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Dave Bohman Interview

Mar 20, 2014|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks with WNEP's Dave Bohman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Indeed around two wins here and I'm very happy to tell you that I looked to my left and I see. Dave Ball land -- on action sixteen W any -- his -- sixteenth. -- -- vineyard and great to be here love your show it's great way to do enjoy drive home after a tough day and it's an honor to be -- -- Just think -- honor. You are -- do one you have budget's been now. Just won the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award for the best. Investigative reporter. In the state for the second year in a -- it's it's very like you -- break it down by small market and large market sell. There are the people that got the award much bigger place but yeah any short say that I'm cool with that yeah. As you can. I mean if first of all the -- at once is one thing the two years and overall I was truly chemical is the investigative categories only two years old so so far militarily. -- -- -- -- It's it's an isolated we haven't the series we did about a year ago we did a special report for -- the faces of math and what we did is we got booking photos. In Columbia county where it's been a problem for dinner -- than any real decade problem area so we shot these people when they first win in the system when their late teens early twenties in their mug shots and it looked like people in their late teens and early twenties but over a period of time. In two years is look like they've aged ten and when their in their early thirties they look like grandparents. They'll settle lost look in their eyes and -- if anything can mean she's she's not to do this take a look at these booking photos over a period of time it is a drug that's in addition all the other GC did ages people. -- I really it was a gonna start with district since you brought it up and it can stretch police -- yeah armor is -- I -- -- a friend my buddies at least he's in a quasi had an. And I asked him these same question borrowing for some reason especially bar right but also channel where it's outside a blues -- They've found they busted a great number of meth labs there and when they -- these people. You ask the. What is the benefit out I mean I could see the benefit of pot yellow high you feel a little okay -- right I can see that there might be something you wanna do error when I never touched you but I understand you get that. Like zoned to the. What do you get from the fatter and understand IIE I don't either and I mean. The thing you need to first look at if you ever see video of a myth raid on TV these people learn how. Has been resilient to -- they're -- putting it in their system. It's the most dangerous drug of all I don't think there's any question about it just look at the way people handle it right there are places where it's all home now. As it -- was being -- People can't live at home down the. For two years down its its. Yet I don't want to sound when my dad didn't say why would anybody wanna do this -- I I agree with you that's something maybe you're just flirting with disaster even trying it once I I don't know that anybody's ever come -- -- -- real good reason why -- spend so much of it in around Berwick as opposed to. Wilkes-Barre -- hazel center Scranton -- is it because it's a more rural area that. -- we talked to people in the community. -- asked if any can only say this from people on the street could come up to you. And other drugs are hard to come by in Berwick heroin has made a bit of a comeback and really the greater Columbia county area. And part of the problem in the and it's a sad reality of supply and demand. If you wore the heroin dealer you can make money in haseltine Wilkes-Barre Scranton. I'm not so sure that there's a market worth the risk. Community I feel like I'm doing mandatory drug dealers from insults out there today though it's because -- -- business fills the void. And I think it ABC a lot of areas -- -- -- rural but have enough on the small city feel when it like a Berwick. Where it gets a toehold in addition takes place and it takes over disputed this series after your one on top what was that downloaded -- for low power right right you did -- -- there is on that they -- on that previously didn't. Four logo was something away it is illegal and probably taken in moderation. -- safe. The danger otherwise is teenagers are getting a hold of it and a strong mixed three things alcohol. Caffeine. In it was flavored such that you could guzzle it. You do a shot of Jack Daniels and have that Rico oiled animals something like that. Caffeine it's really hard -- black coffee it's the same sort of thing unless you've been around. He said that I now about my car my car the black I think you put together you sweeten it up. And you can -- -- stuff that these certain you know it's done by people their late teenagers -- build up much of the towers either caffeine so it was just here was around the country couldn't where people were being hospitalized from overdoses and we -- a kid. From Scranton who went out who's fifteen went down with his buddies. Fired down a couple obviously a bad reaction to it had to be flown to guys -- near Danville. And had to be employed in a medically induced coma for a couple days. He ended up being OK India he and his family obviously feeling very thankful. He was who otherwise seemingly a normal kid but it was another. Situation we really needed to warn people about this because. It these things have been around a long time to alcohol marijuana even other drugs. There's