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Bob Munley candidate for PA legislative representative and Corbett

Mar 20, 2014|

Bob Munley, candidate for PA legislative representative, in the new 112th district talks to Corbett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob -- thanks for making the call. Tried -- -- you were good we've already down opened a big discussion about a 112. We've got. Kevin Hagerty thrown rocks and frank Farina. Frank promising to debate everybody and then this is a first chance to at least hear a little bit about you know. What -- what's your take on what's happening in the racial already Bob. Well I wouldn't say this Steve I know I've been contemplating the ruptured discs are positioned well for a little while and I've been very and a lot of support. From the people in the -- don't know me I feel that I can be a very very effective. Legislator in Harrisonburg. I have not. I would like sixty whereas on the about -- school board. And you know. So I just feel that right now as far as change are blowing in Harrisburg I'm I'm very upset about the way the governor Corbett. Has made cuts to education. Over a million dollars and you know that education is something that I feel very deeply I -- Over a billion dollars to education. And I just think that these cuts are unacceptable news there's a lot of issues that that I feel bad stuff. You'll -- -- a strong voice and and I -- just feel deep in my heart that's how I can -- very effective solid enough. And indeed the legislature. Now -- -- served on or no school board for what fourteen years. Actually pulled forceful terms sixteen years I do not -- I know. After its terms of that was -- never pursued a fifth term. And then what school board is that Bob. I -- sort undervalued school board. Yes obviously education is something that you've been a part of you were quoted as saying that Harrisburg is broken what exactly did you mean by that. Well simply because you know what I meant I mean there's just you know I just feel that we know what -- these cuts going I'm in an education which. But you are most important resources our children and end up. I used to read these movies concert just unacceptable. There are much -- shelf for instance let's -- We must -- structured your own state of the union that does not have not. Actually in the United States -- and the severance tax. And again I think that is unacceptable. Are you -- -- reason why. You're not something can't be done in that area -- you know two and instead of taking the money out of education. He'll be tried under each tribe attacked it's less our show notes that severance tax like every other state in the country does. And -- feel this way you know they would be able to find their education and much more feel much better. Sand and destroy it per cent gas tax that was important. All in all be out and warned that over five year period. Further you know bid for the construction of 2.5 million dollars that is well under a different that there are other ways. And we've been getting their revenue and and one of the main things. I believe would be -- my social taxation and extraction of natural gas. So this ray show I believe is going to be as closely watched as any race because this seems like a volatile British cabinet and he is. How dare make and all kinds of statements about frank Farina frank Farina is responding. By defending his own record. Do you think you're gonna be able to love maintain your campaign without being caught -- Absolutely absolutely. I -- I am now with that let me let them off to -- or represented had a he had an abstraction to my campaign I I I believe very deeply in my own abilities. And now I'm just keep on moving forward and -- I expect to be successful and make. You figure you're well known enough outside your own community do you think -- turn your your name recognition they deserve -- I'm -- -- world. Going to be a factor of. Well yeah well I'm not I'm sure that the my name is going to be I would I'm gonna get my word -- trust the people about my own you know abolish. On and our you know parent and you million that you don't -- you about the debate. I am certainly in favor of the baby I I believe that you know that's a democratic prep process but I would I would -- -- part -- that. Well we got we got the race that's well under way may twentieth will be here before you know it. And I'm feeling you got a lot of work ahead -- you will look forward to talking with your -- my among my. I'm Robert -- Bada -- I mean you know it's going to be. It's gonna take a lot of hard work and not -- -- I I -- I'm going forward I -- -- Great people behind me family and friends that are working on my -- while working very underwater. Extremely confident that they believed then and I think that would like to be successful I really go. Okay we'll talk again thanks so much -- only run and then no one -- and twelfth district. For the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As a Democrat he wants the nomination.