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Mar 15, 2014|

Saturday March 15, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims -- -- not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- Distort your weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning good morning how are you sick he sounded boom and now I better today than you work. Sweet yes I am now much better today but I'll tell you what this -- kicked my rear end Tenet. I if you did you ever hear me tell you in all the years you know may tenth with a cold or anything that I didn't I didn't at least my house from Saturday. Until Wednesday good Saturday it was out Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday and left Monday Wednesday afternoon. That's a kicker it was bad yeah well. I totally nice and those still clinging in there and linking the defense and -- slinging you know. It's still early and there's a lot of slinging going hand was that via triangular thing I know six weeks I know that. It's still is a bad one and -- is on home unknown spring break and I felt care about now because when your second. He went for everything you're in planning and do. We won't know but didn't just to just everything you know you just an -- kids do not like to see from their man doesn't feel like scary. You know and I don't like that but when it when he and do. How you move to keep talent usually it's sometimes I think I know if I'd ever had a real flow. Because I never really stopped for a cold I just keep going and deal with that. And I don't know really if this one was any worse than -- had in the past it's just that I had the opportunity. On Monday to really not do anything and Sunday to not do anything so I took advantage of having the freedom. Didn't you know and -- with this so would I mean yes it was bad but I don't feel like it was. I think I feel I -- it felt crappy before but I still wouldn't went about my life and my -- I think I it was -- I don't know which one is you know like a chicken or the egg which came first I don't know. But it's yucky nobody should -- because that's the thing you -- -- don't should. Get -- does a lot of that going around now and there's something the other night on one of the news -- channels about the fact that. Is still technically winter yeah and you know we still have these things that are floating around people just dismiss them. And think they're nothing and they're very serious illnesses of them. -- Pneumonia the young know both dying of pneumonia right as they don't pay attention to. So -- the end. You do have to be careful on gas and that's why I actually does the idea idea and I am too because I usually am not him and I thought. -- right. I'm gonna do what I'm supposed to -- himself that's an agent. -- here me and well we learned here I'm not a meeting last night yes how was that at their company or rainfall yeah there was another store her and on corner of house of married storm by the way which is beautiful isn't it colors and can. And it -- -- cozy and there I like it yeah. I asked it was very nice. Am great I gain no worry about -- -- -- -- to -- metres and writing wacky tickets for. Things that don't really happen like when they say you're parked too close to one sign which is never true -- and they sappy for tickets and I love that you can argue the ticket. Now hosts. How -- why why -- it's your word against theirs they're gonna win because they need the money money because of how messed up that authority has. So like put the hack. It's so no wins and right so now it's not as she is the piece of being in the neighborhood. Which is surrounded by a wonderful businesses okay. And church in a school in a lot of activity. And she has this beautiful little shops there now and I think it's great well it was. It was good it was very nice to see if I had not been in it and until that point -- so I was very happy to see what day. Made out of the store because it's very attractive. It's a nice place to hang out yes and what was really interesting was to listen to nada and -- eighties and of course by default Michael's story. About how they all got involved in this business. And how Katie thought that she was gonna do something else and it didn't and came back willingly and decided she wanted to participate in -- And they can do well for years and and look at an end when things as she says that I have to agree with. That we were talking about. Competition and where does that come from men clearly it's the online shopping -- making a dent in her business. But the one thing she mentioned she talked about it at length. It was the fact that when women buy things and there are kids you've I -- locally. The women who owned the store also know just in conversation. Why you're buying the closure buying ended may be because I'm going to sound -- When banks always. And their wedding or whenever I'm so somebody else comes and then -- -- us right -- gonna dismiss anyone you don't put them in -- place. And that's not something you can get online you know none at all and at the other things she mentioned was that it was very nice to know that what you purchase before. From the same store she can remember what you have and say well you know that Jack that you bought last year is this go really nice with -- and and as she's -- that's that's the thing that makes a difference of being home personalized store -- Service serve and I really. Service that they provide is they Alter tailor anything and you get. True like it be to fit you perfectly which is this service. They provide when you buy -- the garment yeah so it's not just okay taken off the rack and you