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Mar 22, 2014|

Saturday March 22, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for -- and -- Just don't you we do. -- -- -- Until you lie okay. And good morning good morning how are you I'm good how are you today sounds like he's still got some of that cool yeah I do -- -- and I can do about it my concept. People said that there's have lasted six and we yes now and so this tomorrow how well today to yesterday Cusworth. Today's Thursday were taping but when you listen it'll -- Saturday and you'll be with two weeks. At that point. I guess you have to do nothing but just hang in there. Dim all the light sweet story now. Okay he's got to let it work its course and everybody says -- are you taking anything well now because. You can't take anything for a cold unless you have an infection. Which I don't have to thank god and so you just have to play it's got to play work itself final voting and I don't. I think people are overt but antibiotic. Oh yes if that's him that's tomorrow now medicated yeah yeah it's bizarre sound tennis. And I'm very relieved he eats you know -- -- and they stopped working -- immune and I'm allergic to a lot of and antibiotics including one that I had taken like maybe ten times. Prior to win and then I had an allergic reaction on the eleventh time which is kinda scary yeah. So now my children have some -- antibiotic. -- allergies but as well so some of it's like trying to to do it. -- I don't have to sell happy. Post saying yes and post them and tell us about all of what you did since we heard the well in last they were in the per AS in the -- Course with these society of Irish women yes I am. They -- which we always have a good time we go to mass and the first and then. The parade we walk in it and then we go to the cultural center a lot of us because society sponsors. But are one of the sponsors of the post parade party at the cultural center so it's always nice to go there and so was nice but I am. It was so -- of course is coming not awesome. But you know last week being you know under the weather as they say and I wanna know why they say that specimens together and anxiously -- yes but -- So I kind of cut out of the center a little sooner than I usually do because if I just need to get out of there but found -- See the great seem to light it did not seem as crowded as it has the last year or sound. I'm and you get a bird's eye view that when you're walking seed Tennessee it was a nice -- attended the parade but but bloody it seems. I'm sound but nonetheless they're always finally always have a good time and the master's beautiful and I'm. It was a nice day and it was sort of the last couple years I have been able to get to the mass on time because of doing. Did -- -- you know usually do live in now this was a year because now we taped and it was I was able to be there on time for the whole mass which I like to -- and so was very nice very very nice and they know how many people attended the after -- event and I don't I don't know but we get on average about 4000 people through the door -- Yeah people come and go all day. From eleven to four and it was crazy. So even vendors that serve all the food there's a different cultural center on Monday ordered their food and beverage. Department and -- a lead by Karen sandusky who does a wonderful job. And all of the bar staff and volunteers and actually the whole staff worked that day. I'm Jason Helmand in the back doing all of the pizza in the pretzels and he had published in all that kind of stuff they make can have available so it was it's it's an undertaking but it's a good one sirens. CN that was a good time I like to be there because you just see so many people who you know like I said before her fury and for the parade in your -- they eerie ear you're visiting from -- living elsewhere in coming home it's nice to see everybody. So was said. It was fun it's always a good time to pray tell is a good way to -- -- to reunite with people. And then of course Sunday. Sean finished his spring break so we drove him back and forth to you know drove the downdraft amending came back on Sunday. And then of course Monday he. Plus plus high holy day high holy day. And -- It was the sixteenth annual dinner and a half for the society of Irish women I'm Eleanor Kerrigan president. And and they were -- McNulty who was feet. MC was hysterical. Hysteria I mean she is. She's just some believe -- -- -- was I met at the -- as well as Kathleen came. And good -- she was you know really given detailed. Susan -- she -- great sport because -- -- -- -- a couple of years ago and the -- she did it again and she -- did you imagine this woman was. Decided to come back after it was a really mature couple years ago. And then -- was Pinochet. Usually you like but I -- like the so glad Susan and the governor -- you really like the yeah. Yeah. -- she was so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it was just she's just a very funny off the congress and garrison and yes she kept it going and I say this all the time to people out there -- No idea what it's like to MC any thing. It is not easy to do no matter what your doing it is different called to keep people entertained to keep the shell moving. To make sure there's no lag time and when -- -- gotta feeling and it is not an easy undertaking