -- boys get they operate their back. -- -- back even if she's happy to have the that you essentially happened happened. -- from the Jennie wade -- -- talking about it every one of the rooms. -- take a drink smoke and that's okay everyone in the rooms is -- very nice and period furniture and continuing rooms done nice but -- Some of the stuff in this weird like a stuffed cat. -- and a monkey on the wall. I've got a chance to get more people are without. And it. You people who put it indoor exhibit it straight it would never -- we've got it covered rabbit earth. So no significant sultan yeah it should get out of -- BW. Usually people just played it better than the creepiest thing I've ever had someone this -- mind about their rooms -- There'll never a lot of cats. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- a -- tell you what we'll talk apple doesn't come back from break everybody moving back and -- or want let's talk from paranormal science I'm here to tell you about some of the best pizza I've been. It's a panel experienced that in itself so those pizza that's right so those pizza and -- the restaurants since 1964 open seven days a week. Okay irrelevant -- -- bypass of the -- commons -- pizza wings hope he's dinner you name it they have had this sort of settles by calling 5706550001. Some of pizza dot com -- -- fearful Michael on FaceBook if you mention -- said you who's going also for free. -- can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment may in -- -- welcome back to caramel science we are talking with Sean and Allison. Can. -- -- -- -- can't believe that's it is our depth that they go on there are both on tour guides for the Farnsworth. I'll say what a lot of lot of experience is like a -- and there are even on a personal level on call throws while the real quick from the back to the cat. Com and again we -- -- instrument or other consumers -- questions comments or than. It's 57083. Users are many or 104370098. I'm sure Shawn Nelson will be more demand answers from me questions. Now. We're in the overall torn -- and these media addict. And they noticed they've been about -- their nose at stores not open or shut easy for that matter because Yeltsin it's an old house of the south square to -- -- -- the remarks. On the floor itself. And I. I'm sitting there and they close the door courses tougher ones in new stores are always goes -- you know secures the torrent. -- -- on the talk and aluminum neither a million into his his his his. He has little dialogue there. The -- like. He is in opens up. Well OK fine maybe opens up and down whenever maybe he's truly does not square so unified opened fire on the session pushed -- -- I put you back Sean took a little bit -- pretty guy simply a little bit of a nudge to push shut. -- talk again and we're opens the door again. So I believe something is the -- -- -- Jeremy that you put money and you know and finally secured at the third time -- himself and it never open again. Com did you guys have that happen often. -- -- -- -- And same thing about that story is. If it doesn't fit perfectly in the air. Occasionally there is a little bit of pressure difference especially the winner went to all outside. I -- front -- pretty quickly it -- little political pressure different -- political -- it's gonna open up that door. But when that happened. Thank you very very school marks all -- well -- -- The door open because of that negative pressure totally open about halfway and then -- -- don't -- because Scott are so look for it. Sure there's so much resistance actually. The poor -- that's why do bit open all the way you literally pushing pact that important I mean if that's what you put some force and army and I'm. Six what are gonna actually collected did you tapped out points on the open all the way back not promote negative pressure that's something you'd actually pushing that door opened. Absolutely and that's exactly happened that night exactly what happened the night. I'm not reverse the -- about some really quickly touch upon its application is just a piece of plastic cover with rabbit -- so no one has to worry about the whole -- thing here. Yeah -- I would never live chat. But we do have a future there had to -- -- yet until well school's campus. Well bigger step Janet actually are all petty. Pet cat what should -- she grew up with bing and the women of our group out there. I know that that's exactly why won't have of course the show back with patty talk with Diaz and Jimmy Walsh so your -- check the immigration. Obviously very Turk can't growing up so we. A lot of people that atmosphere out recorder very deserted street and some of the -- and -- weight room -- Tom the belt or through machine and all uptight -- -- and public -- capital and democracy in the main house. -- just finally -- a lot of complaints here you have got to do something about that kept some people are allergic. So but they seen it -- here like chat ballot bowl. -- jump up on the bed and feel -- -- -- you know couple of what your -- -- your coloring older scratching at the door. I -- bowl last year -- year that paper check out these pictures -- eight chargers CB zero cool. There's an illustration of humanity as a war some fellow voters. Some dust and there won't but I can't course surgery is dull it was just absolutely course is very there's. -- just show up at the bottom of the screen probably. -- from the -- -- about. The detention about it that you actually see the hell watching a look at what you see -- -- in the air and that he'll swooping up from behind it. That's awesome. That is also and so it's amazing -- pitchers that people -- -- I don't know where you know -- -- really good that action would still see him consent. To take a lot of good stills applicants a lot of things that. But I think it. I'm sorry I hear -- -- -- they -- -- it doesn't take a lot of -- Is most people take longer to luckily got twenty. And needs have to be persistent. Now John sometimes some years you guys induce him collectively while -- like that and not you know. How how how how do you feel doing this like I mean he didn't. Not just the history of the but of course a -- side -- -- like what -- taken are we closing out here shortly just allegation guys. Included -- talk about the how the far north is to be there to work for the men like you say you guys have been nothing but Cordoba solid you -- take that from her. Well and that I mean when I first started it was something I really do it was a job. And it's. -- I don't believe the more I -- -- -- -- -- very fit I knew people like that the air act could be sort of passion. I know me yesterday history but also the terror almost and I think it here. If you keep your idol thing you know how you know epicenter was just super important because otherwise -- open -- shadow. But I'm. You know you also -- -- that it that it center. Wonder like I wonder if something's gonna happen here I -- something happened they're really hope something doesn't happen. Well there aren't aware that bank. But it's really cool -- -- -- something I mean it when you have something happens you personally pick your brain just channel nine. Wrap itself around. Especially if there's been a huge group of people that we can that we can't sit at the whole time it should get into really very. -- -- Yeah. That there are started what sort of our group out there I was -- district so I knew a lot of doubt that that's kind of what drew me in. Well also you know -- editor Rick what are. -- -- that might have something to do that but apart first heard it from a goal standpoint I was an open skeptic -- -- given the right thing. They -- this -- all -- hole existed. Everything's good wherever they are very -- -- so often that he -- budget -- you people need to do this because. Feel like fun to be its organic pollutant are all crazy people that -- that the election. -- real well that's a very not to have that that certain you know. Craziness if you won't do this anyway but I'll tell you what entire time I've been there. I can tell you you know -- -- -- you know all the -- guys and everybody there just makes you feel at home and and that's one of the great things about the Farnsworth. All I -- a proponent here for you guys know anybody that has not by the Farnsworth is definitely go there. Check him out Farnsworth house in -- dot com there's there you call them. At 7173348838. And dumb I mean he does have a bunch of tours and -- I -- the morning. As an MO EU RO NGU theater I mean yes he hit him Alessio up early section 7 PM I believe. Obama the he cemetery hill walked confederate house -- get a good guys -- one will see our -- the three. Shoot the most votes every night once a month we do what's called a little light were weak job. I just like signers. -- couple hours you're only -- job through area whether it actual fighting on the battlefield. I'm due to investigate that area and then we -- -- have access to the entire article about. Factors from the yellow where they were sort of -- after the -- he had four per person fiery happy union liner to battle that's the think about that workshop -- that you can investigate the actual -- were inside of albums look for feedback that everything. Awesome Shawn Nelson we only have about a 120 seconds left I want to thank you both so much for calling in Austin -- credentialing and do this again. This is on Joseph -- and stands search for a good enough -- silence you next week thank you denied it.