Wear it like you do when he -- -- have to take it somewhere else. And haven't fitted if -- you know if you do things like that most people don't but if they get -- In this case they will do it and I I have to I do is to -- -- full disclosure than not Acadia and Michael are three of my very best friends but. Not who is one of the most generous giving lovely young women who does anything first and has done so much for this community Michael. And all he does is being and I'm retired art teacher at the in this Abington school district. And now like you said by default -- falls right into helping -- Katie and not -- In Cady who is justice community calm minded and involved and is eight. Huge huge talent. And in the things that woman can do I mean she graduated with a come from for redemption in a costume design team. That woman there is nothing that woman cannot do from making any thing she's incredible incredible. So there in the perfect. They had that player. And their in the perfect line of work for their skills and talents and we'll tell them they say analysts say that they're unbelievable and I love how. How connected they all large and they all help each other out and it eat there isn't one thing. That they don't do that each one puts their heart into even if it's not their baggage that they will help because it's gonna help the other one minute that's so important. And so whatever they talked a -- they did they have passed that -- auntie Katie. And that's really one of the things she said that she learned that work ethic from her parents. As very thankful that she didn't develop that because it's one of those things like you said something needs to be done you. You stay with -- and until it's done right it. Anything done. And that's something that not too many people now have in this world and so bad but. That's the reason why they are where they are and you know she sure does and some rough times. There we like all good business is right gases group. We'll let anyone in there and the fact that they came from being in clarks summit Chinchilla they're for so long moved to downtown Scranton and then got this wonderful opportunity. Because that was the biggest problem for them in the downtown was. The lighting situation which I was happy for years when they moved and 2007. Stuff that didn't happen that was supposed to the lack of parking people getting parking tickets. No -- for people to feel comfortable walking and and now they are in -- location and like I said it's a little community over there with a lot of stuff happening there. So yeah I just think it's great. It's nice to see that and I hope that a lot of people support that kind of -- Enterprise because. That's what we need more of to revitalize. The areas in this world I mean neighborhood whenever some are good thing. And they had everything you know not just close but accessories and jewelry and and home -- some beautiful gifts scarves and the like -- -- -- -- my stop shop in my twenty Dallas -- Marcel. If there's if there's something for everybody and that's store and it's a wonderful place they're wonderful hosts and we had a very nice time. And and then I'm glad they gave us the opportunity to get to see. It was that would it was all about about how they do it started their business and hand out cash then the idea though was that we would like to go to different places and know of people that have successful businesses. Especially women owned businesses and find out. What did they do differently or what did they do what their words of advice how -- they get to where they are that tennis doesn't nicely attended and was I think their -- Probably 5021 and I was there and I did not go because I'm last night we have our. Upcoming fund raiser after the Saturday after today actually because it's going to be Saturday when you're listening. But I do for our evening of fine foot -- which is an annual fundraiser at the culture center and last night was our. Our annual writing of the invitation you know like they say the running of the bulls look this is the writing of the invite him. And it is every year we all get round stuffed them right them sealed them stand and then their done so yes. Last night we got everything done with my great coupe with a group of gals who support that event every year. So that's like he can't be two places that really. I can't until you figure that out lying now Lane Kiffin saying no gas and the other thing we want to make sure we tell everybody is. The top 25 women and I'm women to bring now well Lincoln I think offering an -- now after the less. But. That it really it was a wonderful group of women and I pray that every year but it amazes me. Where they come from and now I just I can not only where they come from but. How did we miss these PL force understands yet they're they're incredible live and one of them is one of our dear friends Kathy rapper I know including. Yes I'm very happy for her she's thrown and Julie Jordan the whole time refer cancer diagnoses so I'm. Both of those women are are very successful what they do and not to take anything away from the other 23 they all. Are you know people say you know obviously better someplace that was when things when you said before about how and we miss them how to and we missed those I know for the last twelve years and another. Good friend of mine you indeed Judy Judy Judy -- -- -- to rise yet it was true yeah yeah it's pretty face yes so yes so yeah I had some. It's so good speaking to pretty faces after the big shout out to my good friend -- Mitchell. Who died and one of my dear friends who helps every year right should be