to anyone who does that I know little bit about him myself if you don't. Keep it going near big travel and every always manages to do a wonderful job. Well how was so to speak here as it was in nineteen. Yes she and he she Linda sixteen -- -- David teens daughter Jennifer who lives in New York City who was an agent. For. Sports and you -- and and celebrities but she Emmett Smith is one of her. I'm -- who she DNA she's an agent for and she said that Pinochet because he did dance with the stars and and he actually won. Music sleazy act and she's was talked a little bit about that in and how. Exciting -- is a neck and neck did you know even you learn a little bit about how people become. What do you get endorsements for certain things you have to agents have to secure that they're not all coming to the the people invaded celebrity -- that's. Say that athlete is thank and you deuce no because it's especially if you just win a gold medal or your -- the Super Bowl or something. It it it's a different story but they're -- to do the work to get you those endorsements -- so that was extremely. Interesting to hear her she's very sweet -- data were in the audience and she was saying you know she's graduate graduate of Riverside high school and I'm. It is how hurt upbringing in this area which is always a common thread to these women who are successful. Here -- big -- raised born and raised her and then go to another city and. And you know master their craft and she just was she was a lovely lovely so was very nice to hear her. And down then of course tell -- now with the other speaker. And she spoke about -- you know being a strong Irish woman her mum was in the audience as big a beautiful lady. Mom what she and her Helm looks just -- mamet I saw the pictures -- matter with three sister agreed to lose her other sisters were there and her one of -- dear friends and then her mom whose son Mike -- She did beautiful lady I mean she's eighty years old and had ten children yeah. It's amazing and that's -- -- was saying like these -- these -- -- -- old Irish families with some kids. A couple of crucial thing to have TV yet. Known but. It's. It's not easy sick if -- you know 500 women. Killed doctor Jill Biden did staff and and it was meeting in greeting lots of people on this stage of the cultural center so that was neat to see her and I -- it was it was a nice time so we had we did we had a good night and the big bad black diamond bagpipers stopped in as they always do which is always a big hit. And Jack Martin who did -- did indeed change for us because we always have music in between and and it just it was just a nice night -- are always fun there were many people who are as set dinner homework. Tweeting. And I -- posting on FaceBook via live in the moment caught on things and it was just amazing I almost -- I was there because there was so much activity going he is really funny how did you do are -- In that as well as they thought they did I mean my brother in lives and -- I'm Dave Wallace and and franks baker when I spoke to all of them. They thought fate would have gotten more but they did and then it's their first time so. It's it's hard it's not a happy that it it it's not have been a and -- as I said. Not everybody who's going to -- is loading up with stuff thinking this is what I'm going to deal but it -- have been very easy to just carry a bag of what I think drop it but it's so hopefully the people who did contribute a big thanks to them. But they are gonna continue doing it because it is very very important that we jokes and that they go and that we contribute as well so they're a little disappointment. Because -- is one of more for the shelters -- not it for any other recent. But it'll keep going and they're very grateful for the contributors -- -- -- and they -- -- like I said it you can't let the first year beer indicator of how it's going to be because. Things change. Well perfect Segway when I think about this so we we talked last week about. And the names of the top twenty if -- -- women come -- when we started that the first time we had the luncheon. We had a an. 83 people. So. He is say yeah but now hit every time we haven't it's over 300 teams playing offense is 350. Something like that. So it it moves around and if we just quit after the first and we wouldn't of had this now and no way he's getting out of the right you can't blame those things this. That you know level where was so if you're a little bit lower you have stuff to reach for -- so. You know just like you like you said everything from the society of Irish women dinner to everything that we've done. From that is Susan komen fashion show. Two good Scranton jazz festival to all the things that people start up and -- -- it always -- if we're lucky and we found south. So what is the deal can we talk get a should we wait to the next probably -- to the next segment who wanted to mention all the ladies names. We only have about. Three minutes yeah we will wait to the next one so anything you did -- by the way yesterday was the women's network luncheon. Which -- do chest he spoke and she did a wonderful job about women in leadership and women. In philanthropy and and and what a philanthropist really is and not people equate philanthropy -- My someone with great welfare and really that's not what it is at all it's yes that's that is what