a certain amount -- Familiarity. And you know what to look for you know what -- -- general you know or at least know something about it exactly this is unfamiliar territory she -- as a parent. There's a copy as a member of the community really know what to do with it and the people who were taking a really didn't know what they were doing it. I today US spent today in Harrisburg the PUC hearing this is about. Which is we've taken calls from a number of people here on WI OK who changed power companies. And all of -- center at west 20300%. Increases rate increase that we were coverage and exactly and it actually was the stage to the state. How's my -- anti consumer affairs okay you see chairman testified how can it. High and wide. Canning and can't be done about it adjusted to -- him back and I would argue that this is probably the biggest. Consumer issues story in the last year or so through a number of people who bought. It went off if you will went off for GPL is your provider in these companies are really holding companies in billing companies they buy a lot of electricity in bulk. They get a low rate they resell it for higher thing. It when it works well they make a profit and using consumer save a save a few bucks. And does so far it's been working well until this winter they didn't prepare by buying enough electricity. They had to -- in the spot market which is astronomically higher. They pass the cost on to consumers and now we've had a people getting the bills are normally used to 25300. They're paying sometimes upward in the thousands now today we had a business and homes dale would normally pays about 500 it got a built in January for little more than a thousand. And in February for just over three tell shell hit what I. The double whammy it's been very hard for a number of people. Who wanted to say OK I'm Manny here I've got this -- and they couldn't get through to the customer service -- he's a smaller companies. They're out of state they do this in a number of states. And you multiply what's going on by Pennsylvania it's happening in Connecticut it's happening in Maryland so this isn't. So thanks the -- -- -- have electric choices we called it in Pennsylvania right okay and anyway what happen. Happened to day is. They just wanted to get to the bottom of what's causing it. But more importantly what's going to be done about it if anything can really be done about it. You had a representative for the industry saying look this is free market may be needed change don't mess with -- too much. And let's remind people that you knew this is variables. That is dad EU could go ahead if you people have saved money. For 12 or three years this is the first real bullet and did I mean we haven't had. The sustained cold like it has drive on it's a multiplier effect one of the things I didn't know that I learned today is because of the sustained cold that makes. All the different generators and all the plants throughout the grid in the northeast. Run at full capacity and in any given time 20% of them were down that's gonna drive the crown so it was a perfect storm of events. People pay through the nose they passed in under the consumers. And the question is old white is estate going to do about it. There's gonna be legislation to many people didn't quite happen to our front -- -- ask you about what has you -- -- one of the things I don't know that they settle on a number. Bought the lot is going to read look. If you have a variable rate. There's going to be a limit on how much you're gonna define variable or thought about. So we're back to rate caps in one of the things. That just could be coming because I I don't know if you're in Pennsylvania and a whole battle all of this started -- I was in television in borrowing when this happened yet. There was a battle to take the caps off electric rates. And that started in probably 9798. He was completed by 2007. And 20062007. We removing caps and others legislation upon the back on again. It is it is an end to end too well to -- and I mean I don't know if it is it's going to be a hard cap they're going to say. They're gonna settle on a number probably in the range of ten to 30% saying if you if you have if you've got to pay otherwise you've got to eat the cost. And these -- the independent groups said that that door will tell you that they save people a lot of money and they got hit by a perfect storm some of them even say in. Boys is gonna get these customers did with a high bills. A little torque on it but they will say if you stay this long enough in the weather stays normal or you're gonna make it back that's still not the way -- -- pay your electricity by getting hit with that. Bottom but the real fiery -- for the way these companies marketed it to people should they should variable rates. But they -- you're going to save money and we have we have a cold winner you think you know I'm gonna have to pay another hundred dollars because we've added that January we wouldn't be talking about it and these bills went up 30% -- one month's time. This is then that is something that's been really high. But we're going to see that the other thing then we will likely see is a rule that says. If you want to change when you get one of these bills. He didn't -- it's done in three days and since you get the provider now can take up to forty so these people that got these bills that they can't even afford to pay in January. Are calling they can't get through they can't get anywhere with this. And by the time they get through there on the next billing cycle and they've gotten a second bill that's really -- now they wanted to get out of that company. Get out of working we DEC -- About -- guesses because it as you mentioned most cities are sort of paper corporation holding companies. And they may employ three or four people in customer service to handle three or four states because. I guess they never assumed there would be anything like this -- in the funniest part is I've tried to talk to three CE I mean three people just to get comments from from different kind east. In all cases the net and I never did get the call back into the CEO will call you right back. 