today -- and she fits me lark. I was listening they'll last name leery of writing she said I listen to your show faithfully and she said I -- I want to call in and then I remember I can't -- in -- say I told did it takes away from air time so that's maybe cutting. -- laughed but she's that I love to listen to it. Good so I twice I have to get a big shout out to my dear friend Italian Mitchell thanks for marvelous watching on death. Separate wrongly on the radio thanks for for listening. And I also have to say shout out to my. Accountant who was with may end he said that I I know you have the show but I don't even think about listening to us so well you've got to. And I and nice to know he listens to satellite radio Sony doesn't have faced journalism this weekend he is CSC is so Eric Davis. Just out of TO. See if he does. -- Or anybody else can't say -- -- Am. Now. Other than I got a bunch cause of my voice -- voice followed. Minnesota did I called nice it's time call include John uncle giant -- John John Foley mind what I love them to pieces his aren't great uncle. And he called Denise that I just wanna tell AM I was listened to the show and that and young times voices beautiful and -- guy Levin and it's such a good sign at this time of the year. So I was telling Tommy doesn't make you did not play that song again I -- Yeah I did it. So what I said I love it and it's perfect and too bad it's this last weekend this weekend at fit the he's like my home ice and that's what Tommy. My child and I'm very proud to view and it's a beautiful song and it's now out for the world and now how did I say how noticeable -- beat David foster's listening. -- yeah that's a big jump but so much. So anyway tirade about how I guess we're live we're gonna take a really quick break and we'll be right back you're listening this morning to -- -- -- happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody. Okay. It's. Okay. Room. Okay. News good news or. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. It's okay. Move -- Saturday morning with the Koreans live now. -- -- -- Okay. -- This. OK okay cool. Okay. Okay. Well good morning good morning. How are you don't today. -- not getting better by the minute -- good idea. Yeah yes how could I NASA when my name is -- Evans and I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I am -- captain and the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising appearance special event business. If you could see the inside of our studio it's just like Saint Patrick's Day on crack I said and much and what's his name journey Lucas in the air he said. Johnny -- Lucas he said. That it was get Carroll on the street who decorated the inside contact. Elicit -- -- since I saw Caroline street -- the parade that this prayed I did go to the Pittston Saint Patrick's Day prayer that says. I LS last year last week yes okay. And was before he gets -- yeah well that was the Saturday sentences and I should've limp but whenever. I loved it we had a blast good and it was nice it was it was packed. And -- and you know what I loved and dear what the you know the Irish are proud anyway but. It proud people but the pride that -- hand. -- -- put pulling this thing off and put an end getting it back on the route. Was tremendous and I have to give them credit like caps off to everyone who had anything to do with fit because it's -- a major undertaking and it was a great time and everybody was happy they would work they lucked out with the weather because it was absolutely gorgeous. And so well attended and it seemed like everybody had a great time south. I just say keep -- they were can stay aren't gonna continue -- that's going to yearly now goods -- so. You can't beat Saint Patrick's Day parade you know men we just can't. I know we you know I don't like the clowns has got to know I mean that I mean. Nice things I don't like the clowns that are there and meant center around the trial wild -- the clowns I love the Clinton's. The idiots listening is that when -- -- who run around with those -- horns Leo that's and I cannot. I stand I don't these guys goes and you say I know but it's one day. And put -- at -- -- have to be there. I I want your -- anyway sorry I'm not -- with Patrick -- apple dating as far away as I can via I love it love everything about it. Remember after the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Scranton stop at the Scranton cultural center for the post parade party lots of fun and great music. Old friends is playing the Irish old friends from -- Bay Area. And the piping and stopping -- and it's a great time so go and support that pandering bustling shopping that stuff and it's free for your food. What Scalia and the food for the -- The 88 OH and aren't -- doing the and angles being and company are doing all of the action the food drive in the parade. To any type of nonperishable if you can bring some please do and they will be -- they were going through the parade route and in the prayed and they will ask for your donations. So are doing well so far south and -- just put it in the newspaper the other day for itself. So that's that's good. -- your brother was on the have you any appeal last night was done. Talking about it her and showing the cart that they will be bringing through the parade route -- Uncle who played earlier and a different one thing it's true -- -- think about Barry. Wonder whether looks like it's gonna be beautiful so we're going to be beautiful so let's hope everyone brings something and they get as much as they can because. They everybody needs this well that was part of the stories that they then showed some