happens but. You can be a philanthropist without having a ton of money behind Japan which I think was a great distinction because I think the terms automatically makes you eat it equates with. You personal wealth from home vs what you can do as a person. To contribute to society. Yeah I was speaking to you Castro a -- she was at our table -- -- comments she said talk to your compost -- The suspect. But she didn't she is a distant I'm an and an aside she is one of the coolest. Women that we have in this area -- glasses were fabulous her hair look she's so. Funky and cool and Smart and I just absolutely love that blaming himself anyway go hand -- -- -- she said to me she really enjoyed that presentation at our fabulous the only thing she wishes she did it. Was to give some time for some questions and answers that she had some questions and she know. There's always the problem with. Only one problem with women's network is that woman I mean that I seek. Is that because women are on their lunch hour or so to speak. Mari is very very very very cognizant of getting women in an out and keeping people on a schedule especially the speakers but Larry did say. Please come up to me if I can help and she did stick around for and people did come up to where. And she did stick around for -- for more answers but that is something that I think. What could be more -- even if we start doing something where with what's not -- getting -- out to speak for us because I think that that's. Stuff that people need to hear an -- and see and understand how to be a better philanthropist and -- Just in general what they could don't. I think it's good. Yes she did she did do a wonderful job and she's a very Smart lady herself -- and where so where was strange once and that was and a good friend Jeff fan it's bad news update -- -- -- -- it's like it's his. But -- it's by no country club and will be their last more 'cause we have ladies night coming up in two weeks and then two more versions of -- vis this spring. Luncheon luncheon so we'll be right we're gonna take a really quick break we'll be right back you're -- pull back you're listening to -- -- shot. -- -- Now welcome that everybody here listening to Larry lynch Alan Murray hadn't. I am the owner of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PI and special event business. And I am Lyn Evans and I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We are fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm -- down 'cause I just have to say again every time I have this experience I have to say because I have never seen. It's such a well oiled machine no pun intended as. -- -- boat right next story here to us as my car is being you know in for its 45000. Mile checkup. I've detached from that is that when you pull your car and to everybody in there there is such eight. It's a -- well well run organization so I just have to hats off to other people my buddy Manny in my buddy Jan over the air hose just. It is it's just a pleasure doing business there I just have to say they do a great job. Anyway thank god had OK so we were talking before the break about the announcement of the names of the winners of the top 25 women. In business in northeastern Pennsylvania. And I think we should have a little drummer yeah. And room. You get the names. I don't want to go through. All of their files and where they work and everything he has -- be here for now yeah but it's just their names and that it is refer you to the northeast business northeast Pennsylvania business journal. Before the march edition which has a lot of information about who they are where they work something about their families. And so they are. From -- Duffy -- Stacy. Parker alone. Rhonda -- Rebecca Obama here. And vehicle AD. -- -- -- -- I went one for NASA French cardinal NEA. Peggy Cosgrove. Lennar down thank you Al. -- say mean Greenwald. Peggy enemy -- Martha haren. Julie Jordan police alarm -- Monica mid day yeah. Mean and make money. Nicole barber of more stealth. Didn't depend solely. Sarah Paterno an attorney Judy price. Kathy rappers. -- rice. -- single men. -- wells Ph.D. Brenda Williamson. And -- is saying guarding. He and I alienate and all you ladies went -- classes. It's great that it is wonderful. Meadowlands coming up on the thirteenth -- very -- until Friday -- no there's no team can sometimes and I in my hand. OK it's just another forehand and it's a number of income improved so we did that if you go to our website leases. Oh here we go now -- any GA dot org. You can see information about how to register for this I don't think we're ready yet to put that out there but the information about it is. I think posted to so as we get closer we will be talking about who ET call -- how to register to come to this event. This is what I mentioned before is at least 350 people tables of ten. We have I'm really ramps up group of people who are going to be sponsors this year -- I -- a lot of interesting. So. And of course and LD bank has always been one of our sponsors and we'll continue to -- Kathleen came as the keynote speaker. This is yes I'm I'm not hang around okay. Right you better be because I -- of them. And we had at the women's network luncheon we had to -- it and I'm information about the luncheon by less good than offense confirmed yes yes that's great I was around us. CNN but that's