'cause it's like a mom and pop operation look if if we had access a lot of cash you and I can open one of these companies right now. And we can go ahead to PPL and say we want. Half a gazillion for this month -- quarter of a gazillion for April may June and don't buy more in the summer because -- air conditioning. And if you guessed. If if you're pretty good -- estimate through. The way I'm told this business works it's it's a good ideal PPL happy he just wanna sell the electric time. Customers happier saving -- money. And you're gonna make a little bit of a profit too because you have accompanied it doesn't have a lot of employees and I'm a big payroll when this works this works well. But when it doesn't work we've seen exactly how it happened and when the legislation comes down the question is this is still going to be a profitable enterprise by. Going ahead he does hitting it big you are you the business -- don't know assume all the risk in the customers who assume no I'm in a commodity that's pretty volatile you know and I would think that a lot of them would just pullout say Pennsylvania is no longer a viable market -- -- yeah anything's possible I really haven't seen it that far in advance but that's. That's another possibility on the other hand. People bought these in good -- Should they have had to raids had increased 30400%. Just because it was a perfect storm and absolutely. Not and in some of these companies -- realized her mistake. They're offering some relief they're saying you stay with us. And we will get and that's allowing credits now. They are probably as companies are going to be in the red for the foreseeable future but one of the silver lining here is it's. If you get through their pretty easy to change and like a cell phone planner satellite TV. Where there's a turn off -- we're we're MTV bailout of the cell -- plan you're gonna pay through the nose for a long time you know same channel I come he's usually don't the ones that they have a in the fixed rate plans if you want to -- want to which I think most people might think that makes sense because -- Like data about one of those I had one of these people who changed electric suppliers somebody came to my door. Catalyst paper work with them it took a look at the -- the rate is pretty gut I got a nice -- point to censor something and was fixed for two years. The penalty on my part was if I tried to bite out beforehand. -- he would be assigned to 200 dollar cancellation fee. I'm like that's okay because this seems pretty good enough probably to stay with us for two years anyway. Not everybody made those deals out now know and and it's that's probably -- by definition. The the way to get out of variable rate charged is a little or no penalty the problem is. It's after your already about 60700 dollars in the halls of and almost doesn't matter at that point I got a break here soon but I have a bill from ma Lisa Bosco a Democrat from Allentown Amman her provisions. 45 day notice and fifteen day notice of a price changed electronically notify. Residential customers when -- is gonna go up by 50%. Post variable rate that kind of thing is that what most of the talk the legislation is. Better notification so there's not this kind of sticker shock there's going to be better notification in the real thing it'll probably be -- the most debated part but setting -- count. On the the amount you can increase -- I -- see that being in a battle in Harrisburg game because that they -- like I said they just sort of plot is not all that many years ago now they're gonna go back and fighting again and it was a party line thing Democrats were provide you learn how a lot of Republicans agreeing with the cap -- it's it's a question of how much since cap pulled out. I -- guest tonight is Dave Bowman from WNET and actions sixteen or should I say WA BP's actions sixteen -- is -- just a panel to investigate you and Colin is -- sixteenth. And is only GM my name brand and all the guys channel sixty Colin with an age not at W he's that is for the rest of the hour well break and our guests an -- award winning investigative reporter from WNDEP. Television days -- Did -- wanna be at tax I got -- you leave the name of the firm Matta here because I'm I'm sure there. You can answered a question to me it's written if I give you. Somebody's. Figure. For his electric bill. On data long can you tell me whether the price is in play for example this guy says is electric bill was 404 dollars last month he's an inflated would you be able to tell by -- Now you can't tell that the two things you need to know is how much energy was used and what the kilowatt hours. And people can now. Now higher energy bills because he might have done have energy efficient homes in in the cold weather they're just using a lot more electricity so their bills higher even if the rates are the same. Bottom but the real indicator in its in the small print on the bill but it's pretty easy you know -- -- -- -- is pretty easy read is kilowatts per hour the general the standard for PPL has always been his for the last year -- between eight and nine cents -- has been a lot of variance. And the