of the food pantries around the area that we're pretty -- happier. And they really win -- it would mean so much to them. If people would do this. Because as you said it's something they think about a Christmas time of the holiday and then forget about the -- is that they're exhausted by the time I bring content sounds so they need replenishment so I just think that's a great. Thing for them to do thank just do I do and -- -- garnering any thinking I got. A box a box of pasta. -- you hit it weighs nothing can bring it in unloaded decision yet there so please try to do that for them it's a great thing. So it's kind of question so now. Do you ever feel. Money and need. To. I am now I don't ever feel envious. I have and I feel I -- money I'm desire. He had -- came banana and think no I don't ever feel I never that's never out of a word I. Well I try to stay away from network 'cause I don't ever I don't know I don't have any feeling like that. I do what I do think I go and it would be nice to stick out of new. Whenever I OK but not anything just in his desire for more and things that I think we don't really verbalize it. We don't say it but there's an instant where we think it. That's what I'm talking where we think we want our money I know that and several different categories of this when I want to talk of. Says an article that was in learn fast when my therapy list. But that the first and was career ending I wish I had his job or yeah job of that sending that's because they were talking about and then you say yourself well. Yeah but then there's there's so there's that to -- so you've. Basically. Deflate whatever that was that your NV was in this case this homicide in about what I might look like if you have career and they. Last time Messiah College roommate he's just been sent to London and Paris for work project and flew business class his assistant. Field is his phone calls -- took a few days to see the sights afterwards but he had to get back to attend a benefit dinner hosted by Bono on behalf of his boss. -- you get that job. That's the that -- now by the way and I don't know that would be stun gun owner. What does it say and I says I don't think I got there and I love it okay so what to remind yourself basically that you're only looking at the exterior I said friends job. You don't know everything about a person's career. Maybe it's a difficult boss works twelve hour days or hates his job and can't wait to get out of it after all. No one's gonna flaunt their five month stretch working every weekend. And even if things are good as good as they seem you're envious and about him it's about you instead of focusing on other person's job. Reflect on your own career and take a moment to appreciate things you like about your job. OK that's fine as a way to get your head out of a second when his house and me. Real people live here. But sequestered them. What -- I look like between -- interest HDTV. HGTV. And a thriving world of lifestyle blogs I was thinking how was that sound you -- that's an app -- UZZ. And all of this with. Pictures of rooms and outside the -- summerall. Just gorgeous. Can you say. I would be nice to have. But which remind yourself there's a reason we say homes were hardest and we dare say a happy heart isn't dependent on -- -- -- -- six cents -- true. They're one gadget envy. What's cool shiny you have women knows they now I don't I don't really tough ice don't be a man thing lenses that can always -- from it would look like it just like the -- -- -- everywhere in my iPhone still flipped. It's easy to be envious of the coworker who's constantly looking out the latest and greatest gadget or your friend or neighbor with a bigger screen TV. A new inexpensive gadget provides all sorts of opportunities the opportunities to break it. Losers I have installment of wireless means the additional cost of having to ensure it. I'll tell you and I had and then the avalanche people who know how to use. Oh OK. I have no clue but anyway and then Sarah got ahead and the fourth one is vacation then me and I'm thinking right now. -- definitely envious of this right now and -- couldn over who's been a friend asked for a long time and her husband Steve Howell. Are up in that and T and T and gaga yes and she sends pictures every day sunsets places on the peace and beautiful have you ever up knowing it is that slam -- -- insider -- you're there. Yes and so when it might look like yeah it looked like go to -- especially today be nice to sit there and between me. It's a silent gosh. You plan might look like your neighbors just got back from a jealousy inducing tracked it to loom. An -- that is and nearly one gulf island hopping with your friends next month that you just can't afford it. And sand trap with the thing you call your budget when they only get away your family can seem to afford is an hour long drive to visit your in laws. And listens to grams of white sand beach is just aren't a welcome sight. So what to remind yourself vacationing isn't about having the best photographs. The point is to get away if it doesn't really matter where you go instead of Aruba go to Florida. Okay how does that mean to -- that's still strikes hit a three day weekend at home where chores are forbidden and alarms are turned off. Clothing and things. That she ever Wear the same thing twice. What am I look like the -- chick chic neighbor. Our viewers only sports designer labels from your colleagues who spoke -- sleep and feeling a little less than dressed for the job you want. And all that fun with fashion killing his thinking how on earth can they afford it. Went to remind yourself you