wonderful. So. It's it's really an event that -- every year has grown to be something in and of itself says. Is bigger than any of the organizations have put it together because. It's such a wonderful opportunity for people. To come. Just to honor one of these top 25 women and it's very often family. Could just trying to come and he's so proud of and it's a wonderful things CNET. Because most of us know these women but in the context of in business Larry it's nice to see their families their kids things like it's just nice to see -- as. Well rounded human beings from -- so anyway. And Minnesota. Like a sorority in a way is it because you've become a class to go -- class son and so some of those people you meet that you may not have met otherwise. Become. A -- you become a friend to them and you then have a contact at a future date for things and -- it's 24 other women including yourself. I'm -- love then getting to know the other ladies. React afterwards because the only the only. The only thing I see that I don't like about the top Tony five is that women who win and then they never show up again or support the event. Afterwards and when you think about it now how many years were doing messed around thirteen or fourteen. So 25 women thirteen years in a row. Vision did and that's 252. Eggs so I'm saying. To join a membership at a and order to participate. Every year and that luncheon which a lot of them they come one year they never see them again and I think that that's like. What we need to say is people need to stay engaged in the process yeah. Yeah it is about women is it's about women in business and they should be part of -- much like. The sponsors that year after year. Pony happened and because they realize what women leadership and women in business represented to them in their business. It -- women who win need to stay involved -- I had in -- you know I mean ever since I got involved. And one. And -- I have stayed involved and I think it's important to do that. When you have fear when the founding members and you're still don't have something still on executive committee and still. Rooting and cheering on led the organization yeah because I am I just think it's -- it's a good place. For. Like you said the when you when you're a class. You have 24 other women made many of whom you would never have had an opportunity you have contact from them. So if you're not taking advantage of yours and commonality and say hey let's get together for lunch he'll let me -- -- -- and you've got an automatic end. Right because you say I'm a member of this class right hand you also another recently we started doing this where we have a cocktail party. About a month or so before the advent event for the luncheon. Specifically. So that the women who are winners can have an opportunity to mingle and get to know each other from him in a less structured yet -- way -- And I think that's great that we support that but I don't know if they support it as much as I would like contempt. Maybe we need to construct some way for. -- previous winners to getting gays and that's -- I say to meg in yesterday. Meg in Albert who's the president who sad that this -- might -- at the table but I'm. Which make am at the luncheon and I said to her you know we don't like. I don't what I don't like about his people who forget that they won or they don't show up again and even if they come to the luncheon every year. Isn't. That we show up for the luncheon you know and and be part of it but. I said to her and to my thoughts on that and she said you know you're right and that's why we should do something with an alumni to -- both. Get together because I think that would be that would be a good way for people understand what they should do -- I don't know how much we really Jill. Talk to these people when they win. About being members of well that's a membership chair. Job in many times that job is not. Done because there's no membership Pierre right so if we have that and we have something that's part of the job description of what that person should be doing. But I I do think that it's nice. When we're at the luncheon to ask. From the podium. How many women here are previous winners and have you stand and whenever. I just think that's a good thing too because that helps to San regularly. What -- talking now we have. So we'll we'll see what happens CM I believe the cocktail party this year is going to be ads. Mohegan Sun their new hotel yes I -- another we picked today yes maybe we have -- -- out of the -- here. But that it'll be nice thing to see that too because. An interest in the end and taking a look at what what is the hotel -- Yeah I've been there. Have you remove as -- as -- eventually went down because TC EMC's gala this year will be held at Mohegan Sun. And so we did go down and met with -- I'm. What folks there and it's it's very exciting it is sad man really neat place insists without life. So I'm sure to be nice. Well of that's I'm I'm glad that we're doing now I'm -- removing some part of the venue to Lucerne county compound and then another part of it. Slack on ten and Mohegan as a sponsor bass clarinet and I think Hilton. So a couple things I just trying to make sure we -- here because of the season tax season. There -- a couple things says that I was in the conversation when a client this week about this summer. You know it