companies that promise the bargains especially with the variable rates have gone as low as 67 cents. Again if they took a hard winner in this the bodies in the spot market they had duke and the price is worth thirteen 1415 cents and people had high bills. Then you could attribute that the risk of buying variable energy can't but when she numbers game into the twenties in the thirties and we had one Billy -- to a 44%. -- -- you and that hole and it do you know. That -- people you know people are understandably. And rightfully mad. This area this part of Pennsylvania is generally split. Most of that I guess or at least a majority of his PB -- a significant portion of it that you GI is well. In general is there much of a difference in price between those two between UGI and PBL honestly I don't know the answer that question. OK I got I got there about electric bills all -- you the story today about this this bizarre case. In Wilkes-Barre that there was yesterday here yesterday. Daniel last names truck that was a seized. Problem. What can you I mean you may cover this thing from the beginning and I after awhile it kind of gets bumped do you plan. What can you tell us about that the only -- you're really tell you is we we started following it land. Of emotion is he has a great reputation as being a good lawyer good prosecutor and side did bear watching and then the ruling came down a couple of days ago they'd. In yes indeed that cannot be used as evidence. Now both sides have been quiet on this the prosecution hasn't really shed. Does it have a case without the truck what kind of occasion did -- have for example one of the challenges ahead let's just take a leap of faith in this room. That was the vehicle involved in it and I -- do that was. You mean you're still okay. In capital letters so can I mean there -- still and you could identify them as sort of large. Maybe charcoal covered rocks and mentally for that candidate that's only half the battle even if you can convince people that that was the vehicle. You also have to convince him that this was an individual is dry -- time. And that doesn't seem to be from what we know about the case a slam dunk either. So I don't know that the case was the perfect kinda case before this. What we can clearly share a it is the prosecution's case is a lot less stronger. Without that and they're going to have to prove that without that and you know it may be possible the other thing it may be -- reading between the lines too much. But on a lot of various cases did you and I have covered. Over over a period of time and very often you'll hear -- prosecutor talking tough we want justice were gonna. Do everything can't we can try and get them you have defense lawyers and often talked tough going my clients getting -- we look forward to going to court and when nobody looks forward to going to and I think that's a common line with that we would defenseless. You don't hear anything that even resembles had a year can silly to. What -- usually means in general and I dark days in the works is what that's generally speaking generally I don't think we can sure that the education -- And I don't you know we can -- a plea bargains in the works but generally when both sides are very respectful and conciliatory. And don't have the rhetoric. You certainly know the both sides wanna have that option wide open in the end would very likely discuss those possibilities. We're about a week and a half away from the trial at this point out. You know you don't see you don't see that kind of rhetoric going up bleeding into it I think the thing that most people are gonna wanna see is. Okay the -- not their what's the case. And I don't think we'll see that until opening statements drag me in this this was a. Very tough case because of the situation around it for the family. The girl who was well known Kings College in and very well light. -- since then I I can only speak for us here but I think we're pretty good gauges how the public feels. Got a lot of questions like why did you see any police blow this whereas there's something they did wrong should they have done something different. You can't answer that at this point no no I don't think any of -- can I -- -- that what kind of. Directions. We're given to them by the prosecutor's office. If any have to come to play we don't know that. How laws were interpreted nine elements in in who made the call to do that. What I did it this point seems like the wrong call to make buddies is as far as who's responsible. It's too far away it's too far away from -- -- -- ever forget this is a tragedy this is -- young life cut short. -- but the most important thing is to get a fair of a fair reading on who's responsible then that may seem. Like it's a long way off. And I and we were after that we might at my previous job we were -- to City Hall when the truck was released because -- -- taken to City -- with nobody really knowing that. Yeah you're right there I got. -- -- -- I don't is sitting off. And when he came out it was crowded by a -- reporters. And it was -- -- last name who was driving he had hired somebody else to pick it up we just waved to us and condemn this fine but that was just risen quite a seat. College started JR from she and -- jet are you're on W wild day when Dave Bowman from news watch sixteen. I think particular call and I want it I know that you guys were talking about the electrical companies from wondering if Steve is going to looking cute cable companies. -- specific example. We currently calm our customers of Comcast and we have been with them for decades at this point and I think back and today was just simply. Why Huckabee and