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4-2-14 Karel on the Street Baseball 3

Apr 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where -- -- on the street we're talking about based on opening day did you guys play Little League as little lies inside that -- -- -- more Pennsylvania was naming your team. I've done more alliance -- -- -- Leo yes an extra Little League gold Exxon up next with a guest fees hit an investment. And I you know. Absolutely elated -- -- -- that this exodus granted her upper -- roofing. How about you your favorite baseball game -- actually it's a weird one Camden yards started about two years ago it's not hot dog with macaroni and cheese and -- It's fantastic it sounds bad but man it's minus one of them. That's hot dogs are left wait in line for a moment back again and expensive joke OK gonna check at your singing talent. Take me out to boot long game tape beyond two good. Buying -- and either it's a crack your tax I don't care if I have heard back it's. -- -- In pain only minutes this game. Aren't willing to at least fracture. You know all. Game rate -- your day job. Hey this is Carol healthy. The street.