occurred to me when I was talking her then I don't know how many people know. That when they pay premiums. And a long term care insurance policy. -- many times it is tax deductible. But they don't remember that and they forget to say that -- -- CPAs or whatever when they. Figure out how much they can deduct but the premium if the policy was written that way most of the war. So it is a tax deductible -- do certain things inside the policy. To qualify and it will say on the second page on the first page of the policy that this qualifies for tax deduction. You have to remember to do it. The thing is that depending on what age you are at the end of the tax year it determines. How much that deductible limit is. So if you are let's say most people don't. Get these policies until they're in their fifties at the earliest. But if that's the case if you were 5160. At the end of December of last year. You can deduct up to 1360. Dollars of that premium finances. Nice piece of change. If you're 61 to seven day you can deduct 3648. Of the premium. And if you're 71 or older is 4550. Dollars. That's a source. Sense of how much my -- is the average long term care well I'm worrying me acidity of 34000. Dollars that's on there I eat I a year. Right and it -- NN I -- 41 or two people depending on how you constructed. But the point was the government wants people. To get these policies because it takes the burden off Medicaid. So if you have these. Let's continue tax deduction right so many people forget today that -- -- insurance -- you know -- 'cause I want people who know that if they do have these insurance policies. They should be remembering to tell them. It's elder CPA or whomever they work with to get the taxes done that they can deduct a pardon happens -- okay. And here's another quick question I have for you. But do you find yourself apologizing for yourself alive. Now I wouldn't think so. And I don't and sometimes what I think about it. I don't because women do it so often go out everything with times that I -- you know when I'm not really sorry why do we say that. So unless I am sorry I'm not -- and any more good. Because that little boy and I feel like you can say it and -- I feel guilty about it but it should really be because you said something or you did something that you shouldn't have worked well that's native Andy you get to apologize for everything like even if Simon laid anymore I'm not saying into bad. -- -- I'm not I'm not because you know -- awhile without me I'll catch up. That's how I look at it well I think you're right and that that's what this article is about and she specifically said why -- working mothers should stop apologizing because apparently. There's more and that's. She says ask a few months after I gave birth to my second child. A senior and -- less executive I admired pulled me over and work. You're doing a great job she assured but she looked me straight man I you've got to stop apologizing. -- she's so I was stunned -- really say sorry that often she suggested I keep track for days so I did. Sorry I said when subway delays may be a few minutes late to work. Sorry I wrote that I didn't respond sooner to your email sorry I couldn't make it to school sorry I can't stay late tonight by the end of the day. I tallied up more than a dozen apologies. At this rate I calculated I was saying sorry nearly 100 times yeah. We'll talk more about that yet that is but that's a great top it's a great topic and -- so will be back after a quick break you're listening to the Lorrie -- show. Here is lowering inland. Good morning good morning. How are you. I'm very very very I don't blame you -- -- I figured that my name's -- Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern. Financial consultants. We are fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm -- cat and the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And I guest expert this morning from one of our sponsors fidelity but I'm glad I don't think. Think she is done and Kaczynski who is a business banker at fidelity. Welcome Donna. -- Q I cannon do you think different I mean I think you've been here but yeah I know. Anything -- -- -- -- -- son I couldn't compete so. What did what did you want talk about this morning. Well -- like to talk about one of the things I find when I'm sitting with the business owners and -- Mark -- -- with a focus on. Female business owners. The most important. Item to most business owners is. Access to capital to fund their business that's the most important obviously because without the capital Harry unifying the -- for us. And whether it's a prospective business honor our current business -- First thing I wanna do is find out how they've been doing that or how they plan to do that. And you'd be surprised at how many people are relying on credit cards to finance their business. OK I raise my hand that tied it I know I remember you told me yes. Well I guess some quick statistics -- please guys doing some research and it was and some of these statistics were available through and another web site. Yeah a NASA web site. But basically they conducted a survey this was over the past two years 59% of their member of respondents they felt that they. I wouldn't get approved added saying to obtain a loan or line of credit counseling. Therefore aren't they turned to other sources. Now have those 59%. A 