arousing your future cable Signal -- things from there now but now with in the past few years I can say the past five years at least. It's been this switch over to all of the equipment and the bears that they put in place that. Stayed why base perceive that they get away with the rate stead and you know only paying for the services which are preparing for the equipment as well and. I don't wanna know is deals as a matter Friday got a cable box that cost me not much but like two dollars a month on top of everything else I know what you're talking about. Because and I wanted to bring up David amateur when he joined WE BP but I remember Scott cheaper during the promo that. When the switch was Q did you go. Derek took over was offering those converter boxes they were gonna cover the cost. Now we -- -- Comcast because I don't -- -- that the governor was there running out of those coupons that kind of thing. So contrast what they've done to the present day is charging for that adapter kit that was supposedly. Supposed to be free of charge. What about it is that. Somebody you know it. And -- it and trust me why I would like to be able to get involved in something like that is absolutely get us on cable knit and we need it. Cable abuse -- reasonably priced as possible. There are alternatives and there namely satellite and I don't think you can ask anybody to watch on us -- and -- and more difficult Garland with a cable company -- And if you really get down it would go ahead and looks sometimes. -- -- on the company's they'd get raided by customer service. Cable companies. Satellite companies haven't. Very poor record of customer service since like -- guys you're gonna have to deal with the on this specific issue the first of the complaint I've heard -- in quite frankly. Even before I got here in the station was moving away from consumer kind of reporting. Unless it affects a lot of people like the electric rates. Com light in and there were a lot of known intangible complaints like Toyota sudden acceleration on top because those have an investigative. Element to them. Tom is far and stuff like that goes I think we'd be very interested if you were one of many complaints. -- but I do I haven't heard a lot of people who EI every year this is the first I've heard this particular issue that certainly bears watching. And again as somebody into my living from television I want you to have the best experience from your cable company. It's you can possibly can't I -- wanna go a step further changes by basic cable COM eleven choices instead of us as opposed -- 300 but Al Ali and just tell you I appreciate you bringing it to my attention and I'll keep my eyes on in my -- got. I think that most people are aware of because you have to study the bills to know what they're going to have to I think it's nothing really to do it doesn't matter B cable package that you -- it's -- fact that. -- get back in the day used to just skip the standards are that you put into the back to your television and you believe we have continued signal refined. Producing this. Man in the -- situation with the equipment that. In order to get the signal and everything like that you have to use their equipment and I are charging you for these -- on top of that. -- -- think of what happened with the adapter -- -- policy free there's no other way Q I totally Joseph -- Ricci are back with TV get the signal other than using the adapter kit that was mostly free of charge. I. I talk about this now is gonna bring this up eventually and we knew we were. The lead reporter right belief for channel six series every story I saw about we jurors about the shadow writers. The goes try to go out and then there's something good we've also taken over this year Jim Murdoch started and it kind of went away announced coming back -- wins a lot of developments in the event happening over the past 23 weeks Larry he answered there will be many more while the one thing is LC DA says small we're gonna look into. Pen dots numbers speak is it this looks like it's headed say that X. My tit for cat then. And and when your fighting like that was cannot you're probably gonna lose well. It was the way the -- it was conducted and Tom did well it was an attempted being scientific. But it's not perfectly scientific. It was a combination of looking at certain days looking at the videotape. And I don't think DLC TA at this point is even said the numbers are wrong -- what they are saying is. We won an outside because these numbers look all the numbers look quite frankly pretty embarrassing for the agency about this and I watch her own there's like double life especially when the individual deals. Came out there was one writer than on a given day that they study said they do you know whose driver claimed there were 53. Elderly writers and there was wind. That was pretty that was dialed and bomb but -- do what else DLC TA wants to do is to have this it's consultant review -- -- methodology dual look at their own. And the answers. You would range between know and you got it right. We made a few mistakes and -- but we're not is -- you know we're not overestimating like you guys say they did or else we're -- pretty much within the standard deviation and I have obviously had on these -- judge. What it's gonna find until they come out -- well why did the numbers that were released saw I see where and when the story first broke I frankly didn't think that much I have to credit my colleagues who Henry who was dogged on it. And the rest MS I think here we're like a has so they inflate a little bit I'm assuming and and you know I'm sort of suspicious I assume most transit authorities and