never know the reality behind the two sides may be your favorite fashion plate can't actually formed when she's fine. I had a client once who had always come in with new outfits remembers this author. And then I discovered ten -- 151000 health is that at this ship. Okay. Last one -- and they. Can't cash from being the what do might look like one of the hardest parts of being -- bush is having to say no way too expensive opportunities present themselves that. Dinner that we can ski trip that taxi. But wait how come that friend can't always can always afford to say yes. -- for actually nobody post FaceBook status. Updates crawling I was good my mansion this weekend the truth is you're also saying SS and different things you're saying yes mainly found dead. Yes to worry free retirement. -- guess yes to buying homes and there whenever busy one. And the seventh one the last -- family money and -- their parents gave them everything noon. What am I look like whether or not you know I trust fund baby. It's no secret that there are a lot of people out there who didn't earn their jobs income or opportunities beyond having their -- Canucks -- who won here. What did that why do they get such good luck. What's remind yourself on some level you've accomplished even more than they have everything you have you've earned. And that's something to be proud of simply getting an opportunity doesn't guarantee success but the skills and independents learned through hard work may very well thank you up for life. So if you're thinking you have all this and -- -- sometimes it. Yeah it's just not a lot more than you think it's not worth it there. Funny story about these other two women which I thought really this is really cool story. Come against time yeah -- for the women only two minutes and with time. It's a simple thing that these two women. Create this company called poppy Barley and strange name fits in Canada. And what they did was they offer made to measure women's footwear for -- online. So what ever if you want. They will have it made freely and should do. So I feel like particular boot -- like issue whatever it is you send in all the measurements they haven't made just for you insanity. To help business idea yeah but from what -- -- any kind you somebody else is brandish something if you see something that you want. Let's see how they did this. Man an e-commerce -- Clinton connecting women from everywhere to the craftsmanship of custom boots. I was really encouraged when I got back to can start telling women about it. I realize is a lot of enthusiasm behind this since neither our expert Shoemaker is baby and the study global. -- making comments she stumbled ones when -- stumbled upon -- a city roughly the -- of Montreal. In Mexico's. I wanna watch so province phone calls and emails to manufactures. Proved futile so they. Called the Mexican Canadian embassy connected them to a translator and the pair flew -- home. They didn't get much of her reaction the standard answer was you know make foods that way anymore everything's done that kind of assembly line so they went to me. The mother when these women who have been making custom men's dress shoes from more than a decade. She had great Tim agreed to make samples in her small factory for this company. The co-founder set up headquarters. Found in Edmonton. And the sales -- as they modified boot designs for better fed and -- the capacity. Of the factory and jumped this past August as demand it shot up for boots for the coming when there. The sisters say the company handles about 200 orders a month 80% of which some are from Canada. The public also helped fund the company's growth which one of these crowd funding things that we talk about yeah. And it was doing very. To give me that went straight I did go on the and that's cool because. A lot of people have trouble with their cabs yes feeding those -- -- -- -- -- give -- that weren't so great. A lot of athletes who have both a larger -- they can get the right -- so that's perfect. -- well good to know. So please everybody will be coming up next with -- to cut out a little bit early but doctor farm platinum -- -- our resident expert today. She'll be up next with lynch and we will see you soon. Ganassi next week but -- happy saint Patrick's everybody and missed my point -- the only fight I will be right back. Don't. News. We can't. -- OK okay. I'm OK it's. Didn't came really this -- -- Here if it's. True and -- Man. Okay. It's Saturday morning a little Korean land and -- -- Good morning my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. And glorious with us for this segment this morning she had to run out so I am here with us. Our guest expert doctor Barbara -- that MG -- advanced gynecology associates in Scranton. And we we thank Barbara for being here she's been here. Now this is the third time this it is and we've had some really interesting conversations. Because these are the kinds of things that women. Talk about but not very openly and I think -- the kind of things. They are the kinds of things that we need to talk more about and make it a part of our conversations because it's really important. If for nothing else quality of our lives especially as we age so welcome Barbara welcome good morning. And so we're talking less time about hormone replacement stuff and we kind of exhausted that topic for the moment but this morning you'd like to talk about tough one of those things -- a lot of women. No they experience that they don't talk about so overactive bladders. That oh AMA what is that. And leakage. Leakage yes I thought we should talk about urinary leakage which is the