63% of those respondents have relied on credit cards. They're remaining reliant on personal savings personal loans are draining their capital from their business. That's that was pretty alarming and I. So you know I'd like to talk about. There's obviously credit cards are convenient way to -- and your business. And I know affairs and I felt like a picnic lunch and no more importantly. If you're going to get approved for credit card who wishes credit cards. Thanks for them. So if you're getting approved for an unsecured credit card and anywhere from five to 25000. You could get an unsecured loans writes yeah right. So yeah I think that the thing that that is important to understand about this. It's not that we don't know -- that difference in my case that we don't know how to go about getting it to end. -- mean at that it doesn't even entered the site -- made that we should go to a bank to get this stuff is seen here. You get it a lot of people now getting the crowd funding thing OK and my that's a very popular way of doing. The second thing is he -- family if you really need something beyond your own primary resource -- But going to the bank is just a huge question mark how I'd do this Powell did and I gonna make a fool out of myself if I go and ask for 50000 dollars and a -- Nothing to back it up I don't have a house that. That there's the presumption before they even make the decision to come to a bank that they shouldn't go to my own mate. So how do we get past that as far as educating women that he statistics are very right on mood. But I think it's mostly of a point of it it's just the ignorance about how to go about anything other than what I know which -- family credit cards and those things. So how do you expand. The thinking who say. It's not that is found it very difficult thing to get a line of credit from the bank and that's why when I wanna go do it. How do I do it. Well I think the first thing is it it really depends on if it's somebody just getting into business there's somebody are in business. Yeah I think gives you different -- right there in two different. Concerns and maybe fear factor levels so to speak. And I think it's stronger on the start ups because I think people are under the notion with regard to start -- If you know I ended this year is -- -- -- talk GOP. Yes that's her right hand -- they do rely on the personal credit cards personal loans and personal savings because -- readily available. But we have programs in place. -- in both locally let's talk about loser and a lack -- -- attorney at the University of Scranton. As well as looks university down in Lucerne county they have the small business development center which is they are masters degree students there. Are working towards their NBA. They work with prospective business owners and putting together business plans. And this business plan covers. Everything from the owners -- amazing background to. The business plans in the marketing the location of the business and Sandra Sandra and then it gets into detailed financial projections. And a budget. And at that time the conversations. Should really be and it is at those particular senators. Re going to get the sources of revenue to fondness. And the SBA we have the SBA people forget about the SBA. So it's not that we as bankers. Say here less than three years in business don't come knocking on our door. I've done a number and brand new businesses. It comes down to a solid business plan. No weighing. Your financial projections in working with someone whether happier person not count north small business development center action even. Myself as a business -- -- I've helped and assisted clients put together financial projections are thinking about something that even a stopped most solid business plan. And they may have forgotten -- think about a certain particular. Detail that maybe specific TV industry there and granted there's time involved in doing that especially for talking about a business start up you have to put the time didn't have planned. Accordingly to start your business at what his seat and he just sentiment for the bears ESPN. Who continue to say it a few words about what that is why it's important to new business owner while the FDA is backed by the government is saying guarantee program. That the banks he utilized. And basically what it is says we will give you alone I'm sitting with the clients. We taking applications for a 50000 dollar loan to get their business started. If you know they check out okay that credit is good that collateral rules good or maybe it's a little light. -- at the SBA and -- and we fill out the appropriate paperwork. We submitted to the FDA and the FDA will -- outlook on what that means says especially with a smile line of credit we can get a 50% guarantee which means. They SBA loan guarantee 50% and how long. Into the bank's -- yeah okay. Moved all right so is there a cap on the SBA loans well there's so many different programs at the SBA offers from now eat you know you can go as low as 25000 you guys highest in the millions -- content on net. Program that particular program and guarantee level. Companies in the particular credit your plucking my. Tell why you tell everybody -- that guarantee actually means that wealth should go wrong. Going to. SBA. Will pay the -- 50% of now. Which is the last thing you want but it's