played a little bit. -- is the question is can you prove it's a deliberate inflation. Com applied and there are words the other thing in the fine you look at the trying part of the study. And it sounded a very small percentage of the drivers. Having a very large percentage of the overcharges. And it's not so -- -- count and they just can't get a quicker over and over and over again exactly -- I don't know about that but they're you know -- they're certainly. There's certainly the more the more the comes out to more questions Iraq. Certain things. Our guest tonight is Dave Bowman from WNET I guess and I -- Bob -- crime WNET TV let's start with gene in Scranton -- Iran WI okay Wednesday moment. The Vietnam. And every day hearing gets under you're. Nine years -- -- Do you. Admire my question has says no more you fight gas -- whose -- gas station. There's usually issue -- probably. -- -- And when you electricity. It's true the media regulation more or. -- Libya a state agency does support your now electric rear and I -- greater supply might cure all. I checked the truck. OK now I understand -- -- is. Is there -- state agency to inspect -- to make sure they work properly I I I you're not go over -- and that's a great quest is a great cry I don't know then yes. They're certified when their first installed the then over the life and time and wearing -- they may not be as accurate as today you looked in on down I don't know if there is a state agency that looks it definitely is very clearly aren't you gas -- and they're done by the county or the Pennsylvania partner and -- Robert -- don't have an agency to do it by any kind of down with a lot of lot of you know gas -- being normal they're they do that with the -- it down. Out back out in the grocery -- so if you're buying a pound of tomatoes you're not paying for brown and half the tomatoes right. I honestly don't know -- How the hardware is regulated for accuracy on that. That's because the music around from Bradford. Was -- plan -- Then we are aware that occurred. It took -- And charge a sudden he knows they came up who didn't read them later. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're live radar meter she totally let them up -- one time amend I don't have any live but does they had to calibrate. Little distributor. And then issued a -- you know I I do have I know we're gonna have several state legislators. On this program we're army adds three. But I know I'm gonna have a few more gene that would be a good question to bring up with one and then to see whether an idea interest stemmed. In legislation to do exactly what you're saying is that's not a bad idea -- One of the legislation's is coming up -- a similar similar things Pennsylvania is the only one of only two states. That doesn't check the octane gas -- and there has been around. For so long I mean I remember when I was in radio years ago they were talking about -- -- -- -- to make sure that when you -- 93 -- you're really not getting 87 -- that -- and have it right 93 -- away and talk the talk to lose somebody -- gas prices -- in the -- about the -- crisis -- down the road -- about three cents -- it asks where it's being watered down -- is that something that I think eventually will be coming on because you were talking about -- -- car's -- -- -- Jane I appreciate the -- thank -- Dave from mount -- you're on W -- okay Wednesday moment. The fact of the paktia I. Can't question that it that it's a private joke when asked about them here. Let it go through the same problem with his bid did -- and CC did it is so he wouldn't exorbitant personal doctor bell. Actually my -- there was there was a problem later. I beat this person that the people who regulated the PC. Is always sort agencies to come out and you know well we'll check on your readers -- like that. Com second part that was there at. Are ready and automobiles Albert gasoline down my service station battleground dried up until. Because what -- that a corporate business. -- there is regulated endeavor is. Our -- because -- can't understand is the -- that that the testing slightly to do it exorbitant amount of money to have this testing done. Okay he's. Maybe just do business in particular that. They're probably cut about twenty to 30000 dollars just to perform the fastest. The other side that bears his gift of business -- com. So they did come and ask you think brownie you're articulate and -- 930. Step down but why is over a 100000. Dollars. The majority doctors -- not sure plus Papa -- a great service station and a garage. You can -- -- -- called a -- blocks and almost everywhere. You can see that it won't show all my a lot of it's in the tank top. You're gonna get a plus -- minus factor of just percent to 1%. -- conversation. It's on our back to 99.9 percent you're operators in this area are one -- legitimate. I'm -- good dad goods and I'll -- I remember years on radio or somebody introduced a bill to do that apparently was enacted by. Why I only know that we were actually once said -- you know comes up every now and then and -- you wanted to do an investigative report by going. To a few stations. Because when people calling complainer sending email internal response in terms of putting me category insane that we had a couple complaints of this stations doing -- stations doing it. We want to -- tested the recent report ever got done as the cost. The best we could do was about 2000 dollars in nearest place is Pittsburg. So did it died a slow painful expensive death. -- I I had a story similar to that when I was at the standard speaker about getting gas. Getting dirt tested to see what kind of contaminants were in -- I went -- and paid for myself. 