big word for that is incontinence -- and there's. Two different types of urinary leakage and that helps us decide. What then what the therapies and would be for you so then then the biggest issue that people have is they'll say to me that they either and leak with the cost first knees. -- they leak when they can't get to the bathroom fast enough settled got to go theory that was a great commercial Easter beyond yes I remember that episode every leaky -- not to seem. And the people that leak would sneeze and cough. Actually probably have more about muscle weakness in the area of the Blatter. The people that leak with an urgency or I can't get their fast enough for a can't get my pants down fast enough. Why pull up in the driveway and all listen I have to go. That's really related to what we call an over active flatter where the muscle. The bladder which is a muscle. And starts to squeeze prematurely and tries to empty out that platter before we want it to whom. So when we talk about those two different types than our fair piece. Are different. So if we we're to talk about the coffins knees kind of linkage. We would talk about the old -- exercise can I'm sure everybody's heard about that you know squeeze the -- squeeze the muscles down their exercise in a fight you know went up to anybody and on the street said could you do occasional exercise they would squeeze every which muscle except for the one they probably need help. And -- felt so little music questionnaire how do you know. Which one is there anyone you're squeezing my bags the problem so who teaches you this do you teach your patients how to do this we DO we don't so. I you know the easiest way for -- to define how you teach that muscle. -- some people have been -- to stop the flow here and as they're going yeah. And that's if a -- that's very difficult and that's not when you should be practicing them but sometimes it helps you figure out which muscle it is -- -- other times we actually will show you want an exam. Which muscle it is it's actually just inside than vaginal wall. I'm more what I would say is that the you know the 4 o'clock and the 8 o'clock position if you were to punish them and make us a clock out of them didn't description but those muscles if -- do your exercises every day those muscles -- really will help you learn to hold back some of -- -- -- and so we do encourage people to do that but it's hard to remember did did them. I always joke with my patients -- and get some post it notes and put a Beagle K on it. And post -- every where you are. That will remind you to do your cable exercises and how many can I use both the Jewish day how many times would be ideal. Well ideally be more than once today but realistically once today is sufficient so it could to put -- K your calendar every twenty minutes. I put it on the dash of my car I would put it on my computer when I might put it on the television yeah. Ice where you would set for 1015. Minute okay. And you could do your exercises peacefully now very Ghali could do that when you're sitting in traffic and so getting frustrated I'm still. Lisa Lisa way just squeeze away this. That he's so funny OK so I'm sorry I interrupted you when you're talking about the different therapies depending on which of the two different types. Of -- you have. So it exercises are one and we take a step further we have pelvic floor Serafin switcher actually physical therapist allied to do a great job and our patients. And some surgeries we have some outpatient same -- surgeries that really will make it a great difference for you if you have that's an easy cough kind of leakage. Now the other type of linkage which I tend to be more frustrating because it tends to really control your life. You're the gal with overactive bladder you know the inside of every bathroom everywhere it is. You don't like to go on trips you know when the -- in the old days of the bus trips to Atlantic City you wouldn't wanna go because you -- the gal that was good enough to go and -- the bathroom all the time you're embarrassed by the condition. And quite frankly you have to have pads on all the time because you just not sure when that -- may run out. And so a lot of times when we talk about that overactive or what I call and irritable bladder. I look at the things that we eat we drink I look at. Things like caffeine or alcohol spicy foods the things that I call here -- -- -- irritants. And I -- but that irritates the -- I thought by the time you process -- food. And gets all three years system. All that's taken out. Unnecessarily Blatter when it does is it changes your PH in and make sure. I can't -- -- so then eighty and -- becomes and here it's here to make that Blatter screens some and the year and comes out much more frequently have you to have three cups of coffee you'd be in the bathroom three times as much as the Gelman didn't have the three cups of coffee so what else -- again cash and teen alcohol spicy foods. Or acidic foods. Like the great like -- oranges grapefruit orange juice even cranberry juice which people think is in great protector of the -- yeah. But it's what we're talking about is it's a great protector for bladder infections. But again not -- protector for an overactive bladder -- actually irritate or so I don't recommend that we drink scads of cranberry juice so -- you know. It it. You think you're taking it for the right reasons and it turns out it's not now OK so -- other things that you can do you can go to the bathroom much more timely you can actually tying yourself to go home said that you don't get caught in a situation where you have to go and hurry. So we