always something that's important is Chinese another gonna get paid back right I'm kind. -- have any impact on the interest rates that's charged. To the loan needs. But what -- well I will tell you that it's the interest rate could be higher. To a start up as opposed to. Somebody that's been in business ten to fifteen years -- -- -- every track record financials that are good financials not projections. However it we're not talking about a huge deviation to bring them home. And basically I was handed a three c.'s credit clerical credit collateral and character. And do and you know what I love to what -- said this at two chest yesterday so kind of fits your -- your reputation. From a business reputation or you know. It just in general if you do not manage your reputation. Your reputation will be managed yeah -- and that and that's kind of a good way of it really thinking -- that's a good way to look at things because you have to be in in control. Kind of what the image and the brand you're projecting. The same way with as you say your character when you go into the bank there's a difference there and having that kind of proven track record. Goes towards your character and making sure you don't know what's right with your business right my. And it's definitely am more advantageous way if I'm funding their business as opposed to their credit -- can't credit cards have great programs low introductory rates but. It is still there is fees fat become complex at times so. You borrow you play. 101000 dollars and your business they're finding of credit cards. In addition to the interest rates and then all of the complex fees that are involved -- with credit cards you could be looking hat. Thirteen 10141000. Not even talking about interest he has -- yeah. Yeah you if you get online to make your payment. And the posting time is 6 o'clock and it's the day your payment is due and you lose your payment doesn't end until 605 years. Your daily news charges related sure yeah yeah. And done it do you really see if it's me being -- dealing with both of female and the male looking for this. Do you do you really see all of this stuff that's statistics prove can use it I do see a really does it is a big difference talking to a man vs a one man I don't tell you women have done more of a propensity to -- and a credit card and then they. Both something leak and committed so wouldn't an attitude like I will be helped by -- don't say men in general yes you're getting him to help make I think another point is we don't know I'm and we -- statistic all of us. Females I believe 80% of households for females. Run in the pocket. -- -- the pocketbooks if you're managing the -- give the cards that's right that's how clinic after I let them -- they know them they use them through and this is something that. It's very easy to get -- an especially when you get the stuff in the mail every three months or whatever. -- checks right you know it just use -- clean up your bills is only 393 point 99%. Or zero point 1%. For twelve months all while this is a bargain he had -- and they write this I am boom there you are you forget about it Friday and then at eleven months when you had intentions for the past eleven month yeah he changed the Carter to know negotiate their -- It's human finger and I -- ratings relate yes south. Well so is this fire as fidelity bank is a big supporter of women and -- and not bow. And anyone trying to. I started business -- done that if they needed to get in touch with you hot what is the best way for them to reach out to any view. Wonderful people at fidelity while you can find all of our locations on WWW. Bank infidelity dot com. And if anybody wanted to personally visit me for assistance with their business I am located in the Kingston office right along Wyoming avenue. Next a lot of greens and Evans restaurant. Yeah which pinpoints them pretty I don't feel that he and the food IMS. And I just want to point out fidelity bank is also as we've received preferred lender status with the SBA yeah. Great and is important it is very important to. But I have to say we say this all the time -- they are big supporters of women in business and I think people need to know that if -- woman out they're looking to. Open and start a business opened one do what ever it is don't be afraid. To at least explore the opportunity and -- speak to -- are any of the business bankers who can help you. Get your business started without the use of the plastic card sound mom. -- -- they can do to help you just never know what what may or may not happen but if you don't try nothing ventured nothing gained absolute right yeah. So we need to do that's -- -- thank you for joining us now once you can hear me. At your spot as one of our sponsors we thank you and everyone infidelity thanks for believing in the end. Berlin and yours truly that there was no women this is not -- -- -- and and step up to the plate and you say here we're willing to sponsor you so we've been really are grateful for that came to. We appreciate it so we hope you have a really good weekend everybody I'm seeing here. Next week I hope the sun is shining and it's warmer 'cause it is springtime AEA. Is. Actually spring yes and a lot of us in our -- son in the days or longer 11 at 7 o'clock and it's still sunny -- So anyway we'll see a real soon have a great week. Eat safe and.