200 dollars to get it tested at Penn State to see -- for ways similar to what was being brought and and then. They killed the story anyways I don't. I've ever baby daughter -- yeah they're -- good. This story one time that I thought we would still be talking about to these day. Not I did in fact I believe I had you want to talk about it when it happened was deadlocked on a county juvenile detention center. You're talking about what. Appeared to be a prison -- yeah there was a juvenile sixteen years old. The video clearly shows. And you don't have the audio because it's illegal -- to put down for surveillance. In this in most states through the video what looks like a kid -- -- off. To a couple of guards they come and he still stocking trash or so would appear. And the guard looks like looks like he grabs him. And wrestles around and it one point looks like he she doesn't headfirst into the wall right. And then the kid's shirt came off and then to calm down and they went and they began. Bottom why the county prison board -- said is that this was a guy who needed more training means trying to bear hug. Of the easy kid didn't look a bit you know I mean I've seen in my interviews smile on news not. A large muscular kid by any stretch of the imagine -- he's wiry and he looked pretty athletic for a new video. Bob what his help and there is a suit has been filed it is set to go to court in early 2015. Federal lawsuits. Take a -- 2058. And and if you look at real I've -- to federal lawsuits. Pretty intensely is being one. The other being it's the southern Columbia school system that does have a situation where this woman who's a victim of the sex crime. Claimed she had a worse ended up settling for 130000. Dollars. But again it was this same sort of thing and thing -- call -- in a couple months when this is ready to go to court. It's like now it's -- on the docket for fourteen months in advance. I EIA. Don't know if that's a federal system because in state courts he usually gets to court pretty quickly a year lies about right here and talk shows us who years well this this federal lasted there was there's a certain amount of Tom back and forth responses and they said OK from when they set the trial. I believe it was eleven and when it came time to set a trial that it was eleven months I think it's early I wanna say February. -- 2015. And a lot can happen then in this. You know home losses like this have the feel that there's some kind of out of court settlement but you never know yeah never know. Because I remember I saw yours your original story and and I watched a video online over and over again I was pretty convinced that there was something there. Again and I had you want on that Sunday news said the mother had definitely gone ahead and and file suits are still waiting for to -- to -- I only got about a four minutes odd couple a rapid fire questions you did you ever start the story and then have a fall apart on -- It happens a lot and quite frankly you're gonna do investigative reporting you have to be willing to go and and a path that'll fail ideally it'll. Fail at very early on but that probably happens about three times a year. Do you get something in something that seems. Really like there's something there and then we know there's either a logical explanation and it's not news. Or you just don't have the evidence. Took it to prove within minutes it seemed really everywhere of work they've got a pretty high standards and not know. I kind of think shell you know it's got to be did it right actually this standards and and I applauded its sixteen or just a little bit higher. Many other places and in high museum part I -- let's -- frustrating only high but it's actually refreshing actually for the good bright bright but that's sort of. Answers my question in because I guess. I was gonna ask you as. Specifically in investigative reporter but I guess I was kind of the same way you kind of think. It may be. The person about home or -- firm you're about which to do a story might be doing something wrong. Is that a fair way to say the yanks start with the story and there is enough there to lead you. And sound like a lawyer saying probable cause that something like bad in your gut tells you there's -- Marxist says. You wanna look at this went on lap I had a lawyer -- you know your job my job are pretty similar. You came from -- your previous job to WI NDP was Florida or no actually I I guy that was the last job I worked -- for any period of time just like here I loved it there and great job and I'm left to go to Dayton Ohio my wife and who is from their and there are reasons she wanted to go back. So I became the assistant news recommend and is director of the station. -- -- -- -- Albuquerque, New Mexico I was fired. I'm -- Albuquerque, New Mexico but I'm an East Coast guy and wanted to get home and that's how I ended up here before it was terrific I only got about 45 seconds or so you were in Florida for the Terri Schiavo try yes I was a reporter for the station on that how. Charged an emotional was back. -- the beginning lies it was the most. Oh god it was one of those itches and burns you out. It was a tragedy on all particular sides. And it was not a lot of fun to cover -- and not very rewarding I normally big stories are this is a one exception of all the big -- -- ever covered. I'd rather Ivanov then somewhere else in my life I -- the same when I was a reporter I hate to cover. Fatal accidents fires someone that because I hate making a living on somebody else's misery time. Say thank you so much for being here I'm out of time they want from WNET thank you very much.