kind of we call them time to voice. We do learn to suppress. The urge to go. By using those can -- muscles we squeeze squeeze grease grease -- and told if that's the -- goes away from -- it's a mind over matter saying we learn to suppress them. -- all of those tricks and tips don't help then we resort to medications or other therapies. And I'm sure a lot of you've seen the commercials you see that the -- people on television. Pilot and that got to go commercial hit it right on the nail that that was the ticket. And so you know those are medications that people take. The medications had a lot of side effects that stepped bothered people enough that they really didn't wanna take their medications. And those side effects were dry IAC dry mouth constipation. And so that was in the majority of the medications. Now a different medication has to mount this last year on the doesn't have quite the same side effects but it still has some side effects associated with it. Well -- Let me ask you questions process what you just said about this side effects of taking the medication that's the traditional way of dealing with the problem. Good to dry mouth. Dry eyes and constipation which is another way of saying. Gel -- stools or whatever so is the idea behind the medication to try to. Not produce as much liquid -- all three your system so it dries up everything including your sinuses and. Well it actually doesn't stop producing your urine but -- it because the medication is -- why -- You -- the effects it has in other areas of the body which is why it's not such a great option right. I think one of the more exciting in the brand new option -- has come out on the last year -- something called Botox. Which we've all heard of Botox for your face and wrinkled -- -- -- now all we can do is we can actually put it in the Blatter and we we do the same procedure to the Blatter. Which if we think the platters one big muscle -- think about it that way can ask -- what we're doing is we're causing this muscle to relax. So doesn't squeeze is often. And that way people don't have as much many trips to the bathroom they don't have all the accidents that's a great new in office procedure. It's not permanent so will Wear off but it's a great this a fact that we -- now with the use of Botox in other places. Well isn't something. -- that you would schedule like those women who feel they need to have. Regular Botox treatments. So it was a three months or something like that six months you suggest it's six once or twice a year we can protect you see in effect it would last that long obviously summer last summer Mormon if you say on average every six months -- you realize. You probably coming couldn't gonna quote going to command for about twice a year. Of course you have to ask the ultimate question is covered by my insurance and most of the times that it is so that I'm allowing the FDA did tell with a crude -- And you know everybody always looks to Medicare well Medicare coverage. And Medicare was one of the first ones to cover Botox injections had a bladder. I send them a private insurers are covering for the majority and then the company also has a coupon that if they help you with the cost of that if you have a co pay them so that's a great benefit also can. Well I just wanted to let let me throw out something that's that may be it's -- urban myth or something like that front. I've always heard that. -- women who have found bladder leakage it's generally women who are in their fifties and older. And the cause of it is pregnancy. Than having been through pregnancy and delivering children naturally or whatever. As opposed who's this area but. That is that it doesn't does doesn't have anything to do with it. A yes -- no to both of those questions okay. We ten to see urinary leakage occurred more often as we age. But it can start in your teens can carry right through from childhood on how to say much lesser number of people. So if we go without Fiorina receipts not only child bearing that will make you weak and and there's many reasons why people will have leakage. Childbearing or had the active of having children and stretching muscles and things of that sort. Really seems to have more of an effect on -- stress incontinence -- the cough sneeze leaky. Because it's about support certain. But it really doesn't have much of an effect on causing overactive bladder which we're not quite sure why we have overactive bladder but we do know what happens. More often. As we get older it's. Well -- is different than. With a child when you train a child's. Too -- you know go to the bathroom -- -- get them off the diapers. Isn't that essentially the same thing in reverse your teaching them to control the muscles of their Blatter who you are it's exactly right that's why we have Blatter training. And I hate but at the time we eliminate the dietary your tents and we put them on a time schedule. And we suggest these urged suppression techniques and we cut back fluids before bed. That's exactly what we're doing because at some point the Blatter has taken control over the person. And we need to get that back to the person has to take control over the bladder again so we do it in the same way. That's funny that we do that in reverse -- hit it. Larry well let me say thank you for being here this morning doctor Barbara flood maps MD. Cool as well as some had her own business and fans gynecology associates in Scranton. And if you need any information about what we talked about this morning with Botox treatment. Please give her car that. 5703449997. And it's glory were here you know she was safe and being nice. Fans. Okay.